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Run #1 - Interception (Session #1, 15JUN2003/17JUN2063)

Synopsis - in this this story, we learn that

  • When a gang is described as "unusually organized" it merits further investigation
  • Five people are not as sneaky as one
  • Cutting a wire fence open is noisier than Levitating over it
  • Four Shadowrunners are less effective than six Shadowrunners
  • A shotgun can be deadly in the hands of a Street Samurai
  • DocWagon is a good thing

It was a simple interception to hijack a package from a group of paramilitary gangers, although the PCs didn't really fully understand the paramilitary part until the snipers took down two of them. With a completely new group with only two well-versed in the current edition of Shadowrun, there was much carnage, but not a big surprise for the first time out.

NOTE: this campaign is unlike my previous two closed epic-style games. This one is a no holds barred display of the dangerous world of Shadowrun. The weak need not apply. :)

That said, I expect subsequent runs to result in a) less player casualties and b) more players buying DocWagon contracts.

The Cast - Player/Character

Warstories (Talon)

Talon's Warstory

A run was in the works!

I got a call from some stranger to meet him at a bar in the middle of nowhere. But he did mention my buddy's name. I got on my rapier and headed down to the bar. The road condition was favorable. The only trouble I had was upon entering Puyallup The street was in disarray. Some roads were literally impassible. Luckily my bike was able to maneuver through all the rubble and arrived at the destination just in time.

I was the third person to arrive. The other two were one human and a dwarf. Soon the rest of the group arrived. An Ork, another obviously chromed dwarf, and a human with lots of feathers and stuff. Evidently the last one is some sort of magician.

Our fixer explained about the situation. We are to retrieve an item. This item is going to be moved soon and speed is of the utmost essence.

Our first plan was to do some surveillance work. Luckily the chromed dwarf had a large enough vehicle to carry all of us to the target location. The ride was extremely comfortable except for the obvious LMG sticking out like a sore thumb.

We arrived at the location without any incident. Since none of us have ever worked together there was a heated discussion on how to approach the target. After much discussion we finally decided to have Moriarty, the dwarf, to scout out the place.

Moriarty, despite looking not very sneaky, was able to sneak up close to the target and took a few pictures. Unfortunately he met some unexplained phenomenon and was injured. He kept saying it's some sort of magical creature. I think he's probably got knocked in the head and imagined it all. Some fallen debris from the junkyard next to the target location must have hit him.

We decided the Ork magician should be the next one to scout. The magician did his magical thing and a few minutes later came back. The package is in the target location. There are many people in the target location along with four guards on the roof.

After another heated discussion the group decided to all go in. The Ork magician said that his spirit or whatever will help to conceal us.

Finally the entire group except for the chromed dwarf headed out to the target.

Then suddenly everything went blank.

The bright white ceiling looked just like the trid version of heaven. My eyes was finally able to focus on the stark fluorescent lights. The bright tubes looks so familiar. Looking to my left I saw a hint of some translucent material. Shadowy forms were on the other side.

Slowly I was able to hear the conversation.

‘Patient is recovering.’

‘What's his payment status?’

‘Doc Wagon Super-Platinum service, patient still needs more time to recover’

‘Keep him till DW runs out’

I was in a hospital! What happened to the run? I remember just arriving at the target location and then everything blanked out.

I tried to lift my arms. One arm managed to come up and as far as my cybernetic eyes can tell it seems fine. My actions drew the attention of the people outside.

‘There there, you shouldn't worry about yourself. Luckily Doc Wagon brought you here just in time.’

‘Raise the meds by 20%’

Slowly I felt like I was falling. My eyes grew weary and I finally drifted off into a dreamless slumber.

‘Rise and Shine Boyo!!’

That voice woke me up. It sounded familiar. I managed to pry my eyes open and looked into the face of Moriarty My voice at first wouldn't respond, but after a few swallows I was able to croak out a few words.

‘What happened?’

‘Weeelll, here's the story…..’

Moriarty proceeded to ramble on about the part I missed. Evidently I missed out on all the fun.

‘Here's your share of the nuyen. Evidently none of the other guys got out alive to spend it. Lucky for you I was able to track down where Doc Wagon took you.’

‘Thanks a bunch Moriarty, you're a real chummer.’

‘Hey, no sweat. We was lucky to even get the merchandise and live to see the payoff’

‘Seems like I won't have to be in here long. When you need some help let me know.’

‘Okay Boyo… Good luck with the docs. I'll be heading outta here. See you around’

‘Thanks Moriarty, and good luck’

A few days later and several thousand nuyen short I left the hospital. Well, I certainly learned a few new tricks from this run.

I wonder if we've made any enemies…

Chronicler's Notes


  • 2000 - "Team" meets @ Milda's Saloon
    • Introductions - Colt, Talon, Moriarty, Zoom, Doc, Jack
  • 2200 - Head to Moon's Shine Bar to meet Fixer (Jared)
    • Conquistadors (Aztech), "new" gang in town
    • Fencing "item" stolen by SR team for gang to sell to a company
    • 16-40 hours window to secure and sell item to 3rd company
    • Can carry device, can be lifted by 1 person
    • Get item, contact Jared
    • 50 k¥, 10 k¥ in advance
    • Spent 2.5 k¥ on filter masks and 0.1 k¥ on hotel room
  • [Further information from contacts on] Conquistadors
    • "organized" gang, new gang split off from Aztech
    • Puyallup (S, SW)
    • Petty mafia, not a go-gang
  • [around 2400?] Find gang hideout, lots of toxic ash
  • [hand drawn maps showing]
    • a complex with two warehouse two stories tall at the end of a road
    • toxic ash dunes beyond the complex, covering the road
    • Junkyard across the street
    • Rubble leading up both sides of the road
    • Fence around complex, 15 meters from the buildings and 15 meters from any rubble.
    • Two sentries on each building, hiding beneath camouflage tarps and watching the perimeter

GM Addendum

  • 17JUN2063, around 2400, Scouting - Moriarty caught a crankshaft in the side from an entity in the junk-filled fenced area.
  • 17JUN2063, around 0200, everyone but Hammer advances through rubble.
    • Doc's Astral scouting already revealed that there are two guards on each roof, concealed under camouflage tarps and equipped with rifles with scopes. (for the uninitiated, that is very hardcore/professional for a bunch of gangers)
    • Plan - Levitate Colt up onto roof to take out guards.
    • What actually happens - all five of them try to sneak up to and through the fence. They are noticed and snipers drop two of the team, Talon and Zoom, almost killing them.
    • They retreat successfully thanks to Hammer's Truck and a City Spirit summoned by Doc.
  • 18JUN2063, AM
    • Plan - stop truck with explosives, take out rear bikes with explosives, ambush truck, Moriarty drives in and they drive off with the package.
    • What actually happens
      • The ambush starts perfectly, but goes down hill fast. There were more bikes than expected and two were Riggers, but they are dropped before they can do anything.
      • Zoom hides until it's too late.
      • Hammer gets killed by a Shotgun-wielding Street Samurai.
      • Colt and Doc both get caught out in the open by the same Sammy - Colt gets badly wounded and Doc gets killed.
      • Meanwhile at the back of the truck, Slick takes out both ganger guards.
      • Spirits sent by Zoom and Doc are taken out.
      • Colt tries to surprise the driver of the truck, but is surprised to not find him there. He exchanges shots with the still unwounded Street Sammy and goes down with a Deadly wound.
      • The driver, who had snuck up onto the roof of the truck tries to take out Slick, but Slick geeks him with ease.
      • So we're down to Zoom, Slick, and the Sammy.
      • Zoom hides while the Sammy and Slick exchange shots. The Sammy wins and Slick slumps over dead on his LMG. Zoom does manage to take the phone off Hammer's corpse and call Moriarty.
      • Zoom, crawling around blindly (not literally) feels his oats and lobs a Neuro-Stun grenade near the truck. Unfortunately a) the Sammy had snuck up onto the roof to try and get a better angle on people hiding in the rubble and b) Zoom was close enough to the grenade that he was affected too. The Sammy uses his held action to blow Zoom's arm clean off.
      • Moriarty moves in close and spots the Sammy, thanks to his vision mag. Moriarty remembers that he has an LMG with a longer range than a shotgun and jumps up and puts it to good use. Suppressive fire manages to injure the Sammy enough to drive him off. Moriarty rushes in, shoves the package into the vehicle and gets the heck out of Dodge.
      • Unfortunately, that left Colt (and Slick? Zoom?) bleeding to death...DocWagon is a good thing.

Karma & Nuyen

Run: 6 pts. For full run, 3 pts. For half, minimum 2 pts. to inactive characters

  • 6 Moriarty
  • 3 Talon(3); Haymaker(3) & Switchblade(3)
  • 2 Doc(2); Jax(2), Chavez(2), Blaze(2), Mirage(2)
  • +1 Chronicler(Corey): Jax(3), Chavez(3)
  • +1 War story (Ric): Talon(4)

Nuyen: 40k-5k for party = 35k split between two surviving PCs, minimum 2k to inactive PCs. Residual advance money lost in firefight.

  • Moriarty makes 17.5k. He pays for hospital (1k) and getting Bison "signed" over to him via his Mechanic (5k). Net profit: 11.5k
  • Talon makes 17.5k. Even with his cost break due to DocWagon, he ends up spending 17 days and 19.1k in the hospital, then another 2 days resting at home. Minus his 1.1k in pocket, that's 0.5k in the red. Yikes!
  • 17.5k: Moriarty & Talon
  • 4k: Haymaker, Switchblade, Doc (half of ~standard pay)
  • 2k: Jax, Chavez, Blaze, Mirage


  • Moriarty took 6 boxes in one hit. He rolled no higher than 5 on his Damage Resistance, so he took a single Wound effect. It resulted in Attribute damage to the tune of 1 Stress Point to Strength. The bad news is that he has to stay in the hospital for a few days; the good news is that Attribute Stress self-heals like normal damage. Moriarty was healed down to a Moderate wound by the end of the run. Ultimately, Moriarty spends two days in the hospital and heals his Attribute Stress point at home the next day.
  • Talon took 12 boxes in one hit. His Body test yielded a max of 5. So he suffered 7 potential wound effects. Three came up as Bioware, which he does not have, so those go away.
    • Cyberware: Three came up as Cyberware; two hit his Wired Reflexes, one hit his Muscle Replacement. This resulted in 4 points of Stress to the WR and 2 points of Stress to the MR. They are both Alphaware. The WR fails the test and suffers a 50% reduction in bonus and confers a +1 TN penalty when active.
    • One Attribute wound effect, which results in 3 Stress Points to Strength
    • There was no additional permanent damage from the Deadly wound.
    • Talon does end up with a conspicuous scar, a long thick scar along the right side of his neck where the sniper bullet tore out pieces of his neck and trapezius.
    • Now I need to figure out the implant surgery costs to fix his cyberware and the hospital bills.

Life Goes On

  • Moriarty(Zack) - Spent 1/2 month of existing Medium and Low Lifestyles.
  • Talon(Ric) - Spent 1/2 month of existing Medium Lifestyles.