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The Current Team

Hound - Human Adept Bounty Hunter, Pistoleer; Subculture(s) - Tribal, Street.

Piker - Troll Adept Melee Badass; Subculture(s) - Street, Underworld (Mafia).

Ajax - Elf Gargoyle Shaman; Subculture(s) - Corporate.

Kuma - Human Ex-Yakuza Enforcer; Subculture(s) - Street, Underworld (Yakuza).

Past Runners

Wild Child - Human Ex-Goganger Technophile Jack-of-all-Trades; Subculture(s) - Street, Gangs

Reason for departure: Deceased 08JAN2057. Turned into hamburger when trapped in the cab of a truck along with two fragmentation grenades.