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People & Places Ken Kaze (ken 'käd-ze) knows

Alphabetical by last name.  If full name not known, then alphabetical by first letter of "street name" or company name, as appropriate.

Ares Macrotechnology - A Megacorporation that deals primarily in goods related to military, paramilitary, and security work.  The bulk of this is weapons.

Bennett, Nicole - a Hermetic Mage, Magical Forensics Researcher, and a Professor at Seattle University.  Ken and Nicole were casual acquaintances and even more casual lovers.  Their relationship was shallow, simple, and served a simple purpose - helping them avoid being distracted from their research by complicated entanglements.  Ken has seen Nicole occasionally for business or lunch.  Sex has become a rarity for them, as Nicole is married now.  The marriage is one of convenience to a very unattractive man though, and the sexual relationship continues on as rare and exciting encounters, almost always outside Seattle.  Ken promises himself he will stop seeing her if he ever finds his "Miss Right."  She has secured tenure at Seattle University, Ken's Alma Mater.

Bernhart, Louis Salvert - the secondary target of my third run.  He was a Chemist/Biochemist with Zeta-ImpChem when his facility was attacked, possibly by a subsidiary of Saeder-Krupp.  He was turned over to Roger Wu, the Mr. Johnson for that run, along with the primary target, a case of chemical formulae he escaped the facility with.  He is a paranoid fellow (now rightly so) and only trusts his friend Robert A. Morgan.

Blood of the Buffalo - an eco-terrorist organization.

Case - "Human Street Sammy; ex-military.  Good with his hands, good shot, damn fast, and very tough.  He does not falter when it's time to kick ass and take names.  Focuses on job completion and successful extraction, which I respect.  He's quite professional; not very talkative but also not bitchy.  Met him on my first run.  A solid team member."
Apparent resources: explosives dealer

Chip - "Human, not sure what you'd call him.  He's good with computers, but not great.  He seems to have little skill beyond that which he chips.  He's high strung, often to the point of annoyance, and not very dangerous in combat.  He is a little to free with spending team money for personal equipment.  However, his versatility is valuable.  With some work, he could be a solid member of a team.  Somewhat ambivalent about working with him again.  Met him on my first run."
Apparent resources: chip dealer, ID forger (high quality so far), ex-Eagle Security man

Disco Kid - "Human Decker.  He seems competent enough.  I am not a good judge since I do not know enough to assess.  He has a thing for the disco culture, fashion, etc.  He was easy to get along with and did more working than complaining.

DocWagon - the evolution of the 1990's First Alert.  DocWagon has standard contracts to provide recovery and treatment of patients.  Customers wear a bracelet that tracks their vital signs.  If there is a problem with the vital signs or the bracelet is traumatically removed, DocWagon moves in to recover and treat the customer.  There's Basic, Gold, Platinum, and Super-Platinum, in order of cost.  The various levels of coverage determine how much of the service costs DocWagon will cover but has no effect on prioritization of response, according to DocWagon PR . . .

Draco Foundation - a foundation endowed as part of the execution of Dunkelzahn's will.  It's primary function is to see to the proper execution of his will.

Dunkelzahn - a Dragon that ran for President and won, then was assassinated almost immediately.  He left an unusual will that bequeathed resources to many varied things, to include the founding of the Draco Foundation.

Eagle's Cry - an eco-terrorist organization.  Composed of Tribals of mixed ethnicities.  Ken ran into a number of them on his second run led by an Ork shaman that called himself Wargaze.  The group that Ken encountered had a Adept and a Shaman, so they seem to be well-stocked with Awakened people.

Eco-Terrorist Organizations -  Shadowrun has many organized groups of eco-terrorists, such as Blood of the Buffalo, Eagle's Cry, Green Cell, Mother's Earth, Terra First.

Green Cell - an eco-terrorist organization.

Kines, Thomas - Dated his ex-girlfriend, he had a big problem with it.  He was a mediocre jock in college and now coaches a college team in Atlanta.

Knight Errant - one of the major security companies in the Seattle of the Shadowrun universe.

Kobane, Saito - Ken's only maternal uncle, Saito took Ken in when his parents died.  Saito and Ken got along well, but Saito's only son, Taishiko, despised Ken encroaching on his role (see Kobane, Taishiko below).  Ken and Saito became somewhat distant when Saito informed Ken that his parents were Yakuza enforcers, but their relationship has returned to a neutral one.

Kobane, Taishiko - Jealous cousin.  Only son of Saito Kobane.  Taishiko disliked Ken for the very simple reason that he was taken into Taishiko's home by Taishiko's father and Ken's Uncle, Saito.  Ken outshone him, fostering Taishiko's latent insecurities.  They have only directly clashed in a violent manner once, when Taishiko tried to lead a group of punks to beat up Ken.  Ken had more punks on his side and Taishiko gained a few broken bones for his efforts.  It is unlikely they will ever be friends, but for the moment Saito pays more attention to Taishiko and there seems to be a truce.

Leonardo - an Armorer friend of Peter Miller's.  He mostly works on guns but can also get high quality ammunition.

Lonestar - The Police are now corporatized and Lonestar is the biggest corporation providing such services.  They have Fast Response Teams for more dangerous work, and they are better armed and armored than most Shadowrunners.

Lofwyr - a dragon and CEO of Saeder-Krupp.

Mac - see Macdougal, Malcolm

MacDougal, Malcolm (aka "Mac") - is a Hermetic Mage and an old college buddy of Ken's.  Their current relationship is quite casual, confined to occasional shared lunches.  Ken hopes to become better acquainted with Malcolm ultimately, but he has avoided that until the dust settles from his investigation of Howard Walsh.  Mac works as an administrator of a magical R & D group at Ares.

Miller, Bill - I thwarted his assault on his son, Pete Miller.  He is a Humanis Policlub zealot that hates his son Pete for being a Troll.  Lives in Seattle suburbs.

Miller, Peter (aka "Rock") - is a Physical Adept bouncer at Armageddon.  He is a very large, dangerous looking Troll.  Ken helped him in a serious street skirmish with the Humanis Policlub and befriended him.  Since then, Rock and Pete often have drinks together and talk about magic, philosophy, and any number of topics.  Rock's philosophical side never ceases to amaze Ken.  Pete has some sort of contact with the Shadowrunning culture, and was Ken's initial contact for Shadowrunning.

Miner - an Ork Decker.  Ken found Miner after hiring a number of Deckers to obtain information for his cases.  She worked out the best and was always reliable and honest.  From her manner and some of the comments she makes, Ken is pretty certain she is  former academic.  She has done questionably legal work for Ken at reasonable prices.

Mitsuhama Computer Technologies (MCT) - the company that Ken's parents claimed to work for.

Morgan, Robert A. - Louis Bernhart's best and only trusted friend.  We ran across him during our third run.  He was a bottom rung security guard with Knight Errant.  He is a good friend to Louis, having called in sick to work and then helping him safely set up a covert meet during our run.  He also seems reasonably intelligent and competent about security matters.

Mother's Earth - an eco-terrorist organization.

Patches - a Sorcerer Street Doc.  He put in all of Ken's cyberware and seemed to do a good job.  He has a clinic near Seattle University.

Rock - see Miller, Peter.

Saeder-Krupp - the most powerful corporation in Shadowrun.  The CEO is Lofwyr, a dragon.  One of their subsidiaries may have been responsible for the attack on the Zeta-ImpChem facility that spawned my third run.

The Sixth Guides - a magical group dedicated to discovering the mysteries of the Awakened world as well as educating people about it.  Ken joined this group.  Members are Andrew, Dirk Brannigan, Elain, Erlos, Susan Ghostchaser.  Founded and funded by Steven Archallos.

Suture - "Human, ex-DocWagon medic.  Not sure what this guy is doing in the business.  When you're dodging assault rifle bursts trying to get out of a place in one piece, he's more worried about how hurt or upset the enemy shooters are than he is about getting out.  He'd make a good doctor or paramedic, but I am not sure he has the stomach for Shadowrunning.  I'm not really sure what he's good at just yet.  I think he is competent with pistols and batons.  Met him on my first run.  Not eager to work him again, especially in a hot situation."
Apparent resources: 

Terra First - an eco-terrorist organization.

Tight Group - a gun store that Ken likes.  It is a full servie weapons store, stocking the gear for the expert shootist and armorer alike.

Tik-Tok - "A burly Dwarven ex-combat biker.  He is a solid team member, good with clubs and shotguns.  He is probably good with a bike, but I have not seen him ride just yet.  He's proactive in resolving situations when the going gets tough, so he's good to have backing you up.  He needs to work out some kinks in his work ethic, but he will have no trouble finding work in the shadows.  Met him on my first run.  I would like to have him on future teams."
Apparent resources: 

Tokugawa, Kichiko (maiden name Kobane) - Ken's deceased mother.  She was a Hermetic Mage enforcer for the Yakuza whose cover was working in magical research at Mitsuhama Computer Technologies.  Killed when a bomb exploded in a Yakuza restaurant.  It was the flashpoint of a war between the local Yakuza and the allied forces of the local Mafia and a Seoulpa ring.  While Ken had no specific animosity towards organized crime, he hated that his parents had lied to him, regardless of their reasons.

Tokugawa, Hiro - Ken's deceased father.  Hiro was a Physical Adept enforcer for the Yakuza whose cover was working in security at Mitsuhama Computer Technologies.  Killed when a bomb exploded in a Yakuza restaurant.  It was the flashpoint of a war between the local Yakuza and the allied forces of the local Mafia and a Seoulpa ring.  While Ken had no specific animosity towards organized crime, he hated that his parents had lied to him, regardless of their reasons.

Trushang - Hired me as part of a team for my first run.

Twitchy - see Walsh, Howard.

Vogel, Arthur - A Dwarven ecological lawyer, and a very successful one.  He made a bid for President, but lost to Dunkelzahn.  Dunkelzahn bequeathed him a large number of shares in his will, following his assassination.

Walsh, Howard (aka "Twitchy") - I exposed his BTL addiction on retainer from Ares and got him fired.  He pulled some strings and got me bumped off a number of cases, prompting the start Ken's shadowrunning career.

Wargaze - Ork shaman leader of a group of Tribals from Eagle's Cry that tried to interfere with Ken's second run.  He can cast Invisibility.  He seemed to think that Arthur Vogel was in some way betraying them or abandoning their cause.

Watts, Benson - a Mr. Johnson for Ares Macrotechnology.  Hired Case and me for my second run, on behalf of Arthur Vogel.  I didn't like working with him very much; he never managed to answer his "emergency" phone number until the run was over.  I do have an address for him in the Ares residential area, thanks to a little job I had Miner do.

Wu, Roger - a Mr. Johnson for some corporation.  Roger is a plain-looking Asian man that clearly has some Anglo branches in his family tree.  He has an American accent.  He hired Disco Kid, Suture, Tik-Tok, and myself for my third run.

Zeta-ImpChem - the second largest chemical company in the world, second only to Saeder-Krupp's chemical assets.  One of their researchers, Louis Bernhart, and a case of their chemical formulae were the targets of my third run.