Ken Kaze

Awakened Investigator

A Character for Shadowrun (tm)
As you read the following page, keep in mind that I also have pages containing definitions of game terms and names of the people and places Ken Kaze knows.

From the streets he came
Awakened  then enlightened
To streets he returns

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Creating Ken Kaze (ken 'käd-ze)


Basic Concept

The basic concept was a magician with reflexes.  After much deliberation, I looked over the new Magician Adept rules.  The mechanic seems vastly improved, simpler, and more viable than in the last edition of SR, so I am going to give it a try.

From here, I wanted a solid detective and skilled magician, probably college educated, but not necessarily.  I toyed with a Native American concept, but this has since degraded into an Awakened Japanese man that clawed his way out of the streets and into the boardrooms using his natural charms and unusual wits.

This character was created for Lars Ericson's Corporate Raiders Shadowrun Campaign at Rice University.


I originally created this name for another character in an L5R campaign.  The rationale follows:
A little research showed that ancient Japanese Samurai often (always?) had names constructed of Kanji characters.  Well, I could do no less.  After buying a book on Kanji characters and spending a lot of time thinking up different ideas, I finally settled on combining a character related to air and a character related to spirits, magic, or energy.
So, my choice finally narrowed down to "Spirit wind", but the same characters meant "Divine wind", which is "kamikaze".  Ironically, Legend of the Five Rings calls spirit "kami", so it seemed very appropriate, but using that name would probably not have the effect I desired, so I chose the alternate name for the "spirit" character, "shin".  Hence "Shinkaze".
I decided the name was a little too odd and I did not like the nicknames "Shin", "Sheen", etc.  There are multiple Kanji characters for "Ken", but the one I like is akin to "sight", "vision", or "knowledge".    So, I went with Ken Kaze, ~ "knowledge/sight of the wind", which seems appropriate for a Sky Father shaman.  Ken is a common enough name that it would not trace him back to his real name (even though they are the same), and it's easy for oriental and occidental tongues alike.
By all rights, the name should have been joined, Kenkaze, and preceded by a house name, but it was a street name, not his real name.  People expected a full name usually, and this one was reasonably easy for people to deal with.

Annunciation of "Ken Kaze"

Japanese annunciation is as follows:

k - as in kit
e - as in bet or net, this goes for the final e as well, it is annunciated clearly
n - as in when
a - as in father
z - sounds like dz

I believe the proper nomencalture would be ken 'käd-ze

Nicknames: "Ken", "Koz"

I may also use some pseudonyms I created for the L5R character:

Hokosha - "pedestrian"
Shinen - "deep and distant profundity"

As for NPCs, I will probably just throw together Japanese syllables for them . . .


Ken Tokugawa was born in a middle class neighborhood.  His mother, Kichiko, was a skilled Hermetic Mage and his father, Hiro, a Physical Adept.  They were kind, considerate parents that lovingly cared for their son.  They provided a nurturing, warm background for him.  Mother explained that she was well paid as a "magical researcher" at Mitsuhama Corporate Technologies (MCT), and Father also was well paid as a "bodyguard" there.  Ken wanted for little, and his childhood was a pleasant one.  His parents seemed to have so many Japanese friends that visited often.  Life was good.

Their branch of the Tokugawa family had an ancient history of magical use.  Of the stories his grandfather told, those of his ancient ancestors interested him most.  Awakened Tokugawa often had a special relationship with magic related to air, and at least one ancestor he knew of was also a Sky Father shaman.  The stories ended when his grandparents died, but they had lived full, happy lives.  Ken soon got over it, never having really felt the full impact of their deaths in his simple child's world.

There was only one subtlety about his family that Ken was missing; his parents were actually Yakuza.  They worked as a team tracking down loose ends and "resolving" them.  They were ruthlessly efficient and immaculately professional.  The future looked bright for them.  Fate had other plans; the two of them died suddenly when they were at ground zero for the start of a war between the Yakuza and the combined forces of a Seoulpa ring and a Mafia family.  In spite of their skill, passion, and dedication, their lights were snuffed out with casual brutality as the Yakuza restaurant they were eating in exploded in flames.

Ken was still a boy at the time, and the tragedy never really sunk in.  His maternal Uncle, Saito Kobane, took over raising him.  It was an act of love, but Uncle Saito lived in a bad neighborhood.  Luckily for Ken, he had a natural talent for charming people and quickly picked up on the local habits.  He was soon calling the shots for his local cluster of punk kids.  Things were different, but they were good once again.

Something strange happened when Ken went through puberty, he Awakened.  He had always been able to pick up things quickly, and had done well in school, but know he was able to tap the remarkable energies of magic.  This combination earned him a scholarship from the Draco Foundation for underprivileged Awakened children  and catapulted him into a private school where he entered a very different social climate.  As usual, he adapted quickly and found a circle of friends.  He was finally being challenged by his classes and looked forward to attending college some day.

Taishiko, Saito's only son, was jealous of the favor Ken received.  Saito was always quick to hold up Ken as an exemplar for Taishiko to aspire to.  He was not happy with having gone from an only child to being a black sheep.  He pursued his new role with a vengeance.  He fell in with a bad crowd and, in an alcoholic daze, led a group of punks to beat some respect into Ken.  Things did not go as planned.  Ken's old friends heard about Taishiko's plans, and they stood up to be counted.  Taishiko and his punks were let off easy, with only a few broken bones, but Taishiko's rage did not diminish.  He was resolved to see Ken "get his" someday . . .

As part of a class project, Ken was allowed to ride along with some Lonestar detectives.  He was enthralled with their lifestyle.  The thrill of the hunt, the gratification of discovery, and the justice of punishing criminals.  It was as if his ideal life had fallen in his lap.  Ken worked diligently and investigated Lonestar further, eager to learn more about this exciting career.

Reality punched Ken square in the nose.  He began to find report after report of questionable procedures, metahuman harassment, unjust imprisonment, a myriad of wrongs.  It was the first of many cracks in his rose-tinted glasses.

Higher education still seemed like the best way to launch a career, and Ken was finishing up high school two years early, so he headed off to the Seattle University, impressed with the reputation of their Magical Studies program.  The world of magic opened wide before him.  It was wondrous.  He also became intrigued in why people did the things they did, and voraciously consumed information on psychology.  Ken was well on his way to graduating early again.

Ken was quite studious, taking out little time for other activities.  He pursued forensics with a vengeance believing it would give him a decided edge as an investigator.  He decided to push the envelop farther and had a data jack with a knowsoft link installed and his retinas modified with an image link.  Being able to carry his library around in electronic form was a great boon, not to mention being able to check out and chip complementary subjects of study.  He was one optimized research machine now.

Being a student, Ken needed to save money without endangering his life.  He managed to track down a Street Doc that other students had gone to for "headware" implants.  The name he used was Patches, and not only did he offer a good deal for students, he did not ask questions.  One thing that was a big selling point for Ken was that Patches was a Sorcerer, which gave him more confidence, justified or not, that  he would get the proper skilled care an Awakened person needed.  The operation went without a hitch, Ken recovered without difficulty, and the cyberware functioned well.  It was even better than he had imagined, but his magical ability seemed to falter slightly.

The one legacy his parents had left him was their magical nature.  Among their belongings was a heavy, broad silver torc-style necklace with various magical symbols carved into it and inlaid with jade stone accents.  He had learned from his Uncle Saito that she had used this necklace to enhance her magic after she was almost fatally wounded.  Reputedly, the combination of symbols and materials was a family secret.  The legend was that it enlisted the aid of the Tokugawa ancestors in performing magic.

Whatever the reason, it worked.  He was able to use magic with the same ability after his surgery, once he ritually bound it to himself.  Being no fool, he rendered computer designs of it into a data crystal and studied its symbols.  This task was almost trivial with his new cyber enhancements, but he was not able to reverse engineer the knowledge that made it work, at least not yet.  Ken's mother had been quite petite however, and he found he had to wear the talisman as an arm brace.

The closest thing to exercise he saw outside of his Advanced Conjuring Lab was his participation on the Club Pistol team.  He became a crack shot, winning a number of competitions, but it was not a physically taxing sport and he continued to fall further and further out of shape.  Exercise had become a luxury he could not afford time for.  He did manage to make it to a couple of hunting trips to the wilderness with his pistol team, but otherwise he was the prodigal student, hungry only for knowledge.

Academia was great, but Ken knew he needed some "grittier" knowledge to get by.  He made a point of studying up on the workings of underworld figures and the police alike.  Both were powerful players in the arena he was hoping to enter.  He tried to stay abreast of the culture of the streets as well.  Magic and psychology remained his first loves, however, and he excelled at them.

Some occasional internships with investigative agencies helped him develop professionally and setup some networking possibilities for when he graduated.  A few months with Hammer & Forbes was interesting, but mostly dry; he spent his time watching for medical insurance fraud.  The next internship, with Knight Errant was a little more interesting.  He was assigned to what seemed a genuinely honest pair of cops, dedicated to justice.  Sadly, they were "killed in a firefight with unknown assailants" months after his time with them ended.  A short stint with Blakeley & Son was a good career move, as they routinely subcontracted work for Ares and a number of other corporations.  It was the most boring of the three, but he learned a lot more about corporate infrastructure and how to work within it.

Ken got along well with a fellow classmate, a Hermetic Mage named Malcolm MacDougal.  Malcolm taught Ken how to drink, and Ken taught Malcolm how to control his drinking.  They were fast friends, but Malcolm graduated that year.  Malcolm was dead set on a corporate job.  He often joked about wanting to be a "wage mage."  He groomed himself for corporate life and hanging out with him helped Ken refine his corporate savvy.

Things got a little rocky in his academic utopia when he began dating a classmate, Jessica Tokane.  Her boyfriend, Thomas Kines, a basketball player, did not take rejection well, and made no end of trouble for Ken for a semester or so.  It was a distraction, but Ken had grown up in the streets, and no lanky suburban kid with an attitude was about to stop him from reaching his goals.

Ultimately, Ken 's relationship with Jessica came to an end, but Thomas would not let go of his spite.  Ken saw less of Thomas after Jessica left, but the enmity between them did not fade.  Thomas's preoccupation with Jessica distracted him and he failed to make it to the professional arena.  This made him an even more bitter man and he quietly finished up a token degree and left.  The last word on Thomas was that he had relocated to Atlanta to coach a college team there.

When Ken came of age, his Uncle Saito told him of his parents and their links to the Yakuza.  It was a heavy blow to him.  Deception from his own parents, who turn out to be professional criminals?  It was too much to deal with, so he shut it off and forgot about it until he graduated.  As for Saito, he ran a fish shop.  While he confessed to looking the other way sometimes, he insisted that he was a simple fishmonger and nothing else.  Ken had his doubts; but he was prejudiced by his parents' deception.

Uncle Saito still visited often and spoke at length of the politics of  the underworld, hoping that in understanding, Ken could find enough forgiveness.  Ken's interest in the topic helped him forget his misplaced resentment.  Ken tried to fight the urge to push away Saito, self aware that he was displacing his anger and frustration from his dead parents onto his caring uncle, but he failed.  He saw progressively less of his Uncle.  Taishiko seized the moment and helped drive a wedge between his father and his all too lucky cousin by trying to be the prodigal son, if only long enough to reclaim his father's affections from Ken.

Saito was no fool, but it heartened him to see his son cleaning up his act and he felt compelled as a good father to encourage it.  Saito still saw Ken occasionally, but he resigned himself to let Ken come to him, and Ken was too busy and/or still too resentful to make a solid effort to rebuild that bridge.

Ken and Taishiko saw even less of each other, and that suited them both fine.  Taishiko went to work as a dealer in a local Yakuza gambling house.  It wasn't much, but Taishiko was ill suited for much else, having squandered most of his life.  The change saddened Saito, but at least it was better than roaming the streets in a drunken, self-destructive haze.

Ken's social life brightened up a little as well.  He met Nicole Bennett, an attractive Elf woman that he shared many interests and a few nights with.  She was a Hermetic Mage and the dichotomy in their magical philosophies just made their brief encounters all the more exciting.  They found in each other little more than a release for sexual energy, but both were engrossed in their studies and satisfied with such a relationship.  Unlike Ken, Nicole was bound for the academic life.  It was about the only thing in her life she was certain of.  They continued to Ken left SU.

Graduation saw Ken earning honors as he received his B.S. in Magical Studies, with a minor in Psychology.  A tantalizing offer as a Research Assistant in a magic forensics lab kept Ken in academia for four more years, as he earned a Ph.D. in Magical Studies. It was a difficult stretch at the end, as Ken began to yearn to hit the streets and do some "real investigative work."  The thrill of the hunt just wasn't enough in the lab.  The hunt was often long and it required more time than skill.  He was a 24 year old with a Ph.D. and enough cred to start up a small business.  He left academia behind forever, bent on being a private detective.

Ken's resources did not match his ambitions, though, so he sought out work as a subcontractor.  He signed up with Blakeley and Son; they had been impressed with his work during his internship, and took him on with little hassle, even paying for his licensing.  He ended up working with Steve Hunter, an Ork that was more concerned with looking like a detective than being good at it.  Fortunately, Ken did not have to deal with him very much; Steve was more of a case coordinator than a detective.

Ken was routinely given the grimy and dull jobs at Blakeley and Son, or "BS," as he came to call it.  Although he pictured the company as handling primarily corporate cases during his internship, the reality was that most boardroom affairs had their roots in the files of simple clerks and touched streets at some point and BS needed people there.  It was an important lesson that Ken learned.  He quickly became re-acquainted with the legions of wage slaves that kept the corporate machine running as well as the streets of Seattle.

Ken dealt with a vast array of street people.  He learned when to use stealth instead of direct questioning, bribes instead of brains, and a gun instead of a smile.  Ken still had an elitist mindset, so when his work took him to the streets, it was usually only after he had exhausted all corporate leads.  He had always been quite savvy with people, but his corporate mannerisms sometimes betrayed him.  Fortunately, bribes were on an expense account.

Ken had a few dozen encounters which tested his coolness under fire and his award-winning pistol skill.  A few of them were inside the corporate environment.  He killed a couple of people and wounded a dozen more.  Everyone time it was one or more criminals on the other end, with at least as much firepower.  Generally open and shut cases. He did get shot once.

 "I was tracking down a BTL dealer that was suspected of knowing the whereabouts of a corporate executive's missing daughter.  Things went smoothly, and soon I was walking into an alley to meet 'Mr. Fixx'.  Why can't they just call themselves 'Bob' or 'Joe'?  Regardless, he had been warned about my arrival, and when I walked up to talk to him, he turned on me with a gun and shot me before I could down him.  Luckily, he wasn't as good with a gun as he was in buying drugs; the bullet barely missed my liver.  As for Mr. Fixx, he was too far gone.  I managed to get the information I needed from him to finish the case, but he died shortly after.  In the end, the exec's daughter made it back home in one piece."
Ken was more infuriated than scared after being shot.  He had not been in any danger he acknowledged as mortal before.  It tapped into something primal in him, something dark and ruthless.  The gunshots had scared off the junkies, leaving him alone with Mr. Fixx.  Ken, like many people hated what BTL did to people, but he was somewhat surprised at his own lack of sympathy for the man as he lay at Ken's feet, coughing up blood spasmodically.  Ken beat the information out of the dealer then let him die from the wound.

Ken learned valuable lessons in the halls of corporations.  He learned how to handle executives and mail clerks with equal ease.  Most of his adult life had been spent with people related to the corporate life in one way or another, and doing the grunt work of BS often meant delivering a lot of reports and updates.  Occasionally, it meant delivering bad news, and Ken got pretty good at that too, able to find the right  spin to make the news not sound so bad to an executive's ear.

Steve continued to spend more time looking for lint to pick off his slightly too expensive suit than he did clues for cases, and his gun had seen more cleaning than firing.  After a year of intense work, Ken was still pounding ground working under Steve.  Ken yearned for a greater challenge, but it was obvious that he was expected to continue to "pay his dues" working under this poser, and he was tired of it.

Ken was doing three times the work of his peers, but BS did not care; they had a system and woe to any that tried to buck it.  Ken was accustomed to swifter results from harder work, but that was not the case here.  He was literally going nowhere fast.  He knew how to talk the talk of corporations, so he tried to make things happen on his own.  He left the office of Steve's superior feeling like he was lucky to be working for BS.  He shook off the effects and decided he was done with BS.  Shortly after his license was renewed, Ken left the company.  He left on good terms, with a decent amount of cash in savings and investments.

Ken quickly set up a tiny, one man business, working from his wristphone.  There was a lot of work that fell through the cracks in a sprawl "protected" by corporate police, and he was there to pick it up.  Having worked off and on with corporate interests, Ken tried to set himself up as a freelance corporate detective.  He got very little corporate work and was usually selected for simple, almost insultingly simple, cases that required little more than a pulse and an impartial perspective.  Not much better than the corporate work he had done with BS, but at least it was on his own terms.  In spite of the "grunt work" nature of the jobs, he did them well.  He may not have shared his parents professions, but he shared their professionalism.

Ken tracked down his old classmate Malcolm.  Malcolm had landed a great job working at Ares, administering a magical R&D department.  He and Ken occasionally took lunches together and swapped stories about their very different jobs.  Malcolm was doing well, climbing steadily up the corporate ladder and securing his position.

Ken had learned how to use computers reasonably well during his studies, but he knew he was no Decker, and his job was one of information gathering.  He would post messages on various bulletin boards when he needed some skilled computer work done.  Over the course of a few dozen cases, Ken settled on a Decker with the handle "Miner," or simply "M."  She seemed like a straight up professional that had some irrefutable skills.

Although M was not any more forthcoming than most deckers on her personal information, the topics she was familiar with and her whole manner spoke volumes to someone like Ken.  He was pretty sure M had strayed from an academic path into freelance decking and some shadier exploits.  Ken was able to call on her for some questionable work at reasonable prices.

Ken continued to work hard to get a "real" corporate case, and with luck and skill finally landed one only a few months after starting his business.  He was asked to discretely investigate rumors of an Ares executive's BTL addiction.  They had been referred to him by BS.  At the time, his arrogance blinded him to the fact that a case like this had come his way too easily.  The fact was that Ares needed to get rid of "damaged equipment" and sidestep the fallout, but Ken was so hot for a "solid" case, that he didn't dream of looking this gift horse in the mouth.

The executive's name was Howard Walsh.  The case went smoothly, by the numbers.  Ken was back on the streets, hot on the trail of clues.  He took advantage of his research and his long talks with Saito about the underworld and soon narrowed down which dealers to talk to.

In his investigations, he met a bouncer named Pete at a club called Armageddon, which he later learned was a "Shadowrunner" haunt of sorts.  Pete was a massive, dangerous looking,  troll physical adept with a philosopher's heart.  They frequently had some drinks together while the case progressed.  One night in particular, Ken came upon a band of hooded thugs that had encircled Pete.  Ken knew Pete was pretty capable of removing threats that were in arm's reach, but there were a lot of them.  He was content to see the drama play out until he spotted a sniper in a fire escape.

Ken unleashed his magical fury on the would be assassin in a lightning bolt.  A little taken by the emotion of the moment, Ken killed the man, and his crispy body fell down to the ground with a sickening thud.  All hell broke loose as some of the thugs fled and others tried their luck with Pete.  One charged Ken, but fell quickly to his magic.  Pete was a blur of destruction and crippled bleeding thugs fell to the ground faster than Ken could take in the situation.  When the dust settled, Pete unmasked his assailants.  He explained to Ken that they were Humanis Policlub members led by Pete's human father, Bill Miller.

The next day, Ken received a threatening anonymous call that warned him that "Trog-lovers were worse than Trogs, they have betrayed their own race!"  From his talks with Pete, he guessed it was Bill, but the voice was masked.  It seemed that Ken was collecting enemies faster than friends.  He knew little about Bill, except that he was a local Humanis Policlub member with a small amount of clout.  Pete knew where Bill lived, but was unwilling to offer up the information, for the moment.

A few days later, Ken composed a final report to Ares on Howard.  The evidence was conclusive and Howard Walsh, aka Twitchy on the streets of Seattle, was summarily fired and stripped of his benefits.  Ken was suspicious at the time Ares did not in fact do a very good job of keeping his identity secret from Howard.  He could only hope that Howard lacked the motivation and/or resources to do anything to him.

Howard did in fact exact some revenge.  Ken's suspicions were correct, Howard had little difficulty getting Ken's information.  Ares needed someone to take the heat of Howard's vengeance and Ken was an obvious choice.  Killing the messenger was a time honored tradition.

Howard managed to scrape up the cred to hire a decker and trash Ken's finances.  Ken had wrecked Howard's corporate future and in return, Howard had  temporarily crippled Ken's business.  Last Ken knew, Howard had relocated to the midwest to start fresh with a small company that needed his corporate skills badly enough to overlook his past.

Ken looked up Miner, and she did a little investigation pro bono to confirm that he had in fact been shafted by another Decker.  Ken wanted blood, but M talked him down and explained that it was all just part of the territory.  If he ever got the cred and wanted vengeance, Miner could hook him up.  Ken ultimately decided to let it go, not wanting to raise the stakes of what seemed to be a temporary ceasefire between him and Walsh.  Besides, he could not afford the luxury of digital revenge just yet.

However, Ken felt he had entered a new arena of danger.  He already had someone come close to shattering his liver with a lucky gunshot.  For all of their failings, guns were still excellent tools for killing things.  He was a good shot, but he needed to push the envelope to help insure he was the last man standing when the gunsmoke settled.  He needed a Smartlink.

Through studies and consultations with former colleagues, he determined that he could get some more cyberware without further endangering his Magical ability.  With the quality of cyberware he could afford, he calculated a 98% chance success rate without factoring in the skill Patches had.  Ken knew Patches was good, so he took the risk and it paid off.  His magical abilities did not diminish and the smartlink worked like a charm.

Ken had not planned well for financial difficulties, having purchased permits and supplies ahead of his cash flow, and it was a serious blow.  Ken was not down yet, but he needed to get some money quickly, before he was forced to start selling his gear.  He had lost his place and been forced to pawn some stuff to pay the bills so he could get his PI gear from his apartment.  He talked to the people that hired him at Ares, but they acted almost as if they had never seen him before.

It finally dawned on him that he was chosen for the case because he was a freelancer, to redirect Howard's animosity at someone other than Ares.  He wasn't certain who to criticize, Ares for doing it, or himself for being so gullible.  He would not be such a willing patsy in the future.  Ken knew better than to get Malcolm involved.  He felt that it would only hurt him and Malcolm and he couldn't do that to him.  At least he was on track with his career.

Ken's view of corporations dimmed significantly that day.  People were people, but the corporate entity was a real bitch.  Ken longed for some people he could trust to back him up.  Ken had known some people at SU that he was sure were members of magical groups, and such mysterious organizations were always a popular discussion topic at the local greasy spoon, Mama Rizi's Pancake Place.  Stories varied, but one thing was constant; magical groups watched out for their members.  It was high time that he found such a group.  He was tired of his uncertain future, and he was willing to sacrifice a little of his independence to be part of a team, provided they were people he could respect and trust.

First things first.  There were bills to be paid.  Less than six months and his career was almost torpedoed.  He still had some local grunt work on the back burner, but he wanted more.  He wanted real challenges.  Some more nuyen would not hurt either, cause he'd soon be spending the night in a sleep coffin if something did not come together fast.  It seemed he needed to look elsewhere for both.

He met Pete for drinks and explained in excruciating detail his dire straits.  Luckily Pete was buying, because Ken had begun to liquidate his meager investments just to have the cred to keep his phone activated.  After some guarded questions, Pete offered to help introduce Ken to some people that might have some work for him.  Big dollars to use his skills in a "different corporate arena."  Ken wasn't stupid, he knew Pete was talking about "Shadowrunning" and he didn't care.  Corporations continued to live up to their negative reputations, and he needed money and a challenge.  Shadowrunning promised both.  Maybe he could even do a little good in the process. 

Crunching the Numbers

  • 120 pts. starting
  • -30 pts. for Magician Adept Sky Father Shaman (+2 Manipulation & Detection, +2 target if entrapped or bound)
  • -60 for Attributes, leaving 30 pts..
    • (-10) Body 5
    • (-10) Quickness 5
    • (-4) Strength  2
    • (-12) Charisma  6
    • (-12) Intelligence  6 (see edges, raised to 7)
    • (-12) Willpower  6
  • -8 points for Edges (special advantages), leaving 22 pts..
    • (-2) * Bonus attribute point: Int. (raised Intelligence by 1 to 7)
    • (-2) Astral chameleon (Aura trace fades as if Magic were one lower and people suffer +2 to target when trying to read my aura)
    • (-1) Bump Contact Pete up to a Buddy
    • (-1) Extra Contact: Miner - a Decker
    • (-1) Extra Contact: Patches - a Sorcerer Street Doc
    • (-1) Extra Contact: Nicole  Bennett - a Hermetic Mage Forensics Researcher
  • +6 points for Flaws (special disadvantages), leaving 28 pts..
    • (+2) Day job 2 (Detective)
    • (+1) Enemy: Taishiko Kobane (jealous cousin)
    • (+1) Enemy: Thomas Kines (in his mind, Ken "stole his girl")
    • (+1) Enemy: Howard "Twitchy" Walsh (exposed his BTL addiction)
    • (+1) Enemy: Bill Miller, (thwarted Humanis Policlub assault)
  • Adept powers (6 magic points to spend)
    • Improved Sense: Thermographic Vision 0.25
    • Improved Reflexes 1 1.50 (+2 Reaction, +1d6 Initiative)
    • Magical Power 5  3.75 (This gives me 30 Force Points; Gesture geas & Talisman geas - jade and sigils in silver arm brace)
  • -28 points for Skills, leaving no points.
    • (-4) Stealth 4
    • (-6) Sorcery 6
    • (-6) Conjuring 6
    • (-6) Pistols 6
    • (-6) Corporate Etiquette 6
  • Knowledge Skills (35 points to spend)
    • Magic Background 6
    • Forensics 6
    • Psychology 6
    • Seattle Corporations 5
    • Police Procedures 4
    • Street Culture 4
    • Underworld Culture 4
  • Languages (11 points to spend)
    • English 4, R/W   2
    • Japanese  4, R/W   2
    • Spanish  3, R/W 1
  • Spells (30 Force Points to spend)
    • Heal (Exclusive) 3 (5)
    • Lightning Bolt 5
    • Mind Probe 6
    • Clairvoyance 6
    • Improved Invisibility 5
    • Levitate 5
  • Starting Gear (5,000 ¥ starting gear)
    • Datajack, Knowsoft Link, Image Link (0.5 Essence, 3.6 k¥)
    • Pistol Silencer (500 ¥)
    • Squatter Lifestyle (100 ¥)
    • 25 rounds of EX Explosive (250 ¥)
    • 4 kg of commercial plastic explosive with timer detaonator (340 ¥)
    • Grenades: Smoke x 2, Concussion x 3, Off x 1, Def x 1 (210 ¥)
  • Additional gear bought with 3d6 x 1000 ¥: 17000 ¥
    • Ares Predator ("legit" weapon w/ integral smartlink 900 ¥, -1 internal recoil compensation + 1000 ¥, total 1900 ¥)
    • Ares Predator ("street" weapon w/ integral smartlink 450 ¥)
    • Shock glove (1900 ¥)
    • Smartlink subcomponents (5000 ¥ surgery)
      • Induction Pad 200 ¥ (0.1 Essence)
      • Ltd. Simsense Rig 1000 ¥ (0.1 Essence)
      • Smartlink Processor 1000 ¥ (0.2 Essence)
      • Personalized Safety System 200 ¥ (No essence cost)
    • Secure Jacket (680 ¥)
    • Wristphone with flip-up screen (aesthetically simple and sturdy model, 150 ¥)
    • Browning Max-Power w/ integral smartlink (backup pistol 900 ¥)
    • Force 6 Lodge (3000)
    • 140 rounds of HP ammo (210 ¥)
    • 12 clips (60 ¥)
    • 2 concealable holsters (150 ¥)
    • Metal Restraints (50 ¥)
    • Autonav map chip: Seattle (25 ¥)
    • Remaining funds: 125 ¥
  • Contacts
    • Buddy: Pete Miller aka Rock (PhysAd bouncer at Armageddon)
    • Malcolm MacDougal (Hermetic Mage and Corporate Executive)
  • Bonus stuff for background from GM
    • Skill: Computer 2
    • Private Investigator's License (expires 01JUN2061, campaign starts JAN2061)
    • Advanced Weapons Permit (expires 07JUN2061)
    • Basic Magic Permit (one time fee, already paid)

Starting Stats

Ken Kaze, Awakened Investigator

Attributes, Figured Characteristics, & Pools
Combat Pool
Spell Pool
Bonus attribute point: Intelligence.  Raises Intelligence one point, can exceed racial max.
Focused concentration: reduces the penalty for tasks performed while sustaining a spell to +1 from +2; that's cooler than it sounds
Astral chameleon: Aura trace fades as if Magic were one lower and people suffer +2 to target when trying to read my aura.
Buddy: bumped contact Pete up to a buddy
Extra Contacts: Three extra contacts
Day job 2 (Detective): mostly boring, run-of-the-mill work right now.  He works out of his wristphone, making house calls for most things.
Enemy: Taishiko Kobane.  Jealous cousin.
Enemy: Thomas Kines.  Ken dated his ex-girlfriend; Tom had a big problem with it.  He was a mediocre jock in college and now coaches a college team in Atlanta.
Enemy: Howard "Twitchy" Walsh.  Ken exposed his BTL addiction on retainer from Ares and got him fired.  He pulled some strings and got Ken bumped off a number of cases, prompting the start of Ken's shadowrunning career.
Enemy: Bill Miller.  Ken thwarted his assault on his son, Pete Miller (now my buddy).  He is a Humanis Policlub zealot that hates his son Pete for being a Troll.  Lives in Seattle suburbs.
Adept Powers
Impr. Sense: Thermographic Vision
Impr. Reflexes 1 (+2 Rxn, +1d6 Init.)
Magical Power 5
* - Talisman geas (involuntary) - jade & sigils in silver arm brace, and Gesture geas (voluntary)
Lightning Bolt
Impr. Invisibility
Mind Probe
Heal (X)
Active Skills
Corp. Etiquette
Knowledge Skills
Magic Background
Seattle Corporations
Police Procedures
Street Culture
Underworld Culture
Language Skills
English (R/W) 4/2
Japanese (R/W) 4/2
Spanish 3/1
Weapons and Equipment
Ares Predator x 2
  (int. SL; 1 legit & -1 RC; other street)
Browning Max Power
  (street, int. smart link)
12 clips & one silencer
EX hvy pistol rounds: 25
  (1 clip each for AP and BMP)
Normal pistol rounds: 140
2 concealable holsters
  (ankle & shoulder)
Shock Glove
Wrist phone with flip-up screen 
Autonav chip: Seattle
Grenades: 2 Smoke, 3 concussion, 1 off, 1 def
4 kg of commercial plastique with timer detonator
Magical Equipment
Shamanic Lodge, Force 6
Clothing & Armor
Secure Jacket
Datajack (0.2), Knowsoft Link (0.1), Image Link (0.2), Smartlink (induction pad, ltd. simsense rig, smartlink processor, personalized safety system, 0.4 Essence)
Security Gear
Metal Restraints
Nuyen Remaining
125 ¥
Contacts & Buddy
Buddy: Pete Miller, aka "Rock", is a Physical Adept bouncer at Armageddon.  He is a very large, dangerous looking Troll.  Ken helped him in a serious street skirmish with the Humanis Policlub and befriended him.  Since then, Rock and Pete often have drinks together and talk about magic, philosophy, and any number of topics.  Rock's philosophical side never ceases to amaze Ken.  Pete has some sort of contact with the Shadowrunning culture, and was Ken's initial contact for Shadowrunning.
Contact: Patches, a Sorcerer Street Doc.  He put in all of Ken's cyberware and seemed to do a good job.  He has a clinic near Seattle University.
Contact: Malcolm MacDougal, aka "Mac", is a Hermetic Mage and an old college buddy of Ken's.  Their current relationship is quite casual, confined to occasional shared lunches.  Ken hopes to become better acquainted with Malcolm ultimately, but he has avoided that until the dust settles from his investigation of Howard Walsh.  Mac works as an administrator of a magical
R & D group at Ares.
Contact: Nicole Bennett, a Hermetic Mage and Magical Forensics Researcher.  Ken and Nicole were casual acquaintances and even more casual lovers.  Their relationship was shallow, simple, and served a simple purpose - helping them avoid being distracted from their research by complicated entanglements.  Ken has seen Nicole occasionally for business or lunch.  Sex has become a rarity for them, as Nicole is married now.  The marriage is one of convenience to a very unattractive man though, and the sexual relationship continues on as rare and exciting encounters, almost always outside Seattle.  Ken promises himself he will stop seeing her if he ever finds his "Miss Right."  She has secured tenure at Seattle University, Ken's Alma Mater.
Contact: Miner, an Ork Decker.  Ken found Miner after hiring a number of Deckers to obtain information for his cases.  She worked out the best and was always reliable and honest.  From her manner and some of the comments she makes, Ken is pretty certain she is  former academic.  She has done questionable work for Ken at reasonable prices.