Nice Extras 

Here are some cool things that don't quite fall under other topics.


Battlefield Periscope

A cool for seeing LOS from the miniature's perspective without knocking things over leaning into the battlefield.

Buying supplies for this is pretty straightforward. The trickiest part is the mirror. Don't waste your time and energy trying to find 2" x 3" mirrors that are already made. I went down to Home Depot (a local DIY warehouse store) and bought a single 12" x 12" pane of mirror for a whopping $2. Ideally, a glass store would be the place to get it cut into pieces. You can also try a hardware store. I ended up at a framing store, under the assumption that they have to make prety cuts of glass for their picture frames and I was right. They happily chopped it up into 24 pieces of 2" x 3"; periscopes all around!

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