Ken Kaze

Awakened Investigator

A Character for Shadowrun (tm)
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a frightened sheep flees
the shadows become shepherds
a new pen is home


Run 3 - 

Run Synopsis

[01FEB2061 1000] "It was Tuesday, the 1st of February, 2061.  I was called by a Mr. Johnson, one Roger Wu, for a meet.  I was able to round up Tik-Tok, Suture, and Disco Kid.  We met with him at 1500 in a sterile, unoccupied home in the Spring Lake neighborhood, near Renton.  Roger was a plain-looking Asian man that clearly had some Anglo branches in his family tree.  His American accent completed the picture.

The mission offer was to find the location of a corporate-sponsored meet and recover an item and a person.  The item is the primary objective, the person is the second.  The pay would be 40 k¥ and 20 k¥, respectively, 20% in advance.  I made sure that he was confident that our team was adequate for the mission.

We agreed to the mission and details followed.  Apparently, Wu's employers were watching a Zeta-ImpChem (Z-IC) facility.  The site was attacked, presumably by a chemical subsidiary of Saeder-Krupp.  Surveillance captured an image of one researcher escaping with a medium-sized high quality sample case.  The researcher, Louis Salvert Bernhart, was the secondary objective; his case was the primary.  Wu pointed out that Louis should be recovered alive, but intact was not required.  He gave us an advance of 8 k¥ and a datachip with some useful information, primarily, Lou's personnel profile from Z-IC.  We had to move fast, the meet would probably occur within a few days.

I'll give ya the executive summary.  Lou was a fidgety guy, who only trusted his friends.  That made things easy, since he had only one friend, a bottom rung security guy with Knight Errant, name of Robert A. Morgan.  He was noted as paranoid and engaging in "unauthorized urban activity."  Looked like Bob was the best place to start.

I tracked down a number and address for Bob from my good friend, the yellow pages, and called Bob's apt. from an empty desk at Seattle Central Finances, Knight Errant's standard financial institution, to see if he was home, but I got a machine.  Tik-Tok, Suture, and I went to check out Bob's place.

I put on my corporate face and we skated past the lobby security.  I picked out his apt. number from the directory and we headed up.  Cameras and guards weren't oppressive, but annoyingly in abundance.  We stepped out of camera and eyeshot and I summoned a Hearth Spirit to check out the room and try to unlock the door.  It found no one, but could not unlock the door.  I used Clairvoyance to look around the room and discovered a few interesting things.  Bob had packed for about a week long trip, and he was working 1200-2000 at Bliss Homes Apts.

We headed down to a brewery and I stepped aside to call Bliss Homes.  I posed as someone from Knight Errant personnel and found out that Bob had called in sick and covered his shifts for the next three days with the help of his friends.  That confirmed Bob's involvement, but killed the lead for us.  We knew too little about Bob to get useful information in time.

We had Disco Kid working the Matrix.  Two people had checked on Lou's place, the building security guards and Andrea Kurts, apparently a Company Woman for Z-IC.  DK also reported that the utilities in Lou's place had been on standby for 4 months, so it looked like Lou lived at his facility.  We all headed over to check out Lou's place.

Suture reported that there was one Elemental patrolling around the tower.  DK was the only one of us skilled at bypassing locks, and I was the only one with the magic to get us into the building.  I Levitated DK up to the roof first, barely getting him past the Elemental.  It was a twenty story flight and I think the first time DK had done something like that without the benefit of a rope or airplane.  He handled it pretty well.  I followed him and we got into the stairway.  I summoned a Hearth Spirit, cast Invisibility on DK then myself, and then had the Spirit use its Concealment power on me.  We had not seen patrolling Magicians, so it was a calculated risk to be virtually impossible to be seen on the physical plane but a great glowing beacon on the Astral Plane.

We made it in and out of the apt. with little difficulty.  While there, we learned that Lou liked to frequent cyber cafes.  In particular, we found brochures for Matrix 1, Fiberline Java, and Auburn Connections.  We snuck down to the lobby when we were done, I dropped the spells and dismissed the Spirit, and we nonchalantly sauntered out the front door.

DK returned to cyberspace and the rest of us hit the streets.  I armed us all with copies of a chummy photo of Lou and Bob.  Suture and I worked the staff of the cyber cafes and Tik-Tok talked to the people that hung out on the nearby streets.

We identified some other candidates, the Vector Cafe and Brightlight Computers, but after some conversations, it was pretty clear that Auburn Connections was the best candidate and Fiberline Java was a second best.  Lou had frequented both, liked the first, disliked the second, but knew both, and he needed places he knew right now.

[01FEB2061 2300]: We met with DK at the Abyss and discussed our results.  DK made it into Z-IC and found some good info.  He identified the facility security point of contact (POC) for Z-IC, Alise Gebhart.  Lou had apparently called her and arranged a meet.  She had hired a team for a meet at 1400, 03FEB2061, Thursday, at "a cafe".    Tik-Tok recognized the area in the picture we had been using as being a fountain close to the area that Auburn Connections was located in.

This cinched the location, so the next day we cased the cafes, hotels, and streets in the area, flashing the photo of Bob and Lou.  I finally got a bite when the staff at some hotels recognized Bob.  He had been looking for a room that overlooked "the river", which would also overlook Auburn Connections.  I convinced the staff at the Hotel Magnifique to give me a room near the one Bob looked at and secured their silence, letting them think he was a criminal and I was a detective.

The plan was simple.  Suture was going to be in the cafe, Tik-Tok would cover the lobby, Disco Kid would be watching the garage entrance of the hotel in Suture's car, and I would be in the hotel room using Clairvoyance.  We were not sure what part Bob was playing.  Perhaps they would rendezvous in the hotel, perhaps not.  We couldn't commit to any one location or plan; we just didn't have enough intelligence to work with.  So, we set up and waited to adapt and overcome.

Bob showed up early, but the hotel staff tipped him off unintentionally that something was up.  He headed outside to the pay phone.  I had DK try to get a line on it.  Bob headed off down the street as Tik-Tok showed up with his sack lunch.  Tik-Tok followed him for a little bit, but he stopped when Bob spotted him.

I moved towards the cafe as the meet approached, as did Tik-Tok.  Suture was inside and two obvious runners had shown up, one Awakened human and one big Ork that was definitely a Sammy with his dermal plating and twin SMGs.  We moved in at a brisk walk, and I grabbed a sandwich to maintain my cover.  A heartbeat before we were ready, a cab suddenly appears in front of the cyber cafe and Lou gets out.

We continued to close in.  Lou walked in.  Suture held up a sign that Lou could see, but was hidden from the pair of runners, it read "It's a trap.  Run!"  That was enough to spook Lou, who turned around to walk out.  Without missing a beat, the human, a Mage, dropped Lou with a Stun Bolt, in spite of defensive aid from myself and Suture.  Playing my part, I started acting like the concerned citizen and yelled for someone to call an ambulance and the cops, as I see the Ork's twin SMGs.

I started dashing across the parking lot to "help" my fellow citizen, Lou.  Tik-Tok, reached the corner, and an Elf with an assault rifle popped up across the street, braced over a car.  He fired a burst across my path and I ducked back to some cars, acting surprised.  The Ork put away a gun, grabbed Lou, threw him over his shoulder, and pulled back from the doorway with remarkable speed.  Tik-Tok continued to get into place.  Suture missed the Mage with a narcojet round.  The Mage called an Earth Elemental.  I let loose with a Lightning Bolt at the Ork, worried more about taking out the window and neon lighting that was compromising targeting and shooting the Ork.  I fried the lights and made a hole in the window, but the Ork was not fazed.

Suture, faced with a competent combat Mage, a Sammy, and an Earth Elemental, was in a bad situation.  Luck was with him.  He fired off two shots from his narcojet pistol and the Mage failed to dodge.  He dropped like a sack and the Elemental vanished.  The Ork was not happy and he nailed Suture with a burst, wounding him badly, but not quite enough to take him down. [can you say Team Karma Pool?]

Tik-Tok opened fire on the Ork, but only managed to scratch him.  The Ork had tossed the Mage and Lou toward the back door of the cafe, then lobbed a concussion grenade at Suture.  He moved out quickly, but was still pretty dazed by the blast.  Suture stumbled out through the broken store front away from us to take cover.  Things were looking bad all around.  The Elf had no target, but he was keeping me and Tik-Tok from moving into the cafe proper.  DK burst out of an exit door right behind the Elf and managed to surprise him, firing off a round from his enormous Super Warhawk pistol.  The Elf wasn't downed, but he did jump back to take cover from DK, putting him into Tik-Tok's sights.  Tik-Tok fired off a round into him, knocking him back out of cover, like some vicious game of pinball.  DK got off another shot a split second before the Elf, downing him.

A rigged van with a turreted Assault Rifle backed up to the cafe rear, and I got into a spot between two cars that would give me a line-of-sight on the Ork when he came out.  I waited for what seemed like minutes before I saw him.  He tossed his Mage team mate into the van then started to toss in Lou.  That's when I came in with a Levitate spell and lifted Lou over a fence towards me and set him down to re-establish a better lock on him.

The rigger and the Ork did not like that.  Bullets rained down on me like a torrential down pour.  I took cover and slipped around the cars and Levitated Lou a little closer.  The Ork went back into the cafe to catch me with a burst, but I ducked back behind the car, narrowly escaping the burst.  I was pretty much home safe now.  The rigger could not get a bead on me and peeled away.  The Ork would have to make a suicide run to get Lou.  I pulled Lou out of there as the sound of sirens started to approach.  The Ork fled the scene and I pulled my floating quarry quickly away.  Suture managed to Stabilize the Elf while DK brought Suture's car around and we all jumped in and drove off.

I Healed Suture slightly while we drove, all of his cyberware made it difficult.  We took Lou to a motel room and brought him around with a stim patch.  He was groggy and I played on his paranoia to convince him that we were the team sent by Alise and the other operatives were trying to intercept him.  He was not sure, but gave us the benefit of the doubt.  I kept him off balance, cutting his calls short to protect against imaginary government operatives, telling him it would be safer for him if he did not know what section of Z-IC we were from, the whole ball of wax, and he ate it up.  He called Bob and decided that he needed to talk to Alise.

I fed him some BS about unsecure phone lines, and he decided to hold off until we could get him to a safe phone line.  He passed out as the stimulant wore off, which certainly did not hurt.  We had one hour.  He had promised to contact Bob in an hour, and we needed to give him a convincing conversation with Alise.  I sent DK off to set up to route our impending phone call and do some voice modulation.  No one else apparently had any female contacts, so I called Miner.  She agreed to do it for 1000 ¥.  We met her and I briefed her at the motel and DK by phone.

She chose to meet the team, and I introduced her.  She was all decked out in chrome and black with her hair pulled back, 100% street.  We decided we needed some good street names for her to give out.  I dubbed myself Flash, Suture I named Doc, and I gave DK the handle Groove.  Miner suggested Tank for Tik-Tok, and he liked it.

Lou woke up in the room with Doc and Tank.  Doc delivered the cover story that Groove and Flash were off handling security.  He made the call and it was routed just like clockwork.  Miner picked up the phone and pulled off an amazing job of bullshitting Lou.  I was thoroughly impressed.  In the end, Lou was convinced, and pretty soon he had the location of the case, a bank safe deposit, and the code to access it.  We took him along and fetched the case, then set up an exchange with Roger Wu.

At the exchange I talked to Roger privately and explained the ruse.  He made some dark side comment about "Mr. Bernhart's future" and "we can't have resistant researchers".  It was too late for changes and we did not know enough.  I didn't think a man like Lou would be important enough to geek, and I suspected he'd at least make decent collateral for a prisoner exchange in the corporate wars.  That was guesswork.  What I did know is that if I backed out now, our team was screwed on this run and in the future.  We were too new and too weak to screw over a Johnson because something he said sounded strange.  Without missing a beat I said to him "Are you asking me to make some decision regarding Mr. Bernhart?"  I think it caught him off guard, but he quickly said "No."  I looked him in the eye and said "OK then.  We're professionals, here are your packages."

The exchange occurred, and we left.  The money was divided evenly, minus the 250 ¥ apiece for Miner's cameo, and we went our separate ways.  I am not sure what happened to Lou, but I hope things work out for him.  As fidgety as he was, I wonder if he would ever allow himself to enjoy life . . .

Interim Character Stuff


  • Advance to Grade 1 Initiate.
  • Increase Improved Reflexes to level 2. [not yet]
  • Learn Metamagical Technique of Masking. [not yet]
  • Ken wants to identify some new contacts
  • Street Talismonger: Ken still wants a person he can go to for items that he does not want to have record of.  He is willing to pay for trust until he earns it, i.e. he is willing to pay a little more for a greater degree of confidentiality.  He has exhausted most easy to find Talismongers and now has started looking to the ones that do not advertise their presence.  He will ask members of TSG about this casually if he sees them at the Hall. [still looking]
  • Awakened Tribal: Ken still wants to understand Tribals and their Awakened heritage.  He has made some progress towards this before this run.  He will meet with his old mentor at SU, Dr. Vladistov, to talk about Tribal contacts, and check out the Neon Totem as well.  He will ask members of TSG about this casually if he sees them at the Hall.  [Being resolved at the moment]
  • Electronics Expert/Supplier: a decent electronics guy, preferably one that knows what he's doing and could be talked into not-so-legitimate work if needed.  I envision some guy with a shop or electronics supply that has an electronics shop in the back for "special orders". [still looking]
  • Guns!
  • Ken would like to help get his team mates squared away with better firearms capability.  He will contact Leonardo to see if he would mind a consultation or two for upgrading some guns. [Done.  Leonardo still wants Ken to broker any such deals, which is fine with Ken]
  • Ken needs his street pistol upgraded with the same recoil compensation that his legitimate piece has.  He will talk to Leonardo about this as well. [Done.]
  • Ken would also like to advance his relationship with Leonardo to where he can directly contact him.  To this end, Ken will make an attempt to get into Leonardo's good graces with subtle things, like bringing by some of his favorite beer when Ken visits him. [Done.  Ken does not have to work through Rock anymore.]
  • SOP change.  Ken will start hanging out at the "Hall" of The Sixth Guides every evening for at least an hour.  He would like to know more about the group, the members, and what they know about him.
  • Spruce up the office - a little project for him to start pricing
  • Armor up his desk and chair [will cost 3.5 k¥ for rating 6 desk and 2 k¥ for rating 4 chair]
  • Create a hidey hole in the back of his storeroom, perhaps behind a revolving shelf or something. [still resolving this]
  • Bulletproof, opaque windows [will cost 3 k¥ and have rating 4]
  • Ballistic cloth curtains [will cost 1 k¥ and have rating 4, bought these now]
  • Legal White noise generator - rated as Class A or "paralegal equipment".  This is the least regulated classification, less restricted than law enforcement gear which is Class B, so he might be able to buy this above board by simply having a license.  This could be a static device, fixed in the office, so it would not need to be pocket-sized or handheld.  I realize that there may be nothing bigger than a briefcase, but this still might get him a price break.  He will talk to some vendors to determine how high of a rating is high enough. [found one rating 5 for 7.5 k¥]
  • Legal Bug scanner - again, legal and a permit is possible.  He plans to leave this in the office on passive alarm mode [pg. 291], so again, it would not need to be some convenient handheld size and a price break might be possible.  He will talk to some vendors to determine how high of a rating is high enough. [found one rating 8 for 4 k¥]
  • Purchases
  • batons - asp (telescoping metal club) and stun baton [Asp 500 ¥ and stun baton 1250 ¥]

Old stuff

  • Stop by and talk with Rock.
  • Hook up with Mac.
  • Hook up with Nicole.
  • Chat with Miner.

Evolution of Ken's Personal Philosophy

  • Awakened Community: "The Awakened community is not really any more tightly knit than the unawakened community is.  Magical groups are the place to find community among the Awakened."
  • Professionalism: Get the job done.  Avoid unnecessary collateral damage unless that's the job.

Karma and Nuyen

  • Awarded 8 good karma for mission (+ 3 unspent)
  • Karma Pool up to 3.2
  • Spent Karma:
    • (3) Increase Athletics to 2 - this relates to a general rediscovery of physical exercise and a continuing concern that he is not in good enough shape for shadowrunning.
    • (3) Meditation 2 - Ken will be studying meditative techniques, starting with the Tea Ceremony he plans to give for his Oath of Initiation into his Magical group, the Sixth Guides (see Ken's Magic for more).
    • (1) Negotiation 1 - he's used a lot of negotiation in role-playing with decent success, he's probably learned something significant by now; there's also the torrent of fast-talk he rained down on Lou in this run.
  • Unspent karma: 4
  • Earned 15 k¥ (2 k¥ in advance)
  • Spent ¥
    • Started with 2795 ¥, made 15 k¥
    • 250 ¥ spent (Ken's share of 1000 ¥) on Miner for impersonation
    • 6 k¥ on fine kimonos for Sixth Guides
    • 2 k¥ on fine tea ceremony set (9545 ¥ left)
    • 1.75 k¥ for Asp and Stun Baton (7795 ¥ left)
    • 1 k¥ for armored curtains for office, rating 4 (6795 ¥ left)
    • 2 k¥ for recoil compensation upgrade to Ares (4795 ¥ left)
  • Unspent