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Battle Report 3 - Tyranids vs. Shitake Craftworld Eldar

Turn 2

Faint shapes and shadows heralded the swarm that burst from the fog along the western line. As the tanks and grav platforms spun to fire on the dozens of Genestealers surging forward, Gargoyles streaked past and engaged the unit on top of the bunker.

As they neared, the Gargoyles fired a volley from their living weapons, which we had come to know as Fleshborers. The fast moving creatures' speed did not greatly affect their accuracy as four of the Eldar were hit and died in writhing agony as the small boring beetles spewed forth from their weapons rent their bodies. The winged beasts then closed in for the kill, vomiting balls of bio-plasma and tearing at them with their talons. The Eldar stood fast as another of the warriors fell and they answered the attack, dropping two of the winged beast. Blood and bone churned [Over two Assault Phases, Tyranid and then Eldar], another three warriors fell, taking two more beasts with them. Only the crew of the Starcannon remained and they fell back, their weapon in tow. The beasts paused to tear the fallen Eldar to pieces and a few began to feed, giving the pair that retreated time to scale down the bunker wall to the ground below and keep a few steps ahead of the creatures.

The tanks and remaining Starcannon continued to rain down fire on the advancing swarm, sending four more Genestealers into fiery oblivion, although the targeting system on the western Falcon seemed to have difficulties; again, in spite of the psychic guidance of their Farseer, the tank was unsuccessful in affecting the foe, though they bravely stood their ground. "None shall pass" thought the Farseer out loud. Reports claimed that there were at least a hundred of the creatures.

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