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My Shadowrun (Third Edition) Pages

Shadowrun Terms - it grows as needed, it is lacking on Decker and Rigger lingo at the moment.
House rules - I have had an epiphany and now try to play the game more or less as written, but there will always be some rules that I just can't stomach . . .
Character Generation - My advice.
Campaign #3, Shades of Grey - Just some poor slots trying to get by and earn some nuyen.
Campaign #2, Notorious P.I.C. - Anti-heroes trying to get by and earn some nuyen.
Campaign #1, Running In The Name Of - My first Shadowrun campaign as a GM, ooh, how exciting!
People & Places - NPCs and specific locations in my campaigns
Magic Groups - They deserve special treatment, as needed
Shadowrun Terms - Slang and all that drek
Shadowreality - Some observations and thoughts

Some of my characters

  • Andros - Elven Agros Shaman and slick Ladies' man southern gentleman. (Shaman)
  • Big Jim - A Dwarf Street based off of my Street Samurai Mk 2 archetype
  • Jack Mortis - Leader-ish Street Samurai with a little less killing power and a little more versatility.
  • Ken Kaze - Japanese Awakened Private Investigator (Magician Adept)
  • Loco - Hispanic Human Street Hitman (Adept)
  • Mongoose - Mongoose Shaman Adept Cajun Bounty Hunter (Magician Adept)
  • Prometheus - A million nuyen Ork wired for just about everything.
  • Rock - Troll Adept Martial Artist, bouncer, and Ork underground sympathizer. (Adept)
  • Thrasher - Troll Adept Machinegunner and Point Man. (Adept)


I made a nifty little spreadsheet, KarmaBuild_V1, to go with my Karma-Based Priority System.

I also made a nifty little spreadsheet, SR3Build_V1, to go with the standard Priority System.


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