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  • The Seattle Chronicle is a legitimate newspaper with only minimal corporate manipulation.
  • Seattle RealNews is tabloid infamous for inaccurate and reckless reporting.
  • ABS News is the most watched Seattle trid news channel and other stations commission"breaking news" from them.
  • KKIA is a radio station that aims to pull off a street chic. It has interviews and talk radio segments that address some hard hitting issues about the uglier topics of life in Seattle. The suits like it because it's edgy and the street people like it because the music's not bad and there's occasionally some worthwhile topics addressed.

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2063.06.14 ABS Newsbreak - War in Our Streets

[The vid screen in the bar shifts from the urban brawl game and pulsing martial tones mixed with staccato beats and symphonic brass usher in yet another "War in Our Streets" update. A series of graphics melds into a collage of carnage - Lonestar police hustling out of a Citymaster; crying, wounded victims of all races stumbling about shocked as nearby buildings burn and explode; a rocket launcher blowing up a limousine; a troll with a combat axe cutting a Rigger off his bike.]

[The graphics fade and the music dies down as the screen changes to the studio. The bottom of the screen identifies the person as "Jake Stonewall, Field Reporter". Jake is a large man, an ork that has benefited greatly from a skilled plastic surgeon's work. He wears a crisp paramilitary secure jacket over khaki fatigues, and a smudge on his forehead and the dangling lock of black hair seem out of place with his otherwise immaculate appearance.]

"This is Jake Stonewall reporting live from Downtown. Chaos erupted just fifteen minutes ago as a group of criminals engaged Lonestar in a high speed chase through this crowded shopping area. Just behind me, you can see the remains of the truck they were driving."

[Jake turns sideways and the camera shifts and zooms in on the burning wreckage of a Ford-Canada Bison RV. The tires are blown out and two of the wheels mangled beyond repair; the crew and camper compartments are twisted and blazing with flames.]

Jake takes a somber tone, "Witness friends, the war in our streets."

[The camera pans for a few more seconds, then pulls back and frames Jake]

"We have one of the detectives here, Detective Whitley, can you fill us in on what happened here?"

[The camera pulls back slightly and pans right to include a human man with toussled brown hair and a goatee. His hard predatory look suggests a street cop. He pulls the collar up over his neck as a hard rain starts up.]

"Yes, I have been cleared to tell you that the felons in question were discovered by routine aerial drone surveillance attempting to break into a residential compound. Lonestar was called in to investigate. When the troll among the group fired upon and killed two of the officers, an HTR team, that's High Threat Response team, was called in. Luckily there was a team in the air nearby on standard patrol."

Jake emotes anxiousness and sincere concern as he asks, "What happened then Detective?"

"Well, they were called to pull over and patrol cars set up a road block. They rammed the road block and continued down the street. Seeing that the felons were heading into a crowded shopping area, the pilot of the HTR craft was cleared to use ordnance before the threat became too great. Two missiles were fired into the vehicle, both hit it and incapacitated it. Three of the felons, known only to us as Moriarty and Haymaker were killed in the blast. One of the felons, known as Switchblade, survived and fled the scene, but was neutralized by the HTR team. We were lucky. The crowd here only got a little excitement. If the felons had made it to the crowd, we are confident that civilian casualties would have been generated and possibly a hostage situation."

Jake nods grimly, "Thank you detective, and keep up the good work."

[The detective nods and steps back out of the shot. The camera centers back onto Jake and pulls back to show more of the carnage]

"Another disaster diverted by our heroic boys in blue, but as the detective said, we were lucky this time.

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2061.12.08 ABS News Special Report - Sewer Stalker

[A handsome mulatto Elf sits behind the newsdesk. She is perfectly tanned and stretches the bounds of nature in how attractive she looks. She adopts a friendly smile as she looks up from her desk to the camera.]

Good evening. I'm Linda Hammond and this is an ABS Special Report.

[The shot switches to a different camera angle and Linda looks toward the new camera, her face the very essence of concern.]

Last week, we reported on novel forensics techniques that were allowing police to close cases that had been unsolved for years, even decades. The surprises continue tonight as investigators at Lonestar have reported that a case from over a year ago may finally be solved.

[The camera angle switches back to a full frontal picture and a small graphic appears over Linda's right shoulder. It contains the picture of a handsome, smiling caucasian man, with the caption "Tim Walson III".]

Many people know of the Walsons. Some know them for their wealth and global industry. Many more know them for their philanthropic causes, such as the Walson Center for HMHVV research, a free clinic that opens it doors to sufferers of all strains of HMHVV.

[The graphic switches to a smiling vampire child in a hospital gown with an IV in her arm and patchy hair on her head.]

Tim Walson III gave not only money, but time to this worthy foundation. He was one of the on site administrators and often worked in the field in spite of the dangers.

[The graphic switches to a picture of Tim Walson handing a blanket to a ragged ghoul in Touristville.]

As some may remember, we reported in April of last year that Tim Walson had been found dead. Lonestar reported that the case was aggressively investigated, but after twelve months of dead ends, it was abandoned. Some blamed victims of Krieger strain HMHVV [ghouls] and still others blamed mythic alligators living in the sewers where he was found, but neither explained the signs of a gunfight. In the end, it was chalked up as another innocent death due to senseless gang violence. Perhaps Mr. Walson was mugged for humanitarian aid packages he was delivering to a nearby community of Ghouls.

[The graphic switches to a picture of someone in a labcoat looking into a microscope]

In our Science Update last week, we reported on novel forensics techniques that were opening new doors and closing old cases. Lonestar investigators report that they have solid evidence and a suspect in the slaying of Tim Walson.

[The graphic switches to a picture of a haggard and confused-looking scholarly human male, with a caption of "Dr. Dawkins"]

Dr. Dawkins, a researcher at local University of Seattle, has been named as the suspect. We go live to the apprehension of Dr. Dawkins at the University of Seattle.

[The graphic changes to an aerial drone looking down a dimly lit hallway.]

Security Guard [whispering]: "Yeah, his lab should be the third one down here on the left, the one with all of the lights still on. He always works late. I still can't believe he's a murderer, but he does get kind of a crazy look in his eyes sometimes, especially when he's cooking up some new spell or something. Gives me the creeps."

[the security guard steps into camera shot in front of a door and opens it.]

Security Guard: "Dr. Dawkins! You in here?"

[the sound of a door closing]

Detective: "Dammit, he's gone out the back! Move, move!

[the camera shot is confused and erratic for about twenty seconds, then it stabilizes at a window.]

Detective: "Take him down!"

[A second person steps up. He is wearing a suit and he looks hard out the window. A gesture of immense effort crosses his face.]

Mage: "Dammit!"

Detective: "Wait, he's got to come through that opening. Wait for!"

[Again a look intense concentration, then a slight pallor]

Mage: "Oh he's good."

Detective [on wrist mic]: "All right people, he's heading northwest form our position, moving to intercept."

[The camera shifts back to Linda, who seems a little surprised.]

Well, it looks like we lost the Lonestar feed. We'll keep you updated as things develop.

Meanwhile, detectives have already conducted a search of Dr. Dawkins' home. We take you live to the building. Terry?

[The camera switches to a hispanic female reporter talking with a little old Ork woman]

TG: This is Terry Gonzalez live at the home of Dr. Dawkins, a.k.a., the Sewer Stalker. I have one of the Stalker's neighbors here, a Mrs. Bramble.

MB: [frail voice] Hello everyone. [she waves sheepishly and smiles weakly]

TG: Mrs. Bramble, what you can tell us about the Stalker?

MB: Oh my, well I don't really know. He was always such a nice boy. Polite, courteous, kept to himself. I find it so hard to believe that he could have done such a monstrous thing.

TG: Did you know the Stalker well?

MB: Not really, I don't think anyone really did. Nowadays, "neighbor" doesn't mean what it used to. You have to be careful trusting anyone. You never know if they're a vampire, hopped up on Zen, or some chip-crazy hooligan. That's why I have Big John here.

[The little old woman hefts an Ares Predator]

TG: [chuckles] Whoa now ma'am, we don't want to cause any trouble.

MB: Oh, don't worry, it's unloaded...I think. [The old woman siles wryly]

TG: Well, it looks like you're ready for the Stalker if he comes around.

MB: I sure am. Nice boy or not, he tries to come at me and I'll blast him!

TG: [chuckling] OK, well it's pretty quiet here at the home of Dr. Dawkins and hte police are refusing to comment on the large boxes they have removed thus far. This is Terry Gonzales, reporting live from the home of the deadly Sewer Stalker. Back to you, Linda.

[The brightness of the studio is a stark change from the dimly lit hallway Terry stood in. Linda is smiling as the camera flashes back to her.]

Excellent job Terry. ABS would like to make it clear that Dr. Dawkins has not yet been convicted of these crimes. If you have any leads or tips to pass on, call the Lonestar tipline at LTG LONESTARTIPS[5663.7827.8477].

Further details will be reported as they develop. This is Linda Hammond and this has been an ABS Special Report. Up next, hilarity ensues when Finky's parents come to visit on An Elf, A Troll, and A Dog. Good night.

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2061.01.03 ABS News Newsbreak - ORC Demonstration Turns Violent

[A handsome hispanic ork sits behind the newsdesk. His teeth have clearly been modified to remove any traces of the tusks and crooked dentition typical of Orks. His face is perfectly tanned. Although there is no such thing as a half-ork, the newsman could easily pass for one. He adopts a serious demeanor as he looks up from his desk to the camera.]

Good afternoon. I'm John Redstone and this is an ABS newsbreak. A peaceful ORC demonstration outside the downtown headquarters of Lonestar has turned into bloody confusion. Reports are sketchy, but the demonstrators are now fleeing the designated protest area under a cloud of tear gas and under a hail of gel bullets. There is a communications blackout in the area, but we are still receiving information by ground lines. We go now to a voice report.

[John looks off to the side as if in thought and speaks]

Tawny, are you there?

[Tawny speaking loudly over a background din of people yelling and the sound of Tawny moving about] Yes, John, it's chaotic out here. We're not sure what happened. The protest was quiet throughout the day, but shortly after rush hour began, an explosion rocked the demonstration area. Lonestar High Threat Response has been called in and the area is being cleared of demonstrators by force.

[John looks genuinely concerned.] Tawny, are you still there?

[There is a crackle and some broken words.] Lone <break> has <break> ed.

[Static] Tawny?

[Static] Yes John, we're moving away from the area now. A Lonestar patrol car is in pursuit. We are unsure what is happening, but we are...[Sound of gunshots] Oh my God! They're firing on us! I can't believe...

[The screen breaks away to a "Technical Difficulties" screen. After 23 seconds, John returns. A hint of anxiety pierces the professional facade of John's expression.]

We will update you as the situation changes. We now return you to your regular programming. This is John Redstone, ABS News.

[After ten minutes of regular programming, there is another newsbreak. John Redstone is behind the same newsdesk.]

Good afternoon, I am John Redstone, and this is an ABS newsbreak. DocWagon reports that Tawny Anderson, field reporter for ABS News is in critical condition and en route to Bellevue General Hospital. Lt. Mathers is joining us with more information. Lt.?

[The screen splits to show an immaculately groomed caucasian elf in a fine suit.]

[LM] Yes John.

[JR] Thank you for joining us.

[LM] My pleasure, John.

[JR] Lt. can you please explain what has happened?

[LM] Well, John, the details are still ambiguous, but it appears that an indeterminate number of people were impersonating Lonestar officers. They appear to have infiltrated the demonstration and launched an attack against the demonstrators using explosives and small arms. We don't have numbers yet, but we estimate that the death toll will be high as the criminals' attack included the heavy commuter traffic nearby as well.

[JR] Any word on who is repsonsible.

[LM] No John, there haven't been any reports to that effect yet and no one has claimed responsbility for the attacks.

[JR] Do you think it was terrorists?

[LM] It's too early to tell, but it does fit the pattern of a terrorist attack. We are aggressively pursuing this investigation. A lot of good men are dead or dying. We urge all citizens to call the Lonestar tipline or log in anonymously at our tip site on the Matrix. With our help, we can bring these murderers to justice.

[JR] Thank you Lt. Mathers.

[LM] Thank you, John.

[JR] We now return you to your regular programming. Further details will be reported as they develop. This is John Redstone and this has been an ABS Newsbreak.

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2061.01.01 Seattle Chronicle - Racial Violence Leaves 16 Dead, 57 Wounded

Downtown Seattle - Violence erupted last night at Digital Ducats, a local dance club, as eight armed assailants entered on or about midnight and opened fire on the patrons inside. A group of customers, as yet unidentified, returned fire upon the assailants, incapacitating them. Shortly afterwards, explosions erupted from the bodies of the assailants. The incident left 16 dead and 57 wounded.

"They came out of nowhere and just starting shooting up the place, screaming things like 'dirty meta scum'," said Chico Gonzales, owner of the Digital Ducats. "We were lucky to have some good samaritans in the club, otherwise we might have all been dead."

Detective Voller, of Lonestar, has issued a statement. "At this time we have no leads on the assailants or the criminals with which they exchanged fire. We can neither confirm nor deny involvement on the part of any policlubs and we urge the public to only consider the facts of the case to avoid letting this escalate. There has been enough tragedy already."

The Digital Ducats is known to actively encourage a racially mixed clientele and sources report that the assailants have ties to the Humanis Policlub. The ORC, Ork Rights Committee, has publicly denounced the Lonestar investigation as inadequate and plans are underway for a formal protest at Lonestar's Downtown Headquarters this Monday.

Malcolm Wade, head of public relations at the downtown Humanis Policlub office, has issued a brief statement, "The Humanis Policlub finds the actions that occurred at the Digital Ducats shocking. Our mission has always been, and continues to be, peaceful advocacy of the rights of humans."

The victims of the attack have been taken to Seattle General, Downtown. Of the 57 wounded, 8 remian in critical condition.

[Slot your credstick and click here to check the Seattle General patient database]

[Click here to access the ORC site]

[Click here to access the Humanis Policlub site]

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2060.12.31 KKIA Broadcast - Advertisement for New Year's Eve Party

The vid screen of the radio lights up with a stylized comet streaking through the night skyline of Seattle. The skyline explodes as dance music thumps loudly. The scene is replaced by scenes of people dancing in a club.

A raspy male voice speaks with a festive tone, "Yeah, boy, it's on! The comet's coming so it's time to have one last blowout cuz who knows if we're gonna scan another year! Digital Ducats has got your back omae! 100 nuyen per hoop, all you can drink, A+ security, and contract cabbies on hand so you know you're getting home safe. It don't get more wiz dan dat, neh? And the ladies are half price, dat's right! 50 nuyen for the honeys that getcha feeling fun-ny, mmm, ah yeah. And if dat ain't enough, jack this and 'load the joy cuz at the wit-ching ho-ur we are go-ing to be roc-king and tal-king with a strip off! Ho yeah, hell yeah. 1000 nuyen to the winner. That's one large for the ladies that <beep> <beep> <beep>. Hell yeah! I don't care who you gotta geek, jack, or drop, get your hoops to the Digital Ducats! (reverberating echo) Helllll yeahhhhh!"

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2059.02.23 ABS News - San Francisco, A City in Strife

[A young, unusually attractive, Ork anchorwoman is seated behind the news desk. Off to her right is a graphic with the word "violence" written in coruscating flames.]

Good afternoon, I'm Sarah Cooper and this is an ABS newsbreak. Violence erupted in San Francisco this morning. We have footage that may be disturbing to our viewers and our producers ask that parents use discretion.

[Screen switches to overhead view of the team walking up to the doors of Nudle House and kicking it in.]

A group of four criminals, which police believe included one male Caucasian Elf, one female Troll, and two humans, one light complected and one tan complected. The group assaulted the building in the early morning hours, striking at 6:00 AM.

[The Troll worker walks out nonchalantly, flips the finger back at the door, then heads down the street, lighting up a cigarette as he goes.]

The Troll that you now see walking out of the back was a worker in the restaurant that was forced out by the attackers.

[There is a short burst of automatic weapons fire, a few seconds go by and then there is an exchange of loud single shots and bursts of automatic weapons fire.]

What you are hearing is believed to be a gun battle in the basement of the building.

[The team runs out of the building and down the alley, the camera pans and zooms out wide to catch the team, the alley, and the explosion.]

And here we see the criminals leaving the building and detonating a firebomb.

[The screen zooms in on the right hand of one of the humans and there is a small device in his hand with a button on it that he is pressing down. The screen returns to the reporter, but now the graphic has been replaced by a window showing a Japanese man in a police uniform.]

Cooper: We have police chief Sunji Orono from the San Francisco Police with us to explain the situation. Thank you for taking the time to talk to us, Chief Orono.

Orono: You are most welcome, Ms. Cooper, it is an honor to present the truth to your viewers.

Cooper: [Sarah hides most of a facial gesture that amounts to "Huh?" and pauses only very slightly; if you have Perception 4+, you notice something] Yes Chief, can you explain what has happened?

Orono: Yes, Ms. Cooper. The Nudle House had been under surveillance for some time. We have long suspected a cell of metahuman terrorists operating from there. They...

Cooper: Terrorists?

Orono: Yes, Ms. Cooper, terrorists. That is what we call people that cause terror to further their personal agendas. This particular group was under suspicion of many crimes, ranging from simple harassment and bomb threats to the firebombing of the Rising Sons School for Boys last year.

Cooper: I thought the bombers had been captured and summarily executed by the Japanese Occupation Force.

Orono: You mean the Courtesy Force, of course. Yes, there were criminals caught for that, but they did not reveal their sources or allies during questioning.

Cooper: There have been reports from San Francisco that the original bombers were not in fact related to the bombing at all, Chief Orono, have your investigations revealed anything further?

Orono: [If you have Perception 5+ or any Social skill of 5+, Orono seems a little agitated but he contains it well] No Ms. Cooper, nothing further has been revealed in that investigation. If I may continue?

Cooper: Of course, Chief Orono, please continue.

Orono: Our forensic investigation supports the following scenario. The terrorists entered the building...

Cooper: Excuse me, Chief, I thought the terrorists were already inside.

Orono: The group that attacked is also believed to be part of a terrorist group operating outside of San Francisco. These type of people have a natural taste for killing and they will readily turn on one another.

Cooper: You do mean terrorists, right?

Orono: [Chief Orono pauses and gives a fake smile] Of course, Ms. Cooper. As I was saying, the terrorists entered the building, drove out the kitchen boy, and knocked the defenseless cashier unconscious. They then proceeded into the basement where they systematically slaughtered the inhabitants with grenades and small arms fire. They set up firebombs to compromise the evidence of their crimes and then left the building, detonating the bombs shortly after their exit. Our evidence shows that the cashier was burned alive while the occupants of the basement were likely killed from weapons fire as well as grenade fragments and concussion.

The terrorists escaped the scene in a black Town Car which did not have any license plates or other markings. The car headed towards the docks faster than our security camera could follow safely.

[The screen briefly switches to footage of the camera following the car around a corner and there is a flash of white as it slams into the body of a tractor trailer.]

The Coast Guard were the only forces that could intercept in time. They managed to stop the departure of the criminals, which we suspect were waiting to rendezvous with a marine vehicle or perhaps an aircraft. The criminals ambushed the men as they disembarked from their craft. Both Coast Guard vessels were destroyed and the two dozen brave soldiers on the craft were killed in the gunfight, two of them after they had already been incapacitated and disarmed. These are cold-blooded killers. The Coast Guard was unable to direct more resources to the scene quickly enough and the criminals escaped into the city.

We tracked down two confederates that were providing assistance to them. Arrests were not successful, but we did manage to seize a quarter of a million nuyen in illegal arms, explosives, and other equipment.

It's just a typical symptom of the Metahuman community...

Cooper: A gripping story, Chief Orono, but my producers are telling me that we are out of time. Thank you.

[The screen with the Chief is replaced with the violence graphic.]

ABS news can neither confirm nor deny these reports, but once thing is certain, San Francisco has some serious race relations problems to work out. It is this reporter's opinion that we have not heard the last of racial violence in San Francisco and it would be unwise for those of us in Seattle to turn a blind eye to it. You can learn more about racial issues at our matrix site, the quest for truth begins with you.

I am Sarah Cooper and this has been an ABS news break.

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2058.04.11 ABS News Brief - "Irresponsible Journalism" Costs RealNews 10 Million

[A graphic of the front page of a RealNews newspaper with an article titled "Pornstar Cured of Ghoul Disease!" sits to the right of an immaculate news anchor. The man is in his forties with a touch of gray in his black hair, clean cut, and wearing a high quality, but conservative, suit.]

A Seattle court has handed down a verdict today in the case of Grover et al v. RealNews. The self-described "entertainment agency" of RealNews has been ordered to pay 10 million dollars in punitive fines and damages. The plaintiffs, represented by Ms. Grover's legal staff, have agreed to donate their entire shares towards medical research aimed at easing the plight of victims of the Krieger-Strain HMHVV.

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2058.03.19 Seattle Chronicle - Irresponsible Journalism Claims Lives

At 0306 AM, the estate of Linda Grover, aka Cherry Pi, was stormed by a group of armed Ghouls. Two guards were killed and several more injured. At least two of those injured have contracted the Kreiger-Strain HMHVV. Casualties and fatalities among the group of Ghouls are uncertain, as they carried off their fallen members as they retreated.

[Photo of bent iron gate at the driveway entrance to a mansion, spattered with blood and covered by yellow tape bearing the familiar phrase "Police Line do Not Cross".]

Ms. Grover was distraught by the turn of events. "It's all so horrible! I just had a really bad rash. In my business, you don't go around advertising things like that. And now this!" Ms. Grover declined further comments and left Seattle shortly afterwards for a retreat. Her publicist reported, "Ms. Grover had a simple medical condition. Her privacy was maintained during treatment and she was kept out of the public eye during that time. Ms. Grover finds it difficult to lay all of the blame at the feet of the group of Ghouls that attacked the estate. The irresponsible journalism of RealNews is the real problem here. Our lawyers will pursue this further."

The offices of RealNews released a short statement, "Many of our stories have creative elements intended to entertain our readership and we cannot be held responsible for their actions. We are as accountable for this event as Martin Scorsece was for John Hinckley Jr.'s attempted assassination of Ronald Reagan." They refused to make further comment on the situation.

The Seattle Chronicle would like to reassure you that we take pride in journalistic integrity and our first goal is informing you about the Sixth World. If you have any disputes with the facts presented in our stories, please contact us immediately.

Police have issued no official statements yet, but sources reveal that they have few leads to go on and without further provocation, it is unlikely they will follow the trail into the sewers of Seattle.

[For more information on the Krieger-Strain HMHVV virus and links to free clinics, click here]

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[To contact charities that provide relief for sufferers of KS HMHVV, click here]

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2058.03.18 Seattle RealNews - Pornstar Cured of Ghoul Disease!

[Photo of attractive young woman with bright red hair cut in an angular bob]

Cherry Pi, start of dozens of SimSense porn chips, is looking strangely healthy as of late. RealNews reported on her contraction of the Ghoul disease, also know as Krieger-Strain HMHVV, and we had the images to prove it [Click here for 29JAN2058 article]. Now she is her old nubile self.

Her creamy soft skin is proof that her secret investments in a Ghoul cure have paid off. Ms. Pi refuses to respond to our allegations and more importantly has not denied any of them. While hundreds, perhaps thousands of our citizens live in social exile, she squanders the knowledge that could cure them.

Other sources suggest that the reason may be simpler. That Ms. Pi has benefited from cutting edge cosmetic surgery and cyber eye implants to replace the milky-white eyes characteristic of a ghoul.

RealNews will not rest until we find the real truth, citizens

RealNews - The truth too raw for corporate puppets to publish.

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2058.03.13 Seattle Chronicle Business: Renraku Cuts Ties With Orange Systems

Stanley Orange, CEO of Orange Systems, announced today that ties with Renraku had been severed. "At this time, the merger of Renraku and Orange Systems does not produce the positive synergy desired."

[Photo of a businessman behind a podium emblazoned with the Orange Systems logo. Hmm, he looks familiar, a little bit like the Johnson that hired the team? A relative perhaps?]

This news is one of two major setbacks for the startup company. Less than 48 hours ago their corporate headquarters in the Des Moines neighborhood was the site of industrial espionage as an explosion rocked their R&D division. Police investigations were brisk and short.

Like some clip from an action trideo, the saboteurs apparently made their way up to the floor via the elevator shaft. "The security countermeasures used tell us that the team was a group of professionals. This was no act of vandalism or some disgruntled employee. This was definitely industrial sabotage. We have some leads and we will give them the attention they deserve. If anyone has any tips, they should call our toll free hotline, LTG LONESTARTIPS[5663.7827.8477]." Reported Lt. Sol Feinstein.

Shares of Orange Systems have lost some market value, but Mr. Orange reports that their R&D division will be back in full swing shortly and he hints at a profitable breakthrough. Investors are conservative about such promises at this point, but are confident enough not to completely abandon Orange Systems as a reasonably reliable tech stock. Their primary business, the build-to-order (BTO) computer division, suffered no setbacks and remains a bulwark for the company's financial portfolio.

[To buy or sell Orange Systems stock, slot your credstick and click here]

[Click here for the Orange Systems matrix site]

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2058.03.07 Seattle RealNews - Bugs Find New Home in Seattle!

The Containment Zone has been lifted and now none of us are safe! Like rats leaving a sinking ship, the Bugs are spreading over the UCAS, and a lot of them have wings. Rumors abound of people with unusual stamina and strength in the Barrens. Many new startup businesses have employees that work doggedly through the week and weekend, like some sort of hive mind. RealNews is always there for you citizen and we present these quick tips for surviving this new invasion.

  1. Citronella candles - buy them! Mosquitos hate them and so do the Bugs.
  2. Bug spray - the Bugs will take the tastiest food first, so slather it on. Think of it as the cologne of freedom.
  3. Insecticide sprayers - keep one near each door into your home and an extra near your bed.
  4. Bug zapper - Bugs can't avoid them, it won't kill them, but it may give you the split second you need to run.
  5. Charms, charms, charms! - your Talismonger is your friend, and our online Talismonger won't ridicule you for being a realist.

[Click here to access the RealNews online store to purchase all of the above neccesities.]

RealNews does not waste time with the petty agendas of the government, we care about you. In response to the invasion, we have set up hotlines for you to call - 4BUGSTOPPERS [4284.7867.7377] (4.99 first minute, 1.99 per additional minute). You can't afford not to call!

We remain vigilant and have performed a thorough scan of our staff. No one was found infected, but one of our staff was formerly connected to the evil Bug puppets, the Universal Brotherhood. He has been summarily dismissed. That is how much we care about the truth, citizen, and that is how dangerous this situation is.

The self-proclaimed "legitimate" journalists are either afraid of the truth or compromised. You won't hear any news from them on the Bug invasion. Stay tuned to RealNews. We'll do all we can to keep you informed and out of the clutches of the Bugs.

RealNews - The truth too raw for corporate puppets to publish.

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2058.02.28 ABS News Brief - Containment Zone Lifted

Good evening, this is William Boldon, and you've been watching President Haeffner's State of the UCAS address here on ABS. Following this news brief, ABS will have an in depth interview with experts pertaining to the President's main issues. By far the most startling news is the lifting of the Chicago Containment Zone. I repeat, the Chicago Containment Zone has been lifted and the population of Chicago is now free of it's two years of what some have called, "Hell on Earth."

Not all citizens are reacting well to the news, though. We go live to Mandy Thomas on the outskirts of Chicago.

[The screen shifts to what looks like a small riot. A few burning cars are in the street and a few gunshots can be heard in the distance. Around the young blonde reporter are angry people, almost all are holding improvised weapons and a few have rifles in hand. One holds a banner, "Keep Our Homes Bug Free!"]

Mandy clasps her hand to her ear and looks to the camera, a somber look on her face. "Thank you Bill. This is Mandy Thomas, reporting to you live from the outskirts of the Containment zone. The recently liberated population is fleeing in waves but rather than welcoming arms, many of those fleeing are encountering citizens that are up in arms. I have John Moore, a civic leader in this area, to comment on the situation."

A middle-aged man with salt and pepper black hair steps into the camera shot. He is dressed in a shirt and tie, with the collar unbuttoned and the tie loose. In his left hand is a bat.

"Mr. Moore, can you explain what is happening here."

The man leans toward the microphone and looks into the camera. "The guards on the wall have abandoned us and the people from the CZ are flooding into our neighborhoods."

Mandy pulls the microphone back, "Yes, Mr. Moore, but these people have lived a Hellish existence for two years. Some say they are the victims of Knight Errant's mistakes. Who can blame them for fleeing a place that holds such pain for them."

The man looks resolved and noticeably calmer than the other citizens around. "Our hearts go out to them Mandy, but Knight Errant has abandoned the wall and we have no way of being sure if the people streaming into the streets where our children play are Bugs or not. We can not and will not be more victims of Knight Errant's mistakes." Mandy starts to pull back the microphone, but John grips it with his free hand and continues, "We're not the bad guys here Mandy. Hordes of desperate, hungry, and often half crazed strangers are trying to stroll through my front yard, walk past my daughter's bedroom window. I am not going to stand by and hope everything works out. We are protecting our homes, plain and simple. No one can deny us our rights."

Mandy looks expectantly at John and he relinquishes his grasp on the microphone. "It is plain to see that the problems of Chicago are far from over. Authorities are overworked trying to deal with both sides of the conflict and prevent injury. Unfortunately, it is not enough." Mandy glances down at her wrist computer. "There are confirmed reports of 57 dead and 212 wounded in civil disturbances around the perimeter of the CZ wall. We will continue to monitor the situation here and notify of any changes in the grim aftershocks of what should have been a joyous event. Back to you Bill."

[The screen switches back to William Boldon in the studio, with Mandy's scene in a small pop up frame]

"Thank you Mandy, and be careful out there."

"Will do Bill."

[The frame switches to a graphic of the UCAS flag with the face of President Haeffner over it]

"The President's address also included a promise to work towards racial harmony and announced a new Magical Security Task Force. Advocates of the Awakened community are already concerned that these two goals may conflict. More on these topics later tonight. I am William Boldon, and this has been an ABS news brief. Good night."

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2058.02.22 Seattle Chronicle - Ares Macrotechnology Attacks Chicago Containment Zone

Chronicle sources report that Ares Macrotechnology and Knight Errant launched an attack on the Chicago Containment zone today. The Public Relations liaisons for both corporations are refusing comment at this time.

Since August 23rd, 2055, when the Chicago Containment Zone was first established, an entire population has been captive with the insect hives trapped within. Until today, Ares was content to man the walls of the CZ and protect the rest of the world from the horrors within. Those trapped in side were dismissed as casualties.

Blake Farthing, a Historian of the Magic at Seattle University, summarized the situation, "The origin of the problem is uncertain. The Universal Brotherhood, a megacorporate charity with cult-like operations, gained popularity and public approval circa 2050.

[Video clip of happy shiny people helping homeless get off the street and get leaned up.]

They masqueraded as saviors of the homeless, when in fact they were using those same homeless as hosts for Insect Spirits. The FBI learned of their practices in 2055, but classified the information. The Universal Brotherhood suffered a rash of what the FBI called terrorist attacks in an attempt to cover their tracks. Chicago was made blatantly aware of what it had tried to ignore and what had been kept secret from it on August 22, 2055, when a botched Knight Errant raid on a hive resulted in the eruption of the . . . Bugs, as the layman refers to them.

[Short amateur video clip of a swarm of Insect Spirits boiling up from a subway station and slaughtering crowds of screaming people.]

The CZ was essentially cut off from the rest of the world. The original Ares stories of a VITAS breakout were shown to be false and the public eventually learned of the Bug presence in the CZ. There is information that suggests that a number of people and ghouls continue to lived on in spite of the Insect presence."

[Photo of a group of destitute humans in tattered clothes, with deep-seated fear in their eyes.]

An eyewitness reported seeing the soldiers flood the sewers of Chicago with what appeared to be raw river water that was somehow magical in nature. "The fluid could have been a medium for a magical weapon of some sort. This might help explain reports that the Insect Spirits that were seen fighting soldiers were in an obviously weakened state . . . my greatest concern is the collateral damage such a weapon might have on other Awakened beings, including Magicians and Ghouls." Said Curtis Olin, a Professor of Applied Magic at the University of Washington.

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2058.02.18 Seattle Chronicle - Sushi House Slaughter!

[Photo of slumped, bloody body of a young Chinese girl missing one arm, propped up against a street sign showing the intersection of Battery Street and 4th Avenue.]

[Photo of six bodies of people slumped over the sill of the shattered front windows of the restaurant.]

[Video clip shows a close up inside the restaurant of crying, bloody victims surrounded by their dead friends and family, sitting a puddle of water, amidst flopping fish gasping for air. English, Japanese, and Chinese voices can be heard in the background lamenting and barking out instructions and questions.]

The gory violence of the underworld war reached new lows today as the death toll of innocents rose to thirty. Shortly after one o'clock today, the sounds of explosions rocked the corner of Battery Street and 4th Avenue when a rocket was fired into the Kyoto Dawn restaurant [click here for the restaurant's matrix site]. Kyoto Dawn is normally known for fine Japanese cuisine in a quiet ambiance [click here for a restaurant review], but today that ambiance was shattered by what investigators believe is another act of violence in the raging mob war.

"Kyoto Dawn is a legitimate business, but it is rumored to be controlled by Yakuza, the Japanese Mafia. At the very least, those types like to hang out there." Commented one anonymous source. Regardless of the business's ties, the list of victims read like a melting pot of humanity [slot your credstick and click here for information on the victims]. The violence that struck these people down definitely took the lives of many innocents.

Governor Schultz and Downtown's Mayor Lindstrom released a joint comment hours after the attack:

We are horrified by the inhumanity of this attack and we will step up the efforts of law enforcement agencies to help curb and prevent a recurrence. The citizens of Seattle deserve better and we intend to give it to them.

The office of Mayor Lindstrom later announced the formation of a task force to address the situation, commenting, "This task force will be charged with evaluating the situation, our resources, and the best solution to end the threat to our citizens. They will work round the clock until this situation is resolved." The committee was drawn from a subgroup of the city council. [click here for bios on the council members]

The staff of the Seattle Chronicle offers it heartfelt condolences to the victims and their families.

[To access information on the victims, please slot your credstick for identification and click here]

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2058.02.16 Seattle Chronicle Sports - Screamers Suffer Arrowing Defeat 0-3

The Lakota Arrows swept the Seattle Screamers tonight in a stunning upset. The hands down favorites, the Seattle Screamers were expected to win by two points. The Arrows set the stage for an evening of surprises by unveiling a new player, Rabbit Boy Jones. RB, as the fans have already nicknamed him, was unstoppable. Experts agree that RB has a serious advantage whether it is magical or cybernetic.

The first quarter saw the Arrows score a goal in the last few seconds of the clock. Both teams came out playing hard and casualties mounted. Within five minutes the Screamers took two fatalities in a hail of fire from the Arrows blaster, Raging Mountain, their star Troll player.

The second quarter saw the Screamers hit the field with a vengeance, trying to even the playing field. They had a lot of close calls, but dead plays due to a lack of offensive action continued to abort close calls on scoring. The Screamers made no attempt to hide the fact that they were out to get Raging Mountain and Rabbit Boy, but Raging Mountain left the game as wounded and Rabbit Boy walked out of repeated hails of gunfire with barely a scratch.

The third quarter started slow as a lot of bench warmers got a chance to play. Both sides played conservatively, taking a breather from the second quarter. The Lakota Arrows still had some of their first string in the game and managed to score a goal late in the quarter, bringing the score to 0-2.

The fourth quarter turned even bloodier as both sides took off the gloves and went for a wipeout, which was the Screamers best chance of snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. The Screamers almost succeeded, incapacitating every last Arrow, but one. That one was none other than their new star, RB. He even managed to score another goal in spite of the Screamers, bringing the total to an embarrassing 0-3.

[Video clip of RB sprinting and leaping to score a goal as the wall behind him is torn into dust and fragments by gunfire]

Sorry Screamers, but it back to training camp for you. The Arrows are the hot new team to watch this season.

[Click here for the Seattle Chronicle Fan Store]

[Click here for the Lakota Arrows matrix site]

[Click here for the Seattle Screamers matrix site]

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2058.01.29 Seattle RealNews - Pornstar Turned Ghoul?

[Bad photo of woman with mottled gray skin covered in heavy clothes that reveal only her upper face.]

Cherry Pi, seen here leaving a renowned plastic surgeon, has not been seen by the general public for weeks. Insider sources report that she has become a Ghoul after work on an illegal Ghoul porn SimSense. Ms. Pi's assistant refused comment.

An inside source had more to say. Apparently Ms. Pi is living out her own Beauty and the Beast fantasy with some Ghoulish Don Juan. You scanned it here first, citizens.

Reports are that Ms. Pi is using the fortune earned in her porn career to fund a private clinic to find a cure for her condition. RealNews wishes her luck in a goal that has eluded teams of researchers around the world.

RealNews - The truth too raw for corporate puppets to publish.

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2058.01.22 Seattle Chronicle - Mob Violence Spills Into the Streets

[Photo of smashed parked cars, widely spattered blood stains, and dead and wounded people lying in the streets. The centerpiece of the photo is a little boy wearing a Seattle Screamers T-shirt, his body riddled with bullets.]

The bloody underworld conflict spilled out of the dens of crime and into the busy streets of Seattle today. A high speed car chase and gun battle raged through the streets of Tacoma, claiming the lives of six innocent bystanders and fifteen more were wounded. Witnesses report that an unmarked van was pursued by a black sports car down the main roads of Tacoma. Weapons fire included automatic weapons and at least one military style assault rifle.

Lone Star response was complicated by GridGuide technical difficulties. "It was crazy, we were gaining on them and suddenly GridGuide started diverting the entire lunchtime crowd into our sector." Reported a source at Lonestar.

The factions involved are believed to be the Mob and the Japanese Mafia. The purpose of the conflict is still unknown at this time. An expert on organized crime had some possible explanations, "It might have been a simple turf war, a botched hit, or simply a show of strength."

Little is certain at this time except for the danger to innocent bystanders posed by this ongoing conflict. Police officials report they are doing all they can. When asked about seeking further aid in this crisis, a source at Lone Star reported, "The FBI is being consulted, but has not been brought in at this time."

[To access information on the victims, please slot your credstick for identification and click here]

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2058.01.19 Seattle RealNews - Vampires Pulling Mayor's Strings

[Photo of middle aged man with a look of shock and surprise, wearing an overcoat with the lapel turned up. An arrows has been added to the photograph pointing to the man's hand which is clasped over a region of his neck; the arrow is accompanied by the question, "Trying to hide something Mr. Mayor?" The photo is a daytime shot in a run down neighborhood.]

Last week's reports of Vampire infestation were dramatically understated. They are far more clever than our offices had feared. The mayor of Puyallup District was seen fleeing the meaner streets of early morning Puyallup. "His dazed and confused response could be attributed to blood loss," said a local Doctor.

The Mayor's office refused to comment on the topic, but the Mayor was not seen again until sundown. We ask you readers, isn't it obvious?

[click here for yes] [click here for no] Responses so far 73% Yes 27% No

[Picture of smiling middle aged man shaking hands with a police officer. Three large oval regions on his neck catch the camera flash just right and are obviously covered in makeup.]

At a fundraiser later that evening, the Mayor was seen wearing obvious makeup to cover up his wounds. Multiple wounds can only mean multiple masters. This city's government is already heavily influenced by the underworld, and now it stands in danger of being influenced by the true underworld.

Our lawyers will not allow us to state whether or not we had vampiric infiltrators here at RealNews. However, a routine assessment of employees after last week's Vampire coverage resulted in the laying off of a few of our night crew. You jack the chip, citizen.

Evil forces are at work, fellow citizens. RealNews will keep fighting to give you the information you need to survive.

RealNews - The truth too raw for corporate puppets to publish.

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2058.01.12 Seattle RealNews - Vampire City!

[Photograph of two men talking in an alley with a third man sprawled at their feet. The men are looking around suspiciously and one seems to have fangs. Characters with Perception 4 or higher suspect the image is doctored.]

Exclusive, shocking information has been obtained that shows that a massive cabal of vampires are planning to take over Seattle. There are various organized crypts scattered about the city, housing dozens of the bloodsucking fiends. Law enforcement corporations refuse to comment officially, but sources at RealNews have confirmed these rumors.

What about the Bugs you say? We have reason to believe that the Bugs are just an elaborate distraction staged by the Vampires through diabolical blood magic. Madame Rotina, a local psychic and expert on Awakened Phenomena confirmed the likelihood of these events. "Vampires are quite capable of such feats. Their power only grows when they become Children of the Night. There are ways to protect yourself, but in these dangerous times that we are entering, the good people of Seattle need to be sure they are getting expert advice. There are many charlatans out there ready to take advantage."

Current information places the headquarters of the Vampires in Puyallup. Our readers are advised to travel through that district only during the day and to keep a good supply of holy water on hand. The office of the Puyallup Mayor refused comment on the following photo, showing one of their aides meeting with one of the Vampires.

[Photograph of a young woman in business casual clothes talking to a figure shrouded in the shadows of an alley.]

One of our sources has suggested a possible link between this and the recent night time slaying of "Madman" Finnigan in Redmond. The fire in the van conveniently left none of the tell tale signs of Vampiric feeding. Lt. Maynard, the Lonestar detective on the case, commented, "We have no proof of Awakened agents in this case one way or the other."

RealNews - The truth too raw for corporate puppets to publish.

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2058.01.11 Seattle Chronicle - Gangster "Madman" Finnigan Slain!

Redmond District, Seattle - An anonymous tip led investigators to the scene of a grisly slaying in an abandoned factory in the Redmond district. Investigators at the scene have kept many of the details secret, but they have confirmed that one of the victims is "Madman" Finnigan, a cousin of the alleged Finnigan Crime Family. "It's pretty messy in there, but from preliminary forensics reports, the whole lot of them look as though they were subdued and then executed," commented Lieutenant Frank Maynard of Lonestar. Investigations have been hampered by a lack of evidence. The van in which the bodies were found appears to have been burned.

"We have some leads and we will give them the attention they deserve. If anyone has any tips, they should call our toll free hotline, LTG LONESTARTIPS[5663.7827.8477]." Lt. Maynard refused to comment on the possible connections between this violent execution and its relation to the rumors of a mob war being waged in the streets of Seattle. Four other men were also found slain, the driver and three other men presumed to be passengers inside the van. Lt. Maynard refused to comment on the possible connection between this slaying and the rumors of a failed assassination of Rowena O'Malley last Tuesday.

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2058.01.07 Seattle Chronicle - Mob War Escalates

Tacoma District, Seattle - Violence erupted in the streets of Tacoma in early morning hours today as alleged Mafia and Yakuza soldiers engaged in a running gun fight that left six bystanders dead and 24 wounded. An explosion just before dawn raged through a penthouse apartment, claiming the lives of alleged Mafia lieutenants as well as their three house staff.

This violence was predicted in an anonymous commentary by a Lonestar agent present at the funeral of Don O'Malley last Friday. Lonestar has unveiled new plans to beef up their organized crime unit. All of us at the Seattle Chronicle hope that it is not too little too late.

[To access information about the victims, please slot your credstick now and click here]

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2058.01.04 Seattle Chronicle - Funeral Held For Don James O'Malley

Seattle District, Seattle - A lavish funeral was held today for James O'Malley, alleged Don of the O'Malley crime family. "The service's attendees were a literal who's who of the underworld." Commented a Lonestar special investigator. "Even the head of the Yakuza [Japanese Mafia], Hanzo Shotozumi, was in attendance." It was a somber day of respect, marred only by a few instances of heated discussions between some of the groups assembled.

Mourners described a different James O'Malley than Seattle has come to know. They spoke of a charitable man that worked tirelessly for his family. Many referred to his efforts to establish soup kitchens for the homeless and halfway houses to help ex-convicts in their transition back into normal society.

"Whatever his hobbies may have been, Don O'Malley has a lot of blood on his hands. He was not the jolly old Irish man these people spoke of. His death is a sad day for Seattle though, as the underworld conflict will spill out onto the streets and a lot of innocent people will die before the Law Enforcement agencies respond appropriately."

James O'Malley is survived by his daughter Rowena O'Malley. Experts speculate that she will make a bid to fill her father's position in the underworld hierarchy.

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