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The Battles of Dakru-idan

Herein lie the details of Dakru-idan's life as a Mercenary.

After Action Reports (AARs)

Mission 1

Tollier Combat Industries
Crimson Blade (#7750)
TCI, Conquest Tower, Hell's Point, Harper's World

TCI-MD-7750-001                                              04JUL2279 
SUBJECT: After Action Report 


Crimson Blade (#7750)

Private 2nd Class Valdorn Zy-Koldren
Private Dakru-idan
Ensign Ba'Bracas
Ensign Sa'sha
Ensign Mark-1701
Intern Saalish

Transport Crew

Corporal Larry Colgo, TCI Hopper 19


03JUL2279 1000 Mission briefing
03JUL2279 1110 Team assembly and orientation
03JUL2279 1430 Arrival at Krovis Hopper LZ, Garrison Forest
04JUL2279 0200 Boris Calvert captured
04JUL2279 0330 Mission dustoff
04JUL2279 0700 Mission completed, return to Conquest Tower


Employer: Krovis Enterprises

Mission Statement: Recover Captain Boris Calvert, security officer with Krovis Enterprises, dead or alive.

Terms: 24,000 Cr for the team for completion.  8,000 if Boris is not recovered.


Malivent Orionus, Mercenary Department


Lt. Col. Brock-RIP090
Liaison Officer
Mercenary Department



03JUL2279 1110: We assembled at the launch facility.  PSC Valdorn Zy-Koldren checked on the status of our hopper while the rest of the team waited in a side room.  He informed us that we were going to have a short wait while the hopper was prepped.

03JUL2279 1130: a humanoid (Rebel #1, or R1 for short) armored in Bear armor walked up to the facility attendant, exchanged some words, appeared to get annoyed, and then shot the attendant in the face with a pistol-sized plasma cannon.  An apparent comrade (Rebel #2, or R2 for short), a Ram Python, also in Bear armor, incapacitated or perhaps killed, the other one or two guards in the room while R1 leapt over the controls and did something to the console.

In the hangar, the rebel hopper (RH for short) revealed an anti-personnel plasma cannon which was disguised as a refueling pod and opened fire on security personnel and the security tower in the center of the hangar.

Ensign Mark-1701 called the authorities.  Ensign Ba'Bracas left the team on his own initiative, running out into the hangar towards the RH.  The team took cover and prepared for action.  Rebel propaganda began issuing over the facility's address system.  PSC Valdorn Zy-Koldren exposed himself and shot R2 in the head with a pistol-sized flamethrower.  R2 ripped Valdorn Zy-Koldren's right leg off, and then backed up and threatened the rest of the team if they acted further.  R2 agreed to allow our medic, Intern Saalish, to tend to PSC Valdorn Zy-Koldren and the team stood down during that time.  While we waited, Ensign Mark-1701 contacted our hopper pilot, CPL Larry Colgo.

By the time Ensign Saalish had finished, R1 had finished on the console and leapt back over it.  Ensign Ba'Bracas closed on the RH and tried to disable the turret.  He did not succeed and entered the hopper.  The gunner repelled him with laser rifle fire.  Ensign Ba'Bracas withdrew from the RH and jumped off the RH's lift pad as another rebel fireteam positioned itself on the pad.

R1 and R2 withdrew to the RH and Ensign Sa'sha fired upon them with laser and slugthrower fire.  I managed to critically wound R2, causing him to stop in the crossing fields of fire of our team and the facility's security.  He was quickly terminated, but R1 escaped to the RH's lift pad.

With the team leader recovering from his wounds, I called for the team to move to our assigned transport craft, TCI Hopper 19, crewed by CPL Larry Colgo.  We got our people and gear into there as quickly as possible and lifted off from the facility.  As we cleared the facility, we saw the RH leave and quickly get shot down by police forces.


03JUL2279 1430: Team arrived at mission site.  Corporal Larry Colgo left the site in Hopper 19, awaiting our call for pickup.  We secured the hopper and LZ.  We found evidence of a firefight in the hopper.  The two remaining crew were dead from laser blasts and a bullet was found lodged in the console.  The cargo of medical supplies had been rummaged through.  We found a case of Crystal Red, a controlled substance.  PSC Valdorn Zy-Koldren and I agreed to destroy it immediately.  A standard fire pit was made, personnel were cleared from the area down wind of the fire, and the drugs were burned.  The hopper was set on autopilot and allowed to return to Krovis per the mission parameters.

Ensign Ba'Bracas discovered tracks and was dispatched as an advance scout to follow the tracks after most of his combat load was distributed among the rest of the team.  Radio traffic was kept to a minimum.


03JUL2279 2400: Ensign Ba'Bracas made contact with the target and watched over him until the rest of the team arrived.

04JUL2279 0200: the rest of the team arrived.  We talked to the target.  He was edgy, but I managed to convince him to surrender peacefully.  We bound the target and called for dust off.

Due to the damage to Averon, we headed to an alternate launch facility, Southridge Platform, Hell's Point.


We were met there by Amel Tapani, Section Administrator of Krovis Enterprises, and remanded custody to him.  We then obtained public transportation back to Conquest Tower and were debriefed by our primary supervisor, Lt. Col. Brock-RIP090, Liaison Officer with the Mercenary Department.


Ensign Ba'Bracas is a very capable scout and performed his duties well.  He follows orders, but his attitude is somewhat abrasive.

Intern Saalish is an excellent healer and performed well under duress.

Ensign Sa'Sha performed acceptably on this mission, but she may have some problems with restraint under pressure.  PSC Valdorn Zy-Koldren and myself will have to keep an eye on her.

Ensign Mark-1701 is a competent technician and performed well under duress.

Corporal Larry Colgo is a professional soldier and handled our crew well.

Encls                                            DAKRU-IDAN 
Receipt of prisoner transfer, Boris Calvert      PRIVATE, TCI
                                                 Combat Specialist 
                                                 Crimson Blade (#7750)

Malivent Orionus, Mercenary Department
Lt. Col. Brock-RIP090, Liaison Officer, Mercenary Department

Mission 2

Tollier Combat Industries
Crimson Blade (#7750)
TCI, Conquest Tower, Hell's Point, Harper's World

TCI-MD-7750-002                                              29SEP2279 
SUBJECT: After Action Report 


Crimson Blade (#7750)

Private 2nd Class Valdorn Zy-Koldren
Private Dakru-idan
Ensign Ba'Bracas
Ensign Sa'sha
Ensign Mark-1701
Intern Saalish

Transportation provided by employer; a ship called the "Judith Love", a Hebrides Starchaser.


19JUL2279 2200 Mission briefing in Crackerbox (a local bar).
20JUL2279 0800 Team assembly, Conquest Tower.
20JUL2279 1200 Arrive at Public Launch Facility #5.
               Boarded employer's ship, the "Judith Love", a Hebrides
20JUL2279 1300 Departed Harper's World, en route to Ghalak.
32JUL2279 Arrive at Eric's Place.
01AUG2279 Arrive at Dnar.
03AUG2279 Arrive at Naxtar.
04AUG2279 Naxtar Entry Path
          Ship refueled.
05AUG2279 Naxtar Exit Path.
13AUG2279 Arrive at Makin.
20AUG2279 Arrive at Ghalak.
21AUG2279 Ghalak Entry Path.
          Initial sensor sweeps of Ghalak.
22AUG2279 0900 Planetfall on Ghalak.
26AUG2279 Combat action involving hostile indigenous lifeform and Bools Loog.
          Ghalak Exit Path.
27AUG2279 Arrive at Makin.
07SEP2279 Arrive at Naxtar.
08SEP2279 Naxtar Entry Path.
          Intern Saalish dropped of at St. Christopher Medical Bay, Delmont V,
          Ship refueled.
09SEP2279 Naxtar Exit Path.
11SEP2279 Arrive Dnar.
15SEP2279 Arrive Eric's Place.
27SEP2279 Arrive Harper's World.
28SEP2279 Harper's World Entry Path.
29SEP2279 Debriefing


Employer: Gecko Jones, a private businessman.

Mission Statement: Provide protection and support for recovery of equipment from Ghalak.

Terms: 34,000 Cr for the team for completion, 17,000 in advance.


Malivent Orionus, Mercenary Department


Lt. Col. Brock-RIP090
Liaison Officer
Mercenary Department



20JUL2279 1200: Team arrived at Public Launch Facility #5 with mission gear in tow.  We boarded the employer's ship, a Hebrides Starchaser named the "Judith Love."

20JUL2279 1300: Departed Harper's world.  The employer, Gecko Jones, operated the ship without additional crew.  Employer reported ETA of 06AUG2279.

21JUL2279: Entered hyperspace.


Eric's Place.  Information on Ghalak obtained.  Population of less than 100, marginally habitable, less than 10% water.  Ensign Ba'Bracus and Ensign Mark-1701 learned that Ghalak's indigenous life may include rodents and typical desert lifeforms.


Refueling proceeded without incident.


22AUG2279 0900: Arrived at Ghalak, employer made some passes over the planet to zero in on the beacon of the target.  Employer reported at this time that the target had been on the planet for a full year.  We traveled throughout the day.  Ensign Ba'Bracas spotted a short humanoid that appeared to be scavenging with the help of two large Python-like laborers.  The humanoid was later determined to be a Goola Goola named Bools Loog and his laborers were members of a race called Wakon.  Indigenous lifeforms attacked during the night.  Intern Saalish and myself engaged in melee combat, while Ensign Sa'Sha and Ensign Mark-1701 engaged with small arms.  PSC Valdorn Zy-Koldren was lightly injured, no other casualties were sustained.

23AUG2279: We traveled throughout the day.  A group of four humanoids riding large furry animals spotted us but did not engage us.  We moved past them, traveled on, and set up a cold camp for the night.  Ensign Mark-1701 determined the target to be a half a day's travel away.

24AUG279: We reached the target site halfway through the day, passed it up, and made camp.

25AUG2279: We cleared away junk from the target.  The beacon was found, but the component was not in the ship.  Ensign Mark-1701 and I found a necklace that the team concluded was probably fashioned by indigenous people.  We located a nomad settlement that night using standard sensor sweeps from the Judith Love.

The employer agreed to bartering with the nomads for the target item.  We equipped ourselves with items from the employer to barter with.  We moved closer to the camp but waited outside the sentinel perimeter while Ensign Ba'Bracus scouted the camp.  Ba'Bracus was wounded by a hostile response from the sentinels while probing their perimeter.

26AUG2279: The entire team, minus Ensign Ba'Bracas, approached the settlement under a white flag and parlayed with the people of the settlement.  They informed us that they had traded the target item to a Goola Goola trader named Bools Loog and his partner Coola Jon.  We bartered with the people for the location and a guide to lead us there.  Our employer located the Wakon servants ahead of us.  PSC Zy'Kolden paid the guides and we separated from them.  They provided further directions.

26AUG2279: Contact with trader Bools Loog.  He directed us to another location.  The trader released a large hostile indigenous lifeform and laid down sniper fire with a large caliber powder weapon from an ambush position about a kilometer to our rear.  The beast was neutralized.  It is worth noting that the beast had a chemical attack in the form of a highly corrosive spittle.  Ensign Sa'Sha was killed and Intern Saalish was critically wounded by the sniper fire of the trader.  Ensign Ba'Bracas and myself advanced on the trader's distant firing position with PSC Valdorn Zy'Kolden following at a distance, while Ensign Mark-1701 tended to our dead and wounded.  The trader was neutralized and the target item recovered from his gear.


08SEP2279: The Judith Love landed at Naxtar and Intern Saalish was delivered to the St. Christopher Medical Bay, in the city of Delmont V.  The remainder of the team and the employer continued on to Harper's World after the Judith Love was refueled.


28SEP2279: Arrived at Harper's World.  TCI was contacted for the handling of body of Ensign Sa'Sha and her body was turned over to TCI staff.

With the loss of Sa'Sha, this team is lacking an offensive Matrix capability.  I recommend and request that the team be assigned an empath or energy controller.  A soldier from a Python race would also be a good addition to the team.

Mark 1701 performed well as a secondary medic.  He should be encouraged to train further.  He demonstrated quick thinking and technical competence under fire.

Ensign Ba'Bracas is an able scout, but a little reckless and overconfident.  His attitude had improved with regard to his fellow team mates.

The transit times to and from the mission site were more than four times greater than the mission time listed in the bidding.  I recommend that transit times also be included in mission listings.

Encls                                            DAKRU-IDAN 
Receipt of transfer for body of Ensign Sa'Sha    PRIVATE, TCI
                                                 Combat Specialist 
                                                 Crimson Blade (#7750)

Malivent Orionus, Mercenary Department
Lt. Col. Brock-RIP090, Liaison Officer, Mercenary Department

Mission 3.1

Tollier Combat Industries
Crimson Blade (#7750)
TCI, Conquest Tower, Hell's Point, Harper's World

TCI-MD-7750-003                                              ?????2279
SUBJECT: After Action Report 


Crimson Blade (#7750)

Corporal Valdorn Zy-Koldren
Private First Class Dakru-idan
Private Second Class Ba'Bracas
Private Mark-1701
Private Kariss Svell


02OCT2279 Mission awarded
09OCT2279 Boarded Hesperon 7 as ship's troops (working passage)


Employer: Director of Special Operations, Thor Borlson, Ironhead Estates
Employer's Liaison: Captain Kivistsk

Mission Statement: 

Terms: 29,000 Cr for the team for completion, ,000 Cr in advance.


Malivent Orionus, Mercenary Department


Lt. Col. Brock-RIP090
Liaison Officer
Mercenary Department



09OCT2279 Boarded Hesperon 7, a transport bound for medical facility in Evance with 200 passengers.  Working passage en route to mission.  Assigned liaison: co-pilot, Mr. Case, an Orion Rogue.  Two other security personnel, Mr. Case is one, the other is Barak, a Python Lizard.


??OCT2279 Met by employer's liaison, Captain Kivistsk.  He briefed the team, telling us that we would be operating primarily at the northern border against the Republic of Fenris; the bulk of the conventional forces are engaed on the southern border.


Briefed by Captain Kivistsk. Issued temporary dog tags, passport, and passwords. Standard soldier AKMB and M18 laser rifle. Assigned a liaison, Lieutenant ???


I opted for a reconnaissance mission to the location marked as MECHANICS DEPOT. I chose a route off-road, maximizing terrain for cover. The team was transported close to the border along with a platoon via standard. Encountered friendly Ironhead patrol and were directed 5 km upriver for a good crossing point. Camp established while PSC Ba'Bracas assessed river patrol routes in the location.

The team crossed the river without incident. We encountered a patrol of six Fenris People's Army (FPA) regulars. PSC Ba'Bracas and I neutralized them with primarily melee weapons. Radio traffic indicated three squads vectoring in on the location so I pulled the team back towards the river, but away from our inbound trail. PSC Ba'Bracas did an excellent job covering our tracks, but by sheer chance, we encountered one of the squads moving towards the area. It consisted of six FPA regulars. We avoided a complete ambush and the team provided a distraction while PSC Ba'Bracas and I flanked the enemy position. PSC Ba'Bracas came under heavy fire and was wounded seriously, but we did manage to neutralize the enemy squad with a combination of small arms fire and melee combat. The medic resolved most of Ba'Bracas' injuries and we secured our immediate position while monitoring the enemy radio traffic.

We salvaged gear and prepared to withdraw. A patrol station was identified 5 km northeast from our position. CPL Valdorn, PVT Mark-1701, and PVT Kariss Svell headed towards friendly territory with PSC Ba'Bracas scouting. I remained behind to cover their retreat. I engaged two patrols, killed two of their men, drew their fire, and circled around them. A helicopter from the patrol station dropped an additional one to two patrols. CPL Valdorn, PVT Mark-1701, and PVT Kariss Svell moved upriver to reduce exposure to an enemy patrol craft and then crossed the river with a zip line. PSC Ba'Bracas circled around the west end of the advancing enemy patrols and followed their movements. I avoided the patrols and crossed the river back to friendly territory. PSC Ba'Bracas waited for the patrols to pass and also crossed the river to friendly territory. We regrouped at the site of the Ironhead patrol encountered previously. We rested, reported in to CPT Kivistsk, and then returned to North Phoenix Camp. We spent a few days training at the North Phoenix camp.


The team supplemented its supply of anti vehicular weapons and rations. We crossed the river by zipline and inserted into enemy territory. PSC Ba'Bracas scouted at a range of 500 m and I directed the team's movements. Contact with the enemy was avoided and the team successfully reached an ambush point near the road without alerting the enemy to its presence.

We established two covered and camouflaged firing positions near the road a day in advance and then waited for the convoy. The convoy consisted of five vehicles. A wheeled APC, armed with a turretted dual pulse cannon and PK machine gun, lead the convoy. It was followed by a jeep, a cargo truck of munitions, a cargo truck filled with troops, and a second jeep. Both jeeps were equipped with pintel mounted coaxial heavy machineguns.

The APC was disabled by CPL Zy'Koldren with multiple antitank rockets. The heavy machinegunners were killed by sniper fire. The team engaged the remaining units. The forward jeep managed to escape. The munitions truck was destroyed by an antitank rocket and numerous secondary explosions. I disabled the rear jeep and neutralized the crew. The troop truck slowed and the men started dismounting. The team engaged them and neutralized them with small arms fire, grenades, and melee weapons. The final kills included one APC and crew, one munitions truck with its crew and cargo, one troop transport with three squads, and one jeep and crew. PFC Ba'Bracas was moderately injured during the firefight but PVT Svell.

Two prisoners were taken captive by CPL Zy'Koldren. Without the means to safely transport the captives without unduely endangering the team or the mission, I disarmed and released them.

A transport helicopter, with an assault helicopter escort, responded and engaged us while we were still exposed. We pulled back to the treeline, suffering casualties. PVT Mark-1701 and CPL Valdorn were seriously injured but PVT Svell and I managed to stabilize their wounds.

PFC Ba'Bracas identified an enemey mercenary team that had inserted from the transport helicopter. I moved out to engage the enemy team while the rest of our team withdrew to friendly lines. PFC Ba'Bracas and I used guerilla tactics to neutralize the team. I killed Elkeen-idan, the enemy team's honorable scout, in our first encoutner. After that, PFC Ba'Bracas and I hit them briefly and repeatedly. We incapacitated all but two of the team. The remaining two surrendered. The team's mobility was neutralized by their seriously wounded comrades. Taking this into consideration, along with the constraints of the mission and our resources, we withdrew from the battlefield, leaving the captives to seek medical evacuation. The team leader called the team Lugosi's Raiders. They consisted of an Eridani, Python Lizard, Mutzachan, Phentari, and a Human. When PFC Ba'Bracas and I withdrew, the Eridani was dead, the Mutzachan was down with a near fatal wound to his head, and the Python Lizard was down with shattered leg.

Our team regrouped near the border and crossed back to friendly territory. The team made it back to Phoenix base without incident. As of this report, the team has accomplished about two-thirds of its mission. This report is being submitted before a break for training. As a result of our incursions, the Fenris have declared war upon the Ironhead Estates, which was a secondary goal of our missions.


PVT Svell is highly competent under fire and follows orders well.

PSC Ba'Bracas is showing a markedly improved attitude and ability to work with the team.

PVT Mark-1701 exhibited some strong lacking in fundamental soldier skills during the mission, especially those related to tactical movement and emplacements. I will reinforce his training during this break. PVT Mark-1701's technical competence and calm under fire continue to be remarkable.

Encls                                            DAKRU-IDAN 
                                                 PRIVATE FIRST CLASS, TCI
                                                 Combat Specialist 
                                                 Crimson Blade (#7750)

Malivent Orionus, Mercenary Department
Lt. Col. Brock-RIP090, Liaison Officer, Mercenary Department


Interim Stuff

Interim 1



        The skimmer settles next to the curb across from the side entrance of Toller's office building. So as to not draw unwanted attention, TCI makes its mercs use the maintenance staff entrance to the building when decked out with merc gear. A pair of Tollier security guards stand nonchalantly by the entrance -- a python lizard with his helmet off and a pulse canon slung over his shoulder is smoking a cigarette while a human watches the skimmer, his laser rifle cradled in his arms. Both are armored in Bear armor. 
        The human intercepts the group as they arrive at the silver sliding double doors and holds up a hand. He's slung his rifle and produced a hand held retinal scanner.
        "I'm guess you don't have your security badges, eh fellas?"
        He proceeds to check out each of the team members and then punches in a code in a number pad next to the door. The doors slide open revealing a long plain hallway with a large maintenance elevator to the side.
        Within moments, the team is on the Tollier floors, unloading their gear into the unit's storage locker. The group cleans up, takes a shower, dresses in the new jumpsuit uniforms that are waiting in the personal lockers.  Although everyone is tired from the extended trek, it feels revitalizing to have the waters rinse away the grime and tension.  Ba'Bracas does not partake of the showers, but handles his own personal
        "Crimson Blade, please report to room G67," announces the intercom in a pleasant woman's voice. You all recognize the room number as Lt. Col. Brock's office.

        The group is standing at attention in front of the Brock and his smelly cigar. He paces back and forth behind his desk, pissed off at the world, muttering to himself. This seems to go one for a good twenty minutes, with anyone speaking being blasted with a piercing stare from the black gen-human. Finally, he stops and stands still to address the group.
        "I see all of you maggots made it out of the field in one piece.  There's some people in the HPPD as well as Galactic Control that are breathing down my neck to interview you about the incident at the launch facility. I would just as soon you hadn't have gotten involved, less
pain for me, but I know how it is to be young dumb and full of cum. You feel like you need to leap into every fire fight and start blasting. Well, keep it in your pants in the future, unless you can do some good for the corp. I have a mind to slap you with a blackmark for endangering corporate property so hard you'll be talking out the back of your skull for a week. But, I'm not going to, because that's what the suits would want and I don't want to squash your initiative and spirit like some drunken cockroach," says Brock in his pissed off shouting voice.
        "You better not make me a fool, punks! I'm letting this slide, but I expect a full report on this mission by tomorrow. Don't let anything slip or gloss over anything. Some cream puff suit starts asking me questions that I don't know the answers to and I'll kick your asses so hard you'll be shitting boot polish. Now get out of my sight!"
        Brock looks down at his desk, shuffling some papers about. As the group is starting to leave, and easing their stance, Brock speaks up again, "I didn't dismiss you! By the way, your quarry seems to have gotten a second chance. Word on the grapevine is that the Krovis shuttle taking him to their ground headquarters in New Minsk had to land for refueling and got hit. A merc team assaulted the hopper and rescued Mr. Calvert. They lost two of their people in the attack, but got away. You wouldn't have had anything to do with that?"
        Brock gives the whole group a solid once over before adding, "Not my problem. Mission accomplished, that's the bottom line. Dismissed!"

Talking with the Cops

        The day after being chewed out by Brock during the debriefing, you are visited by a trio of detectives. Let me know if you try and avoid them, otherwise they visit you at the Tollier offices. The rest of the team is around handling post-mission activities. They speak to you in private away from the rest of the team.
        The trio are comprised of a pair of humans and a chatilian. All three are wearing suits, with the two humans also wearing beat-up trench coats that have persisted throughout the centuries as the hallmark of police detectives. The chatilian wears a high neck blue suit of chatilian with gold buttons up the front. A sash across his chest indicates his level of empathic power and seems to be of medium power. The chatilian looks like most asparagus heads, with his bumpy green skin and oblong head. He stands about 5' tall and stands off to the side during the interview.  The humans include a homely female latino woman with short black hair and an athletic white male of scandanavian heritage. The woman does most of the talking.
        "We are detectives from the Hell's Point police department, counter-terrorism unit. I'm detective Rans and this is detective Holgrim. We'd like to ask you about the attack on the Averon Launch Facility III that occurred two days ago. I understand you were there.  Tell us what happened and what your involvement in the situation was, please."

Dakru gives the Chatilian a cold look as if insulted by its presence, then answers, staring right at the Chatilian the whole time.

"At about 1100 hours, we arrived at the launch facility.  Valdorn, the CO for our mission, checked on the status of our hopper while the rest of the team waited in  a side room.  He informed us that we were going to have a short wait while the hopper was prepped.

"We had only been waiting for a few minutes when we saw a humanoid armored in Bear armor walk up to the attendant, exchange some words, appear to get annoyed, and then shoot the attendant in the face with a pistol-sized plasma cannon.  An apparent comrade, a Ram Python, also in Bear armor, incapacitated or perhaps killed, the other one or two guards in the room while the humanoid leapt over the controls and started doing something to the console.  Before the team could really react, Valdorn exposed himself and tried to take a shot at the Ram.  The Ram ripped his leg off for his trouble."  Dakru stifles a chuckle with limited success.

"The Ram backed up and said something and threatened the rest of the team if they acted further.  In the midst of the chaos, the cat on our team, Ba' Brakus, ran out to engage the enemy hopper.  Our technician, Marc, called the authorities, and the rest of the team took cover.

"The Ram allowed our medic, Salish, to tend to Valdorn's leg, so we restrained ourselves from action in good faith."

"The humanoid finished whatever he was doing, probably arranging for the hopper to be lowered into the critical regions of the depot, and leapt back over the console.  By this time, some security guards
responded and a central tower in the facility had returned fire.  I believe the rebels had destroyed the tower by this time though.

"Our cat was bouncing around on their turret, I assumed in an attempt to distract them and divert fire from our people.  Later on, I discovered that his actions were not so carefully calculated.  Through
the grace of some higher power, the cat was not killed and he managed to lob a grenade into the ship and escape with only a few shattered bones.  The turret had been concealed as a weapons pod or something similar.

"As the humanoid and Ram retreated to their ship, myself and Sasha, another member of the team began firing on them.  I managed to puncture his armor and seriously wound him, at which point he turned to face me and was gunned down by crossing fields of fire from us and other security guards.  His humanoid friend made it back to the hopper as it lowered into the fueling area.

"I rallied the team and we made our way to our hopper for dust off and made it out of the facility before it blew.  We saw the rebel hopper fly out and get shot down moments later.

"There was also some rebel claptrap on the public address system, but I really don't remember most of it.

"Is that it?"

Dakru continues to stare at the Chatilian.

        "That'll do just fine, Private," replies Detective Rans. "If you think of anything else, feel free to give me a call."
        She hands over a small cheap business card with "Det. Maria Rans, Counter-Terrorism Unit, Hell's Point Police Department" on it in raised printed letters.
        The trio then leave, ending the interview.

Interim 2


Gecko Jones' Offer

The Judith Love settles into its hangar with a gentle, but reassuring thud. Exhaust and coolant gas vent from various ports on the ship's hull. Through a porthole the team sees some maintenance personnel waiting by a refueling skimmer for orders. Gecko blocks the exit ramp as the team is gathering its stuff and he looks a bit uncomfortable for the first time in weeks.

"I really appreciate what you guys did out there. I know it was your job, but still its tough finding some honest dependable mercs, especially working for someone like me. I have two propositions for you before you head out of here. The first one is for that personal flux shield.  You're going to need someone pretty good with electronic security to break it, or else you're going to maybe get a quarter of its cost. I'm heading by a friend who can do just that and I've been wanting some extra protection, so I'm willing to buy it off of you for 20,000cr. That's market value, so you won't get a better deal than that," says Gecko.

The most of the team glances over at Mark who gives a nod and responds, "A new Cover personal defense shield costs 20,000cr. Probably cost a good 2000cr to have someone break that seeing how it would have to be under the table. It is not exactly registered to us and flux technology is carefully monitored."

Gecko is satisfied with Mark's supporting statements. He continues speaking, "Secondly, I'm not sure how long I'm going to have some money. I'm not exactly the most responsible orion when it comes to handling money. So, I'd like to hire your services for the future. I'm not sure when or for what I'll need some dependable mercs, but it would be a pity if I didn't have the money and was in a jam. How does an extra 50,000 credits sound?"

Dakru removes the flux shield from his belt and tosses it to Mark, saying, "You're the expert, you work it out.  You don't have to be a merchant to appreciate getting cost for a used piece of gear."

Dakru looks to Gecko.  "You haven't lived up to my expectations of an Orion Rogue and that's a good thing.  I wouldn't mind working for you again."  Dakru pauses, "as long we established the transport times well in advance.  We can use the money since we're still new to this line of work, but I don't think we're willing to to agree to any mission you can imagine in advance.  Like you said, we're honest, dependable mercs.  That's a rep we'd like to keep.  So if the mission's right, the threat level's reasonable, and we're not busy single-handedly saving the galaxy from the Arachnids, you can probably count on the Crimson Blade."  Dakru looks about to his team mates for comments.

Gecko feigns being stabbed in the chest, "You wound me. Of course. I wouldn't expect you to assault the headquarters of Galactic Control or go raid an arachnic warship. Reasonable threat and all that.  The whole point of the agreement is so that I have some emergency insurance. I'm sure you'll honor your end of the deal to the best of your abilities."


The team contacts TCI and notifies them of their fallen comrade. They wait for twenty minutes until a TCI corporate skimmer arrives to transport the team and Sa'sha's body. Upon arriving at the Conquest Tower, a pair of TCI medical technicians are waiting outside with a pair of hover carts, one for the body and one for her gear. They head on inside after the transfer. The two guards outside the side entrance are noticeable more professional and give a respectful salute to the body bag as it passes. They remain stoic as the team heads as well. They seem sincere.

It is night time when the team returns to home base and luckily Lt. Col. Brock is not waiting to shout at the entrance foyer. A brief message is waiting, stating that there will be a debriefing meeting in Brock's office tomorrow morning at 0400 (Harper's World time).

The next morning, the team is standing before the black gen-human officer, hoping he doesn't yell too much. Two of the Crimson Blade are not present, giving an overall somber feeling to the debriefing.  Brock gnaws on the stub of a cigar and looks the team over a couple of times before standing up and
addressing them.

"Another successful mission. Completed the objectives with no additional complications," he looks at everyone obviously not pleased.

"Well not in my book!" he roars. "You have one team mate in the morgue and another is going to be hospitalized for another two weeks. That does not sit well in this office. The suits might not mind, 'Novice resources, easily replaced,' they might say. Only an idiot who's never had their friend and comrade die in their arms or seen a fellow soldier cut down in the blink of an eye ten yards away would say something like that.

"You might think you should mourn and cry like some little girl. That's not the merc way. Your team mates knew what they were getting into. Grief doesn't have a place here. Respect does," he stops there to let it sink in.

"You respect their efforts, you respect the killing machines you carry everyday, and you respect fate. 'Cause that's the bitch who's going to let you walk out of that firefight with just some scratches or is going to make your intestines part of the scenery."

He pauses and looks down at his desk, changing gears and seeming to decompress slightly.

He looks to Valdorn, "I want a full mission report by 0400 tomorrow."

He then looks to the team as a whole, "Replacements will be assigned shortly, but we are in a dry spell so you might have to hit the next contract as is. Also, you're up for review this week. If you want a promotion, I suggest you take the aptitude tests for areas you have some knowledge in. You computer center has all the necessary information, as does the local hypernet.


Inner Peace and Promotion (01OCT2279)

It's October 1st and the promotion ceremony is scheduled for later this afternoon. As has been Dakru's practice these last several days, he heads over from his apartment in the Ice Sector to his mentor's temple.  Dakru has maintained a disciplined regiment of training, fitting in two or three hours even on days where work awaits at the Tollier offices. A sword must always be kept sharp, or else it fails its purpose in life.

The methane winds are a little strong today and the temperature warrants a traditional heavy skinsuit. The icy blue tinge all about settles Dakru's mind and keeps it fresh. The walk is a brisk half hour to the temple, time to stretch muscles and go over the katas in his mind.

Upon arriving at the temple he senses something is wrong. The sounds of sparring do not echo from the central dojo, only silence hangs among the austere gold walls. Dakru sees the reason for the change as he enters the main room cautiously.

Budo-idan is sitting in his usual place at the end of the room, sitting in a lotus position in a small raised alcove that overlooks the sparring area. He watches over his pupil's training and often meditates for hours unmoving from there. Krak and Thomas Raynard have obviously been sparring, but they have stopped and are standing off to the side in awkwardly forced casual stances. Both have smooth dark wood practice swords at their sides. Their breathing is not heavy, so Dakru knows they must have been waiting like that for at least ten minutes.

Standing in the middle of the room facing Dakru and the entry way is a tall lithe eridani with dark tan skin and a gaunt lean face. His head is shaved clean, in the style of the skull mane. Dakru's name is tattooed on his right temple in stylized eridani. He is wearing loose dark blue pants and no shirt. His feet are bare as well and there are signs that he arrived here bare foot. A plain broadsword in a copper metal sheath rests on his back.

He stares into Dakru, projecting his honor, duty, and hate into his opponent's heart.

"I am Kenurr-idan of the House Iilkanne and I have come for vengeance.  Dakru-idan you have been marked Juati Klauth for slaughter of an honored warrior of the Eridine nation. My brother, Jedath, shall know peace.  Blood *will* stain your halls of war."

He draws his broadsword and falls smoothly into a fighting stance.

Dakru betrays no emotion or response from his cool visage.  "My duty was honorable, as will be your death."  Dakru draws his pair of short swords and falls into a stance.

The subtle tremble in Kenurr-idan's sword arm tells Dakru that his opponent has entered into the controlled frenzy that makes Eridani such dangerous foes.  Time seems to slow as Kenurr's rage fuels his strength and speed.  Dakru manages to deflect one attack, but another strike bites deep into his rib cage.  Blood flows from the wound and Dakru feels the welcome rush of rage wash over him.

The berserker energy flows through Dakru's limbs turning him from a flat-footed target into the lithe killing machine that resides in his inner self.  Dakru takes the offensive.  The condescending, self-assured expression washes away from Kenurr's face, quickly replaced by genuine fear as Dakru presses forward.  Kenurr manages to parry Dakru's first blow, but in spite of Kenurr's obvious skill, Dakru smashes aside a second parry and slices into Kenurr's left calf, almost severing a whole sheath of muscle.  Before Kenurr can concern himself with controlling the pain and not crying out, Dakru smoothly pulls the stroke back up over his left shoulder and arches the blade down into a thrust.  Kenurr pulls back, trying to avoid the strike, but with his rage in full force, Dakru's skill and the speed of his weapons were a lethal combination.  Kenurr stands helpless as the short stout blade slides through his thick right thigh, unleashing a torrent of blood from an artery, spraying the mat.  He tries to bring his blade up to continue the fight, but his body fails him and he collapses to the floor into the growing pool of his own blood.

The young Eridani that had come seeking vengeance for his brother has only found his own death.  Within a matter of a few seconds, decades of swordsmanship and training have blinked out of existence.  Dakru delivers the deathstroke that honor demands, but his grim visage suggests a certain detachment or is it dissatisfaction?

Dakru looks down at the fallen warrior.  "A skilled sword is silenced, and for what?  Because some bureaucrat failed to clear a dishonorable's name.  If they can not see the honor in what I did, then I will carve it into the hearts of their champions.  But honor does not demand that I enjoy it.  This death serves nothing but honor.  Does that make it an empty death or the most meaningful?"

Dakru does not await an answer; rather, he wipes his blades, sheathes them, and turns to walk out.  He stops momentarily and seems almost surprised as he looks down at the spreading blood stain on his skinsuit.  The serene warrior closes his eyes, falling almost instantly into a peaceful, trance like countenance and the stain stops growing.  He straightens and continues out of the building, meeting an emergency medical team as he walks out.  The tall swordsman lays down on the litter and with a deep sigh, falls into a relaxed posture as the medics raise him into an ambulance.


Later that afternoon, Dakru shows up to the promotion ceremony, dressed formally.  The tall lean Eridani's gait and posture seem unusually stiff and unnatural.  He says little to anyone before or during the ceremony and appears to be concentrating on something else.  He steps forward to receive his new rank and strikes a pose so rigid that he could be mistaken for a sculpture.  After the standard blurb is read and the rank is pinned on he snaps to attention and executes a sharp salute.  His stony visage is visibly disrupted as he walks off the stage.  As the few nearby soldiers start to draw conclusions about the emotional impact of the ceremony on the stoic Eridani, one of them points to the bright stain under his jacket.  The ceremony ends and the graceful warrior holds a hand firmly to his rib cage and rolls into the distance-eating gait his kind are fond of.

Valdorn quietly excuses himself from the ceremonies as the last handful of mercenaries are promoted. Malivent Orionus' speech that will follow is missed, but it probably held little beyond vague business motivation speak. The kizanti slips out of the hall and once out of sight jogs after Dakru. Dakru hears Valdorn's approach and unless he wishes to avoid him, he catches up down the hall and around the corner from the proceedings. The two are in a quiet small side corridor.

Dakru continues to walk, but acknowledges Valdorn with a nod, "Corporal."

[Kenny (Valdorn Zy'Koldren)]
Valdorn keeps pace with the fleet footed Eridani.
"Private?  Is there something wrong?" 
"I wasn't aware that you sustained any debilitating injuries on our last mission." 
"Have you had that looked at yet?  It seems fairly bad". 

"It is the price of honor, and I pay it without hesitation.  I will be ready for battle when it comes.  I am ready now."  Dakru glances briefly at the wound.  "This is merely a distraction that mildly tests my training.  It is good to be reminded what an honorable wound feels like.  If there is nothing else Corporal, I will see you three days hence to choose our next mission.  I trust you can attend to making sure our people gear up and get their equipment repaired, as well as distributing equipment appropriately.  I talked to some dealers in my area and they recommend cannibalizing the armor for parts and then selling the remainder.  Perhaps we can salvage the built in components for my own armor.  They are both Bear models, but I am almost twice as large as the trader was, so it may be beyond Private Mark's abilities.  I believe there was talk of giving the scout the IR dampener.  That seems reasonable for now.  If my role begins to include neutralization of sentinels, then we might want to consider a different distribution.  I do not envy you the task of finding an equitable division of valuable but used equipment along with money.  It would be easiest to simply sell any salvaged gear that was not common use equipment, but it would clearly not be the most efficient approach.  It is tasks like these that I do not envy you.  Maybe you can convince Private Mark to handle it.  He seems trustworthy.  We could simply keep a running total of the value of gear that each person has taken from salvage and not worry about it balancing out for a given mission.  That way, if Private Ba'Bracas gets the 'lion's share' of the salvage this time, then next time someone else benefits."

Dakru continues to walk briskly.  Valdorn's calves and thighs are starting to indicate to him that this pace is unnatural for a Kizanti.  The tall Eridani rounds a corner and heads towards the glittering medical center of Conquest Tower.  At this pace, it is probably only a minute or two away.

[Kenny (Valdorn Zy'Koldren)]
Assuming that he is approaching the medical center he leaves the flustered Eridani to his quickened pace.  Valdorn sits a moment attempting to rember when and where he received such a wound, and then goes on his way, once again assuming that Dakru is going to get the medical attention he needs.

As Valdorn slows his pace and Dakru pulls away from him, the Eridani says quietly. "No visitors please."


Confirmed Kills

1: Dueled Phentari with two longswords outside Crackerbox bar.
2: Dueled Eridani, Kenurr-idan of House Iilkanne, the family that has declared Dakru Juati Klauth (Living dead).
3-6: 4 Fenris soldiers on Patrol (Mission 3, first incursion).
7-10: 4 Fenris soldiers on Patrol (Mission 3, first incursion).
11-15: Crew of Fenris Vehicle, five men total (Mission 3, second incursion, convoy assault).
16-19: Charged and killed four laser riflemen (Mission 3, second incursion, convoy assault).
20: Elkeen-idan killed in single combat (Mission 3, second incursion, withdrawal).

Eridani Kill Requisites by Rank

  • 25+ kills: Budaish Thralek
  • 50+ kills: Budaish Temptal, Budaish Dis Ishmiak
  • 100+ kills: Koordine (Adversary), Buddon Knysis (Teacher) / Buddon Dete Alorre (Legendary Warrior)