Etienne Boudreaux

a.k.a. "Mongoose"

Adept Bounty Hunter

A Character for Shadowrun (tm)
As you read the following page, keep in mind that I also have pages containing definitions of game terms and names of the people and places Etienne knows.

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Creating this Character

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Basic Concept

Basically, the concept is a guy that grew up in the Louisiana bayou, surrounded by magic.  He felt a calling to fight the predators of the world.  He joined the New Orleans police force for a short while, but his lack of corporate savvy and his computer illiteracy made the job too tedious for him, so he left.  He turned to bounty hunting and found his true calling.  Went to Seattle chasing a bounty, stayed there in his Uncle Jean Baptiste's home for a while after the bounty was captured.  His cash started to disappear, but he did not know enough about the streets to work bounties in Seattle just yet.  He put out an ad for a partner.  Only one man worth spit responded, Rolf Badden, a Wolf Shaman (the other PC).  They worked together for a year before the game started and at least trust each other to watch their backs.

I wanted him to be quick and good at unarmed combat, but magical, so I went for an Adept.  However, I figured that an Adept without spell defense would not last long hunting down magical criminals, so I made him a Magician Adept.  I wavered between Mongoose and Gator as Totems, but finally settled on Mongoose, a totem I created (see his Magic page).

"Because mongooses can outrun most snakes, they don't usually have to kill snakes in self-defense. However, sometimes they kill snakes for food. A snake makes a meaty meal for a mongoose, but it is a dangerous meal to catch. As a result, mongooses won't eat snakes as much as they'll eat small mammals or bird and reptile eggs.

How does the mongoose kill a snake? 
Let's pretend we're watching a mongoose-cobra fight:

As soon as it sees the cobra, the mongoose begins to jump around, its hair and tail bristling. When the snake moves closer, the mongoose stretches out its body and presses close to the ground. Then it scrunches up its body.

The cobra behaves differently, moving more smoothly and changing speed and direction slowly. Then, it lifts its head and upper body, spreading its hood. It fixes its eyes on the mongoose and follows the mongoose's movements with its head. Next, it strikes at the mongoose, which jumps back, out of the cobra's reach.

The snake and the mongoose advance and retreat several times, until the snake begins to tire. Then the mongoose moves close to the cobra's open jaws. The cobra retreats and quickly prepares to strike again. As soon as the snake lowers its head, the mongoose opens its mouth, grabs the cobra's head, and bites hard, crushing the cobra's skull.

Even if the cobra strikes the mongoose, the snake may not hurt it. When a mongoose fights, its hair stands up and the animal appears to be twice its normal size. So the snake may get only a mouthful of bristly hair."

- Ranger Rick web page,

Brief Cajun History

The following info was taken directly from "Acadian" entry on the Écu Media Design web site, © 1997:

"Acadians are the ancestors of present-day Cajuns.   In the seventeenth century they settled in what are today the Maritime Provinces of Canada (Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Prince Edward Island), then called Acadia, or Acadie in French.  Although the colony was founded in 1604, the French government neglected it until the 1630s, when the Treaty of St. Germain-en-Laye affirmed French control.  In July 1632 three hundred French settlers arrived in Acadia to carve out frontier homes near the community of Port Royal.  Fifty-five percent of these Acadian "first families" hailed from the Centre-Ouest region of France (Poitou, Aunis, Angoumois, and Saintonge); of these, eighty-five percent came from the La Chausée area of Poitou.  These families included Doucet, Bourgeois, Boudrot (Boudreaux), Terriault (Theriot), Richard, LeBlanc, Thibodeaux, Comeau(x), Cormier, Hébert, Brault (Breaux), Granger, and Girouard.  Most of these and later Acadian settlers derived from Old World peasant stock, shared similar cultural traits, and on the frontier developed a common Acadian identity.  According to historian Carl A. Brasseaux, the Acadian pioneers were characterized by individualism, adaptability, pragmatism, industriousness, egalitarian principles, and an ability to pull together when threatened.  They also possessed extended families, and distinctive language and speech patterns.  The Acadians were also typically non-materialistic, seeking only economic independence and a decent standard of living through an agrarian way of life.   Some ethnic diversity did exist among the Acadians, however: a few were of English, Scottish, Irish, Spanish, Basque, and even American Indian origin.  Those of French origin, however, dominated the cultural landscape, and as intermarriage occurred the Acadian population quickly became homogenized.  Studies indicate that between 1654 and 1755 the Acadian population grew from 300-350 colonists to about 12,000-15,000 (despite a fifty-percent child mortality rate).  By the mid-eighteenth century thousands occupied not only the Acadian peninsula, but also the Chignecto Isthmus (connecting the peninsula to the Canadian mainland), Ile St. Jean (now Prince Edward Island), Ile Royale (now Cape Breton Island), and the coastal region of present-day New Brunswick.  In 1710 Acadia passed from France to England as a prize of war, and for the next forty-five years the Acadians lived in relative peace under British administrators.  But in 1755 the British expelled the Acadians by force in what came to be known as Le Grand Dérangement ("the Great Disturbance").   Contrary to popular belief, the British deported only about 6,050 Acadians by ship, the remainder seeking refuge in nearby territories.  Regardless, some sources claim that about half the pre-expulsion Acadian population died during the expulsion.   After years of wandering, about 2,600 to 3,000 Acadians (roughly 15 to 25 percent of the pre-expulsion population) sailed to Louisiana between 1765 and 1785 to begin their lives anew.  On this subtropical frontier, the Acadian exiles and their descendants intermarried with other ethnic groups (mainly French, Spanish, German, and Anglo-American settlers), and in the process evolved into a new ethnic group: the Cajuns.   Meanwhile, other Acadian exiles found refuge in present-day Canada and abroad; those in Canada still describe themselves as Acadians.  The word is used less commonly in Louisiana because of the popularity of Cajun, which generally is not considered synonymous with Acadian.  In addition, it is believed that some 20,000 persons of Acadian ancestry reside in the New England states (1980 estimate), particularly Maine, which directly borders Canada’s Maritime Provinces.   It is estimated that today there are between 700,000 and 1,500,000 Acadians worldwide (including Cajuns). 

Sources: Ancelet et al., Cajun Country; Brasseaux, Acadian to Cajun; Brasseaux, "Scattered to the Wind"; Domengeaux, "Native-Born Acadians"; Dormon, People Called Cajuns.


Well, his family are original descendants of the Acadian family Boudreaux.  They are a bilingual family, speaking English and Cajun French.  So I chose a first name from the French language, Etienne.  I seem to recall Etienne being the French analog for "Steven."  I wanted a historical name for his middle name, something pretentious, and some of my own ancestors had the name Napoleon, but I don't know how the Acadians felt about him.  At a loss, I went with Chauvin, a fictional character in a French play so renowned for his patriotism and devotion that his reputation spawned the English word chauvinism:

Main Entry: chau·vin·ism
Pronunciation: 'shO-v&-"ni-z&m
Function: noun
Etymology: French chauvinisme, from Nicolas Chauvin, character noted for his excessive patriotism and devotion to Napoleon in Théodore and Hippolyte Cogniard's play La Cocarde tricolore (1831)
Date: 1870
1 : excessive or blind patriotism -- compare JINGOISM
2 : undue partiality or attachment to a group or place to which one belongs or has belonged
3 : an attitude of superiority toward members of the opposite sex; also : behavior expressive of such an attitude
- chau·vin·ist /-v&-nist/ noun or adjective
- chau·vin·is·tic /"shO-v&-'nis-tik/ adjective
- chau·vin·is·ti·cal·ly /-ti-k(&-)lE/ adverb

The above was taken from the online Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

Voila!  Etienne Chauvin Boudreaux


Etienne looks sidelong at you, seemingly amused at your query into his background.  He pauses momentarily then answers, "Eh?  You wan' know 'bout me mon ami?"  He reaches up and tips his hat back slightly as he reclines and puts his foot on the table, his leg cocked as if ready to kick the table across the room.  He scratches his chin and looks off in no particular direction.

"Hmmm, well I was born on de bayou and raised by a big mama gator who wuz married to dis grande gorilla.  Mah mama, she taught me beaucoup 'bout speed.  Papa, he beat me up every day to toughen me up, called me 'T chien,' little dog.  When I grew up to be bonne homme, I made mah way to a ship and stowed away to foreign lands, where I learned to wrestle cobras and track prey.  I was tres bien.

"I swam back home across de Atlantic ocean, stopping to rest in Bermuda.  She is one tres grande ocean, no?  Anyway, I visited mama gator and papa gorrilla, but dey no longer recognized me and tried to make a meal outta me, so I had to kill dem, you know?  It was very tragic, but I made de lemonade as you say.  I made a fine set of boots from momma gator and I stuffed daddy gorilla and sold him to le musee for safe keeping.

Etienne's deadpan is disconcerting, but it finally fades and he breaks into a loud peal of laughter.  "Damn!  It get better with each telling if I do say so mahself ami.  Before you pass a slap and go yelling 'Dit mon la verite!' lemme tell you de real story 'bout me here."

"Seriously, ami.  I am 100% cajun boy.  Mah ancestors, de Boudreaux family, were some of de original Acadian exiles from Nova Scotia."  Etienne looks closer at you with a discerning expression.  "You no couyon, so I guess your expression means you don't know much 'bout Cajuns do you?"  Etienne is laying the accent on thicker than usual, but that always seems to happen when he gets the attention he desires.

"Eh, well, I make de short story.  French settlers go to Novia Scotia, dey settle, everybody 'appy.  British come 'long an' expel dem, Le Grand Dérangement.  Dey sail to Lousiana: bonjour monsieur Indian, monsieur Negro, signor Spaniard, let's be friends and make babies.  Voila!  De Cajuns are born!

"I mahself was born on de bayou, Bayou LaFourche bein' precise.  I got family, but you don't have de time to hear all 'bout dem.  I wasn't pulling your leg too hard when I say mah momma was a gator and mah papa was a gorilla.  She was a hot-blooded young cajun girl when she had me, and tres jolie.  Mah pappa was a black man, direct descendant of de original creoles of color, no less.  No I don't look much like mah papa.  Fact is, not even mah momma knows who mah real father is.  Ya see, momma was not de most faithful of women.  She always said she had too much woman in her for one man.  Papa didn' mind much, because he had a similar problem; he had too much man in him.  So dey played 'round, beaucoup hanky panky.

"Most likely, mah real father was a young strappin' white fella visiting New Orleans for de Mardi Gras.  She always lost track of de faces during de festivals.  She especially liked de Awakened tourists.  Everyone know dat when your Awakened, sex is tres magnifique."  He winks knowingly at you.

"Anyway, I getting sidetracked.  Mah papa he work down at de docks in Nawleans.  Dat how 'e got so big.  'e took me down der to work with 'im at de docks when I was a 'tit boy, and I got big myself.  Momma she kept de house mostly, but in her spare time she made talismans, an' such.  She even made dis little armband for me.  It bring me good luck."  He gestures to the thick leather bracer in his arm with some frames carved into of scenes from a cobra and mongoose fighting.  The eyes of the Cobra and Mongoose are represented by lustrous bronze beads and glimmering brown stones, respectively. [see Talisman details]

"I did all right in school, but I was restless.  I spen' a lotta time in de bayou with Mama Tina.  She was a big, tough-as-nails woman dat lived in de swamp.  Mama Tina, she mah mamere on mah daddy's side. Her skin it blacker dan a faut carot.  She looks mean, but she's real nice.  She taught me about de conjags [spells], ouangas [magic charms], weevils [evil spirits], and de bayou.

"When I started to fill mah shoes, Mongoose showed up.  I had always been faster than mah cozins, an' I could track better 'n grandpere's hounds.  I was good at fighting and mah papa taught me to use a gun soon as I could walk.  But Mongoose taught me how to truly incapacitate mah foes with mah hands."  He holds up his clenched fists, the muscles in his arm tensing.  He realxes his arms at his side and you notice Etienne's accent easing up a little as well, betraying the hillbilly cajun facade he is trying to portray to you.  "Not long after, I found some people preying on mah kin.  Mongoose I took care of dem.  I learned to kill with a touch."

"Mama Tina wuz real proud of me, but she worried that I was getting into voodoo.  I spent some close time with her and she met Mongoose.  After that she told me she walked with Gator.  She was worried dat mah path had started with too much blood, so she taught me how to heal with magic.  She knew I was worried about hurting innocent people, so she helped me learn how to safely incapacitate people at a distance.  She didn't teach me how to conjure up de spirits dough.  She said I wasn't ready, said dey didn't want to listen to me jus' yet.

"De itch to take down de predators of man, so I became a cop.  I was part of a special unit to deal with zombi and such.  Dings was ok for awhile.  Dey saw I had an eye for detail so they send me off to school for awhile where I learn 'bout forensics.  I taught dem a thing or two, I tell you now.  Dey all books and no common sense der.  I hunted down de zombi and der masters, de magical critters, spirits and such, and I was tres bien.  However, der always came de paperwork and de politics.  I was never very good with suits or computers, and all de cops gotta deal with dat.  I had a cousin that knew computers real well.  He helped me get by, but I was going crazy der.  I got where I was fighting de paperwork and keyboards instead of de criminals.  So I left.  Me and mah lieutenant were both 'appy with de decision, you bet.

"De police an' me, we got along okay after that.  I became a bounty hunter and I was good at it.  I had a podna, named Jean-Claude, that could handle a gun and work a computer.  Dings were pretty good.  We lined 'em up and brought 'em in.  We took de magic jobs because I was pretty good with mah spells, but den we went after Raffee, a voudon.  It was pretty tough, but we did all right.  We took care of his spirits and thugs and ran him to ground.  It was a trap.

"I turned 'round and we were surrounded by zombis.  Jean-Claude weren't real good with his hands, and before I could finish off de ones coming after me, dey had torn him to bits.  I got real mad den ami.  I killed de rest of dem and burned everything Raffee owned.  I beat everyone he knew until dey gave me de information to find him.  Find him I did.  De bastard had gone to Seattle.  I jumped in Antoinette, mah sturdy old patrack, and I didn't stop driving until I hit Seattle.  I had a noncle, Jean Baptiste Boudreaux, dere.  He had some people watch for his arrival and track his movements.  Some of Jean-Claude's cousins showed up to help me out.  Raffee's warrant was dead or alive, we took option one, thank you very much."  Etienne smiles grimly, a brutal coldness in his eyes.  Within a few seconds, he breathes deeply and his smiling visage returns again, the fire of life in his eyes.

"Anyway, me patrack Antoinette died, leaving me sorta stranded, and noncle Jean was a real good host.  Anyway, I stayed here with mah nonk Jean.  He own a restaurant called 'De Cajun Cocodrie;' it's si bon.  It's on Upper Queen Anne Hill in de Seattle Central district.  It ain' cheap, but it's worth it.  None of that damn nasty soy in deir food dere.  Ech!  Soy!  Mauvais gout."  Etienne adopts and expression of disgust.  Then he smiles and continues, "Nonck Jean he got it all: andouille, etouffe, jambalaya, dirty rice, gumbo, mudbugs, you name it ami!  An' it all hot hot!"

Etienne tilts his head slightly to the side and shrugs his shoulders, "  So I become a lazy little saleau.  It was not long before mah money ran out and Mongoose an' I got de each to seek out de predators once more.  My full security permit ran out too an'I pawned mah big guns, so sad.  Anyway, I knew a li'l bit 'bout de downtown Seattle, but I had mostly spent my time having fun so I only really knew where de Awakened folks hung out, but I knew dat pretty well.  Nonk Jean was a Gator shaman and he was quite de Ladies' man among de Awakened.  Like I said, Awakened sex is de bes' sex, you can take dat to de bank."

"When I tracked Raffee to Seattle here, I coordinated with de FBI.  Lucky me my contact was a 'tit femme, Consuela Guevara.  I tell you, de Latin American women appreciate de hot-blooded cajun man.  Lots of women jus' can't take de heat.  She was a wage mage with de FBI.  She handled interstate criminal traces, especially de Awakened ones.  She and I hit it off pretty good.  Did I mention Awakened sex is de best kind?"  Etienne smiles lewdly with a sidelong glance and a wink.

"Anyway she point me in de right direction and I put out an ad for a partner.  I shorely did not know Seattle well enough to pick up and start hunting.  Seattle ain' no bayou, I'm telling you now, ami.  Well, I promised to make de short story for you, so I be brief.  A good number of people answered, but dey were all small-minded saleaus looking for a quick buck or a thrill.  Den my podna Rolf over der, he answered.  He was all confrontational and askin' dis and dat 'bout what kinda bounty hunter I was and what I knew.  He seemed to know his city pretty well, even if he didn't know de Awakened community all dat well.  He was a 'tit better den I with de computers, course I got little use for dem.  He ain' no Jean-Claude, but den Jean-Claude was no Rolf.  Seemed like a match made in, well, somewhere.  Beside he runs with de Wolf, so he understand de hunt and I can't say that about many bounty hunters, sad to say.

"I slowly started to recover mah gear.  I paid some mechanic to ressurect ol' Antoinette, so I suppose dat make her some sorta zombi truck, non?"  Etienne lets out a short chuckle.  "I got mah guns, but I haven't saved up de cred to renew mah full security permit.  C'est tragic, eh?  I still carry dis clunky ol' Predator 'round for now."  He points to the holstered Ares Preadator on a shoulder holster.  "Hunting predators with a Predator, poetic is it not?  Anyway, ol' Rolf an me, we gonna turn up the heat on those bad men and pull in some serious cred.  It's time for Mongoose to kick him some ass, ami!

Etiene drains his bottle of Blackened Voodoo and slams in on the table, signals for another, then launches into a tall tale about the bayou.  Rolf shakes his head and smiles behind his beer as the cajun's voice and accent become more pronounced.

Crunching the Numbers


Starting Stats

Attributes, Figured Characteristics, & Pools
Combat Pool
Spell Pool
Karma Pool
Good Karma
*- 6 Power Points, Magical Power 5
Edges & Flaws
Bonus Attribute Point +2 BPs (SR Companion) : +1 to Intelligence.  This does not affect the Racial Max or Racial Modified Limit.  Etienne is a quick thinker and very perceptive, even though he is not very formally educated..
Lewd -2 BPs (custom) : Etienne likes sex and he doesn't mind advertising it.  He tends to measure up all women he encouters as potential mates and if they have a male escort, he assesses the threat.  This incurs a +1 penalty to social targets of uninterested women and he has to make a successful Willpower (woman's Charisma) test to avoid hitting on a particular woman, regardless of her level of interest. :{)}
Computer Illiterate -3 BPs (SR Companion) : You can use icon-based stuff OK, but you are basically spoiled by gee whiz user interfaces or you have little experience with computers.  You're the person that keeps forgetting how to reply to just one person in the e-mail and such.  Etienne does not get along with computers out of sheer stubbornness.  Once he has been shown how to do a computer-related task, he can functionally accomplish it, but only simple tasks.  He is a little immature when dealing with the topic and dismisses such abilities as the domain of egg heads and pencil necks if pressed about it.  In the bayou, this was less of a problem, but even he has to admit that in Seattle being computer savvy is advantageous.  It may not be long before he get some education, but it will be slow and subtle so that he does not appear to be acquiescing to technology.
Adept Powers*
Adept Power
Reflexes Level 1 (+2 Reaction, +1d6 Initiative)
Improved Sense: Thermographic
Magical Power 5 (Incantation Geas)*
* - Etienne also has an involuntary Talisman geas to offset his Essence loss to cyberware.
Death Touch
Stun Touch
Stun Bolt
Stun Ball
Active Skills
Active Skill
Magical Etiquette
Unarmed Combat
Knowledge Skills
Knowledge Skill
Awakened Hangouts
Cajun Cooking
Downtown Seattle
Louisiana Bayou
Magical Background
Magical Threats
Language Skills
Language Skill
English (Cajun)
Weapons and Equipment
Ares Predator (Personalized safety system, integral smartlink)
     6 full clips of ammo (3 reg, 3 gel)
     Concealable holster
Mossberg CMDT-SM (Personalized safety system, GV3)
     6 full clips of ammo (3 reg, 3 gel)
Shock glove
None yet . . .
Clothing & Armor
Secure Jacket
Wrist phone with flip-up screen
Firearms kit
Surveillance and Security
Flashlight, Large
Flashlight, Pocket
Surveillance Measures & Countermeasures
Wire clippers
Security Devices & Countermeasures
Ultrasound detector
Plasteel restraints (5)
Survival Gear
Grapple gun (100 m of line)
Ascent/descent harness
Rappelling gloves
Skillsofts and Chips
Biotech Gear
Magical Equipment
Low lifestyle
Antoinette, Etienne's patrack (a crappy old truck)
     Rust color from layers of primer; crude ramplate/bar in front; old and dirty;
     Obviously seen years of hard use; frame is badly rusted;
     Some parts of the body have rusted through, leaving holes in the frame.
     Bdy: 3, Spd: 90, Accel: 6, Han: 5/4 (Suspension a little worn)
     Autonav: (No longer works), Pilot: 0 , Sensor: 0
     Barely passed inspection
Nuyen Remaining
290 ¥
Contacts & Buddy
Contact: Jean Baptiste Boudreaux, Gator Shaman Restaurateur.  Jean is Etienne's Uncle or "Noncle."  Jean owns a cajun restaurant in the Upper Queen Anne Hill neighborhood just northwest of downtown Seattle.  He lets Etienne stay in a loft apartment above the restaurant.  Uncle Jean served in the army and mustered out of nearby Ft. Lewis.  He knew a couple of friends with money to invest so decided to set up house in Seattle and open up his restaurant.  His business is doing very well.  The abundance of soyless items on the menu brings in a lot of high class clientele that are eager to throw off the shackles of fashion, put on a plastic bib, and sit down to a steaming tub of crawfish in a relaxed atmosphere.  Jean likes his nephew Etienne, but he does have a family and a business to look after.
Contact: Consuela Guevara, FBI Wage Mage.  Consuela trained for field work as an Awakened investigator with the FBI.  Although she has done some field work, she was assigned to the Seattle FBI department responsible for coordinating interstate fugitive pursuits in the Seattle area.  She has established a good working rapport with the local police and security agencies.  She met Etienne when he was pursuing Raffee into Seattle across state and international borders.  She and Etienne hit it off pretty well and they have had some passionate encounters, but the relationship is still extremely casual, which suits them both.