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There are some significant errors in the Archetypes from the main rule book. Let's take them one at a time through the standard character generation process, the "Priority system". Their stats are on pp. 65-80 of the main book, and their gear are detailed on pp. 326-329 of the main book.

I have also tweaked the skills to fulfill the minimum requirements of my campaign, so that people can take an archetype of the shelf, without modification, and play right away! I will note the changes I made. Those with an asterisk (*) are ones that I either customized heavily or created from scratch.


The Adept (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR65]

Adept Powers

Improved Strength 1 (cost 1 because it raises past 6 to 7)
Improved Unarmed Combat 2 (cost 1)
Increased Reflexes 1 (cost 2)
Killing Hands - M (cost 1)
Pain Resistance 3 (cost 1.5)

That's 6.5 Power Points!

I suspect that this error is because of the typo in the first printing(s) about Improved Attributes [page 169, second paragraph of Improved Physical Attributes description]. It used to read that you paid 1 point only if you exceeded the Racial Maximums, e.g. 9 for Humans. However, the correct statement is if you exceed the Racial Modified Limit, which is 6 for Humans.

Clearly, we have to drop 0.5 power points. It's really up to you where to drop it if you take this archetype. I recommend dropping one level of Improved Unarmed Combat, because:

  • Having a Strength rating of 7 is very advantageous in unarmed combat.
  • Increased Reflexes is essential
  • Killing Hands is a lot less useful if taken at Light damage level
  • Pain Resistance 3 is more useful than 1 because it is enough to ignore a Medium wound in both the physical and stun damage tracks. That is very handy.
  • It turns out that this is the "official" fix


If you give him all of the gear listed in the sample character sheet [pg. 326, main book], he is a little over 2k in the red. The quick and easy fix for this is to simply reduce his Lifestyle purchase from 5 months to 2 months. This leaves him with 560 nuyen (remember that's Resources, not cash; if you turn it into cash, take 10%).


  • Too many power points - Lower Improved Unarmed Combat to 1
  • Too much gear - Reduce Low Lifestyle to 2 months

Changes for my campaign

  • Replaced Sculpture 3 with Area Knowledge: (pick an area/district/town) 3.
  • Bought a handset cell phone.

Combat Decker (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR66]


  • Programs - Camo is not a program, I assumed they meant Cloak.
  • Lots of nuyen leftover - after I buy everything listed, he has 14.3 knuyen left (remember that's Resources, not cash; if you turn it into cash, take 10%).

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped 20th Century Comic Books 4 and Seedy Ork Bars 4.
  • Added Vocation: Combat Decker 4
  • Added Area Knowledge: (pick an area/district/town) 4.
  • Bought a wrist phone with flip-up screen.

Combat Mage (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR67]


  • Nuyen leftover - after I buy everything listed, he has 6.45 knuyen left, so I bought more stuff.
    • I bought another Contact - Magical Fixer
    • I also bought a Form-Fitting shirt (Troll) and a third clip of ammo for the SMG.

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Triad Politics 2
  • Reduced Seattle Ork Underground to 3.
  • Added Vocation: Combat Mage 3
  • Clarified Redmond Barrens 4 as AK: Redmond Barrens 4
  • Bought a handset cell phone.

Suggestion - his spells are a little weak in Force. You might consider dropping one to raise the others or buy a few fetishes to raise the Lightning Bolt, Mana Bolt, and Stunbolt to 4. Of course, if you only expect to be dropping ganger thugs, these spells are probably more than adequate.

General Commentary

  • Trolls are one of the most expensive races, because you get huge bonuses that skew the mechanics a little. It's *much* harder to drop a Troll with a single hit (well, maybe not magic). They used to have a -2 to Willpower that made them easy targets for a Manabolt, but that went away in 3rd ed. I am of the party that thinks that -2 was a reasonable penalty, and it definitely made Troll Magicians are rarety, but rules change. ;)
  • The Combat Mage as written is a little min/maxed on attributes. It fully exploits the huge Str and Bod bonuses, slighting his Str and Bod to give him strong mental attributes. So, you end up with a physically tough Mage. A very solid character, but boy does he stand out.
  • The downside? Well, there are now two great reasons to focus fire on your character. He's a Mage *and* a Troll. ;)
  • Rolling 7 Body dice will make you hard to kill though, and one of the mechanical niceties of running a combat mage is that if you are using magic to attack, you can use all of that precious combat pool to defend. A human can't even start that tough without cyberware or magic to enhance him.
  • And the Combat Mage archetype is a serious "Fire & Brimstone" kinda guy. He can hurt a lot of people or things. Actually, I promised myself that when I eventually run that archetype, I would call him "Brimstone".
  • Trolls have a -2 to Cha, but Magicians tend to max out their Cha. This means you have an Cha 4 instead of 6; that means a few things
    • The Combat Mage will not be as strong at summoning high-level Elementals
    • He can only have 4 on call at any one time
    • In Astral Projection, you are a little weaker, as Int is your Strength
  • Trolls have a -2 to Int, but Magicians tend to max out their Int. This means you have an Int 4 instead of 6; that means a few things
    • One less die in his spell pool, 5 instead of 6; not big, but you might miss it
    • One less die in his combat pool, 8 instead of 7; not big, but you might miss it
    • Perception tests are a little tougher
    • In Astral Projection, you are a little slower, as Int is your Quickness
  • Sorcery (Spellcasting) 5(7) means:
    • You will be better than most at casting spells
    • As with any specialization, you sacrifice a die for the other uses of Sorcery - Astral Combat, Spell Defense, and Dispelling
    • Basically, it's an offensive posture, which makes a lot of sense
    • That extra die will come in handy if you want to shrink the radius of your area effect spells (costs a die per meter, remember?), so you can rain down precision destruction
  • A pure Magician with a higher Charisma and Intelligence might be a problem, but that's why you have an SMG and a Sword. ;)
  • I would be less eager to try Astral Projection playing this archetype, lest some Cha 8 Elf Mage embarass me by slapping my Astral form around. However, it's not like he has to be deathly afraid of it.
  • Oh, and you have natural Thermographic Vision, which is generally the best vision to have; and did mention he's really tough?
  • Oh, and a pretty high cool factor, that's for sure
  • Of course, relative to a Troll Ganger, you're still a bit of a geek ;)


Combat Mage 2 - Human, Corporate (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR67]

While the Troll Combat Mage came up through the mean streets, this one trained and refined his skills. He is a martial magician, the guy they call when magic problems arise and when a team needs magic support. He has lived well on the corporate teat, and even has some good gear and a wiz gewgaw (Sustaining Focus for Increased Reflexes), but he has not had time to build up his libraries since leaving the corp; it's time to strike it rich in the shadows.


  • A - Magic
  • B - Attributes
  • C - Resources
  • D - Skills
  • E - Race

General Commentary

  • This guy was built to be a solid combat character, with an emphasis on magic
  • He has had good self-defense training, but he's not all that strong, hence the shock gloves
  • His physical regimen makes him less fragile than many Magicians, though he's only a little tougher than the average person
  • He is a decent shot with an SMG, for the times when Magic does isn't doing the trick, e.g. a high background count or when he's facing a scrawny Magician that keeps stopping his spells cold
  • He knows a lot about magic, magic threats, security, and the corporate world
  • He used up his last Elemental, but has materials to summon a new one (although he'll need to rent a library to do so)
  • He has some good tactical gear - IR/Low-light shades (goggles are cool enough), micro-transceiver (with encryption), solid armor, and an IR smoke grenade when things get a little too hot
  • His spells are focused, but he can stun a large group, kill individuals, and even do a decent job of healing
  • Of course, his sustaining spell focus for Increased Reflexes means he will be moving faster than most of his opponents, although sammies will still run circles around him
  • He's not a bad talker either, being well-versed in corporate lingo and, when that doesn't work, he's quite capable of scaring people into doing what he wants
  • He has a strong set of contacts, and he's developed a strong rapport with his Talismonger (buddy), which is always nice for a Magician


Covert Ops Specialist (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR68]


  • For some strange reason, they forgot to charge her double the cost for Alphaware Retinal Duplication. This means that they have the cost of her cyberware falling 125k short! The simplest fix is to make all of the eye enhancements normal grade. This recovers extra money and allows one to make the rest of the cyberware Alphaware, buy all of the listed contacts and equipment, and still have about 25 knuyen left and 3.10 Essence. I used that to buy a Rating 4 Standard Credstick (Fake ID), Bug Scanner 8, and raised the Laser Microphone to Rating 6.
  • I also gave her Smartlink 2 as I think it makes sense for the PC and with her tiny guns she will need it!
  • I bought her an AZ-150 Stun Baton instead of the basic model, given that it is easier to conceal.

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Psychology 4. While this could be cool, the other skills seemed to essential to the concept.
  • Dropped Elven Wines 1 and Modern Jazz 1. Level 1 skills are generally pointless anyway.
  • Added Vocation: Covert Ops 3
  • Added Area Knowledge: (pick an area/district/town) 3.
  • Note: I thought fluent Japanese (4) and good English (4) was important for her, but you could reduce one or both to regain a couple of Knowledge skill points since she used 2 bump up Languages.

Drone Rigger (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR69]


  • The listed Essence is too low. Even before the correction for the Commlink 5 package deal Essence reduction (see below), the Essence listed is a little too low. After the package deal, it comes out to 1.62 by my calculations.


  • Commlink 5 - because the character has an internal radio, they can get a package deal that reduces the essence cost of the Commlink by half [pg. 297, main book]
  • They forgot to apply Dwarf-modification to a lot of gear. He was already in the red, but this pushed him farther into the red. See my clarifications on Racial Modification.
  • Reduced lifestyles to 1 Middle Lifestyle at 3 months to balance the budget. He was a little over 10k in the red! Reducing the lifestyles brings him to 4,855 nuyen in the black (remember that's Resources, not cash; if you turn it into cash, take 10%).

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Mafia Finances 4 (seemed incongruous).
  • Reduced Pirate Trid Broadcasters to 3.
  • Added Vocation: Drone Rigger 3
  • Added Area Knowledge: (pick an area/district/town) 3.
  • Bought an earpiece cell phone.

The Face (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR70]


  • She had way too many contacts for my campaign (Limit of Charisma x 2) and some real lacking in her gear, so I made some changes.
  • I dropped the "Other 10 Contacts", 1 month of Luxury Lifestyle
  • I upgraded the DocWagon contract to Super Platinum
  • I added a Triad Cho Hai Buddy to round out her Underworld connections.
  • Changed her Lifestyles to 9 months of High and 9 months of Low.
  • I gave her two Rating 6 Fake IDs, one standard and one Platinum (she has the fake retina to pull it off)
  • I gave here a Maglock Passkey [4].

Changes for my campaign

  • I did not specialize her Unarmed Combat because generic styles are not adequately limiting to warrant a bump in dice.
  • Dropped Modern Art 4 and Esoteric Trivia 4. I feel both would be covered by Vocation: Face and Seattle High Society
  • Added Vocation: Face 4, Area Knowledge: Downtown Seattle 4
  • Way too many contacts (see above)!

The Investigator (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR71]


  • Not enough points for all languages, so I dropped Spanish to 2.
    Note: it appears that the programmer for the NSRCG dropped Underworld Politics from 4 to 3 to account for this.


  • ~1.3 knuyen nuyen leftover (remember that's Resources, not cash; if you turn it into cash, take 10%).

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Medicine 4; what he needs should be covered by Forensics
  • Dropped Police Procedures 4; Vocation: Investigator should cover what he needs from this.
  • Added Vocation: Investigator 4
  • Added Area Knowledge: Downtown Seattle 4.

The Mercenary (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR72]


  • Upgraded to the better gear available with Cannon Companion, e.g. Colt M22A2 with underbarrel GL, Savalette Guardian Pistol

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Mercenary Groups 4 and Mercenary Hot Spots 4.
  • Added Vocation: Mercenary 4
  • Added Area Knowledge: (pick an area/district/town) 4.
  • Bought a wrist phone with flip-up screen.


The Mercenary 1H, Human Variant (NSRCG File; HTML) [Custom]

This is a human variation on the The Mercenary theme. I decided to revise the cyber a little and upgrade this guy more to make up for his lacking (compared to a Troll).

Cyber: I picked up cyber eyes, added thermo, protective covers, smartlink 2, and a rangefinder. So he is more effective with a GL. I dropped the vision mag, since the SL2 and Rangefinder have their own benefits. I kept the Ti bone lacing, muscle replacement 2, and reduced the Boosted 2 to standard grade. With the extra money and the sacrifice of that last point of Essence, I bought him Dermal Plating 1, hearing Amplification, and Damper.

Skills: When I dropped Race to Human, I used that to raise skills to C, and used the extra 4 points to buy Demolitions(Plastic Explosives) 3/5. He is smarter than his Troll analog, so he had more Knowledge skill points to throw around. I used that to raise his level 4 KS's to level 5, and added Military Theory 5. He had more language points, so I gave him Russian 4, feel free to pick a more appropriate language for your concept.

Gear: Of course, there was more nuyen eaten up by SL2 on his guns. I dropped the Savalette and replaced it with an Ares Predator III (SL2-equipped). I also added a Great Dragon ATGM launcher & missile, some plastic explosives, some stim patches, and some detonators. I only bought him one trauma patch, but that seems more than enough for a starting PC that is not a medic.

Overall, I think it is a solid character. He is deadly accurate with his GL and he has enough strength to carry a good chunk of his gear without fatigue (assuming you are using the encumbrance rules).


The Mercenary 1E - Elf Variant (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR72]

This was an Elf variant I made at the request of a player. This is not a huge change, since Elf and Troll cost the same. Really, just tweaking the attibutes a bit.

Changes from "The Mercenary" above

  • Changed out all Troll-modified gear to normal
  • Given the different attibute bonuses, I traded a little toughness for smarts and speed; whaddya expect when you change a Troll concept to an Elf concept?
  • Replaced form-fitting shirt with form-fitting half-body suit (i.e., a smidgen more armor)
  • Swapped out a Trauma Patch for some Stim Patches
  • Added some more knowledge skills (higher Intelligence)
  • Added Sperethiel with extra language points

Ninja [Custom]

Human, Cyber Ninja (NSRCG File; HTML)
Dwarf, Cyber Ninja (NSRCG File; HTML)
Ork, Cyber Ninja (NSRCG File; HTML)
Human, Adept Ninja (NSRCG File; HTML)

Who doesn't want to play a Ninja sometime? Well, I created two flavors of the same ninja. They have the exact same skill set and similar attributes. The big difference is that the cyber ninja had a lot more money to spread around, so he has a nice selection of armor (at least the Ork does) and a nicer place to live. The Adept Ninja is living in his safehouse, waiting for the next job, and has only one flash-pak...poor ninja.

Design parameters

  • The Cyber Ninja has a false fingertip with an injector for storing a toxin (I did not buy that as I feel that should be a personal choice made by the player).
  • He's stealthy first and foremost, which is why he has an undetectable holdout pistol with Hi-C rounds.
  • He has a number of covert weapons, to include a dart pistol with various nasty drugs/poisons.
  • He has Whips, so he can get down old school ninja style with his kusari gama
  • He is of course great at unarmed combat, but he has a shock glove in case his strength is not cutting it.
  • All of his weapons have a Concealability of 8+ (after holsters); heck , his hold out pistol (and ammo) won't even set off a MAD!
  • The Cyber Ninja's implants are either legal (eyes and ears) or nigh undetectable to scans (Boosted Reflexes and lots of Bioware); he doesn't even have smart link!
  • He doesn't have explosives and big guns, but he has the obligatory flash-pak.
  • He knows security, magic, and how to kill things quietly in a number of ways. What a guy.
  • And fast? The Cyber Ninja has 11+3d6 Initiative and 10 Combat Pool (Ork 10+3d6 and 9)! The Adept Ninja has 10+3d6 and 8, respectively.
  • Of course, the Cyber Ninja doesn't have the uber cool Traceless Walk nor will his capabilities change dramatically in game, whereas the Adept Ninja is just getting started.
  • Contacts: Fixer, Yakuza Lieutenant (plus Street Doc Buddy for Dwarf, Contact for the Ork).
  • For the Dwarf Cyber Ninja, who ended up quite cool, I took the eye modifications as retinal modifications since he has natural thermo, and I saved enough money to buy a Street Doc buddy!
  • For the Ork Cyber Ninja, I had to make concessions, because he only has Intelligence 5. I dropped Police Procedures and lowered Magic (Kno) and Philosophy (Kno) by one each to keep the languages accent free. Of course, he is tougher and stronger. I kept his natural Low-Light and just bought retinal modifications He still saved enough money to buy a Street Doc Contact and 3 extra months of Low Lifestyle for his safehouse.


  • I left enough Bio Index so that you could later buy a Chemical Gland for some sort of toxin breath (Availability too high for character creation). I recommend Gamma-Scopolamine.
  • I would recommend picking up any of the following ninja-friendly pistols that could not be purchased during character creation: SA Puzzler Light Pistol, WW Infiltrator Heavy Pistol, Yamaha Pulsar Taser, Raecor Sting Holdout Pistol; and some Hi-C ammo as appropriate.
  • For either, Smart Shades II and upgrading all of the pistols might be nice, but that was too pricey during creation.
  • I recommend picking up some various armor types for different environments ASAP (Vashon Actioneer line, Rapid Transit line Heavy Jumpsuit w/ restraint melters, and armored camo). Easier to blend in that way.

Pistoleer Adept

Sorcerer (NSRCG File; HTML)

The basic premise - This guy gets by with his magical skills and some choice tools of man. No cyber, he doesn't need or want it. The idea was something of Val Kilmer's memorable and remarkable interpretation of Doc Halliday in the movie Tombstone...

Johnny Ringo (Michael Bien): "Don't any of you have the guts to play for blood?"
Doc Halliday (Val Kilmer): "I'm your Huckleberry. That's just my game!"


  • He's fast and usually gets the drop on people (Increased Reflexes 2). If he doesn't, then I suppose he'll just have to use his nine combat dice to dodge before he shoots them.
  • He has learned to read people to figure out who's planning to shoot him and when they plan to draw (Empathic Sense).
  • He can shoot the wings off a mosquito at night (Improved ability Pistol 2, Thermo, and Low-light).
  • Opponents that try to tilt the tables in their favor by reflecting a glare in his eyes or fighting with the sun at their backs will be disappointed (Flare Comp), and
  • Don't expect to sneak up on him just because guns are blazing or its raining cats and dogs (Sound Filter 5).
  • He's been shot and he can suck it up (Pain Resistance 1).
  • I had to give him a little culture, so I bought Literature 4, Music 4, and Latin 4.
  • I bought him a little Biotech 3 and Medicine 4.
  • Of course, he has Gambling Card Games 6.
  • I realize he does not have Pistols B/R; he has a gunsmith kit mostly for maintenance and emergencies.
  • He is equipped with a desperado outfit - Longcoat and Leathers (+ Form-fitting)
  • He also has a high quality armored suit - Vashon Island Actioneer set with Longcoat (+ Form-fitting)
  • Of course, he has a black western hat.


Pistoleer Sorcerer

Sorcerer (NSRCG File; HTML)

The basic idea is this - It's all good and well to take the (Awakened) moral high ground and poo-poo cyberware completely, but being able to blow someone away with a silenced pistol can be very handy, especially if you are outmatched by an opposing Magician. Smartlink and one more Initiative die go a long way and you can get some both (and more) for a single point of Essence. Besides Magicians can always use a boost in their reflexes. Note: this character's magic is not intended to affect his shooting ability in any way. That's what the cyber is for.


  • I bought a Sorcery Library for the Sorcerer. If you make him a Shamanic Sorcerer, then you have 36k to spend on other things. I would recommend a Buddy or two and perhaps a Shamanic Lodge.
  • His skills are intended to reflect someone that does freelance work on the streets, to include the Yakuza and Mafia.
  • A variety of pistols, all with concealable quickdraw holsters and silencers, where appropriate.
  • A variety of spells
    • Armor needs no explanation, although a spell sustaining focus for this would be a good future investment
    • Clairvoyance because being able to see past walls is handy
    • Detect Enemies to avoid ambushes and ID snipers
    • Improved Invisibility to keep his options open
    • Manabolt to drop Trolls, spirits, and heavily armored guards
    • Physical Barrier to help deal with vehicles and/or drones, and it's a good emergency measure if things are going badly for you, since you can cast your Manabolt through it.
    • Treat to insure job security
  • Geasa? He does have a point of Magic missing due to cyber. I leave it up to you to decide if you want to give him a Geasa to offset that. Of course, you have to decide at character creation. Honestly, it probably won't hurt him that much, since I bought all of this spells at Force 5 and he's not going to go frolicking in Astral Space looking for trouble. Of course, his spell pool is one less because of it.


Sprawl Ganger (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR73]


  • Can't afford English (Cityspeak) 3 (5), so I added English (Cityspeak) 2 (4) and Spanish 1.
    Note: it appears the NSRCG programmer simply let the Sprawl Ganger go over on his points.
  • I changed Prostitution Rings to Prostitution Rackets (page 90) as it might be more useful.
  • I changed BTL Dealers to BTL Production (page 90) as it might be more useful.


  • Not enough money. I dropped the Buddy Technician because it just didn't make a lot of sense and he absolutely could not afford it.
  • They forgot to apply Troll-modification to his Armor Vest. See my clarifications on Racial Modification.
  • Anyway, after all was said and done, there was ~2.5 knuyen left, so instead of the Squatter Lifestyle, I bought him 2 months of Low Lifestyle. I figure anyone that big and scary probably can secure Low Lifestyle.
  • ~0.5 knuyen left (remember that's Resources, not cash; if you turn it into cash, take 10%)

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Cheap Synthahol Guzzling 3 (cutesy waste of points; like he needs a skill for this)
  • Dropped Gang Turf 3 (he can fall back on Vocation Ganger in a pinch)
  • Added Vocation: Ganger 3
  • Added Area Knowledge: (pick an area) 3
  • Bought a handset cell phone.

Street Mage (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR74]

100% correct!

Note: the 365 nuyen comes from a remaining 3,650 nuyen left in Resources. Feel free to buy more gear with that rather than turning it into cash.

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Magic Groups 3; covered adequately by Vocation & Magic
  • Dropped Magical Threats 4; covered adequately by Vocation & Magic
  • Added Vocation: Street Mage 4
  • Added Area Knowledge: (pick an area) 3
  • Bought a wrist phone w/ flip-up screen.

Street Samurai (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR75]


  • The 220 nuyen extra reflected on pg. 328 is not accurate.
  • I dropped the Ares Predator with SL and bought him an Ares Predator 2.
  • I also bought him more realistic amounts of ammo, a Savior Medkit, Micr-Transceiver 6 (instead of 5), and probably some other small stuff. Check the files.

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Megacorporate Security 4
  • Reduced Small Unit Tactics to 4
  • Reduced Shadowrunner Haunts to 3
  • Added Vocation: Street Samurai 4
  • Added Area Knowledge: (pick an area) 3

The Street Samurai Mk. II (NSRCG File; HTML) [Custom]
Dwarf variant (NSRCG File; HTML)

Let's be honest, the cyber arms sound a lot cooler than they end being. With the advent of Man & Machine, they got even worse. So I decided to make a new Street Samurai, with the goal of meeting or exceeding everything the book archetype had. I think I succeeded. Follow the links above and judge for yourself.

The Dwarf variant is pretty wiz! I was able to make him faster and give him Willpower 7, so he's not so frail when a Mage starts tossing Mana spells.

Street Shaman (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR76]

100% correct! But that didn't stop me from mucking about with her.

Changes for my campaign

  • Replaced Toxic Hazards and Ecology(Sewers) with AK: Seattle Sewers 4
  • Added Vocation: Street Shaman 4
  • Bought a handset cell phone.
  • Dropped some regular ammo to buy some flechette (great against a swarm of Devil Rats)

Tech-Wiz (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR77]


  • They forgot to apply Dwarf-modification to a lot of gear. See my clarifications on Racial Modification.
  • They must have had the computer wrong. A 500 Mp pocket computer was way to expensive, so I bought him a 50 Mp pocket computer.
  • I also picked up some flechette rounds for the room sweeper and some stim patches (a tech guy without stim patches?!)

Changes for my campaign

  • Change Engineering 4 to Vocation: Tech Wiz 4 (should be more useful, actually)
  • Changed Matrix Topography 4 to AK: Seattle Matrix 4 (he doesn't get out much)

Tribal Shaman (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR78]


  • I decided to go ahead and give her a bunch of fetish-limited spells. As is, she had a lot of Force 4 spells, and I love the idea of a shaman littered with gewgaws. Feel free to change this as you see fit if you are tweaking this character. I did not tie Influence to a fetish, as I figured that should be reserved for desperate measures, e.g. getting out of jail.


  • They did not account for Dwarf-modification on a lot of gear, so she fell a little short on money. A lodge is nice, but that is the biggest chunk of her pitiful 5k Resources. So, I dropped it.
  • Although the leathers give her solid style points, I bought a Secure Longcoat to go over it (her Quickness is adequate and it's not a goofy layering configuration).
  • She seems an outdoors type, so I added rope and gloves.
  • Since she lives on the streets of Seattle, I gave her a Chemsuit [1] for the really "hard" rain.

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Tribal Politics 4
  • Dropped Cooking 4
  • Added Vocation: Tribal Shaman 4
  • Added Area Knowledge: Salish-Shidhe 4
  • Bought a wrist phone w/ flip-up screen

Vehicle Rigger (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR79]


  • He ended up with 1 leftover point of Knowledge skills, so I bumped his Engineering up to 5.
    Note: it appears the NSRCG programmer simply left the one point unspent.
  • I made his Amerindian Language Salish instead of Sioux, since Salish-Shidhe surrounds Seattle.


  • I gave his Shotgun Gas Vent IV.
  • Note that none of the vehicles are Dwarf-modified. So, they can only be driven via rigging without the +3 penalty he would otherwise incur from trying to use standard-sized controls. This character is consistent with my clarifications on Racial Modification.
  • The Hughes Helicopter Availability is 13, which exceeds the normal 8 starting Availability. If it's good enough for FASA, it's good enough for me. Besides, I don't want to deprive a 1 million nuyen rigger of a helicopter (they are all high Availability).
  • The Northrup Wasp PRC - 42B:
    • much cheaper as of Rigger 3, so more money to spend
    • micro-turret can only hold 1 weapon value (SMG, Microwave Designator, or Assault Rifle); luckily FASA caught this in their Errata and changed it to an AK-97.
  • The Gaz-Niki Snooper is more expensive in Rigger 3.
  • I bought him DocWagon Platinum
  • Added Buddy Armorer
  • Added Buddy Mechanic
  • Added Buddy Rigger
  • Added Micro-Transceiver [6] with subvocal mic
  • Added 2 Stim [3] and 1 Stim [6]
  • Added Form-fitting Half-body suit
  • I also gave him a Defiance T-250 with some ammo, in case he wants to be more covert

Changes for my campaign

  • Dropped Military Winged Aircraft 3
  • Reduced Gang ID (go-gangs) to 2(4)
  • Reduced Engineering to 4
  • Reduced Smuggler Havens to 4
  • Reduced Smuggler Routes to 4
  • Added Vocation: Vehicle Rigger 4
  • Added Area Knowledge: Greater Seattle 4
  • Bought a wrist phone w/ flip-up screen

Weapons Specialist (NSRCG File; HTML) [SR80]


  • I stuck with smartlink for her as it's so common.
  • I bought a better pistol and threw a silencer on it; this prevented me from buying a second month of Lifestyle.

Changes for my campaign

  • Replaced Gunsmithing 5 and Miltech Manufacturers 3 with Vocation: Armorer 5
  • Added Area Knowledge: (pick area) 3