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Battle Report 3 - Tyranids vs. Shitake Craftworld Eldar

Turn 3

Implacable, the swarm advanced. The swifter Mortigaunts were starting to overtake the Genestealers that had managed to sneak in closer to our lines before the attack began. The writhing chaos of chitin and claw was awe inspiring, but the noble Eldar held their ground, awaiting the heat of the swirling melee that would inevitably come.

The monstrous Carnifex and Hive Tyrant brought their huge living cannons to bear on the western Falcon. As if fate itself were punishing the crew for their ineffectiveness, the blasts from the monsters slammed into the tank bringing it crashing down to earth. The Farseer and his Guardian Storm Squad managed to escape the wreckage, losing only one man in the process.

The Gargoyles devoured the last of the Starcannon crew and settled in the top of the bunker. The image conjured up images of the mon keigh and their cathedrals. The beasts would not rest for long. The eastern Falcon moved toward the bunker and the units inside disembarked. In perfect coordination with the other Farseer's unit, they swept the Gargoyles with gouts of flame. They screeched and writhed as they died, like the noble warriors that had fallen to their wicked weapons.

For the briefest of moments, the fearsome Hive Tyrant was visible and his retinue of bodyguard were delayed in the foggy swamp. The highly trained gunners of the Eldar seized the moment seriously wounded him but he continued to advance. The crew of the Falcon stood their ground. The aid of their Farseer had allowed them down a good number of beasts, but their numbers were staggering.

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