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People - Personae of Note


Dr. Farthing (Downtown)
Dr. Olin (Downtown)
Dr. d'Lorian (Downtown)

Jack "Calibre" Callabra (Auburn)
Sergeant Bob (Puyallup)
T.B. (Snohomish)

(Dusty Trail Saloon) Hoss Bigalow (Snohomish)
(Kyoto Dawn) Mishei (Downtown)
(Little Tokyo) Suzi Nagasaki (Downtown)
(Gargoyle's Roost) Frank (Tacoma)
(Moon's Shine) Moon (Puyallup)

(DocWagon Surgeon) Dr. Shem (Renton)
(Mage) Steve Hanley (Downtown Seattle)
(Ares Quartermaster) Blake Mills (Bellevue)
(Security) Yolanda Kern (Auburn)

Binary Bob (Matrix)
Digit (Matrix)
Jumpin' Jack Flash (Downtown)
Kim (Matrix/Puyallup)
Misho (Downtown)

Kitsune (Puyallup)

Felicia "Vixen" T'Larra (Bellevue at al)
Bagger McTeague (Tacoma)
Firugi Vespuci (Downtown Seattle)
(Magic) Fox (Snohomish/NAN)
Jared Connelly (Puyallup)
(Military) Maksim Kalinsky (Ft. Lewis)
(Magic) Simone Gray (Downtown Seattle)
(Ganger) Six Caps (Puyallup)
Sharkey (Everett)
Warren Chase (Downtown)
(Gangs/Mafia) Xavier (Auburn)

(The Ragers, NS 47) "Knuckles" Muldoon (Tacoma)
(Rolling Thunder)
Panzer (Puyallup)
(The Bombers) Pogo (Redmond)
( Ragin' Apes) Redrum (Redmond)
(Dragos) T-Man (Auburn)

Mafia (in order of rank)
(Bigio, captain) Paul Cabretti (Auburn)
(Bigio, underboss)
Crazy Ivan (Tacoma)

Luke (Puyallup)

Media People
Larissa "Lari" Valdez (Downtown Seattle)

Glide (Puyallup)
Gunbunny (Puyallup)
Jaeger (Auburn)
Stitch (Tacoma)

(Intelligence) Captain Flinn (Everett Shipyards)
(Military Police) Lieutenant Jackson (Ft. Lewis)

Mr. Johnsons
Ms. Fung (Redmond)
(Ares) Mr. Kowalsky (Puyallup)
(Mitsuhama) Mr. Saito (Bellevue)

(Lonestar) Sergeant Harris (Auburn)
(Lonestar) Detective Whitley (Downtown)

Big Frank (Tacoma)
(DocWagon) Grande Jacques (Renton)
(Medic) Valkyrie (Tacoma)
Trench (Tacoma)

Seoulpa Rings
Pusan Ring (Puyallup)

Hochaka (Puyallup)

Street Docs
Doc Rutger (Ork Underground)
Lara Brown (Tacoma)
Malcolm West (Downtown)

(Vet) Robin Tanner (Puyallup)
Sawbones (Tacoma)
(Magical) Silver (Tacoma)

Street Magicians
(Wolf Shaman, Combat) B.A. (Auburn)
(Dolphin Shaman, Healer) Silver (Tacoma)
Slipstream (Downtown Seattle)
(Combat Mage) Styx (Renton)

Street Samurai
Skotos (Puyallup)
Snapshot (Tacoma)

Tawny Li (Bellevue)
Lara Brown
Sutter (Downtown Seattle)

(Tribal Elder) Henry Whitefeather (Salish-Shidhe)
(Guide) Sam Longwalker (Salish-Shidhe)

Triad (in order of rank)
(49, Gang Member) Hongwei Zhu (Puyallup)
(415, Accounts Manager) Michael Woo (Bellevue)
(432, Pay-off Commander) Johnny Wong (Puyallup)

Yakuza (in order of rank)
(Pachinko Operator) Akio Hamada (Redmond)
(Ex-Geisha) Suzi Nagasaki (Downtown)
(Geisha/Ninja) Midnight Sun (Downtown)
(Enlisted Man) Riji Saito (Redmond/Puyallup)
(Enlisted Man) Taijo Shingei (Snohomish)
(Underling) Mako Kairen (Redmond)
(Underling) Nagoro Shimadzu (Downtown)
(Oyabun) Ryuji Mashida (Downtown)
(Gumi) Mashida-Gumi (Downtown)

Dee (Downtown Sewers)
Cletus (Barfly, Snohomish)
Ex-Mayor Lindstrom (Downtown Seattle)
Ex-Governor Schultz (Downtown Seattle)

Akio Hamada (Male Japanese human, Pachinko Operator, Nishidon-gumi) - Akio is slightly shorter than average and slim from long hours and small meals. A cigarette perpetually hangs from his mouth, though he rarely seems aware of it except when he knocks some hot ashes loose during speech. He dresses in black pants, shoes, apron, and tie; glasses with thick black rims; a white shirt; and a shiny black visor; all of average quality. Akio works in Redmond as a Pachinko operator for the Nishidon-gumi to pay the bills. He was forced to make a choice in life and he decided it was better to toil for the Yakuza than aggravate them. He does not think of himself as a devout kobun, but rather just another sarariman, albeit for an unusual company. As a result, he often goes unnoticed and hears far more than his employers suspect.
B.A. (Female Hispanic human, Combat Wolf Shaman) - The first thought that immediately comes to mind is do not frag with this woman. She looks tough, muscular, and willing to take on anyone around her. Her ice-blue eyes go well with her spiky bright white hair. She wears a leather necklace of teeth and claws; a tan long coat with a stylized wolf's head on the back, and a black formfitting shirt and pants that end in heavy duty, steel-toed biker boots. Although generally scowling, she is still a modestly attractive woman. B.A. is short for "Bitch Alpha", a self-assigned moniker that BA strives to live up to. She does not take drek from anyone and she'll sooner manabolt someone than talk to them. She is often fond of demanding or yelling "submit" to those that confront or oppose her, both in and out of battle. In spite of this, she does have a small cluster of hanger-ons that flock to her when she is not at work. Not quite a gang per se, although she does take care of them to an extent as if they were her "pack" and they will generally stand with her.

Bagger McTeague (Male Caucasian human, Fixer): Bagger has an average build, but is obviously well muscled. Tattoos suggest prison time, as does his wary gaze and hard look. He keeps his black hair just above his shoulders and wears a short goatee. He wears jeans and a sleeveless armored denim vest over a black T-shirt on which his emblazoned a silver jolly roger. A small steel hoop ear ring and smoldering cigarette complete the look. Bagger has been tempered into a resilient human and doesn't get phased readily by "tough guy" acts; on the contrary, he finds them uproariously funny. He helps ex-cons find work of all sorts, especially shadowrunning. Bagger can call up half a dozen otugh thugs within twenty or thirty minutes at just about any time. For the most part, his main occupation is being a Fixer.

Big Frank (Male Mulato Ork, Rigger) - Frank is a broad-shouldered ork. His mulato complexion is light and his features are primarily Caucasian. Frank's vehicle of choice is an armored van. It is rigged and equipped with photovoltaic chameleon paint.
Binary Bob, a.k.a. Binary Bill (Male human Decker) - He is a hands-off guy that does all of his work and interactions via the Matrix.
Blake Mills (Male African-American dwarf, Ares Quartermaster) - Blake loves his job at Ares and his small pot belly tells the tale that it's an easier life than he used to have. He still maintains the grooming of an active duty soldier and his clothes are pressed crisply. Like many honorably discharged vets, Blake fell into his job at Ares Macrotechnology headquarters in Bellevue. It didn't hurt that he was a Special Forces Weapons Sergeant. Blake manages to make a little extra cred on the side by refurbishing disposed weapons and commissioning free lancers to test out new weapons systems.
Brad Healey, a.k.a."Slipstream" (Street Mage, human): Slipstream grew up on the streets of Seattle and went to MITT on scholarship, later returning to Seattle to work as a Shadowrunner. Slipstream knows some more mundane fixers.
Captain Flinn (Female human, Naval Intelligence Officer) - Flinn's job sounds glamorous, but the day-to-day reality is that she oversees the processing of hundreds of Mp of data on shipping traffic and reports on the movements of the intelligence operatives of Salish-Shidhe, Japanese Imperial State, California Free State, Aztlan, and Tsimshian. She may not be Jane Bond, but she knows the biz backwards and forwards, and she may have a number for Mr. Bond. She doesn't deal much in freebies though, so come prepared to pay with cash or valuable paydata, preferably the latter.
Cletus (Male Caucasian dwarf, Barfly at Dusty Trail Saloon) - Cletus is an average-sized dwarf that often wears a frumpy business suit that is crumpled enough to make it hard to define the quality of the suit. He has straight dark brown hair that is generally matted down in patches on his head, from sleeping on his arm, a table, etc. His brown eyes are generally bloodshot and glossy. Cletus is passed out on his table at the Saloon about half of the time. The other half of the time, he is drinking steadily and rambling with minimal coherence. Cletus can be a valuable source of information though, as most people dismiss him.
Dee (Male Vampiric troll, Thug) - A Dzoo Noo Qua (troll infected with Human Metahuman Vampiric Virus) that lives with a group of human vampires below Downtown Seattle.
Detective Whitley (Male Caucasian human, Lonestar Detective) - Short brown tousled hair and a small goatee frame an interrogative and suspecting face. He wears average-quality business clothes topped by a light grey trenchcoat and finished with well worn athletic dress shoes. Roger Whitley is a detective with Lonestar, downtown division. He works hard and he usually gets his man. He doesn't unduly hassle metas. The only real problem is that he can be bought.
Digit (Male Japanese human, Decker) - A wiz decker and avid conspiracy theorist. His real name is Kazuhiro Takagi, although few people other than his mother know that. He generally meets people via the matrix.
Doc Rutger (Male German ork, Street Doc) - Donald wears a white long sleeve dress shirt, with the sleeves rolled up; jeans; sturdy tan walking shoes, and a stethoscope. Occasionally he wears an open doctor's smock over his clothes. Donald is an ork street doctor for the Ork Underground and lives downside as well. Donald considers shadowrunning a necessary evil. He will generally treat anyone that comes in his door, but humans and shadow runners may have to wait longer, as he feels both are more trouble than they are worth.
Dr. Blake Farthing, a Historian of Magic at Seattle University. Special interests include the History of Insect Magic.
Dr. Curtis Olin (Male Caucasian human; Magic Professsor) - Dr. Olin is a human with a medium build and a slight paunch. He is in his early forties and avoids a mid-life crisis by being bound completely to his research. His light brown hair is graying, thinning, and balding on his crown, but he lanaces it with a full beard. As a full Professor of Applied Magic at the University of Washington, he has little opportunity to perform research himself, but maintains a great breadth of knowledge of the field. His work focuses on Astral Biology, which brings in a lot of funding from manobiological grants. Current research topics include the effects of Beta Strain-III on metahumans (including Ghouls).
Dr. Francis d'Lorian (Research Mage, Elf): Francis d'Lorian, elf mage, professor at University of Seattle, researcher working on theories of drain, makes trips into Tir Tairngire to visit family from time to time. Very knowledgeable and maintains a sophisticated lab and hermetic library.
Dr. Shem (Male Anglo human, DocWagon Trauma Surgeon) - Dr. Shem has an average build, short black hair, and medium blue eyes. He wears glasses as an affectation. "I think they go with my smock better." He relocated from England to Seattle for medical school and never looked back. He secured funding for his education from DocWagon in return for a four-year obligation. Once the time was up, he stayed on. He currently works in the DocWagon facility owned by Cross Biomedical, located in Renton.

Felicia "Vixen" T'Larra (Female Hispanic elf, Fixer) - Felicia is, simply put, an attractive hispanic woman, but she combines it with a strangely down-to-earth demeanor; the combination can skillfully lay low racial bias. Her clothing varies wildly, from honest street to cutting edge corporate. Her past is somewhat of a mystery. She showed up on the Seattle street scene with a talent for knowing who to talk to and what to say, and quickly got into the business of putting the right people in touch with each other. Fox is a social chameleon, hob-nobbing with Corp suits in the afternoon and belting down drinks while watching Urban Brawl in the evening. She doesn't seem to need the money she makes as a fixer, so some speculate that she enjoys either the excitement or the feeling that she's "slumming", but she still doesn't give her services away for free.

Locations - Bellevue (Home), Downtown, Redmond (Touristville only), Puyallup (Puyallup city only)

Firugi Vespuci(Magic Fixer, Elven Male) - Firugi Vespuci focuses on getting magical people and formulae, but knows who to talk to for magical goods. Meets folks in Firenze's. He dislikes the Mafia due to their prejudice against metahumans and magic (and for the bad name they give good Italians like himself). He is a xenophile and loves the strange.
Fox (Tribal Male human, Magic Fixer) - Fox is obviously Tribal, but he is also obviously cultured. His well-tailored suit is made in earth tones and the jacket is natural leather with fringes. He has long straight black hair with a sheen that can only be accomplished by meticulous care and expensive hair products. His voice is deep and devoid of any accent. Fox is very calm and even when he speaks. Fox deals primarily with helping Awakened people make contacts, get specialty equipment, and secure jobs. He has a good reputation which means he will not carelessly fence any magic bauble that comes his way.
Frank (Male Korean-American dwarf, Bartender) - Frank is a balding middle-aged man that works at Gargoyle's Roost. He is heavily built, but most of his mass has turned soft with age and inactivity. He is somewhat dour and usually answers the complaints of patrons with his own, greater complaints.
Glide (Male Amerindian elf, Mercenary) - Glide is a lean elf of average height with a dark tan and weathered skin. Long straight black hair hangs down to the middle of his back, and his black eyes calmly scan his environment. A small smooth stone hangs on a leather thong around his neck. Glide served in a Ranger unit in the UCAS military as a point man. He is quiet, graceful, and soft-spoken. He performs merc work occasionally, but is reluctant to enter the shadows.
Grande Jacques (Male Franco dwarf, DocWagon Rigger) - Jacques can best be described as the short, overweight, uncouth cousin of Maurice Chevalier (no relation). He has a perpetual 3-day beard and his jumpsuit often looks as though he slept in it. Even his jack ports look a little grimy. However, Jacques has excellent job security and his employers tend to overlook his substandard appearance, because he is a very skilled vehicle Rigger. Jacques logs equal time in standard ambulance runs and DocWagon's High Threat Response teams. His expertise lies in ground vehicles and rotocraft. He speaks often of the woes of his job and often drops his catch phrase, "I should have been a lumberjack". Jacques operate out of the DocWagon facilities in Renton, owned by Cross Biomedical.
Gunbunny (Female Indian-American troll, Mercenary) - Gunbunny is an unusual site. She is a hulking giant of an Indian troll. Her black hair is fashioned in a short mohawk, which goes well with her gold nose ring. She has an affable demeanor, ready smile, and friendly brown eyes. Her parents immigrated to Seattle from the Punjab region of India, easily earning a visa for their research work in genetically modified foods. When their daughter goblinized, they took it in stride and used their influence to make sure she enjoyed a good life. Gunbunny grew up proud of the UCAS and eagerly served in the military. With her mass, she was guided towards heavy weapons training and she took to it well. Gunbunny does some occasional mercenary work, but prefers to make her money with some low-profile bodyguard and bouncer work, usually at Digital Ducats.

Henry "Little Cub" Whitefeather (Male Amerindian human; Tribal Elder) - Little Cub is in his early 70's, but is still a huge man in good health. He wears light brown leathers in a classic tribal fashion. His long silver-gray hair reaches to the middle of his back and is held into a loose mane by a turquoise and silver band that hangs at about shoulder level. Henry lives in Salish lands, and is a practicing Bear Shaman. Henry has somewhat dim view of Seattle, but less so than is typical of the Salish. Rumor has it that his son, Hound, is an Adept that works in the shadows of Seattle.

Hochaka (Male Amerindian ork, Smuggler) - Hochaka has an angular face with two small tusks that barely poke up from his lip. He generally wears a tan jacket and pants and his brown hiking boots are often muddy and/or covered in ash. He travels in a slightly older model of Ford Americar with a factory standard Patriot Blue paint job. Hochaka, or simply Hocha, is a member of the Cascade Ork tribe. He lives on the Seattle side of the border, in Puyallup. He is a smuggler through and through. He keeps better tabs on the border than he does his own family. He's gone native to an extent and favors his life in Puyallup over the lifestyle he has at "home" in the NAN.
Hongwei Zhu (Male Chinese ork, Sze-Kau in The Yellow Lotus Triad) - Hongwei would willingly die for his shan chu or his officers. The Yellow Lotus was his ticket out of the cesspools of Puyallup. He passed the rituals and now he walks the streets of Loveland well-equipped and well-connected. His only aspiration is to serve his Triad and rise up through the ranks. He hopes to be a hung kwan someday, but he has a long way to go. He currently handles protection for many of the prostitution rackets in Loveland, most notably, Madame Lee's Pleasure Palace.
Hoss Bigalow (Male Texan ork, Bartender/Pistoleer) - Hoss is a big man with broad shoulders, a ready smile, that generally wears an immaculate ensemble of jeans, white dress shirt, black boots, black belt with a silver and turquoise belt buckle, and a white cowboy hat. Many expect him to goblinize into an ork any day. Well, the fact is that he is an ork, but long ago he had cosmetic surgery performed and now he looks more human than some humans. His teeth and jaw are still a little larger than normal, but the people he deals with are not really picky about such things. Hoss is an advocate of pistol and rifle marksmanship. When he is not running his bar, Dusty Trail Saloon, he is tirelessly organizing the next pistol competition. Hoss is an easygoing guy, but will not tolerate riff raff in his bar. Over the entrance to his bar a plaque states, Be Polite or Be Gone.
Ivan "Crazy Ivan" Shevchenko (Russian male human, Mafia Lieutenant) - Ivan Shevchenko, or Vanya to his family. He is a mid-level thug in La Familia for a low-level crime boss named Vincenzo Totti. When he isn't out partying at various clubs around the Seattle Metroplex, he can be found at "Totti's", an upscale Italian restaurant run by Totti. Ivan is wired and enjoys a reputation of being unpredictable in his rage and sadistic in his punishment to those who cross Totti. His cyber enhancements are explicit in their purpose to inflict pain.
Ivar J. Lindstrom - Mayor of Downtown Seattle 2050-2058. Governor of Seattle 2059-Present.

Jack "Calibre" Callabra (Male Italian-American human, Armorer) - Jack is a short skinny human with a thick mustache and short black hair that he parts to one side. He generally wears a dress shirt and slacks, even when working, though he will usually wear a shop apron at such time. A pair of jeweller's glasses are within arm's reach, if not perched atop his head. Jack was a leading weapons R&D staff at a corporation that tried to take his designs and blame him for the theft. Jack turned to the mob but quickly worked off the favor. Now he is a favorite of mafioso that appreciate fine guns, as well as a wide variety of others.

Jaeger (Male Caucasian human, Mercenary) - Jaeger is a hard man and he looks it. Squinting gaze, guttural speech, and a skull tattooed on his neck. His blond hair is close-cropped and his cybereyes are stylized skulls on a black background. He joined the military so he could kill people for his country. The only problem was that he did not get enough opportunities. Jaeger actively seeks out mercenary work and when he can't track that down, he will pick up shadow work to keep him busy. If you want them alive, don't send Jaeger.

Jared Connelly (Male Caucasian human, Fixer) - Jared is an older man with pepper-gray hair, a square jaw, and gray eyes. Jared is average height (5' 10") with an average physique. His clothes are nice, but usually out of date. Jared is often found chewing on an almost burnt out cigar and drinking soy beer at a bar called Moon's Shine. Jared focuses on fencing goods and helping would-be shadowrunners get into the biz.

Jie "Johnny" Wong (Male Chinese-American human, Payoff Commander for The Yellow Lotus Triad) - Johnny wears a conservative, well-tailored Actioneer armored suit, preferring the long coat to the jacket. He wears simple but expensive sunglasses. Johnny is a hard worker that clawed his way up from Gang Member through initiative and a knack for leadership. Now he is a Payoff Commander, a.k.a. Cho Hai or "Grass Sandal". He grew up in a Puyallup neighborhood with a mixture of illegal Chinese immigrants and metahumans. His street cred with the metas on the streets has made him even more valuable in the heavy metahuman recruitment efforts made by his Triad. Johnny's duties focus mostly on overseeing recruitment and smuggling operations, to include some Cascade Ork connections.

Jumpin' Jack Flash (Male Anglo human, Decker) - One look at him tells you why he has a moniker of a song sung by Mick Jagger. Except for the ports in his skull, he is the spitting image - tall, lean, emaciated, and some of the biggest fraggin' lips you've ever seen on a human. Jack is usually found wearing some loud party shirt, generally with picture of drinks women, and other festivities. A pair of black and white tiger-striped sunglasses and a ubiquitous glass of liquor complete the picture. Jack loves three things, the Matrix, defeating IC, and women. The first two make him a lot of meny, and the third takes just as much, minus drinks. Jack is a freelancer, but due to a bad past experience, he will not work for the Yakuza. He is unlikely to even work for someone of obvious Japanese ethnicity, just to be safe.

Kim (Male Korean human, Decker) - A decker with Seoulpa Ring ties. Kim prefer the relative safety of the Matrix to that of the physical world, but he has been known to do some hands on work, in which case he will probably be hanging out in Puyallup. Kim is a short man with close-cropped black hair that spikes naturally from his head. He keeps the skin near his jack ports bare. He wears absurdly baggy black pants and a rusty-orange oversized armor jacket with dramatically ribbed padding in the shoulders that runs down the lapels. His deck has a matte gun metal color, which matches his industrial-looking gun metal goggle-shades.
Kitsune (Male Japanese-Chinese human, Electronics Expert) - Seiji "Kitsune" Nakamura is a human male of average stature and appearance. His features reflect a predominantly Japanese heritage. His only apparent cyberware are a datajack and chip jack ports in his temples. He is quite talkative and friendly. He works out of his storefront, "Buddha Provides", a legitimate electronics shop. Kitsune is married with children and he distances his family from his shadier work as much as he can.

Knuckles Muldoon (Male Irish-American ork, Ganger) - Knuckles is an average-sized ork with a crooked nose that has clearly suffered from numerous blows to his face. His black hair is usually sheared down to a stubble, which is covered with an olive drab cravat tied down over his scalp. His top half of his left tusk has been replaced with black plastic. "Knuckles" is a member of the Ragers, a mostly Orkish thrill gang based out of Tacoma [NS 47]. Although the Ragers are not a go-gang, Knuckles owns a Honda Viking and is reasonably proficient a riding it.

Lara Brown (Female Anglo dwarf, Talismonger, Bear Shaman) - She has an unusually lithe body for a dwarf and medium length auburn hair pulled into a ponytail. Aside from a scrimshaw bear brooch on her casual business clothes, there is little indication that she is a Bear Shaman. Lara maintains a small shop in Tacoma called Gentle Ben's. She has some history with the Ork Underground. Lara does offer healing services as well.

Larissa "Lari" Valdez (struggling Investigative Reporter, Downtown Seattle) - Lari is an attractive young human woman with little obvious cyberware. She keeps fit and dresses well, with the hopes that she can land a job with one of the local trid news services. Lari struggles to earn enough cred to account for the young professional reporter lifestyle she tries to live. She has been known to endanger herself in pursuit of the "scoop" she needs pave the way for her career.

Leonardo (Male Caucasian human, Armorer) - Jimmy "Bang Bang" Sloane is something of a mechanical genius. Fortunately for the street folks, he has directed those talents into weaponsmithing, and in spite of his older moniker, he works on all weapons. Jimmy is a wisp of man, with a youthful appearance that belies the intelligence in his eyes and skill in his hands. His sloppy brown hair and unkempt appearance are a side-effect of his nigh manic dedication. His shop is located in the basement of a storage facility. He is rather reclusive, interacting with his customers that visit his shop via a bank teller style sliding box. A large bald gray-skinned troll named Rock is often in the shop.
Lieutenant Jackson (Female Hispanic human, UCAS Military Police, Ft. Lewis) - Rosa is somewhat muscular and sports a close-cropped but feminine hairstyle, shaved on the side but shaped into a plume on top, a plume that is usually pinned down on duty. Rosa Jackson's father was an MP and she followed in his foot steps. She has a good record and was brought to Ft. Lewis recently to help in the ongoing battle to stop the Mafia from taking root on the base. She is passionate about her work, believing that her Father's mysterious death was mob-related.
Luke (Male Caucasian ork, Mechanic) - Luke is a big, corn-fed farm boy that came to the big city looking for adventure and fortune. He has sandy blond hair, a sparse beard, and perpetually oily coveralls. He quickly fell into the mechanic business, following a natural aptitude. Now he does a lot of illegal modification work.
Kairen (Male Japanese human, Yakuza Wakagashira-Hosa) - Mako is a skilled and obedient wakagashira-hosa (underling of the second in command, the wakagashira). His faith and devotion to his Oyabun burns with the white-hot purity of ancient tradition. Mako considers Japanese humans as the only "civilized humans". He battles constantly to keep his wakagashira on track, working to insure that the "Korean mistake" is not repeated and that metas do not pollute the clan. As a young kobun Mako exacted a liberal amount of violence and intimidation against the "uncivilized".
Malcom West (Male Caucasian human) - Malcolm is a skilled surgeon with a singular flair for augmentations. He was a legitimate surgeon until he conducted a few too many cyberware experiments without proper approval. It was nothing sinister and no one was actually hurt, but a colleague with a political axe to grind used it to get him kicked out of his private practice and blacklisted in professional circles. Although he resents the series of events that drove him into being a street doc, the doubling of his income and ready access to very dangerous people that like him has eased the pain. As for the doctor that wronged him...well, he was party to a personal cyberware demonstration.
Mako Kairen (Male Japanese human, Yakuza Wakagashira-Hosa) - Mako is a skilled and obedient wakagashira-hosa (underling of the second in command, the wakagashira). His faith and devotion to his Oyabun burns with the white-hot purity of ancient tradition. Mako considers Japanese humans as the only "civilized humans". He battles constantly to keep his wakagashira on track, working to insure that the "Korean mistake" is not repeated and that metas do not pollute the clan. As a young kobun Mako exacted a liberal amount of violence and intimidation against the "uncivilized".
Maksim Kalinsky (Male Russian Elf, Military Fixer) - Kalinsky's lean frame is usually clad in black leathers and reeks of cigarettes. He is not very talkative man and tends to get right to business. Kalinsky is a professional, but mercenary, Fixer who works out of Ft. Lewis and sells "misplaced" military equipment on the black market. He performs most of his work out of a storage facility in Ft. Lewis, accompanied by anywhere from 2-4 visible guards. He only hires ex-military.
Marilyn Schultz - Governor of Seattle, 2050-2058.
Mashida-Gumi (Yakuza-gumi, Shotozumi-rengo) - The Mashida-gumi is the most martial gumi in the Shotozumi-rengo. When diplomacy fails, Hanzo knows that he can call upon Ryuji Mashida, the oyabun of Mashida-gumi, to take more extreme measures. Mashida-gumi has spilled a lot of blood from Mafia, Seuolpa, and Triad soldiers, and stands ready to spill more. They take a lot of casualties, in spite of their skilled soldiers, but their glorious battles draw more would-be Kumi-in into the fray, like moths to the flame.
Michael Woo (Male Chinese human, Accounts/Matrix Commander for the Eighty Eights Triad) - Michael is an Accounts/Matrix Commander, a.k.a. Pak Tsz Sin or "White Paper Fan". He is a competent decker, sporting some of the cyberwear that marks him as a member of a Triad that has shed some its taboos against technology and cyberwear so that is can keep up with its underworld competitors. Michael dislikes getting his hands dirty and is very comfortable with his position.
Midnight Sun (Female Japanese human, Shotozumi-rengo Yakuza Geisha/Ninja) - Midnight Sun works to protect the interests of the Shotozumi-rengo in the sokaiya (Yakuza-corporation operations). She is proficient, loyal, obedient, beautiful, and deadly; and seemingly content with the hard-core conservatism of her Oyabun.
Mishei (Female Japanese-American human, Bartender at Kyoto Dawn) - Mishei was born and raised in Seattle, but is quite adept at maintaining a Japanese accent to help provide ambiance for the customers of Kyoto Dawn, where she works as a Bartender. She is generally affable and soft-spoken. Mishei is slightly taller than average and her long straight black hair is usually pulled up into an attractive swirl with decorative chopsticks. She usually wears a long dark dress.
Misho (Male Japanese human, Decker) - Misho is a physically unimpressive man. He is short, stoop-shouldered, and clumsy. His eyes generally have bags under them to some degree. He has two datajacks, a temple port for decking and a temporal port for rigging. Most of this is moot, though, as he interacts primarily via the Matrix, where he is a tall muscular figure like his favorite anime Yakuza gangsters. Misho plays the field and his skills usually sell at prices only the big boys can afford. He works for Mitsuhama, Shiawases, Wuxing, Yamatetsu, and all of the Yakuza; he has a soft spot for working with the Yakuza, mostly because he does not know enough about them to shatter his romantic image of them.
Moon - The trollish proprietor of Moon's Shine. Patrons say he is chromed. Those that are familiar with cyberware can see the sheaths for cyberspurs in his arms, even they are retractable, as well as the datajack and chipjack in his head. His eyes are black and his irises are silver-gray and somewhat misshapen such that they each appear to be inward facing crescent moons; they are not cybered that way, just a strange mutation. Aside from that he is fraggin' big and a lot more agile than you would expect him to be for his size [appeared in Campaign 1, Run 0 and Campaign 1, Run 1].
Mr. Kowalsky (Male Caucasian human, Mr. Johnson) - Kowalsky has a medium build, short light brown hair that is neatly groomed and parted on one side, and a clean-shaven modestly handsome face. He has an air of quiet determination about him and speaks in a very soft, rolling fashion. He always wears a conservative, yet high quality suit and is accompanied by a human sammy and a trollish magician. Kowalsky contracts work for Ares Macrotechnology, and he generally does not hide that fact from those he hires. Kowalsky has a good rep for delivering on his promises as well as his threats. He generally works out of Puyallup, but can be seen all over the Seattle metroplex. His hiring preferences lean towards ex-military types, a side effect of working for Ares.
Mr. Saito (Male Japanese human, Mr. Johnson) - Mr. Saito is taller than average and a little overweight. He is usually smiling and overly gracious and accommodating. He is accompanied by a homely but fit Japanese woman that never speaks as she continuously surveys her surroundings.
Ms. Fung (Female Chinese-American elf, Mr. Johnson) - Ms. Fung is a slim, attractive woman. Her elf attributes are somewhat subdued, although she has the typical height of an elf. She tends to wear a business suit that accentuates her body and the latest tres chic glasses. Ms. Fung caters to a number of corporations and also brokers some outside work for the Triads.
Nagoro Shimadzu (Male Japanese human, Yakuza Underling, Shotozumi-rengo) Nagoro is a well-dressed Japanese man in a classically styled black suit with a thin necktie. His hair is slicked neatly back on his head and his face is smooth and healthy except for a tiny scar below his right eye. His black eyes carry an air of hierarchical aloofness. Nagoro is a wakagashira-hosa for the Mashida-gumi. At any given time, he oversees about thirty other yakuza operatives, mostly kumi-in (soldiers). He primarily resolves street-level problems for the corporations that the rengo engages in it's sokaiya operations. He is a firm believer in the traditional values of the Yakuza and will usually have a kumi-in handle and subcontracting that needs to be given to gaijin barbarians.
Panzer (Male German dwarf, Ganger in Rolling Thunder) Panzer is a bulldozer in the Puyallup-based Rolling Thunder gang. He is a hulking mass of muscle, for a dwarf. He is crude, unattractive, and vicious, which makes him perfect for his job. His preferred weapon is a heavy chain. Although Rolling Thunder is a go-gang, Panzer generally rides in a pickup and handles "boarding actions".
Paul Cabretti (Male Italian-American human, Caporegime for the Bigio Family) - Paul is a short man that usually wears dress slacks, expensive dress shoes, a sport jacket, and a brightly-colored shirt. His short black hair is usually slicked back and he sports a thin vandyke. He works as a caporegime, organizing a section of street level operations in Auburn district, for the Bigio Family. Paul uses a variety of resources, but is known for recruiting from the numerous small gangs in the area. Like any good caporegime, he is very hands on and will not hesitate to get his hands dirty if the job calls for it.
Pogo (Male Mulatto human, Biker in The Bombers) - Pogo is a lean man with tight cropped hair that is generally matted down with the classic "helmet hair" style. He favors a black long coat with a wide angled stripe cutting across the torso and legs. The pattern matches his bike, a Harley-Davidson Electroglide, and when he rides it, the effect of the matching color scheme is striking. Pogo earns his name for his penchant of making jumps on his bike and popping wheelies all too often. Of course, the rigging helps.

Pusan Ring - a Seoulpa Ring operating out of a tiny hamlet in Puyallup called Little Pusan [featured in Campaign 1, Run 2].

  • Mother - an Asian woman of mixed ethnicity. She is the head of the group.
  • Shinjo - a man of mixed Asian and Caucasian ethnicity. Mother's lieutenant.
  • Lim - a Korean man. He would rather be in charge, but is not willing to directly betray Mother or Shinjo.
Redrum (Male Caucasian troll, Ganger in Ragin' Apes) - Redrum wears a T-shirt emblazoned with Wake up! It's time to die! as well as few sprays and drops of blood of various age. His armor jacket is dark red and his denims also show bloodstains. Redrum is a mentally unhealthy young man whose energies have been harnessed by the Ragin' Apes. Redrum is flat out psychopathic. He takes great pleasure in killing people up close and is wanted on multiple charges. If he did not have a nigh slavish devotion to the gang, they would probably kill him just to be safe. As it is, he is a very effective tool of enforcement and intimidation.
Riji Saito (Male Japanese human, Yakuza Kumi-in, Nishidon-gumi) - Riji is slightly taller and broader than average for his Japanese ethnicity. He is the picture of a Yakuza Soldier. His sharkskin suit is well tailored with a slight flare at the shoulders. His eyes are hidden behind thin, visor sunglasses, and his left pinkie finger is missing a joint. Riji is occasionally tasked with hiring outsiders to resolve matters in Redmond and Puyallup that might soil the hands of his Oyabun and gumi.
Robin Tanner (Female Hispanic human, Street Doc/Veterinarian) - Robin is a round slightly overweight woman with medium length brown hari that is generally spilling out from a hastily formed bun on the back of her head. She is usually found in scrubs and a dirty white doctor's coat. Robin is a street doc with veterinarian training. She makes a decent human doc, but here specialty and first love is taking care of animals. Awakened, diseased, cybered, you name it; if it's a critter, odds are that she has taken care of it. She is somewhat zealous about protecting animals and has a few specimens roaming about her clinic that most people would generally kill to be safe. Robin's clinic is located in an one of the abandoned power plants on the lava plains of Hell's Kitchen.
Ryuji Mashida (Male Japanese human, Yakuza Oyabun, Mashida-gumi, Shotozumi-rengo) - Ryuji is tall for his ethnicity and has a square athletic build that has been softened by age and fattened slightly by success. He is still a physically imposing presence, known during his days as a young Kumi-in as "Tetsubo" after his preferred weapon of enforcement and intimidation. Those days are long past, although he still trains with his favored weapon and a collection of various tetsubo hang over his grand daisho. Ryuji grew up cracking many gaijin heads, but now he is an oyabun and he oversees a variety of endeavors to include rengo sokaiya, prostitution in eastern Downtown, and regular engagements keeping competing organized crime elements at bay. When uncertain, he favors violence to resolve problems. He aspires to being honorable, but he victory comes first.

Sam "Screeching Owl" Longwalker (Male Amerindian human; Guide) - Sam looks like a very average Amerindian man in his late twenties. He wears classic tribal clothes and his shoulder-length black hair is wound tightly in a braid. The memorable trait aobut Sam is his piercing intense gaze and his tendency towards nigh-apocalyptic speech. The fact is, he is an eco-terrorits that is rabidly dedicated to "reclaiming Mother Earth from the predations of the Corporations", though only his cohorts and close friends are aware of this hobby. Sam has a few funding sources, but he also works as a guide for primitive nature trails. When working as a guide, another side of Sam emerges as his energy manifests in the guise of a passionate naturalist and teacher that hopes to inspire others to appreciate nature.

Sawbones (Female African-American Elf, Street Doc) - Sawbones is rather average looking for an Elf, which means she's still more attractive than most people, although her dark brown skin is somewhat weathered from an active outdoors lifestyle consisting of weekends in the woods of the NAN. Her black hair is straight with a single red ribbon intertwined within it; a nonsequitor with the rest of her pragramtic attire which usually consists of sensible shoes, a stethoscope, light blue scrubs, and a labcoat. Sawbones is an ex-military trauma surgeon. While stationed at Ft. Lewis, she moonlighted at street clinics in the Seattle area and it got under her skin. When her next term finished, she left the service to work full time as a street doc in Tacoma.

Sergeant Harris (Male Caucasian human; Lone Star Cop) - Brad Harris is a slovenly, overweight human who avoids hard work as much as possible, and it shows. His complexion is unhealthy and his jowls are chubby enough to threaten his job security. But Brad does not have to worry about employment, as he is pinned behind a desk by his own accord. He has a degenerative nerve condition that has robbed him of the use of his legs and has the option of medically retiring if the job ever becomes too boring. Brad is generally an honest cop, but is willing to accept "gratuities" for tips and leads. He will not do anything completely criminal, but can be talked out of useful information that crosses his path.
Location: Auburn

Sergeant Bob (Male Mulatto dwarf, Armorer) - Sergeant Bob is an ex-military armorer. The story is that he mustered out at Ft. Lewis and set up shop in Loveland so he could pursue his two favorite past times "fixing guns and chasing whores". He sometimes complains that Dwarves get shoved into technical jobs because of a racial stereotype as tinkerers, but he readily admits that in his case, the stereotype is accurate. Bob works out of a mobile gunsmithing shop that he maintains in a Bulldog Security Stepvan.
Sharkey (Dwarven male; Fixer) - Sharkey knows every nook and cranny of the shoreline between Everett and Salish-Shidhe, or at least he claims to. What is certain is that he knows smugglers and their biz. He can pick up some very strange items and sometimes needs hired help to steal, pickup, and/or deliver items. If it moves into or out of Everett's docks, Sharkey probably knows about it.
Silver (Female Samoan human, Dolphin Shaman; Tacoma District) - Silver is known for being a little to nice for the shadows, but few people argue when she pulls them back from the brink of death. She spends a lot of spare time helping local orphanages.
Simone Gray(Female Grecian human, Magic Fixer) - Simone is a curvaceous brunette with a short, trendy haircut, olive complexion, an armored and stylish black pant suit, and emerald green sunglasses. She carries a small titanium purse shaped like a seashell that also functions as a white noise generator, pocket secretary, and tracking signal for any poor slot that steals it and manages to escape her bodyguard. Simone focuses on getting Magical people and info, but knows who to talk to for magical goods. She tends to conduct her business at the club Silverhat in Downtown Seattle. She has a human Adept bodyguard named Tokugawa.
Six Caps(Male Caucasian ork, Ganger Fixer)- Six Caps is a Fixer with strong gang connections. His voice is rough and is attitude is rougher. He's blunt and does not take any drek. He usually has four bodyguards around at any given time, and one is usually Awakened. He usually has a fifth guard in the form of a hearth spirit with him when he is at his usual hangout, The Horny Hag, a ganger bar that is an established neutral ground. Six Caps earned his name when he was shot six times in one fight and survived.
Skotos (Male Mulatto ork, Street Samurai) - Skotos looks like a large human, thanks to expert plastic surgery. He wears dark clothes under a charcoal black long coat. He is rather unassuming in appearance with neatly combed short hair, no visible scars, and average-looking sunglasses. He has a reputation for subtlety and surgical precision in his operations. His favored weapons are his hands and precision shots with a silenced pistol. He considers combat to be very much an art. One of his trademarks is a surprisingly strong classical education that clearly comes through in his speech.
Snapshot (Male Australian Elf, Street Samurai) - Snapshot is unusually sociable for a sammy. He is slim and lightly muscled. His clothes tend towards business casual, with an emphasis on casual. He has a distinct Australian accent and tends to be rather boisterous socially, however, his professional trademark on the job is quick, clean, and quiet. His weapon of choice is a silenced pistol.

Steve Hanley (Male Caucasian human, Wage Mage): Works as a security mage for a Target Securities. Specifically works in magic security systems design, though does field work inspecting compromised systems. Enjoys chess.

Stitch (Male Korean human, Mercenary) - Stitch's short tapered black hair and camo pants hint at his background. With a cigarette perched behind his right ear and another in his mouth, stich talks fast and works faster. Stitch is a skilled soldier but is hired for his superior medical skills. He pays the bills with a mix of mercenary work, temp work for DocWagon, and bolstering the staff of Urban Brawl events when they are run in Seattle.
Styx (Female African-American ork, Street Mage) - Styx is rather skinny for an ork, but she has a bearing that does not countenance disrespect. She is laconic and her piercing stares tend to make people uncomfortable. She does not advertise which spells she knows, but she has a reputation for quiet destruction and she usually calls upon Fire elementals, so mana and physical combat spells are a good guess.
Sutter (Male Anglo dwarf, Talismonger): Sutter is of average build for a Dwarf, but a little overweight and his complexion suggests that he his generally well fed and lives an easy life. He plays up the stereotypical Tolkien dwarf image, right up to carrying an axe. He has an expertise for gathering magical materials (mainly mineral and metal) and also trades in foci. He is a fantasy literature buff and owns a small shop in Downtown called The Dragon's Lair.

Suzi Nagasaki (Female Japanese human, Bartender) - Suzi is a slim and diminutive woman with long black hair pulled up into a swirl with chopsticks colored in emerald and gold. Her age is hard to place; she appears to be in her twenties, but further observation reveals signs of age in her hands and eyes that suggest a woman in her forties. Regardless, she is still very attractive and has a demeanor that compels those around her to engage her in conversation. Suzi owns and operates a bar in Downtown called Little Tokyo, where she can often be found behind the bar. Suzi will generally speak at length with any customer that visits, especially newer ones.

Taijo Shingei (Japanese-Amerindian male, Shigeda gumi Yakuza Kumi-in) - Taijo is a walking breathing example of the "New Way" that his Oyabun Takeo Shigeda has embraced. Because of his obvious Amerindian heritage, he has to work harder to prove himself worthy; the New Way is not quite the open door that some think. He pushes himself harder than any of his pure Japanese human colleagues and the fact that his fingers are intact is testament to that. Because of his ethnicity, Taijo is tasked with a lot of Tribal relations work, especially investigating and "resolving" problems with Salish-Shidhe border patrols; everything to include bribes, deals, and wet work.
Tawny Li (Female Asian/African-American elf, Talismonger): Tawny Li is not the most attractive woman with a medium brown skin complexion, a random jumble of ethnic features, kinky black hair, and black eyes. Although she has a thin frame, she is a little chubby. She often wears a long worn-out brown leather coat and totes around an iguana, which she calls Dunky, on her shoulder. For an Awakened person, she is quite homely, but she makes up for it in spades in personality and social skills. Her shop is in Bellevue, near the edge of Redmond. It is close enough to Redmond that she gets some rougher types as customers, which attracts those in the nicer part of town that need to dabble in the shadows. Tawny seems to always have the magical supplies here's customers' needs and usually has a one-day turnaround at most.
TB, "Thundering Bear" (Male Amerindian human, Armorer) - TB retired from the NAN border patrol a few years ago and settled down on this side of the border to accommodate a wife that found Tribal life unappealing. TB has a thriving business providing services to shadowrunners, border patrol, smugglers, eco-terrorists, and the like. He operates his shop out of a below-ground bomb shelter on his ranch. Some wonder how he can feel safe on a lonely homestead, but when they find out that he raises Hellhounds, the stop worrying. Rumor has it that he is an Adept, but he will neither confirm nor deny it.
T-Man (Male African-American ork, Gang Leader) T-man is a fearsome ork. His jaw is unnaturally wide and his face is perpetually cast in a calculating grimace. He is average sized for an Ork, but his force of personality is palpable. T-man is the leader of the Dragos. He is not the biggest member, but he is certainly the loudest and strongest-willed. When the gang springs into action, his voice can be heard clearly over the field of battle, booming out orders and gunning down slots with his weapon of choice, a Defiance T-250.

Trench (Male Caucasian troll, Combat Vehicle Rigger) - Chuck "Trench" McGillis is a Saeder Krupp image casualty. He is a skilled combat rigger, with expertise in rotorcraft and ground-based craft. Trench lives in Tacoma, where he has an arrangement with the FTs (a Tacoma gang with lots of trolls & orks) to provide shelter and protection for his vehicles and gear. He has an average build and his red hair is close-cropped in a"high & tight" haircut. Two matte black ports peek out from his skin, a low one for rigging and a high one for data.

Valkyrie (Female Scandinavian Elf, Awakened Rigger Medic) Val is easily six feet tall and slender, although her shoulders and hips are wide for an Elf. She is a strange mixture of voluptuous and nubile. Her long blonde hair is braided and rolled into a loose bun at the base of her skull. A midnight blue jumpsuit, tucked into armored biker boots, hides some of her body's curves, and a black long coat hides most of the rest. She is definitely lean and somewhat buxom, but the rest is left to the imagination. Her skills are an unusual mix. She is a Sorcerer with primarily healing magic, but she also possess a VCR for rigging ambulances. Val left DocWagon under a dark cloud, after a Senator's son died on her watch.
Warren Chase (Male Mulatto elf, Fixer) - A short, muscular elf that usually wears clothes that flatter his physique. His complexion is a milky brown and combines with his straight brown hair and hazel eyes remarkably well. He is a pretty boy and proud of it. He is accompanied by two cybered bodyguards to make sure he stays that way in spite of the shady clientele with which he sometimes has to deal. Warren works downtown, out of Dante's Inferno, as the bouncers there keep the riffraff away. Aside from providing a steady supply of the drug du jour, Warren does not deal in trinkets. He speaks in terms of kilonuyen, so don't bother him for the small stuff.
Xavier (Male Vietnamese human, Fixer) - Xavier is a thin rail of a man with a perpetual squint and a slight frown of disgust punctuated by a cigarette smoldering at the corner of his mouth. He dresses like a typical corporate wage slave, wears heavy cologne, and speaks with a heavy French accent. Whether it is a game face or not, Xavier complains about the quality of everything that catches his eye. He runs a steady business providing local gangs with the equipment they need to work for the Mafia and anything else that will separate them from the money they make. Xavier is probably at least 25% of the reason that the gangs do so much work for the Mafia as he so efficiently takes the money from them and inspires them to get more to buy the next wiz thing he has in stock. Xavier is usually accompanied by two ork bodyguards; he refers to them as "Butch" and "Kid" regardless of their actual names. Xavier is sometimes seen in the company of B.A., a local shaman.
Yolanda Kern (Security Chief) - Yolanda is a human security chief for the Auburn Saeder-Krupp industrial complex.

Gangs (Type, Racial Make-up)

Top Gangs (Supra-territorial)
Ancients (Go, elves) [NS 106]
Cutters (Go, mixed) [NS 107]
Merlyns (Wizzergang, mixed) [NS 107]

Halloweeners (Thrill, mixed) [NS 38]
The First Nations (Street, Amerindians) [NS 39]
Troll Killers (Thrill, humans) [NS 39]
Bloody Screamers (Thrill, orks) [NS 39]
The Disassemblers (Organleggers, mostly orks & trolls) [NS 39]

405 Hellhounds (Go, mostly humans) [NS 42]
Lake Acids (Go, mostly humans) [NS 42]
Leather Devils (Go, mostly humans) [NS 42]
Nova Rich [Thrill, mostly rich humans) [NS 43]

The Bombers (Go, mixed)
The Spikes (Go, trolls) [NS 46]
The Ragers (Thrill, mostly orks, no humans) [NS 47]
Fircrest Surgeons [NS 46]
Milton Dark Angels [NS 46]
Lakewood Giants [NS 46]

Red Rovers (Go, mixed) [NS 50]
Kabuki Ronin (Thrill, mixed) [NS 50]
The Scatterbrains (Thrill, mixed) [NS 50]

Blood Mountain Boys (Go, mixed) [NS 52]
The Night Hunters (Go, human only) [NS 52]

Diamond Dogs (Street, mixed)
Dragos (Thrill, mixed)

No real gangs, just a few vigilante groups

Ft. Lewis
The UCAS Military (Army, mixed) :)

Ragin' Apes (Thrill, orks & trolls)
Rusted Stilletos (Street, metas only) [NS 66]
Crimson Crush (Street, orks) [NS 66]
Brain Eaters (Thrill, mixed) [NS 66]
Red Hot Nukes (Go, dwarves) [NS 67]
The Spiders (Street, mixed ex-UB) [NS67]

Conquistadors (Special)
Rolling Thunder (Go-Gang)
Black Rains (Street, orks) [NS 72]
The Princes (Street, elves) [NS 72]
Forever Tacoma (Street, orks & trolls) [NS 72]
Reality Hackers (Techno, mostly humans) [NS 72]

NS = New Seattle (sourcebook)

Diamond Dogs (Auburn, mixed races, 18 members, 2 Lieutenants; 4 cars, 7 bikes) - A street gang based out of the Black Diamond neighborhood of Auburn district. Their symbol consists of two capital letter D's facing each other, stylized to look like metallic blades. The "C" security rating of the neighborhood gave the gang an opportunity to set up a protection racket to fill the huge gap left by the apathy of the local law enforcement. The leader of the gang, Gunny, is a Caucasian human that grew up in Black Diamond; he walks and talks like he's ex-military, but he's not. He has two Lieutenants, Marco and Sandra. Marco is a Hispanic ork that also grew up in the bad part of Sumner but was recruited by Gunny when his gang disbanded; he was hired for his brute force and intimidating demeanor. Sandra is a Korean-American woman that has a knack for convincing people that her way is best; if that fails, she's pretty good with her fists and shotgun.
Dragos (Auburn, ork/troll/human, 22 members, 3 Lieutenants; 6 cars, 1 Bulldog Security Stepvan, 10 bikes) - The Dragos are ostensibly a thrill gang, but since the Mafia got their hooks into them, they are cheap, expendable guns for Paul Cabretti, a caporegime for the Bigio regime. They operate out of the "bad" part of Sumner neighborhood of the Auburn district. The leader of the gang is an ork named T-man; he has three Lieutenants, Fidget, Scrip, and Shiv. Fidget is a black human woman that has a moderate amount of cyberware, but the most obvious is her perpetually active Wired Reflexes implant, which is responsible for a few unexpected corpses and her name. Scrip is a smart troll. He's not the biggest or toughest troll, but he more than makes up for it with good decisions and well-placed shots. Since childhood, he has had an obsession with collecting corporate scrip (company cash) from various corporations and times in history. Shiv is an ork that most people in the gang shy away from. She served some time in prison and picked up some necessary skills with a shiv. Now the shiv has become not only a tool but a passion for her; she enjoys killing people with her shiv far too much.
The Bombers (Tacoma) - A go-gang with an unusual mix of races and vehicles. They have more than a few Riggers, vehicle and drone. Their trademark is the use of heavy ordnance, typically satchel charges and mines dropped or thrown by bikers on heavy bikes, or small bombs dropped from aerial drones. They have an uneasy nonaggression pact with Lord Torgo and the Spikes [NS46].
Conquistadors (Puyallup) - a paramilitary group that left Aztlan over contract squabbles with Aztech. They now have a base of operations in Puyallup where they traffic in drugs and chips. They are well-trained and disciplined. Anyone expecting to confront just another gang is in for a nasty surprise.
Ragin' Apes (Redmond) - A metahuman thrill gang made up of orks and trolls in the Redmond Barrens. They are fond of wearing ape masks when committing crimes.
Rolling Thunder (Puyallup) - Dwarven go-gang that operates out of the Ash Wastes of Puyallup.


Places - locations of note

DigitalDucats (Dance Club)
DragonsLair (Talismonger)
Firenzes (Restaurant/Bar)
KyotoDawn (Japanese Rest.)
LittleTokyo (Japanese Teahouse/bar)
LouiesShrimpboat (Seafood Rest.)
PescesRetreat (Italian Rest.)


Gargoyle's Roost (Fight Bar)
Gentle Ben's (Talismonger)
HornyHag (Ganger Bar, Neutral Ground)
Totti's (Rest.)



Jakey's (Sports bar, ganger hangout)

Dusty Trail Saloon (Wild West Theme Bar)

Ft. Lewis

Ork Underground


Buddha Provides (Electronics Shop)
Horny Hag (Ganger Bar, Neutral Ground)
Little Pusan (Hamlet)
Madame Lee's Pleasure Palace (Brothel)
Moon's Shine (Shadowrunner Bar)


Digital Ducats (Dance Club, Medium)

Aww yeah, take to where the people are pum-ping and thum-ping and jum-ping. Digital Ducats, omae, where you can take it fast, slow, or any speed you like. We got the tunes, we got the people, and we got it kickin'. If you can't get what you need here, then you just ain't trying hard enough, come on in and get some! - Hawker outside Digital Ducats

A cutting edge dance club of modest size in the Downtown commercial district. The bottom five floors of a commercial building have been converted into a multilevel club. Each level features a different flavor of music and a subtle change in ambiance to match it. It ranges from the latest high energy dance speed metal fusion [Spawn, Track #13] to the fifth floor which features anything from jazz to classical trip hop [Portishead, Dummy].

Dragon's Lair (Talismonger shop)

Yeah, I know that place. Got some crazy little dwarf running around with an ax. Must think he's in some fantasy sim or something. Most of his clients eat that drek up, since they are wage mages with plenty of cred.

This shop looks exactly like it was plucked from a trideo about swords and sorcery. Eye of Newt, Wing of Bat, you name the hackneyed gewgaw, it's here. The owner, a dwarf named Sutter, hams it up as well, carrying a "Dwarven ax" and speaking of battle and gold, etc. Sometimes he even buys into his own act.

Firenze's Italian Bar and Restaurant (Italian Restaurant & Bar, Medium)

This business is actually not run by any Mafia. Firugi Vespuci works out of here.

Kyoto Dawn (Japanese Restaurant, High) - Downtown, 4th avenue and Battery

Review - "This little slice of Japan is a great escape for those trying to forget the noise and bustle of Downtown Seattle for a few hours. The door and windows are expertly soundproofed, leaving only the sounds of trickling water from an indoor aquarium and fountain and quiet conversation. The service at Kyoto Dawn is exceptional. Our waiter was always ready with whatever we needed. There is nothing to avoid on the menu, but any visit would incomplete without trying there wonderful Sunomono offerings. The Harumaki is a little on the greasy side, but delightful. Although they offer a full selection of real sushi, the soy offerings are all quite excellent. This author won't lie to you and suggest you won't be able to tell the difference, but it will taste good enough that you won't care. So kamikaze on over to Kyoto Dawn and taste for yourself.
Price range - 20-50 nuyen per plate
Dress code - business casual to semi formal

Word on the street "That place is Yak through and through. They still operate out of the shadows, but they got one foot in them, trust me. It's a good meeting ground for their occidental acquaintances.

Little Tokyo (Japanese Teahouse/Bar) - A dark little bar with an alleyway entrance, Little Tokyo caters to people who appreciate their privacy. Shadowrunners and suits alike gather in the darker corners to discuss current projects and future jobs. The place has a reputation for not allowing violence on the premises, such rule enforced by several quiet but deadly employees. It is generally accepted by those in the know that the bar is staffed by soldiers from the various gumi of the Shotozumi-rengo and rumor has it that the owner and often bartender, Suzi Nagasaki, was formerly a Yakuza geisha. The two human bouncers will generally turn away metahumans and even some humans. Speaking Japanese appears to increase the probability of gaining entry.

Louie's Shrimpboat (Seafood restaurant, Medium)

Hey, they look like shrimp, they taste like shrimp, I give a flying frag what dey really are. As long as it ain't ghoul bait and they keep the sauce bowl full, I'm jacked and idling my meatbod there. - Binary Bill, Decker

A small, affordable restaurant in a working class neighborhood in the downtown district. Although not cheap, they have "bottomless bowl" deals that are big favorites, especially among the larger metahumans.

Pesce's Retreat (Italian Seafood Restaurant, Medium)

You want some good clam linguini chummer? Well, Pesce's the place. It's not too ritzy, but it ain't no Louie's Scrapboat either. Trust me, the less you ask about the food at Louie's the better. Pesce's will do you up right. Just don't stare at anyone that looks like in their in the the Family, if you know what I mean. If you don't know what I mean, then maybe you should shy away.
- Cab driver, Downtown Seattle

A nice seafood restaurant near the docks downtown. It actually has a storefront even though it is in a large dockside arcology.

Stikka's Bar [background: dance, e.g. KLF]

Weapons: No weapons allowed, scanned with hand wand MADs.

A middle-class wage slave watering hole where people stop by for happy hour or to arrange illicit liaisons. A few Trids, a few booths, and some Russian ethnic flair.

Zorba's Lounge [Trip hop; Portishead, Sneaker Pimps]

Weapons: Etiquette test (4) or will be scanned.

"A quiet, dark trance of peace"

Zorba's Lounge is a dim lounge in Downtown. The booths are plush and covered in black velvet. Sound is swallowed and ambience is provided by soft, hypnotic music.




Gargoyle's Roost (Tacoma)

This is a fight bar. It is reputedly owned by an Adept, but you won't get a straight answer on that from Frank, the head bartender. The bar includes a boxing ring in the corner and a bank of televisions displaying fights around the world or recordings of great fights of the past. If you want to learn humility, a few new tricks, or how to fight drunk, this is a great place to stop. Don't pay too much mind to the bloody sawdust on the floor.

Gentle Ben's (Talismonger)

This is the store of Lara Brown, a Bear Shaman Talismonger. What strikes most newcomers about this store is that it is relatively clean, organized, and spare in terms of Tribal gewgaws. This is due in part to the fact that Lara is not a Tribal Bear Shaman, as is common. Healing is also a common service.

The Horny Hag (Ganger Bar, Medium)

See entry above.

Totti's (Restaurant, Medium)

This restaurant is a Russian Mafia location operated by a low-level crime boss named Vincenzo Totti. The restaurant is a front for his mob activities as he uses the back office to conduct both restaurant and mob business. Often different members of the family can be found eating there.






Jakey's (Sportsbar, ganger hangout)

Jakey's is a small musty sportsbar with two large trid screens, one in the main room and another in a semi-private rear lounge, and a number of small trid screens strewn along the bar proper. Speakers are spaced around the bar, allowing patrons to choose for which of the screens they pick up audio. The bar does a steady business and is one of the safer ones in the working class neighborhood of Black Diamond. That safety is due in no small part to the presence of the Diamond Dogs, a local street gang that runs a protection racket in the area. The gangers essentially own the rear lounge and locals know they should report grievances to them there. The gang does not throw its weight around very much and Jakey gives them little reason to. Jakey is an affable middle-aged human man with a modest build. He keeps a Defiance shotgun and a stun baton behind the bar.


Dusty Trail Saloon (Wild West Theme Bar)

[Hotel room advertisement] "Saddle on up and mosey on down to the Dusty Trail Saloon! Enjoy the rustic and authentic ambiance of this wild west theme bar. From the poker tables to the nightly performances by dancing girls, this is as close to the wild west as you can get! Yee-hah!"

From the hardwood floors to the real leather tack and harness adorning the walls, this bar is a real anachronism. An enormous mirror comprises the back wall of the bar, in front of which all manner of real and synthetic liquors are openly displayed. But it's not because the bartender, Hoss Bigalow, is foolhardy. Rather, it's because he entertains some of the finest competitions shooters in Seattle. Hoss promotes and organizes pistol and rifle competitions during the day and runs the bar at night. The Saloon even has an authentic barfly, known only as Cletus.

Ft. Lewis


Ork Underground



Buddha Provides (Electronics Shop)

This shop is run Seiji "Kitsune" Nakamura. It is a legitimate business with regular backdoor dealings for custom electronics gear.

Horny Hag (Ganger Bar, Medium)

If you wanna meet those slots, you'd better do it on neutral ground. The Horny Hag is just the place. Good security and the only ones with guns inside are the management. Any ganger gets fidgity in there, he get's tossed out or geeked. They don't mess around. Mostly only the higher up gangers hang out there, brokering this and that, picking up work, selling know, business.

A tough bar at the border of Tacoma and Puyallup. The bulk of the clientele is composed of ganger lieutenants and leaders, but it is also frequented by Johnsons trying to hire gangers, Fixers that want to deal with them, and the occasional successful ex-ganger. They don't take cred or drek. No guns allowed unless the staff carries them. The staff will shoot on sight anyone pulling a gun in the bar. The owners pay Lonestar to stay out of their affairs. The food and drink are of surprisingly decent quality.

A Ganger Fixer named Six Caps uses the bar as his regular place of business.

Little Pusan (Hamlet)

A small hamlet in Puyallup that is also the home of the Pusan Ring, a Seoulpa ring. It was a tiny tourist trap that featured a "Straight Shooting Wild West Experience." The SW, S, SE, E, and NE sides of the town border a lava plain, the N face borders some farm land, and the W and NW faces border abandoned industrial areas. The main road to the town enters from the west and a few hundred meters is broken by a spur of the lava plain from the south. At the entrance is a former ticket and gate house in the guise of an old west post office. Halfway down the main street is a large saloon, and at the end of main street is a large stable that hides a large garage which houses the Pusan Ring's tractor trailer rig of goods and two Ford Americars. Five other smaller buildings have been turned into residences.

Madame Lee's Pleasure Palace (Brothel, Medium)

"Arguably one of the highest quality brothels in Loveland, Puyallup District. Madame Lee, the Madame, provides generally whatever her customers need. There is even a rumor that she has arranged for a vampire hooker in the past." - Traveling salesman

Moon's Shine (Bar, Medium)

Home of the Wall of Shadows (see below).

"It ain't pretty, but it don't need to be. It's out in the middle of nowhere, Puyallup District, and the property value is dirt cheap; well, dirt is probably more expensive. Anyway, the owner, a retired shadowrunner named Moon, is a big bad ass. At any given time, about half of the regular slots in there have committed a crime in the last week. The bar is a haven of sorts for our types and there is a standing policy displayed openly at the door and inside: If you draw a weapon in here, expect to be geeked. Moon is nicer than you might expect for a chromed troll, but still comes off as a little gruff and cynical. Nabbing him would make any organlegger squeal in delight; I'm sure his bits are worth over million nuyen, easy. Of course, the poor slitch that manages to take him down will have dozens of pissed off shadowrunners and thugs to deal with." - Shadowrunner

A shadowhaunt if ever there was one. Weapons that are not checked are secured with a strip of duct tape as an improvised "peace string." The musical line up is fixed by day:

  • Sunday - Blues & Honky Tonk Music
  • Monday - Dance Music
  • Tuesday - Metal
  • Wednesday - Ambient & Eclectic
  • Thursday - Rage
  • Friday - live music (when team gathers there routinely)
  • Saturday - live music

When a runner falls and Moon hears about it, he strong arms the survivors of the run to hold a party at his bar to commemorate their passing (5k flat fee). A plate goes up for each of the fallen, on the Wall of Shadows.