Etienne Boudreaux

a.k.a. "Mongoose"

Adept Bounty Hunter

A Character for Shadowrun (tm)
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Etienne's Magic


Mongoose - Etienne's Totem

Description: Mongoose is brave, clever, swift, and deadly.  He hunts the Cobra, using his reflexes to dodge the serpent's strikes, tiring it out, then he lures it into one more strike and grabs it's head in his teeth, crushing the skull and killing the vile snake.  Mongoose is known to protect man from such predators, and Mongoose shamans are no different.  They are not vigilantes stalking the night, but they take joy in striking out down human predators when the opportunity arises.

Environment: Urban or rural, generally anywhere man lives.

Advantages: +2 dice to Combat and Health spells; +2 dice to summon one type of Spirit of Man (shaman's choice). [Etienne has chosen Hearth Spirits]

Disadvantages: Mongoose kills the cobra by sheer determination; Mongoose shamans have to roll a Willpower (6) test to break off a fight.  The shamans of the snakes know Mongoose and do not like him; Mongoose shamans suffer +2 to social tests when dealing with a shaman of any snake totem.

As an adept of the Totem Way, he suffers the behavioral habit of wanting to take down predators.

His Group

Ettiene is actively looking for a magical group to join.  He is hoping to find a group with a similar mindset to his, as most Awakened folk would.  Basically, altruistic, vigilante, and good guys.  He could handle a group with strictures such as belief, fraternity, limited membership (guys only or shamanic path only?), material link, and perhaps exclusive membership, and/or oath.

His Geasa

His Voluntary Incantation Geas

Etienne has taken the voluntary geas Incantation to reduce the cost of his Magical Powers.  This allows him to purchase the power at 75% of the cost.  If he does not use Incantation, he can not cast spells or conjure Spirits.  His incantation consists of a bass, ritualistic chant.

His Involuntary Talisman Geas

Etienne has taken the Talisman involuntary geas to offset the Magic point lost due to the reduction in his Essence for taking cyberware.

Etienne's talisman is an arm brace that rests high on his right arm.  The body of the bracer is a band about two inches wide, made from stiff brown leather.  Carved into it are three frames, showing different points in time of a mongoose fighting a cobra.  One frame occupies his inner biceps, another falls at the front and side, the third at the back and side.  The rear frame shows a cobra poised to strike, a mongoose low to the ground in front of it.  The front frame shows the cobra's head low in a strike and the mongoose leaping up poised over it.  The final frame, along the inside of his biceps, is an image of the mongoose biting down on the head of the cobra.  Tiny stones have been securely embedded into the bracer to represent the eyes of the carvings.  The cobra's eyes are small beadsof bronze and the mongoose's eyes are small flecks of tiger eye.  Etienne keeps the bracer rotated with the final frame towards his biceps so that he can flex his biceps when he shows women the third frame.

One feature of the talisman that is not obvious is that Etienne soaked it in his own blood when he bound it to himself.  He believes the blood opens a conduit that lets magic flow to him through the bracer.

Loss of the Talisman: Because he is a Magician Adept, if he loses the bracer, he loses one power point of Magical Power.  Because he has a voluntary geasa on his Magical Power, this would actually translate into a two point drop in his Magical Power, so he would cast spells and conjure with a Magic Rating of 3 until he replaced the talisman.

Replacement: to replace the bracer, he needs a band of stiff leather, three small pieces of tiger eye, three beads of bronze, and appropriate settings for the stones and beads.  Those are pretty cheap to come by.  He also needs someone that can carve the images into the leather and set the stones and beads in the eyes.  Then he bonds it by soaking it in his own blood and drying it over a small flame.  This inflicts a Light wound.