My Characters


Some of My Characters (most recently created first)

  • Big Jim - A Dwarf Street Samurai. When his childhood friend and rapper star friend dies, along with his job as a cybered bodyguard, he heads back to the streets for work to pay the bills
  • Vlad - My first Werewolf: the Apocalypse character. A mythic hero born into an unlikely situation.
  • Loco - A gun-toting Hispanic hitman for Shadowrun 3 (tm FanPro). Cold, tough, and magically enhanced, he's trying to turn his skill as a stree-level hitman into a lucrative career as a Shadowrunner.
  • Walker - A traveling Monk for D&D3. He's not your typical bald clean shaven Monk...
  • Kakita Setsuka - An ascetic Samurai swordsman in Legend of the Five Rings (tm Alderac Entertainment Group). Although he comes from a clan know for politics and power, he eschews that for a spiritual and artistic path of pursuing mastery of the katana.
  • Walker - a hard-bitten "Bush Doctor" guerilla fighter in GURPS: Reign of Steel (tm Steve Jackson Games).
  • Dakru-Idan - An Eridani Swordsaint mercenary in the game Battlelords (tm SSDC, Inc.). He's not as bloodthirsty as many Eridani and a little more tolerant, usually. I try to play up his introspective and metaphysical side. The constant conflict with the designated leader is becoming a standard of the campaign. :-P
  • Viktor Stahlschmidt - A character for Vampire: the Masquerade (tm White Wolf); a Prussian veteran that journeyed to the New World in search of adventure.  After a short stint as a mercenary and scout in Quebec, he struck out on his own as a guide, huntsman, and explorer.  He is now an adventurer and occasional guerilla fighter in the Boston area.  Oh, by the way, it's 1754 and he's a Vampire of the Gangrel clan.  This is my first attempt at playing any of White Wolf's "World of Darkness (tm)" games.  We'll see what happens.
  • Etienne "Mongoose" Boudreaux - a Cajun Magician Adept Bounty Hunter for Shadowrun (tm FanPro) from the Bayou Lafourche area of Louisiana.  Having spent a fair amount of time tracking criminals and dealing mostly with Awakened bounties and critters, he heads to Seattle in pursuit of a voudon that killed his partner.  He kills the voudon and stays for a short vacation with his Uncle Jean Baptiste Boudreaux.  Before he knows it, he's out of money.  He finds a partner named Rolf Badden (the other PC) and they team up to catch criminals.  This PC was made for a play by e-mail (PBEM) campaign.  This will be my first real attempt at PBEM gaming.
  • Gabriel MacGuinness - a Minotaur Ranger/Mage for Advanced Dungeons & Dragons, second ed. (tm TSR).  The basic concept is that he is trying to survive in a world that generally reviles his kind while doing some good and questing for a way to lift his curse and become human.  The dichotomy of his personality, beast and scholar, is mirrored in his classes, Ranger and Mage.  He has a Scottish accent because I felt like using one; I'll rationalize in the background somehow . . .
  • Ken Kaze - A Japanese (in ethnicity, not culture) Magician Adept Investigator for Shadowrun 3 (tm FanPro).  Holding a Ph.D. in magical studies and having worked in Magical Forensics, Ken is well-suited to being an investigator and makes a fine addition to a Shadowrun team.  He entered Shadowrunning for some quick cash, but has found the business appealing enough to stay in it.  He maintains a fully functional detective office as well.
  • Bayushi Shinkaze - a Shugenja of the Scorpion Clan for the game Legend of the Five Rings (tm AEG).  I have finally posted the info on this character.  Keeping his coolness a secret from the other players was too clumsy and consumes too much gaming time.  Also, we all understand player knowledge vs. character knowledge, so it should not be a problem.
  • Aristotle Jones - a Neo-Chimpanzee in the Uplift universe of GURPS (tm SJG).  The neo-chimp equivalent of Spock and Scotty all rolled into one.
  • Andros (Richard Carl Jäger) - a spell-wielding, gun-slinging, charismatic, southern gentleman Shaman for Shadowrun 3 (tm FanPro).
  • Rock (Peter Miller) - a Physical Adept Troll for Shadowrun 3 (tm FanPro) that specializes in unarmed combat, edged weapons and throwing weapons.  He is the product of a Black Ops Program to shanghai 'volunteers' from the streets of Seattle to be trained to fight Bugs.  After he and his fellow prisoners escaped and turned their training on their former masters, he returned home to Puyallup, hooked up with his old buddy Jimmy 'bang bang' Sloane, moved Downtown, got a steady job as a Bouncer at Club Penumbra, established some contacts, and started running the Shadows.
  • Jack Mortis - ex-corporate shadowteam coordinator for Shadowrun 3 (tm FanPro); Street Samurai leader type.  He was pretty buff but also versatile.
  • Prometheus - an Ork that had been taken for a Black Ops Program (see Rock's description) in Shadowrun 3 (tm FanPro).  He was very heavily cybered and biotech'd up.  He had skillwires, rigging, *and* enahnced reflexes.  He was something of a Sammy/Rigger.
  • Agent Jürgen Grimm* - GURPS Black Ops (tm SJG) Combat Department operative.  Retired due to dissatisfaction with the back-stabbing, conspiratorial, interdepartmental BS. Butt-kicking, hardcore studly killling machine; also a Berserker.
  • Lieutenant Commander Jack Travers - my high-point GURPS Traveller (tm SJG) character, the captain of our ship, the INS Crocus.
  • Spacehand "Smitty" - my low-point GURPS Traveller (tm SJG) character, one of the mechanics in the Powerplant "gang." Mildly shy and quiet; pretty dangerous in combat; bloodlust.
  • Niken the Grey - butt-kicky human character from AD&D2.  I ground him through Fighter, Thief, then Mage.  He was 7/8/11 when I stopped playing him.  He was played in the world of Greyhawk and an apprentice of Tenser.
* - No not "Grim," it's German for "Grim" (private joke)
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