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Battle Report 3 - Tyranids vs. Shitake Craftworld Eldar

Turn 0

The Starcannon crew atop the bunker tensed as the rustling and thundering sounds of motion began to escape the thick fog over the marshy treeline. The grav platform hummed to life and the unit of Guardians sealed their helmets, bringing an end to the warm fog of their breath in the icy air.

They were left to hold the line against an advancing unit of Tyranids from the Hive Fleet that the mon keigh had dubbed "Phage". The beasts had lived up to their name. Within weeks all but the icecaps had been subdued by swarms of Mortigaunts, Genestealers, Carnifices, and the dreaded warlords know as Hive Tyrants with their mutant guards.

Reports form an Alaitoc Rangers force had failed to mention the presence of any flying beasts among them, but the forward units reported beasts on great leathery wings that carried living guns and vomited forth bouts of plasma that cut through flesh and armor alike. They had come to know these as Gargoyles.

Another unit with a Starcannon had set up east of the bunker and two Falcons flanked it, one to either side, each containing a Farseer and a Guardian Storm Squad. Other noble Eldar warriors waited behind the lines to counterstrike. A group of Howling Banshees and one of Striking Scorpions waited in wave serpents, ready to strike down the beasts with their swift fury. A squad of Warp Spiders had been attached to them as well and they too waited for the riposte.

The beasts had learned of a secret Eldar base established on the polar cap. The Tyranids turned towards the base in great numbers, but only a small army had managed to threaten the escape of the Psyker and technicians there. The Eldar needed to slow down the beasts to give their brothers time to escape.

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