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War Stories & Interims

Warstories are the stories as told by the runners themselves, a little recreational creative writing practice (in exchange for some extra karma). One player will act as chronicler, so each run will have the basic timeline and details set down accurately.

Interims (if any) are where I handle all of the stuff between and behind the runs. Be careful reading interims if you cannot separate character knowledge from player knowledge very well.

  • The mechanics of writing up the War Stories
  • Run #1 Interception - Seven runners get hired to intercept a package...five would be runners are left for dead in the Toxic Ash.
  • Run #2 Recovery - A security R&D egghead has decided to go on a permanent vacation to another corporation; the team is hired to help "rescue" him from himself.
  • Run #3 Guide - The team needs to penetrate deep into a facility...and take two people along with them.
  • Run # 3 Interim - A quick story wrapping up a loose end.
  • Run #4 Tears of Rage - Someone's gotten themselves lost in the Ork Underground and runners are needed to find and extract them before the denizens tear them to pieces.
  • Run #5 Street Sweepers - A street gang is in someone's way, it's your job to make the problem go away permanently. You've got six days. Oh yeah, they've got 20+ people and a Mage. Good luck.

The mechanics of writing up the War Stories

I think war stories from the players' perspectives are the best way to record a run. I put my karma where my mouth is. For every session, you can submit a war story for +3 karma (or more if it's exceptionally cool). Such submissions need to be at least 350 words (trust me, it's easy to hit that mark) and written in narrative, from the perspective of your character. This can boost karma earned by more thanhalf, so it can be very much worth your time.

The karma bonus for war stories expires the Friday after the end of the run; I recommend just writing it up as soon as possible so you can get it out of the way and not forget important details.