"What is mercy? Does it taste like marrow?" - Phage, Tyranid Hive Mind

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Tyranid Conversions (and Biomorphs)

Conversions tend to be one of the things that become the hallmark of really getting into the miniatures hobby. Personally, I like the way the Tyranids look, so the only real conversions I am willing to do are those that involve adding a biomorph that is not standard for the creature, such Rending Claws for Ripper Swarms, or Bio-Plasma for a Carnifex. Terrain is also a good creative outlet, especially Tyranid terrain and Space Marine corpses and wrecks.

For simplicity, I have included biomorphs beyond those you would see in a "stock" Tyranid along with conversions.

Relevant E-mails from GW

  • Adrenal Glands - If you have bought Adrenal Glands +1 Initiative and Adrenal Gland +1 WS for a Tyranid Mutable Genus, do you have to put two adrenal gland biomorphs on the model or is a single adrenal gland on the model adequate?

    yes one adrenal gland per model should be sufficient.
    - Jim Baxter (GW Roolzboyz)

    A single gland is sufficient (just make sure your opponent understands exactly what they have), but if you really want the acclaim you can do two!
    - Promotions (Grand Tournament Organizers)

  • Enhanced Senses - Since there is no standard bit for Enhanced Senses mutations (Tyranid Army), I was curious what is acceptable as WYSIWYG for that. Could I simply paint the eyes distinctively? Is it even necessary to do anything more than pay the points for it?
    There are two ways you can tackle this:

    1) Not do anything distinctive - you won't lose any points or be penalized in any way as it isn't a tangible piece of wargear per se.

    2) Model something or paint it in a wild or distinctive way that makes your opponents and staff go "Wow, this is awesome!" and gain yourself fame and glory!

    Either way, we would suggest making your opponents aware of which models do have the enhanced senses mutations before the start of the game for the sake of friendliness!
    -GW Promotions (Grand Tournament Coordinators)

    Leaping Rippers - Would GW accept that Ripper Swarms were Leapers if I just put the taller ones (the ones that come with the Termagants and Biomorphs sprues) on the base and no short ones (the ones that come with the Warrior and Monster sprues?

    You could do that, just as long as your opponent can easily tell which models have leaping.
    - Jim Baxter (GW Customer Service)