Ken Kaze

Awakened Investigator

A Character for Shadowrun (tm)
As you read the following page, keep in mind that I also have pages containing definitions of game terms and names of the people and places Ken Kaze knows.

The Shadows are run
No bard follows our hero
He sings his own song

Synopses of Runs (from Ken's Perspective)

  • Run 1 - DEM Robotics Datasteal
    • Other Runners: Case, Chip, Disco Kid, Suture, Tic-Toc
    • Hired by: Trushang
    • Overview: Replaced painters, snuck in, stole data, security found us, we fought our way out without losing anyone.
    • Success: Primary and Secondary objective achieved; attracted more attention that desired.
    • Follow-up: shadow phone, wrap up meeting, establishing Armorer contact
  • Run 2 - Courier Mission for Arthur Vogel
    • Other Runners: Case
    • Hired by: Benson Watts & Arthur Vogel
    • Overview: Given a package to deliver.  Fought and defeated eco-terrorist Tribals that tried to capture us.  Helped recipient of package escape Lonestar response team.
    • Successs:  Package delivered.
    • Complications: We were bugged, traced, and followed.  Uncertain who was leaking the info and why.  Suspicious that gold Doc-Wagon bands provided by Watts & Vogel were source, but not sure of that and uncertain if they knew about it.
    • Follow-up: Note sent to Vogel, verified Benson Watts's phone line and address.
  • [Still being updated] Run 3 - Recovery and redirect of researcher, Louis Salvert Bernhart, and a sample case
    • Other runners: Disco Kid, Suture, Tik-Tok
    • Hired by: Roger Wu
    • Overview: researcher fled facility during an attack.  We were hired by third party to intercept him and a sample case he had taken with him.  We intercepted him successfully and convinced him to give us the package.  Both were turned over to our employer.
    • Success: All objectives completed, one enemy shadowrunner critically injured, but stabilized.  Suture was badly injured but recovered without difficulty.
    • Team karma: one spent by the NPC, Disco Kid, while in the Matrix.  The other was spent by Suture to avoid taking Deadly damage from an Ork Sammy's SMG burst, and he would have taken Deadly damage otherwise.