Miniatures and Modelling


These are very multifaceted hobbies that tend to overlap quite a bit.

"Minis" is a truncation of the word miniatures, and is the term used in the hobby of miniature painting.  The hobby consists of buying lead, lead substitute (e.g. Rallidium from Ral Partha), or plastic miniature figures, generally 25-28 mm scale.  The minis are then cleared of  unwanted bits (mold lines and excess material leftover from the casting process) with a knife and files, cleansed, and primed.  Then comes the fun part - painting them.  This usually consists of straightforward painting, washes, and/or drybrushing.

"Modelling", the hobby, not the career, is generally doing the same thing with models instead of miniatures. It also tends to include the fabrication of terrain for use in dioramas or battles involving the miniatures. When I refer to modelling, I am generally talking about the physical assembly and modification of models and miniatures alike, as well as the manufacture of terrain, buildings, etc. for use in role playing games and miniatures war games.


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