"What is mercy? Does it taste like marrow?" - Phage, Tyranid Hive Mind

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Tyranid Conversions - Biovore Launching Spore Mine

So I can't leave well enough alone. I decided that it would be really cool to have a spore mine launching out of a Biovore.


  • Xacto knife with #11 blade (slim, fine tip) for cleaning flash
  • Needle files for cleaning flash
  • 5-minute epoxy
  • Pinning supplies
  • Good lighting
  • A spore mine - preferably one that is arcing in a fashion that looks like it is being launched.


  1. Clean all of the flash off of the pieces.
  2. Think about what you are going to carefully before starting. OK, now start!

    I chose this particular Bio-Acid mine because I thought it looked like it could be launching out of the Biovore.
    I clipped up high enough to where the supporting tendril was thick enough to drill a pin into.
    File the base flat and re-drill as necessary.

  3. As a small extra step, I took a cue from Historic Miniatures folks. They will drill out their gun barrels to make them look more realistic. I decided to do the same with the tubes on the Spore Mine. It does not take long and I really think it looks good!

  4. Pin the Biovore and mount the Spore Mine! Note: although I gled the pin to the spore mine, I did not glue it to the Biovore. I drilled the hole quite snugly, so friction and gravity do the work for me. This also allows me the option of pulling it off or swapping it out in the future.

    Dull, boring Biovore without spore mine. If only I had a spore mine to go on that pin. Super cool Biovore with spore mine launching!