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Run #2 - Wanted: Vengeance

Real world: This run started and ended in Session #4, April 1, 2001. The runners for this mission were Ajax (Corey), Hound (Angelo), Kuma (Lars), and Piker (Reema). Mason was busy getting smashed with his Shakespeare-loving buddies.

Mission: Liberate Little Pusan from the clutches of the Red Ronin gang and save whatever surviving Ring members there are.

  • Eradication of Red Ronin - 10k each for at least half, 20k each for all of them
  • Rescue of Ring members - 5k total for each
  • Killing of townspeople - penalty of 1k each per person


  • 11FEB2058 (Monday) - Little Pusan attacked by gangers.
  • 12FEB2058 (Tuesday early AM) - Kuma contacted to gather team for run.
  • 12FEB2058 0400-0800 various astral scouting occurs; townsperson intercepted fleeing town, questioned and released.
  • 12FEB2058 0830 - Team advances on town and takes out gang.


I2FEB2058 01:51 (T) - The nuyen is evaporating as usual but the runs just aren't coming. The first run was a little weird, so that's not such a bad thing. Word on the street is that Fixers are waiting to make sure that whatever the frag was going on with the last run (Vampires?!), the dust has settled. It's about time to get paid and it's about time to get a run. These are the thoughts that run through the heads of Hound, Piker, and Ajax as they sit at Moon's drinking the night away under the sonic blanket of pulsing dance music. Val is at home, finishing cracking the anti-theft system on Wild Child's bike with the help of a friend.

Monday night is "dance night." It's a little distracting at first, but after two or three drinks, it's somewhat hypnotic and the trio talks less than normal occupied with their thoughts. Piker contemplates a task that she struggles with. Hound wonders about finding one of these magical groups that Ajax mentioned. Ajax struggles to avoid telling his friends anything more than he found a magical group. He tried not to let that much slip, but he's got to tell someone and not a lot of people have been under fire with him and pulled their weight. So far, they accepted that he can't tell them anything more than that. Well, Hound accepted it grudgingly. Piker seemed to accept it right away, but then she's pretty easy going usually.

The trio all look up at the clock. Its LED flashes 0153. Maybe it's time to call it a night. Piker is going to be seriously hammered in short order and it's a weeknight after all. Then a man steps up to the table, an Asian human that walked in a few minutes ago and was chatting with Moon. It looks like he wants something.

(Primary: Lars/Kuma, Contributing: Reema/Piker, Angelo/Hound, Corey/Ajax)

Kuma seems to have been the first to arrive at Moon's Shine this warm late spring night. The other team members have learned to appreciate the value of alcohol where Kuma is concerned. The tough as nails samurai is a good thing to have at your side when the bullets start flying, but not when you want to kick back and have a few drinks. After the usual small talk and collective sigh of decompression from having faced mortality and danger again, the conversation turns to who among the group has taken the most bullets in a run.

"I have you all beat, chummers," says Kuma as he leans back, taking another swig of synthbeer. "Remember Little Pusan? I took nine slugs in that fight, scan. Fraggin' slitch burned a light machine gun across my stomach, bakeyaro (stupid punk)." Kuma traces a line with two fingers across his faded Seattle Screamers shirt.

Val pokes Kuma where the bullets hit and smirks, "Yeah, ya fraggin slitch and you kept unstitching the damn things every time I patched them up! Of course, maybe you're just trying to find an excuse to keep inviting me over, huh?" She smiles, "Ya know, there's only so much Korean food a girl can eat! Well, you started telling the war story, so get to it, wordsmith, let's see if you can jack the muse and chrome your prose."

Moon leans in and sets down a pitcher of beer on the team's table. He smiles warmly, but something is lost in the attempt. His cyber eyes, black with inward facing silver crescent moon shapes for pupils, take some of the warmth away. He pulls up one of the Troll-sized chairs in his metahuman friendly bar and sits down. "A war story neh? This I gotta scan."

Kuma starts in on recounting the run. "Remember, we had been hired by the Pusan Seoulpa Ring to rescue their ash-covered Puyallup town from this rogue gang. A crowd of punks, but a big enough crowd with automatic weapons can burn anyone, neh?"

"So we head down into the barrens for some recon. I didn't know you slitches that well yet, so I was probably pushing the cold steel look all the way. Anyways, we found an abandoned factory a couple clicks from Little Pusan and set-up base. Turns out this village is literally a handful of fake western buildings along a short main street with ash and rubble on every side. Damn glad I'm not dealing with that drek anymore. I think the first thing we did was send in Ajax, right?" says Kuma as he leans back and takes a couple more swigs, finishing his beer while Ajax recounts his astral travels.

Ajax breaks in: "Whoah, the astral drek out there in Puyallup is pretty nasty, neh? Working that job was an awakened man's nightmare. Val can attest to the drek you've got to deal with when you try slingin' the mojo with all that background. The fraggin' baddies are even taken down a notch by that drek. The spirit I encountered in the village should've torn me apart, but I managed to get away. I won't soon forget that experience. Goes to show I still got some learning to do when it comes to my abilities. During the ride back though, I had time to think about it and I would've done some things differently. I'll carry that lesson with me on our next mission."

"Moving through that field was interesting though. When I saw that little guy all hunkered down, I thought it'd be easy to get his help. Lookin' back it must have been pretty funny having this ghostly elf wiggling and shaking trying to corral that villager towards our position."

"Yeah, you're moving this old villager through the rubble, shaking your arms and glowing. He probably has his own sheen to tell. But yeah, Hound and I talk to this guy and find out the basics of the village. Problem is, gang's got it slotted to geek the two remaining ring members this morning." Then Hound interjects.

"Yeah, and they were making a real example of them too. The first two were swinging in some gallows when we got there. Hanging's a bad way to go..." Hounds voice trails off and he lets Kuma continue the story.

Kuma picks up again, "So we jack the problem and move out for full force. I know I didn't plan on it being a cake walk, but still the opening moves were a crash. We sneak up through the field to the back of the gang's main building, a wild west bar of some kind. We know the Jamaican mage, most of the gang, and the ring members are idle there."

Hound interjects, "Not idle enough, neh? We all hoped to catch 'em napping, but no such luck. Hell, we could have just torched the place and picked 'em off as they ran out, but there were clients inside worth heavy cred. But I'm getting ahead of the story. Go on Kuma, tell it true."

Ajax holds up a hand before Kuma begins and says, "This is where I would've done things differently...knowing what I know now. I should've trusted my magic, more importantly I should've trusted my totem. Its times like that, when a shaman's totem can lead him through a difficult experience. I could've done more recon with my magic, my totem could have helped me work through all the background drek. We might have learned more about the inside before going in." Ajax looks around the group, with an apologetic look on his face.

Piker puts her hand on Ajax's shoulder and says, "Don' worry 'bout it omae, at da end it was your ass dat got fraged by da spirit." She laughs loudly. Ajax gives a weak smile, and the rest of the team smirks and chuckles to varying degrees.

Kuma waits for the laughter to die down before continuing. "So we are sneaking up on the bar and I catch a villager as he he's coming out the back. He gives us the layout and then runs. We going stealth, right behind a gang member checking up on breakfast. Echo down and he's out," says Kuma as he mimics a karate strike to the side of the table. "We move on in and get some villagers out of there. We're ready to make our move when another fragger comes walking into the kitchen, shouting about his breakfast. Probably should have ripped his face open with a burst and stepped right through to lay down fire into the main room, but I still thought we could pull off some stealth. Wrong decision. I grab the slitch and slam him into the kitchen area. A couple smacks from the rest of the you guys and he's gone."

Hound interjects, "Didn't take much after you hit him the first time. And I'm still not so sure we made the wrong decision to keep stealth. We got damned unlucky if you ask me."

Kuma continues, "I ready some grenades and we're going in. Wrong move. I barely get the door swinging and this fragging troll opens up with a full burst from a light machine gun. There were probably some SMG rounds flying through there too, but nothing says 'frag you' like a machine gun burst. I take it and some how get back into the kitchen. Everything turns chaos."

Piker smirks and says,"I kow EXAC'LY what you mean."

Hounds adds, "See, that's what I mean. If you were on your usual game you would have beat them all to the punch and blown them to the roof with those grenades. The fraggin troll got off a lucky shot, but like you say once the lead starts flyin' from an LMG you'd best lay low. I gotta say I was damned impressed at the time how well you handled that. Now I know you've got the 'ware to help out, but even so you took it hard and came up strong."

Kuma replies, "We pulled it through the fire, though. Piker and I round one corner and Hound ends up rounding the other side of the building. I think you covered the rear, right Ajax?" grins Kuma, chiding the shaman.

Ajax perks up: "Hey, I got one comin' out the back. Didn't beat him to the quick draw like our friend Hound. I can sling' lead when I have to. How do you guys say it, 'Took him out, null sheen.'" Ajax takes a big swig of his drink and nods.

Kuma picks up again, "I was having a full load dealing with a bunch of gangers inside. Piker ended up tossing some grenades through a window and bringing the pain to some foolish fraggers who thought they could bring the fight to the streetfighting troll. You had some fun on your side, right Hound? Something like three of four dead gangers, including the leader. That's some chrome work, omae." Kuma waves for another beer as Hound takes over the story for a brief time.

Piker interjects, "der was one important ting you forgot about my grenades, dey fragged da troll dat put all dem holes in your body," she points to the area where the bullet wounds were and continues, "den two slitches taught dey would be safer fightin' me dan being wid my grenade, dey were wrong," she looks frightingly satisfied. "When dey came out, instead o' dealin' wid one grenade, dey had to deal wid two 'grenades' in da face." She puts both her fists up, then she points to Hound to take it from there.

Hound kicks back in his chair and relaxes a bit as he takes over the tale. "Well, I don't mean to brag, but that was a good day for me. I'll admit, when I went over to the other side of the saloon I had intended to catch the slots inside in a crossfire. Somehow I had it in my head that there were windows back there. Too much synthbeer and not enough sleep, I guess. Anyway, it turned out heading that way was a good thing. I just round the corner when I see this ganger with an assault rifle climbing the fraggin wall, going up to snipe I guess. She never even saw me, I guess, cause she dropped without even looking my way."

"When I get down to her position, more gangers are running out of the smaller buildings towards the saloon. I dropped a few as they ran up, null sheen, and that's when I hear this voice behind me. 'You think you're hot drek, don'tcha?' it says. Well, I turn around and what do you think I see? This crazy-ass hombre with a big bushy beard, all decked out like he was some hot-drek cowboy. He's got his coat pulled back on one side and his gun holstered, like he's in some old trideo, challenging me to a gunfight. He had balls, I gotta give him that. He likely could have just shot me in the back, and now I bet wherever he is he regrets it, but I figured if he was gonna give me a fightin chance the least I could do was oblige him. He even waited for me to take off the silencer so I could holster my Tomahawk. I think he really thought he could take me. Hell, I wasn't even sure. That much ego, I figure he's gotta be tough. But in then end my hand was quicker and my aim truer, and the last thing to go through his mind was several ounces of hot lead. And I guess that's where my story ends. I had no idea how things were inside, but I did see Val coming in with the van, guns blazing, so I figured there was more than enough trouble going down with the others."

Kuma resumes the story, "I thought things were flushed, but I guess I underestimated your 'wares," he looks approvingly about the gathered team before finishing the story. "In the end we cleaned up the rest of the gang and rescued the dirty village. Both ring members and some extra gear, not a bad take. We never faced off against the carib shaman, but he probably slipped out when he saw his employers getting a beating. Fraggin' cowardly two-yen merc," Kuma spits on the bar floor.

Val shrugs, "Well, we don't know what deal he worked with the gangers. He certainly wasn't part of the gang. Maybe his job was long over with. I'd bet solid nuyen that those ganger slitches couldn't afford to have him do much more. I think he was just there to throw the ring a curve ball. It wouldn't be the first time we benefited from a runner leaving when his job was done, neh?" She looks at Hound, Ajax, and Piker. "Besides, maybe when he saw me tearing up main street with my LMGs, he thought twice about jacking some pain with us. I made some of those slitches dance a serious gig, neh?" She smiles, but it fades almost immediately.

"After seeing what they did to the villagers, I'm not gonna shed a tear either, the fragging bags of drek. Some people get Band-Aids, some get a bullet in the head. A lot of them slitches died a lot cleaner and quicker than they deserved to." She spits on the sawdust-strewn floor.

"At least I managed to patch up old Koom here; it took two quarts of oil and a new belt, but then he was good as new." She smirks and jabs Kuma with her elbow.

"Speaking of getting some gear, that SUV came out pretty drek hot. I have tricked out nova hot. Of course, I got the Piker point set up in back. My buddy thought I'd never give his van back." She smiles at the huge woman Troll as she downs the last of her cup of synthbeer.

Piker smiles back, " Yeh, but now I got me a Viking dat has all da space I need."

Kuma wrap up his story, "Not bad for a first run, neh? I'm sure I wasn't smiling after that carnage though," Kuma says rubbing his stomach, then his upper arm, and finally his collar bone. "I don't think anyone else has topped nine bullets, at least not yet."

Piker speaks up, "No one got more dan nine, but you and me both got nine each, but I beat on a vamp after gettin' shot," she glances at Moon and says," I couldn't done it widout you Moon," she puts her arm around his shoulder, "We make a good team."

"You know, as far as I'm concerned," laughs Hound, "you two can fight it out for that title. I'm all for not getting shot at all, thanks very much."

Ajax pats Hound on the back and says, "Those are the words of wise man."

Moon smiles, "Yeah, and the first sign Piker's drunk is when she puts her arm around you without the intent of doing harm, neh?" He chuckles.

Piker pirks up,"Don' forget to tell 'bout the end of da run." Every one looks puzzlingly at her,"You remember, de part 'bout gettin' paid." She looks at Moon and says," Da two ring members we save were da heads or someting, but when da guy dat hire us told us of da pay, he said he'd pay us 5K total for each ring member we can save. But when we delivered da survivors, he did't want to look bad in front of dem, so he paid us 20K each for savin' da members! At da end, we made out wid 8K extra each."

Moon smiles, "Not bad at all. All right, I gotta get back to work. Thanks for emptying this pitcher for me, though." He gets back up, smiling, and heads back to the bar.

The conversation moves on to other gunfights and injuries as the night goes on. Kuma buys a couple of rounds for the group, the Little Pusan run just another notch on the gun barrel and another story for Moon's Shine's Sunday nights.

Run 2 Mop Up (12FEB2058)

Dragging the last of the six bodies into the bar, Hound answers the unasked question of everyone who has been staring at his grisly actions for the last few minutes. "They're wanted. Dead or alive, luckily. The bounties should come to over 20K, if I figure it right. Even shares all around?"

Hound continues to scan the bar and its environs, taking in the wreckage and the wake of the recent violence. Lingering on the other bodies strewn around the place, he shifts his gaze to Val. Approaching closer to her, he quietly says, "Hey Val? I don't know how you feel about the idea, but I for one wouldn't mind it if these scum actually did someone some good for a change. How would you feel about them becoming organ donors?"

Before Val has any chance to reply, Hound hastily adds, "I'm not talking about selling them to some ghoul chop shop. But maybe we could call in Doc Wagon, or better yet, if you know of someone who might see that they get to someone who maybe couldn't afford it otherwise? It's just an idea."

Kuma pulls himself off the porch and starts walking over to Hound and Val. Fresh bandages, with blood glowing through the gauze, cover most of his torso. The rugged armor jacket is still there, even though its hard derma-blast plates probably add discomfort, weight, and pain the wounds. Kuma carries his large black SMG casually in his hands, aware of the still-present foreign environment.

Kuma eyes the pair and lets his sunglassed gaze rest on Hound. "What's this about organlegging? Let's remember why we're here, wakarimasukane [understand]?" Hound and Val are fairly sure a normal person would not have picked out the words of their conversation at that distance and volume.

Kuma continues, "We need to do this run null glitch. The first ones are the most important for the rep. And rep is everything. I say we let the villagers bury these gangers in their fields and get this mission finished."

Val looks momentarily confused as she ponders Hound's suggestion and then is distracted by Kuma walking over. She swears quietly "Dammit Kuma, do I take apart your SMG and crap in it? Keep your hard-charging ass still! You're bleeding again!" She sighs and pulls a fresh bandage out without looking, "As for these slitches here, it's not like their great guys or anything and there's always more holes to fill than organs to fill them. I have a gray market guy that runs a free clinic who can handle this, he's not one of those Tamanous freaks. I really hadn't thought about it, but I don't see it as a real problem. They can roll in here and evac the bodies without raising a fuss. I think I see Kuma's point though." She tosses the old bandage into a waste bag in her van. "Maybe we could just give the one with a backbone over there the LTG." She gestures to a face looking at the team from an open doorway. "Then the villagers can take it from there. I certainly don't want anyone confusing us with organleggers, but people need organs, you almost did tonight, and these people look like they could use the money." Val cinches the dressing tight so as to make Kuma wince. "Now quit fraggin' up my handiwork or I'll tranquilize your ass until you get better. Oh, and here's some mementos for you." Val hands nine misshapen lumps of metal to Kuma. "Nine bullets in all, looks you and Piker are tied for most bullets caught in one action." She smiles as she drops them into Kuma's gloved hand*.

"Whatever we do, we do it as a team, that's my only requirement. I can take or leave the body thing. I say we snag a few vehicles. We need them, they don't, and they aren't arguing. That Gaz-Willys, the Vike that Piker's taken a shine too, and that Diablo are too good to pass up and a disposable gun or two might be useful for future wetwork. But anyone starts taking boots and jewelry and they can look for another medic." Val looks unusually serious. "The Americars would do a world of good for the people of the village, but the Rapiers, eh, maybe we should take them for parts if nothing else, or maybe some solid barter material on future runs. They'll probably just go to waste or get chopped here. Whatever, everyone's alive and the mission's done, so I'm pretty happy already." Val smiles infectiously.

"Hey, do I look that needy?" asks Hound with a grin. "Null sheen. I'm no grave robber. Go ahead and talk to mister brave villager over there about the meat. Kuma, feel free to call Mr. Johnson and run the situation by him, see if he cares if we grab a couple of trophies."

Kuma holds up his arms as Val starts examining the bloody bandages, wincing every now and then as she prods and pokes. "I'm lean on handing over the LTG to the villagers. Just not our place," agrees Kuma. He curses under his breath as Val rips off one of the adhesive bandages. Hound now gets a good view of what must be elaborate tattoos over Kuma's entire side, the patterns disappear under his clothing, but part of a serpent and some flames are visible. It is as if the bullet wounds have vandalized some kind of basic street art.

"As for the gear... We're not scavengers. Let's keep this professional, chummers. I say we give the Johnson a call, tell him we were successful and that there is a bunch of ganger gear strewn about. I know I have people that can churn both the guns and the vehicles. We tell Johnson that we want to take a couple choice items and ask him what he wants us to do with the rest. The Ring may need to replenish its arsenal or vehicles. Clean?"

Hound replies to both Val and Kuma. "I'm fine with giving the villagers the meat. It's not like I want to go into the organlegging biz. It's just that I'm not quite used to seeing this many bodies laid out at one time. Of course, we have no guarantee that once we're gone they won't just sell the parts to the highest bidder, but that's none of our concern I suppose. As for the gear, I think we probably earned some of it, but I don't need to get greedy. Personally, I'd be happy with the leader's combat bike. The rest can go through your guy, unless the Ring wants it. But I think we ought to be able to collect the bounties. If the Ring wants the bodies for some purpose, we might ask for some cred to compensate. But I'm not so used to working as a team yet. However the rest of you want to run with this is probably fine with me."

Ajax strolls up to the group of Hound, Val, and Kuma. He winces slightly at the site of Kuma's damaged body. Looking over at the pile of gear assembled from the gangers Ajax comments:

"I'm not much of a scavenger, but I wouldn't mind making one of those SMG's a drop piece for myself, not to mention, I could always use some extra armor if I can find a jacket or vest that fits me. As for the rest of this drek...well, I'm definitely an opportunist. I don't see why Piker can't ride away on that bike she fancies and we can't pack up all the gear we can carry, short of looting the bodies, that'd just be bad karma. I definitely think we get the bounties on that pile of drek that we killed. Neh? Come on we killed them, we should get the cred for our work. As for the rest...let the town decide what to do with the bodies, that's messy work I don't want to get into. Hey omae," Ajax looks directly at Kuma, "Shadowrunning is pretty dangerous work and no one can begrudge a runner his opportunity to pick up some residuals. This is a business, neh?

Unless Kuma knows a reason not to, that has to do with getting our hoop in a bunch of trouble...I think we should take what we want. Even if there is some trouble, we could walk away with a little for ourselves. Who's to say if there were 12 SMG's or 11; 30 bodies or 24? Neh?"

Ajax strolls over to check out some of the loose gear that belonged to the gangers and begins holding up jackets and vests looking for one with a close fit.

Ajax's search is somewhat grisly as he finds that all of the jackets have varying degrees of fresh, wet blood stains and most have multiple holes in them.

Val says, "Well, it sounds like we are more or less agreed. I know that it's always easier to apologize than to get permission, so I say we take the stuff we talked about and then worry about permission later. Frankly, the missing guns will not be noticed; a lot of the gangers have a couple of guns on them anyway. I'm going to take the two Ring members in my van. There is a crude flat bed trailer around here somewhere, I remember seeing it. Anyway, Piker can ride the Vike, Hound can ride the Diablo, the two rapiers can go on the trailer, and we can hook it up to the Gaz-Willys, which Ajax could follow me in. Kuma can stay in the van to watch over the Ring members personally in case anything happens. What loose gear we want beyond that can go into the Gaz or on the bikes. We're not going out of our way to take stuff, we're not coming back for more, which could get sticky, and the stuff is gone long before anyone can set their hearts on keeping it. Any spare guns we pick up we should run by an armorer to modify them so they have different ballistic characteristics. That way we are not connected to any registered crimes these bastards have done already. Hound, you talk a lot about your armorer's amazing abilities, maybe you can take care of that.

"As for asking permission, I think that will complicate things. We'll just keep the gear stowed at a place I know of that will hold it safely, and if the Ring complains, we can give it back. Wiz?" Val smiles wearily at the team. The team conflict clearly wearing on her more than the others.

Kuma spits some blood on the matted ash ground and says, "I'm tired of this fraggin' national scavengers meeting. It's not the way I want to scan it, but go ahead and finish it." Kuma hefts his SMG and walks away towards Val's van. He yanks open the sliding door and sits on the ledge of the van floor, watching the two ring members.

[GM comment: This is perfectly reasonable. Kuma has a Charisma 3 and the entire group is disagreeing with him to some extent or another. Now, I am not a Charisma 6 woman with a strong dislike for discord in the team. So, pretend Val says this very well. In real life, she would probably say more or couch it better.]

The whole conversation will probably be held at a volume that makes it difficult to hear, so as not to make Kuma feel on the spot. For convenience, let's say Ajax has strolled off out of earshot anyway, Piker is playing with her new bike, and Hound goes about bagging the bodies for the bounty. Val would have given Hound an "I'll take care of this" look as she followed Kuma.

Val follows him and says in quiet soothing tones, "Hey there Hardcore, it's not that big of a deal. You're the whole reason we're talking about it, omae. Everyone's opinion matters on this team, no matter how long you've been with us. None of us intend to get in, get a quick thrill or payoff, and get out. We're here for the long haul, to be professional runners."

Kuma gives Val a sidelong, incredulous glance.

Val continues, "Look, it may be a little strange for someone coming from your line of work, but then the pay was probably higher and the jobs a lot more straightforward. This is not the same job. No one makes sure we have the gear we need and more importantly, most of the Johnsons value us about as much as used soy. They don't care if we survive the job. You need to expand your notion of expendability when you think of these slitches."

"I know a lot of the slots in the shadowbiz and what we're doing is pretty straight. Damn, Hardcore, you talk to some of the slots in Moon's and you'll find that we definitely operate in a professional manner. There will be runs when we get paid squat and even some where we end up losing money. No one is looking out for us, but us. That's the simple fact of the matter. If we weren't kicking back and taking the jobs of our choosing, we might very well all be dead in a double-cross by now, or scraping nuyen off the sidewalk to pay for our medical bills. This run was milk and honey compared to a lot of others. There aren't many where we get a chance like this. We're just gonna grab the vehicles and a couple of guns. There's the bounties, but that's wiz legit and old Hound there is a bona fide Bounty Hunter after all. No one's interested in anything else. No one in the biz will bat an eye. If your Ring buddies have a problem with this, of course we'll return the stuff." Val shrugs, "Heck, I'd even be willing to pay them fence prices for some of it, though I'd never offer, that would just be plain stupid."

"We also do a lot better job than some of the other slitches. A few teams would have rolled in here, leveled the town and taken the penalty on payment just because their bloodthirsty fraggers that don't care for anything but nuyen."

"Anyway, like I said, I think we ought to just play it icy and if they complain, we make them happy. Wiz?" Val looks at Kuma with a sincere and understanding smile, exactly the kind of expression he would want from her and lays a hand gently on his shoulder.

They are both startled when one of the Ring members in the van speaks up in decent English. "Take what you want. Whatever you were paid wasn't enough. You have saved the life of our Mother." <cough> <cough> Val rushes forward into the van with a worried look on her face. He continues, "An hour later and we'd both be dead. We will not forget this service. I am her second, my word is..." He starts to fade.

Val interrupts him, "Hey now, be calm and let the drugs work. You should be back on your feet in no time. I'll make sure of that, friend." Val turns to look at the woman and thinks out loud, "Mother eh? She's too young to be their momma, from what I can tell. Whatever."

Val looks back, "Well, there ya go, a reminder that patients can still hear just fine and a seal of approval from at least one of the members. Is that wiz enough for ya?"

"Yeah, I guess," says the samurai now standing by the van's entrance. He watches Val and the ring members for a couple seconds before adding, "I'm just trying to look out for our future in the biz. This is our chance to set the tone and meat of our reps, but..." Kuma teeters on explaining his reasoning again, but then seems convinced, or at least placated, by the medic's words and logic. Another couple moments pass. "Yeah, I scan what you said, Val. I'm good with it." Kuma keeps quiet for the remainder of the team's village activity, the dirt and fatigue of the last several hours seeming to weigh on him.

Payment [12FEB2058]

The team pulls up to the Golden Dragon. The two ring members insist on walking in with the team, in spite of their wounds and Val's requests to the contrary. The woman walks with a bearing beyond her years. The mask of street power falls from the face of the man in blue and he rushes forward to help the woman to a chair. "Mother, you are well! Thank the Gods!" He is joyful to the brink of tears; his eyes are moist and his smile is foolishly large.

Although the woman is definitely Asian, her specific ethnicity is unclear. The wounded man with her is definitely a mixture of caucasian and Asian.

The wounded man says to the man in blue, "Yes, Lim, we are well. The people you hired saved our lives in more ways than one. It is fortunate they had a doctor, or Mother almost certainly would have died. I was full of rage when you left the town, but I see now that it was for the best." The man still seems somewhat angry in spite of himself.

The woman speaks up, "Give these people their money Lim, Shinjo and I need to rest now." Lim goes to the back room as his bodyguards watch the team. The assembled group has adopted a relaxed stance around the team.

Val speaks up, "I can take you to a good street clinic in the area, if you like."

Mother replies, "Thank you, but no. We have enemies that can reach us there too easily. We have what we need. Your and your friends have done your part. That filth is dead." She spits on the floor.

Shinjo says, "We will build again, Mother, Little Pusan is intact. We can continue to lift the veil of pain there and make our future."

Mother replies, "Yes, son, we can and we will."

Lim returns with credsticks of various denominations. He has resumed something of a business facade, but still breaks into an inappropriate smile or giggle occasionally as he speaks. As he prepares to settle accounts, he looks a little nervously at the attention being paid by Shinjo and Mother. "Let's see, 20k each for rescuing my friends and 10k each for killing those butchers, minus the 5k each advance." The quiet look in his eyes as he scans the team screams, "Don't say anything!"

[Reminder: you were hired to eradicate the gang, 20k each for all of them or 10k each for at least half, and 5k total for each ring member rescued. He is definitely editing liberally, and the extra nuyen is almost certainly intentional to secure cooperation.]

Hound speaks up quickly, "Yes, that does it."

Lim hands over a handful of 5k and 10k credsticks.

Shinjo adds, "And we have given them permission to take what they wish of the Ronin's equipment."

Lim nods, "Yes, yes of course. As long as the two of you are all right."

Lim turns to the team and says, "Excellent work. You have done us a service that transcends simple payment."

Mother finishes his statement for him, "If you need sanctuary in some future time, you are welcome in Little Pusan. Now we must be rude and ask that you leave so that we may attend to our affairs. Thank you." The sounds of injury and fatigue fade and give way to a business demeanor.