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Battle Report 3 - Tyranids vs. Shitake Craftworld Eldar

Composed by Michael J. Casavant (Hive Fleet Phage).


  • Game Date - 16JUN2001
  • Scenario - 1750 Point Blitz!
  • Tyranid Army List - Hive Fleet Phage
  • Shitake Craftworld Eldar [played by John Perry]
  • Victory Points
    • Eldar = 897 Kills + 0 Scenario
    • Tyranid = 1510 Kills + 1500 Scenario (5 units reached the far section of the table)
    • Difference = 2113 in favor of the Tyranids
    Grand Tournament Scale (Victory Points Difference)
    • 0-299 Victory Points = Draw - neither side holds the upper hand.
    • 300-599 Victory Points = Minor Victory - You have won the battle, but only just!
    • 600-1,199 Victory Points = Solid Victory - You have decisively defeated your foe!
    • 1,200+ Victory Points = Massacre - You have ruthlessly crushed your foes!



John is a great opponent and I can only hope to be as good a sport as him someday. We are both slavishly dedicated to finishing a game and seeing how it turns out. I have a LOT to learn about Eldar. Wow, that's a lotta rules! I also need to aggressively seek out new knowledge on terrain and how it works in the game.

John did well in the situation he was given. He was really hampered by an army that was not well-equipped for the mission and he was unaccustomed to 3rd edition Tyranids.