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"Hey Chummers! Being a wageslave not sounding too wiz? Come risk your hoop in the sprawl and run the shadows! The corps need slots like us to clean up their drek and they are willing to throw some wiz cred at us for it. Sure, there's a little risk involved, but I know you can handle yourself. Null sheen, neh?" That's just a 'star decker scanning for drek-for-brains wannabes to toss in jail. Scan this, I know a guy who knows a guy. You want to try your hand in the shadows, let me know omae. When I get back in my meatbod, maybe we can get a drink and talk some more, right now Fido's telling me he found my paydata, catch ya on the meatside omae. And upgrade that fraggin' tortoise your jacking in with!
Binary Bill

Real world location: Rice University
Game world location: Based out of Seattle
Start date: FEB2001
GM: Michael J. Casavant
Players: Corey Radloff, Reema, Angelo Benedetto, Lars Ericson, and Mason Hart (for the first half)

The basic premise is that when the game starts, the group is a team of sorts. Even if they don't like each other, they are willing to risk their hoop for each other and put up with a little drek from their chummers. We can work out why they trust each other together, but there is one important plotpoint that the game begins with:

The PCs must have a reason to be getting blind drunk at a bar in the middle of nowhere outside of Seattle. It can be a reunion, a celebration, or whatever.

The Players

Important reminders for character creation

  • You do not need 6's! Please please please do not feel you need a 6 to be good at something. 5 is great for most things. A pistoleer should probably have a 5(6), 6, or 5(7). A Mage or Shaman should probably have 5 or 6 in Sorcery and Conjuring. A bare knuckles fighter should probably have Unarmed 5 or 6, but please take a look at my Shadowreality page and think about what the numbers mean. If you make balanced, reasonable characters, it allows me to challenge you with balanced, reasonable bad guys.
  • Making the skills fit the idea - just to be clear, if you have a low Charisma and no Intimidation skill, you are not generally intimidating. Your PC may very well be able to crush the life out of the person in question but the PC is simply unable to convey that capability or the willingness to do it.
  • Starting gear is limited to Availability 8
  • Starting skills and spells limited to a rating of 6
  • Use my nifty Karma-Based Priority System to build your character, and use the nifty Excel spreadsheet, KarmaBuild_V1.0, I made to simplify your life (Office 2000, PC format).
  • Take a look at "What The Numbers Mean" on my Shadowreality page.
  • I am using the Advanced Melee rules from Cannon Companion, to include Marital Arts. Don't worry, you can just take Brawling and be more or less done with it if you don't want to worry about nifty maneuvers.
  • Warning: I am not sure if I want to allow bioware at all because it tends to be just so very power gamy and annoying to play with. If someone wants it, then we can talk more about it.

Bare Minimum Skills

Unless your character concept defies this please purchase the following at a minimum, with at least Rating 3:

  • One Combat Skill - Even if you are a Street Mage, some form of firearm or melee combat is useful. I would highly recommend one of each.
  • Stealth - Because sneaking and hiding are considered separate specializations, you'll probably need the general skill at a 3 or 4, but beyond that specializing in hiding or sneaking would probably fit a lot of concepts.
  • Athletics - You'll probably need it; most cool combat moves require it.
  • Character's socialization
    • Etiquette; specialize Etiquette in a subculture appropriate to the character's background unless there is an in-character rationale for not being specialized.
    • One Area Knowledge skill that reflects a place the character knows well, e.g. the neighborhood he grew up in or the area he has worked in for years.

Bare Minimum Team Skills

At least one person on the team should have at least a Rating 4 in the following skills.

  • Biotech - If everyone had at least Biotech (First Aid) 1(3) it would be best, but that would not fit all concepts, of course.
  • Car
  • Computer
  • Demolitions
  • Electronics
  • Electronics Build/Repair
  • Etiquette
  • Gunnery (and/or Launch Weapons)
  • Heavy Weapons
  • Stealth - At least one person should have a 5 or 6 in this.

War Stories - the tales of this team's runs will be told by the runners. See the War Stories page for more info.