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Battle Report 3 - Tyranids vs. Shitake Craftworld Eldar

Turn 4

The cries of vengeance that followed the slaying of the Gargoyles were drowned out by panicked screams as two small hordes of Mortigaunts raced forward and engaged the Farseers' units. The monstrous Carnifex fired its living cannon at the remaining Falcon, but only stunned the crew inside. The Hive Tyrant managed to stun the crew of one of the Wave Serpents that had arrived with fresh troops.

The eastern unit was slaughtered in the blink of an eye as blood and bits of flesh sprayed the side of the nearby Falcon. The seething mass of claws and teeth surged forward and smashed into the eastern Guardian Defender unit even as the warriors fired their shirked pistols in desperation.

Half a dozen Mortigaunts fell to the weapons fire of the Guardian Defenders, but when the mass of beasts slammed into them they lost a half dozen men and the four remaining fell back. Fortunately for them, the creatures were slowed ever so slightly finishing off the wounded and were not quite able to cut them down as they fled.

The Farseer on the western flank bravely stood his ground while his men were cut down. The beasts pressed in ever closer.

The counterstrike units reinforcing the Eldar from a rear position finally reached the battle lines. The Wave Serpents unleashed their cannons and were rewarded by the howl of the Carnifex as a blast pierced its armor. Inspired by this fortune, morale surged as the wave serpents raced forward and deployed a unit of Howling Banshees and a unit of Striking Scorpions. The Howling Banshees raced forward and struck down the beasts that were stunned by the Psychic Scream of their Banshee Masks; they devastated the lead unit of Genestealers. The Striking Scorpions charged boldly into battle but did not fare as well. As their hearts burst with pride at their accomplishments, they sighted the dozens of beasts surging forward to fill the gaps in the ranks and devour them along with the lumbering monsters that followed close behind. And somewhere was a strange sense of dread [Hive Tyrant's Psychic Scream].

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