Fuel Depot 

Here I show how I made a fuel depot from some simple and cheap (mostly free materials) for use with Games Workshop's Sci-Fi minis game, Warhammer 40,000 (WH40k).

WARNING: You should not attempt these procedures without an adult present.

Finished product will be pictured here.

The building was conceived around the plastic tray insert that comes with a Compaq Ipaq PDA. Once turned over, this tray is an obvious choice for a structure for WH40k.



1. First, I affixed a reinforced door with 5-minute epoxy.

2. Next, I glued a beverage lid in place with 5-minute epoxy and then pinned a u-shaped handle to it, creating a large hatch big enough to an infantryman to climb through.

3. Looking at the piece, it was obvious the back two portions would be too small for a person to operate in, so I decided they were fuel tanks (this is how this came to be a fuel depot). You need a hatch to access the fuel, so I pinned two small hatch lids to the back portions.

4. The side front portion looked like a good generator station, so I glued some pieces of 3/8" diameter styrene tube to the top as exhaust pipes.

5. I almost put a catwalk on top, but it just didn't look right and the terrain piece has to be usable with miniatures, so there is a limit to how much I want to clutter the piece.

6. Soon, the exciting conclusion...




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