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Dakru-idan, Eridani Swordsaint

a character for Battlelords of the Twenty-Third Century™

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Brief Highlights

Family & Friends - Parents: Sharad, Kiko.  Brothers: Bakta (2), Kando (5), Gono (6).  Sisters: Kari (3), Tara (4).  The first born, Tanto, was slain in colony attack, leaving Dakru as the senior sibling.

Home - Quadrant: Hell's Kitchen, Planet: Shonkra, City: Iro (Eridicorp settlement).

Physical Description - A typical Eridani build, tall, lean, and muscular.  Emotions occasionally cross his face in contrast with his cool grim facade.  Charcoal grey clothes are highlighted by a smeared red coloration of the shoulders and upper torso.  The dye comes from a plant native to Eridine and it has the color of freshly spilled blood.  His gear is clean and well maintained.  His sword is noticeably unobtrusive.  It is clearly hand forged by the looks of the grip and guard, but it remarkably austere.

Enemies, Vendettas, Warrants, etc. - Hunted by an Eridani family that  has vowed vengeance and declared him   Juati Klauth (Living Dead)

Contacts & Special Resources

Budo-idan - Eridani Buddon Priest and Master of Kaush-mukal.  Budo runs a Buddon temple on Harper's World.  Some of his other students include a Ram Python named Krak, a warrior class caucasian Gen-Human named Thomas Raynd, a black human named William Tokugawa, a Tza Zen Rigeln named Ashtor, and an Eridani named Sodor-ican.

Derash-idan - Vax businessman patron of Dakru's mentor that gave Dakru a deck of expensive death cards.  Dakru owes him a favor for this.


Dakru is an Eridani soldier.  Dakru was born to Sharad-idan and Kiko-idan.  His parents are merchants.  His elder brother, Tanto, and he trained as a Mokaba Datu, a "wisdom warrior."  While they were at the Buddon temples studying honorable battle, his younger brother Bakta was born, followed by his sisters, Kari and Tara.  All three chose the path of the merchant.  Tanto returned home, his training complete.  Dakru finished his training with Radak-idan, an Eridani Buddon Priest and Master of Kaush-mukal, the study of inner peace.  Radak and his students took it upon themselves to hunt down dishonorable Eridani and kill them.  Usually, the targets were Eridani that were arrogant and ended their training prematurely.  They soon dishonored themselves and Radak and his students took care of them.  Students were rarely lost as Budo would match the dishonorables with opponents of appropriate skill, sometimes, he would fight himself.  Two more brothers were born during this time, Kando and Gono.

On one particular mission, he hunted down a dishonorable eridani on his own.  The target was vindicated on Eridine just days before Dakru slew him in a duel. The news did not spread in time for Dakru to know of the change, so the Eridine government does not hold him at fault, but the victim's family has vowed revenge, declaring Dakru Juati Klauth (Living Dead). No one else shares the family's opinion, but nonetheless, neither is any action being taken to stop their hunt. Officials have warned the family that the Rites of Familial Revenge will be followed, including the appropriate punishments if they fail.  This encounter has cast some doubts on Dakru's faith in the honor codes of the Eridani nation as a whole.

Dakru had always found the Eridani honor code did not come as naturally to him as it did to his peers, especially his elder brother Tanto.  This was one of the reasons that he accompanied Radak on his missions, in the hope that he would better understand honor by understanding that which was not honorable.  The honor of the duel made sense to him and personal honor also was second nature to him, but trying to impress those beliefs on warfare seemed a little foolish to him.  In his eyes, for many Eridani, their honor was their weakness.

Dakru loves his family dearly and he is not afraid to show it.  While he would appear normal to the average human, he is remarkably emotional by Eridani standards.  His family resides in the Hell's Kitchen quadrant of space on a corporate settlement, the city Iro, on the planet Shonkra, both owned by Eridicorp.  In a ploy to entice the Phentari into starting a war, Eridicorp intentionally left the planet poorly defended.  The Phentari did not take the bait.  Rather, a band of raiders struck.

Tanto was among the few warriors left to defend the planet.  When the dust settled and the blood soaked into the thirsty dust of the battlefields, Tanto was dead, along with many others.  They had died in fiery explosions of orbital artillery.  Hidden planetary defense systems were sluggish in responding, but ultimately crippled the attackers.  Dakru was incensed by the chain of events.  He judged the leaders of Eridicorp as hypocrites, willing to to use subterfuge to lure an enemy into a conflict honorable enough for them to fight in.  Tanto was dead and his death was an empty one.  He did not have the death of honor and glory that he had trained for years to earn.  Dakru contained himself for the sake of his family.  In some small way Dakru hopes that through his actions he will bring honor to his brother and those that were slaughtered alongside him.

In spite of Dakru's rage at the reasons behind his brother's untimely slaughter, he knew that as the only soldier in his immediate family that he was looked upon with some doubt and that he had to appear to be the ideal Eridani.  So, he kept up appearances.  One thing he had learned was that appearance was 90% of Eridani honor, if not more.  He methodically used death cards although he felt that the tradition was silly and unnecessary.  A truly honorable battle would need no marker, it's fame would carry itself.  Yet he still left the cards as any typical Eridani would.  He also adopted the practice of smearing a dark red dye on the upper torso of his armor and some clothing.

Dakru finished his initial training and embarked on his personal quest for Goyoo-Mabiki, "silent peace."  Radak continued his quest, but Dakru was weary of the mantra of the purity of Eridani honor.  Dakru sought out a new mentor and found one in Budo-idan, a Buddon priest with a temple on Harper's World, a planet with many opportunities for mercenary work.  Dakru was attracted to Budo because of his choice of students.  Budo was something of a rogue, having mostly non-Eridani students under his tutelage.  Dakru had decided that the next stage of his education would be to try and define honor by understanding honor as defined by others.  Dakru Budo encouraged Dakru's questioning mind.  Often had he told Dakru that the great thinkers question the wisdom of the past.

A patron of Budo, Derash-idan, gave Dakru a gift of a pack of ten high quality death cards, the kind with a hologram of the warrior and a verbal message.  Dakru is certain that Derash will ask some favor of him in the future, but it is the least of his concerns now.  In light of Eridicorp's actions and Dakru's desire to experience honor as defined by other races, he decided to enlist as a mercenary.  Dakru quickly found a place with Tollier Combat Industries where he hoped to find his inner peace in the crucible of combat.

And so it begins . . .

Character Progression

Mission 1

  • Awarded 10,000 XP + 1,000 XP (filing AAR) and 3554.83 Cr
  • Total XP: 11,000, Unspent SP: 11
  • Field Training
    • Raised Beam Weapons to 2 for 3 SP (field training, no Cr)
      • This pushes his Military points to 42, making him an Expert in the field
    • Raised Stealth to 4 for 0.5 SP (field training, no Cr)
  • Standard Training (1 week)
    • Raised Archaic Hand Weapon (Sword) to 8 for 2 SP and 1000 Cr
    • Raised Concealment to 4 for 1.5 SP and 150 Cr
  • Fields
    • Physical: 68, Expert
    • Military: 49, Expert
    • Weapons: 28, Primary Occupation
    • Espionage: 10
  • Unspent SP: 4, Unspent Money: 2404.83 + 55 (on hand) = 2459.83 Cr
  • Military Leadership +1%, now 92%
  • Standard Training (1 week)
    • Raised Camouflage to 6 for 2.5 SP and 500 Cr
  • Fields
    • Physical: 68, Expert
    • Military: 54, Expert
    • Weapons: 28, Primary Occupation
    • Espionage: 15, Secondary Occupation
  • Unspent SP: 1.5, Unspent Money: 1959.83 Cr
  • Lifestyle -750 Cr
  • Money left: 1209.83
  • Gear
    • Web Gear
    • Methane Injection
    • MBRI
    • Two M-80 Smoke Grenades
    • Total: 1140 Cr
  • Money left: 69.83 Cr

Mission 2

  • While waiting for bids to clear, raised Concealment to 5 for 0.5 SP and 500 Cr, 1 SP left.
  • Fields
    • Physical: 68, Expert
    • Military: 55, Expert
    • Weapons: 33, Primary Occupation
    • Espionage: 16, Secondary Occupation
  • New Mission:
    • Operation Type: Rescue/Recovery
    • Location: Ghalak (Industrial Province)
    • Threat Level: 5
    • Field Command: Supervisor control
    • Duration: 2 weeks (Flexible)
    • Remarks: Transportation provided
    • Closing Time: 2279.7.19, 1500
    • Bid: 34000 Cr
  • Advance: 17000 Cr, 2833.33 Cr apiece, total now: 2903.16 Cr
  • Last minute buy: another short sword, 2863.16 Cr left.
  • Confirmed Kill: Dueled Phentari
  • Awarded: 10 SP + 1 SP for generating the AAR + 1 SP left from before, giving a total of 12 SP.
  • Total XP: 22,000
  • Salary earned 3884.1 + 5500 Cr (12247.26 left)
  • OJT (no training time or money).
    • AHW: Sword +4 level (12) for 4 SP (8 left).
    • AHW: Dagger +1 level (4) for 1 SP (7 left).
    • AHW: Axe +1 level (2) for 1 SP (6 left).
    • AHW: Clubs +1 level (2) for 1 SP (5 left).
    • HTH + 1 level for 1 SP (4 left).
    • Climbing +1 level (1) for 0.5 SP (3.5 left)
  • Drug treatment: Agility +1 level (1) for 5,000 Cr. (7247.26 left)
  • Drug treatment: Body Points +1 level (1) for 5,000 Cr. (2247.26 left)
  • Cost of living: -1500 Cr (747.26 left)
  • Sold flux shield and divided it up: 4000 Cr (4747.26)
  • Remaining from second payment: 1826 Cr (6573.26)
  • +1 SP for duel with Eridani, Kenurr-idan of the House Iilkanne (4.5 left).
  • Total XP: 23,000
  • Basic Medical +1 level (1) for 1 XP (3.5 left) and 50 Cr (6523.26 left).
  • Fields
    • Physical: 89, Expert
    • Military: 69, Expert
    • Weapons: 47, Primary Occupation
    • Espionage: 16, Secondary Occupation
  • Salvaged Armor Option: Auto Doc
  • Armor Option: Corrosive protection for 1000 Cr (5523.26 left)

Mission 3

  • Took guerilla mission at Evance for 29000 Cr
  • Dakru gets a working passage as ship's troops
  • Advance money 1160 Cr (6683.26 left)
  • One week wait for transport, bought Hand-to-Hand +1 level (5) for 1 SP (2.5) and 400 Cr (6283.26)
  • Transport to planet - working passage on Hesperon 7 as ship's troops
  • Fields
    • Physical: 91, Expert
    • Military: 71, Expert
    • Weapons: 49, Primary Occupation
    • Espionage: 16, Secondary Occupation
  • +8 SP (10.5) awarded during mission
  • Total XP: 31,000
  • OJT
    • Camouflage: +1 (7) for 0.5 SP (10)
    • AHW: Sword: +1 (13) for 1 SP (9)
    • Stealth: +1 (5) for 0.5 SP (8.5)
  • Training
    • Camouflage: +1 (8) for 0.5 SP (9.5) and 100 Cr (6183.26)
    • Concealment: +2 (7) for 1 SP (8.5) and 100 Cr (6083.26)
  • Fields
    • Physical: 94, Expert
    • Military: 77, Expert
    • Weapons: 51, Primary Occupation
    • Espionage: 21, Secondary Occupation
  • +10 SP (18.5) awarded
  • Total XP: 41,000
  • OJT
    • AHW: Sword: +1 (14) for 1 SP (17.5)
    • Basic Medical: +1 (2) for 1 SP (16.5)
    • Infiltration: +1 (1) for 1 SP (14.5)
  • Training break (3 weeks = 63 days of intensive training time)
    • Camouflage (8/3 days): +2 (10) for 1 SP (13.5) and 200 Cr (5883.26)
    • Concealment (6/3 days): +3 (10) for 1.5 SP (12) and 150 Cr (5733.26)
    • Stealth (28/3 days): +4 (9) for 2 SP (10) and 600 Cr (5133.26)
    • Scouting (14/3 days): +1 (1) for 1 SP (8) and 150 Cr (4983.26)
    • Alertness (7/3 days): +1 (1) for 3 SP (5) and 1000 Cr (3983.26)
  • Fields
    • Physical: 94+2+4+5=105, Master
    • Military: 77+2+2+2+3+2=88, Expert
    • Weapons: 51+2=53, Primary Occupation
    • Espionage: 21+2+2+3+4=32, Primary Occupation

Eridani Ranks

Note: this is from the old edition of BL, a supplement called The Galactic Underground, copyright SSDC, Inc.
  • Kimikasous (Young Warrior) - Pre-game training.  Hair is close cropped, and colored a mottled gray with black and white streaks.  They live in a Buddon temple and train for 24 years, then take the Right of the Initiate.  If they pass, they become Budaish.  If they fail, they are ritually killed.
  • Budaish (Warrior) - Most Eridani would start the game at this level.  Hair is a red-dyed mohawk with a length proportional to status.  They are barred from Buddon temples during this time.
  • Budaish Thralek (Skilled Warrior) - Wear a red sash as a belt with black marks to signify kills.  They may enter a Buddon temple to pray, study, or pray.  Most junior NCOs in Eridine forces have this rank.  Prerequisites:
    • AHW (chosen) 7
    • AHW (any other) 3
    • Hand-to-Hand 5
    • Body Equilibrium 4
    • Body Points 2
    • Military Leadership 5
    • Confirmed Kills: 25+
  • Budaish Temptal (Formidable Warrior) - Receive a ruby that is embedded in their chosen weapon, a 150 kCr grant from the Eridani government, and a modest 200 kCr home provided by the government.  Most senior NCOs in Eridine forces have this rank.  Prerequisites:
    • AHW (chosen) 10
    • AHW (any 2 other) 5
    • Hand-to-Hand 8
    • Body Equilibrium 6
    • Body Points 3
    • Points in other military skills: 40
    • Confirmed Kills: 50+
  • Budaish Dis Ishmiak (Warrior With Vision) - "First Branch on the Path to Truth." May join Eridani armed services and 500 kCr per year; a 20-year hitch is required though.  Prerequisites:
    • AHW (chosen) 15
    • AHW (any 2 other) 8
    • Hand-to-Hand 10
    • Body Equilibrium 7
    • Body Points 5
    • Points in other military skills: 75
    • Points in Deep Space Operations: 25
  • Koordine (Adversary) - "Second Branch on the Path to Truth."  May wear mohawk in braided dreadlocks.  Attracts 4-16 Kimikasou, 2-8 Budaish, 1-4 Budaish Thralek, and 1-3 Budaish Temptal; they automatically pledge 25% of their earnings as payment for teaching.  Prerequisites:
    • AHW (chosen) 20
    • AHW (any 5 other) 15
    • Hand-to-Hand 12
    • Body Equilibrium 7
    • Body Points 6
    • Points in other military skills: 100
    • Confirmed Kills: 100+
  • Buddon Knysis (Teacher) / Buddon Dete Alorre (Legendary Warrior) - If the teacher path is chosen, then they are offered 200-400 acres of land complete with a private school, temple, and other amenities.  Teachers have gems and jewelry in their mohawks, Alorre can wear their hair long and unkempt.  Teachers attract 16-52 Kimikasou, 8-32 Budaish, 4-16 Thralek, 4-12 Temptal, and 1-4 Koordine.  Prerequisites:
    • AHW (chosen) 25
    • Hand-to-Hand 25
    • Body Equilibrium 10
    • Body Points 7
    • Points in other military skills: 100
    • Points in some othe occupational field (can this be military?): 100
    • Terrestrial Knowledge: 70+