"What is mercy? Does it taste like marrow?" - Phage, Tyranid Hive Mind

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Tyranid Conversions - Hive Node Mutant

The basic premise is that you want to reflect Synapse capability, so you use the head of a Synapse capable creature, such as a Hive Tyrant, Warrrior, or Zoanthrope. The Warrior head is the ideal choice since every Warrior comes with an extra head (with Implant Attack and without). I have only done this conversion for my gaunts thus far, but since the mutation does not benefit any other unit, it seems like the only incarnation that I am likely to bother with. Here are the notes for the Hormogaunt variety.

I wanted some Hormogaunts with the Hive Node one-off mutation (Codex, pg. 37) that confers a Ld 10 on the unit they belong to. The Codex Tyranids shows a picture of a Hormogaunt with a Tyranid Warrior head, the head that does not have an Implant Attack. Well, I want to keep that head for my Tyranid Warrior and I don't want to buy the bits, so I decided to convert the Implant Attack head to a normal head and use it. It's pretty straight-forward, but here we go:

Note: I used a Hormogaunt for the head and arms, and a "Weeblanid" base.


  • Hormogaunt model, sans head, pin in neck.
  • Head and face (w/ Implant Attack)
  • Fine needle files


  1. Clip off the Implant Attack, leaving enough to allow you to carve, sculpt, and/or file a tongue.
  2. Use a fine half round file to file a convex curve on the top of the tongue.
  3. Use a fine round needle file to create a concave curve on the bottom of the tongue. This may require the half round, depending on how long of a tongue you are creating.

  4. Assemble a Hormogaunt with a pin in the neck. You can always use plastic glue if you like, but with a pin you can always swap out the heads later. Cool, huh?

  5. As on the pinning page, press the head onto the pin to mark where to drill and drill the necessary hole in the head.
  6. Assemble the head onto the neck.

  7. Go consume!
  8. Later, I went back and trimmed down the head to make it look slightly smaller than a Warrior's head.

    Picture coming soon