Ken Kaze

Awakened Investigator

A Character for Shadowrun (tm)
As you read the following page, keep in mind that I also have pages containing definitions of game terms and names of the people and places Ken Kaze knows.

His path is magic
Awake and Awakening
His soul slumbers on


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Ken's Square in the Quilt of Being

The square is supposed to reflect the person, their journey, etc.  I chose the Kanji character for "Ken", one of many, which translates as investigate.  It is meant to be literal and introspective at the same time.  Ken is an investigator, but that's the red herring.  The character represents that he is embarking on his personal investigation of himself, the Awakened world, and his place in it.

The "heart" reference has further significance.  It was mentioned prominently in his initial meeting with his magical group.

Technical details - this image was accomplished by scanning a black and white Kanji character from Henshal's "A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters", a decent book.  It was pulled into Adobe Photoshop 5.5.  Excess black dots were removed and the magic wand function was used to select and cut the black kanji character.  This was pasted onto a blank canvas.  The character was filled with a dark red/brown color (RGB hexcode 280000), and the background black.  Both were given a "canvas" texture via the filters (settings 50% and 2).  The letters were rendered in Lucida Handwriting font in an off-white color and given a "canvas" texture (50% and 5).  This made for a very cool, fabric look, but it also was a huge file.  After using Adobe's built-in "save for web" feature, I ended up with the above.