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Battle Report 3 - Tyranids vs. Shitake Craftworld Eldar

Turn 5

The Tyranid horde smashed forward, engulfing the Striking Scorpions and Howling Banshees.

A Lictor appeared behind the enemy lines and the remaining Mortigaunts rushed toward the Falcon. [They subsequently forgot to attack because the Tyranid, player, me, stood on the other side of the bunker throughout the game and out of sight, out of mind...]

The Howling Banshees fled quickly, barely managing to stay ahead of the swarm, which chose closer prey. The ripper swarms were distracted as they devoured the last morsels of Striking Scorpions. The Mortigaunts killed the Farseer and raced forward to engage the Warp Spiders that had briefly engaged them and withdrew earlier. The Carnifex rushed forward alongside the Genestealers, eager for new prey. The Hive Tyrant and his retinue ambled forward.

The Wave serpents carefully chose a new position and their weapons smashed into the Carnifex, wounding it. The Falcon pushed through the Mortigaunts surrounding it and almost killed the Carnifex [we let the Falcon shoot past the Sweeping Advance, because we had no idea if it could and I was winning already, so it seemed the sporting thing to do regardless]. The Warp Spiders exchanged blows with the Mortigaunts then warped away. The Howling Banshees continued to race back to the polar base, their new mission to help set up another delaying action.

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