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The Talent Pool

Team Construction Guidelines

  • General recommendations
    • If you need magic, get a Magician, but more than one and the team tends to gets weak overall (but that's your call)
    • At least one sneaky/recon/scout type
    • If you need to break into places, be sure to have someone with the skills
    • A healer can be nice (often a Magician will have at least one healing spell)
    • If you need to take down vehicles, get someone that can use missiles, rockets, autocannons...

Shadowrunners Available For Upcoming Session (strikethrough = unavailable)


Dossiers of Shadowrunners

(Jared) Grunt (Male Troll, Mercenary)
Competencies: Pistols, Launch Weapons
Expertise: Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapon, Unarmed Combat
Weapons of choice: Savalette Guardian, Colt M22A2, Ingram Valiant LMG
Specialty skills & equipment: ATGM, plastique. Ex-UCAS military
He's all right I suppose; I never worked with him, but I hear he fought in the Desert Wars, which will teach a grunt a lot. Of course, a trog with big guns and bone lacing can help you get out of a lot of drek. - Gunbunny, Mercenary
Trog's are tough, he's tougher. Not very subtle, but if you're asking me about a trog with a machine gun, I guess subtle ain't what you're looking for. Although I gotta admit he can be pretty sneaky, for a trog. - Glide, Mercenary
(Jared) Loki (Male Dwarf, Thief)
Competencies: Driving, Pistols, Unarmed Combat, Electronics
Expertise: Liaison work, Electronics Repair, Maglocks
Weapons of choice:
Specialty skills & equipment:
He seems like a good guy. He's pretty good at technical work and a lot more educated than I am. He seems a little clean for the shadows, but I think he could talk his way out of a lot of things and break out of the rest, and if he wants to put those skills to use for nuyen, then who am I to argue? - Jared, Fixer
Yes, I am familiar with the dwarf that calls himself Loki. An unusual fellow with a penchant for things scholarly, though he tends to narrow his academic pursuits to philosophy. Nonetheless, I'd rather converse with him than most "chummers". Hmm? Oh no, my friend, he is no samurai. He is actually somewhat fragile for a dwarf. Rest assured, though, he has force of personality and nimble fingers. I'll let you deduce the rest. - Skotos, Street Samurai
(Jared) Tex (Male Human, Pistoleer Sorcerer)
Competencies: Unarmed Combat, Japanese
Expertise: Pistols
Weapons of choice: Browning Max Power
Specialty skills & equipment: Familiar with local underworld. Broad mix of spells.
Yes, I have heard of him. He is an unusual character, a Sorcerer that is skilled with a pistol. I understand he even has a minimal amount of cyber, which is taboo in the minds of many of his ilk. I suspect he makes himself quite useful. - Skotos, Street Samurai
Yes, I know of him. He has a good utilitarian mix of spells. His "gimmick" is that he can actually use a pistol quite well, although it is a shame he has weakened his magic by allowing cyberware to taint his body, no matter how little. - Styx, Combat Mage
(Reema) Cowgirl (Female Human, Street Samurai)
Competencies: Japanese
Expertise: Spurs, Pistols, SMGs
Weapon(s) of choice: Spurs, Pistols, SMGs
Specialty skills & equipment: Familiar with security procedures.
The chica with the spurs? What's to know? She kills things. She's fast, agile, sneaky, and all that drek. When she's at close range, you'd better hoper she goes for her pistol, because it's all over if she pops those spurs, omae. - patron, Digital Ducats.
Yes I know of her work. Semi-classical Street Samurai, possessing strong physical skills, small arms expertise, and formidable melee combat ability. Also well-versed in Bushido philosophy and Japanese culture. I can't speak to her honor, for I do not know her well enough. - Skotos, Street Samurai
(Reema) Cutter (Female German Ork, Sorcerer Bounty Hunter)
Competencies: German
Expertise: Katana, Sorcery, Unarmed Combat
Weapons of choice: Katana
Specialty skills & equipment: Combat magic, Treat spell. Bounty hunter.
Hell yeah, you don't forget her too soon. I was in the bar with one of my tusker buddies and he started hitting on her. Bad move. She came over, looked at him like he was already dead and mumbled a few choice words. Boy pissed himself right there. I kid you not. I don't blame him really, you got to see this chick yourself to believe it.- patron, Digital Ducats
In a word? Tough, and scary. No wait, that's two words. Let me go again. One word...shark. Yep, that's it. She's a shark shaman if ever there was one. She glides around all smooth and quiet like, gets up to her target and then BAM! you are CHUM, chummer. Seriously, omae, do not piss her off. If she's coming after you, just go quietly. And she knows where to look. I have given her work and seen her work. - Six Caps, Ganger Fixer
Have you seen her? - various, Moon's Shine
Cutter, yeah well she lives up to the name with the way she swings that meter-long razor of hers.
- various, Moon's Shine
I heard she takes care of her team, but you do NOT want to be around when she gets pissed.
- various, Moon's Shine
(Reema) Zira (Female Chinese-American elf, Street Shaman)
Competencies: Unarmed Combat, Chinese
Expertise: Sorcery, Conjuring
Weapons of choice: Magic
Specialty skills & equipment: Manipulation magic.
Zira? Sort of. She did some Triad work. I hear she lives up to the name of a Monkey shaman. She doesn't sling fireballs and such but she can still really frag with you using her magic. She's no ninja but she's still kinda sneaky; 'course, she usually can stand back and let her magic solve her problems. - Hongwie Zhu, Triad Gangmember
She is rather creative as shamans go. As I understand it, she embraces Monkey's mastery of manipulation magic. I have heard a tale of her turning an Ork into a cow once. Odd choice, but such is the way of Monkey. Monkey also has the good favor of the Spirits of Man, which is invaluable. - Silver, Dolphin Shaman
I heard all kinds of crazy drek about her, but one thing's for sure, she can pull some crazy drek out and save your hoop. I'd like ot party with her sometime. - various, Moon's Shine
Ya know, I wouldn'ta thought some fraggin' Monkey shaman would be useful, let alone tolerable, but I hear she's both. - various, Moon's Shine
I hear she's good, but she turned her fraggin' team mate into a fraggin' SNAKE! Thanks but no thanks. A fraggin' SNAKE. - various, Moon's Shine
(Ric) Black Jack (Male human, Adept Martial Artist)
Expertise: Clubs, Pistols, Unarmed Combat
Weapons of choice: Extendable Baton, Ares Predator II
Specialty skills & equipment: Martial Arts instructor. Death strike (rumor).
Now here's a fella that appreciates the benefits of doing something well. He uses one gun, one type of melee weapon, and every *real* runners' necessary survival skill, unarmed combat. And he does them well. I hear he's more of a ninja type; very sneaky and agile. - Snapshot, Street Samurai
Strong, fast, hard-hitting, and tough. This guy is great close in and still good at range, and I hear he has that whole death strike thing, being a physical adept and all. I heard one tale of him wasting a huge spirit with that nifty little trick. - Jared, Fixer
I thought he was some kinda martial artist, but from what I hear he's got wiz skills with a pistol...shot a tire out from a moving van, at night, while running, at like fifty meters...TWICE! - various, Moon's Shine
I heard he gets a little fidgety when he gets shot, but what do you expect from some chop suey kung fu guy?
- various, Moon's Shine
(Ric) Doc (Male Human, Mage Medic)
Competencies: Pistols, Biotech, Medicine
Expertise: Conjuring, Sorcery
Weapons of choice: Pistols
Specialty skills & equipment: College degree.
Yeah, I heard of him, he's some sort of magic medic or something like that. I could use a couple of those to keep my hoop up and running. Oh, and he ain't one of those stupid slitches that won't use a gun neither. I ain't got no use for someone on my team if they ain't packing a piece. - Big Frank, Rigger
Roger. He's got some skills. I think I'd place him somewhere around the abilities of a SF [Special Forces] Medic, you know field surgery and all, plus the magical healing. He's not military-trained, but I hear he's good with a pistol and won't give your position away. Heck, I even hear he has a college degree; course if that's true, what's he doing risking his hoop in the shadows? - Stitch, Mercenary Medic
(Ric) Talon (Male Elf, Street Samurai)
Competencies: Pistols, Electronics, Electronics B/R
Expertise: Submachinguns, Shotguns
Weapons of choice: Ares Predator II, Ingram Smartgun, Enfield AS7
Specialty skills & equipment: Police, Security, and Gang procedures. Heavy milspec cyberware.
Gangs, cops, security, underworld thugs, I hear he knows a little about all of them. That alone is handy, but he's also a street sammy. He's more of a "strong offense" type. Strong, fast, and hard-hitting, but not quite the rock that a Troll is, or a human packed with Dermal Sheathing. Guns are his thing, he's not very good at close in fighting. - Jared, Fixer
He likes guns as much as I do, but he's a little more diversified than me. I like to stick with a pistol and rifle, but this fellow, he's good with Pistols, Submachineguns, and Shotguns. I hear he does some bodyguard work, although his specialties do not include catching bullets well. - Snapshot, Street Samurai
(Stephen) Blaze (Male Japanese Human, Adept "Pistoleer")
Competencies: Unarmed Combat
Expertise: Pistols, Grenades
Weapons of choice: Pistols, Grenades
Specialty skills & equipment: Sleight of hand, confidence work, Yakuza operations.
Konbanwa. Blaze? Hai, I have heard of him. Most think he is just another Yakuza soldier, but I know different. He is a tricky fellow, with a quick hand and a sly tongue. He used to work for the Nishidon-Gumi, but he left. I don't know for sure if it was because they did not like the kami that empowered his body or his dislike of the gumi's purist ways. Maybe a little of both, neh? - Akio, Pachinko Operator (Redmond), Nishidon-Gumi
Frag yeah, I know him. He poked his head in the door like nothing was the matter and then BOOM! He dropped Tina with a shot to the temple from across the room and slid back out. That far away, it couldn't have been any fun for him. Worse part is, the guys wouldn't let me go kill him; something about him being a Yak and reprisals and drek. - Redrum, Ganger (Redmond)
I know he has does some work, but I really haven't heard any strong opinions one way or the other, which is not bad in this biz. I did hear that he's ready to rock at the drop of a hat, so if you need someone quickly, call Blaze. - various, Moon's Shine
I hear he's not a big fan of climbing, whatever that means. - various, Moon's Shine
(Stephen) Mirage (Male Japanese human, Assassin Adept)
Competencies: Edged Weapons, Grenades
Expertise: Shotguns, Japanese
Weapons of choice: Shotguns
Specialty skills & equipment: Familiar with police procedures and Megacorporate security.
Yeah, he knows his stuff, a real ninja sort. He does a lot of wet work and that's what you really want to hire this guy for. Of course, a guy who can sneak around, kill people quickly and quietly, and knows how the cops and corps operate...well, he's useful no matter what. - Firugi Vespuci, Fixer
The really tall Japanese guy? Yeah, his style is a little too behind the scenes for my tastes, but I wouldn't mind having him back me up. I hear he's got the skills to work the streets and he wields a wicked blade too. I'd give a go at working with him just for the novelty of working with a Jap breeder who's not with the bloody Yaks! - Snapshot, Street Samurai
I hear he got a little cocky on a run and decided to check out the security of the target facility on his own. He got nabbed by the cops before the run had even started. I hear he toughed it out during the interrogation and escaped from the star, wounded and all. So he's got skills, but you might need to put a leash on him. Scan this, the slitch missed the run and still expected to get paid after almost fraggin' it up for the team; more balls than brains, if you ask me. - various, Moon's Shine
There seemed to be some sort of problem between him and his team on his last run. - various, Moon's Shine
(Stephen) Thunder (Male Human, Mercenary)
Competencies: Pistols, Launch Weapons, Russian
Expertise: Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapon, Unarmed Combat, Plastic Explosives
Weapons of choice: Colt M22A2, Ingram Valiant LMG
Specialty skills & equipment: ATGM, plastique. Ex-UCAS military
He's all right I suppose; I never worked with him. He can handle an Colt or a Valiant really well, and that's a good start. He's also pretty good with explosives, which can solve a lot of problems. - Gunbunny, Mercenary
Well, he's chromed up enough that he won't break so easy, and he has half a dozen ways to take out the enemy. What else could you want? Sure, he's not as sneaky as some, but he's pretty good for a heavy weapons guy, or so I hear. - Glide, Mercenary
(Tim) Bootleg (Male Black Ork, Smuggler)
Competencies: Car Driving & Repair, Chinese
Expertise: Clubs, Pistols
Weapons of choice:
Specialty skills & equipment: Familiarity with police procedures and NAN border procedures.
Oh yeah, I heard of him. He's a slick customer. Dresses well for someone from the street, but that's part of his biz. He gets packages past borders and such. I hear he's got some useful cyber but he can walk through most checkpoints without raising a commotion. - Hochaka, Smuggler
He's got the skills to sneak, charm, or talk tough. All told, he can get a lot of places other folks can't without pulling a gun or re-wiring drek. A lot of finesse for an Ork from the streets. He also knows how the cops run their game, which is handy. - Moon, Bartender
I hear he's a lot tougher than he dresses. - various, Moon's Shine
From what I hear, he's a pretty stand up tusker that'll back you up when you need it, and he looks out for his team mates.
- various, Moon's Shine
He's pretty good at getting across the border, so I hear.
- various, Moon's Shine
(Tim) Inadu ()
Competencies: Pistols
Expertise: Edged Weapons
Weapons of choice: Tomahawk, Heavy Pistol, Taser, Dart Pistol
Specialty skills & equipment:
I understand that he is a competent assassin, for a gaijin. He has the skills of the ninja, stealth and silent death. I would hire him if I needed someone killed quietly. - Taijo Shingei, Yakuza soldier
He is quiet as a deer but as deadly as the viper. Poetry aside, he's really a quiet wetwork type of guy, kind of an atypical Cherokee. I don't usually farm out that sort of work, but I can probably help you find him, considering he is a Tribal and all.- Fox, Tribal Fixer
(Tim) Junkyard ()
Competencies: Security Systems, Electronic Warfare
Expertise: Clubs, Pistols, Electronics, Electronics B/R, Biotech
Weapons of choice: Savalette Guardian
Specialty skills & equipment: Cyberdog with full sensor suite.
Yeah, I heard of him. He's got some whack dog with gadgets, laser eyes, or something. He used to be a scout in the UCAS military, that I do now. - Glide, Mercenary
I seen this guy work once. We caught him on our turf. Normally we just geek trespassers, but he convinced us to let him live in exchange for some help breaking into a local security outpost. That boy has got skills. He practically walked though their perimeter, popped maglocks, and spoofed cameras left and right; before you know it, we're in and out with the goods. He's got a real smart dog too. - Panzer, Ganger, Rolling Thunder
He's not much to look at and he's no sammy, but from what I hear, he could break into the fraggin' Renraku arcology if he needed to. He's also a pretty decent slot and, from what I hear, a real team player. Yeah, I'd work with him, although I might ask him to leave his mutt at home. - various, Moon's Shine
I hear he cracked like twenty maglocks and spoofed twenty cameras in a single night! Omae, if you need to get past security, this is your man! - various, Moon's Shine
I hear he got turned into a snake...he got better. - various, Moon's Shine

All of the potential players

Jared - Grunt (Troll Mercenary), Loki (Dwarf Thief), Tex (Pistoleer Sorcerer)
Reema - Cowgirl (Sammy), Cutter (Bounty Hunter Sorcerer), Zira (Street Shaman)
Ric - Black Jack (Martial Artist Adept), Doc (Mage Medic), Talon (Sammy Bodyguard)
Stephen - Blaze (Ex-Yakuza Adept), Mirage (Assassin Adept), Thunder (Ex-Military)
Tim - Bootleg (Smuggler), Inadu (Assassin), Junkyard (Scout w/ cybered dog)

Campaign Alumni

Corey - He earned his Ph.D. in Chemistry and moved on to bigger and better things at the AFRL. He played Chavez (Combat Mage), Jax (Mercenary), and Trapper (Sorcerer Medic)

(Corey) Chavez (Male Latino Troll Ganger Combat Mage)
Competencies: Submachineguns,
Expertise: Sorcery, Conjuring, Sword
Weapons of choice: Sword, Magic
Specialty skills & equipment: Hermetic combat magic, protection, enforcement
Chavez? Lesse, oh yeah, here's his file. Hmm...yeah, Chavez, he's solid. He's outta Redmond. He knows the gangs and Redmond's streets. Slings mojo, steel, and bullets; I hear he's can throw lightning bolts. Wiz, neh? One look at him and you know he is a tough omae. You need him for a job? I can jack that action for you chummer. - Six Caps (Ganger Fixer)
Yes I know of him. A little flashy and he works close-in. He deigns to run with gangs. Not my tastes, but he is welcome to it. - Styx (Combat Mage)
(Corey) Jax (Male Dwarf, Mercenary)
Competencies: Launch Weapons, Pistols, Edged Weapons, German
Expertise: Assault Rifles, Heavy Weapons, Unarmed Combat
Weapons of choice: Colt M22A2, Valiant LMG, Ares Predator II
Specialty skills & equipment: Former UCAS military (Sergeant). Class B & C cyberware.
Jax is a pretty solid merc. He is a heavy weapons expert and if the indigs get too close he can tear off their arms and beat 'em with them. If you are looking for subtle, this is not your guy. If you are looking for lots of bodies hitting the ground, this is your guy. He's not half bad with a missile launcher either. - Maksim Kalinsky (Mercenary Fixer)
Sure, if you're looking to fight a small war, and sometimes that's what the job calls for, then no worries mate. I hear he can catch bullets well and he is reasonably sneaky, so I wouldn't mind having someone like that backs me up, but I think he'd cramp my style if we worked too closely, especially if his bones set off the metal detector. 'course, you let a 400-kilo gorilla sit wherever he likes, right? - Snapshot (Street Samurai)
I hear maybe he's a little bit "oo-rah soldier boy" if you know what I mean, but I also hear he can handle himself pretty well and he his guns aren't a crutch. - various, Moon's Shine
Scan this. This Jax slot stared down a fraggin' Fenrir and kicked its ass with his bare hands! Now that's one feisty stumpy!
- various, Moon's Shine
Whatever the shadows throw at him, this slot seems well-equipped to deal with it. Name just about any mission and this Dwarf is your man. - various, Moon's Shine
(Corey) Trapper (Male Ork, Sorcerer Medic)
Competencies: Unarmed Combat
Expertise: Emergency Medicine, Pistols, Sorcery
Weapons of choice: Heavy Pistol
Specialty skills & equipment: Advanced Paramedic Certification
Trapper? Oh, the Sorcerer Paramedic. Ah yes, some say he's almost as good at killing people as saving them, but that is a problem for his conscience to resolve. All that matters to me is that he gets the wounded to my operating table in time, and he does a good job of that. He is somewhat zealous about his patients' welfare. I sincerely believe his talents would be better used if he would just give in and sign on with the 'wagon. If you need to contact him, Jacques can probably help you. - Dr. Shem (DocWagon Trauma Surgeon)
An associate spoke well of his healing abilities, even if he is just a Sorcerer. - Styx (Combat Mage)
(Lars) Ichiro (Male Japanese Human, Ex-Yakuza Sammy)
Competencies: Unarmed Combat, Japanese
Expertise: Submachineguns, Edged Weapons
Weapons of choice: Ingram Smartgun, Sword
Specialty skills & equipment: Corporate liaison and account resolution experience.

Ichiro? Ah yes, he used to work for the Shotzumi-Rengo, right? A smiling tiger, that one; part negotiator, part ninja. I hear he performed with honor in the sokaiya. He epiomizes the velvet glove over an iron fist, and there is more than a little blood on that glove. I hear he has parted ways with his gumi over some incident, but he left with his honor intact. If you do find him, please give him my card. - Mr. Satio, Mr. Johnson
Ichiro? Yeah, might as well call him Mr. Roboto. Get it? Ah, f'get about it. He used to work out of Downtown for one of the smaller oyabun in the Shotozumi-rengo; paid a few visits here in Auburn to whack some of our people. Anyway, I hear the guy spent the better part of a year getting wired up and now he's gone a freakin' sabbatical or some drek. Yeah, that's right, he's gone freelance and I wouldn't want to be around him if his former employers decide his implants could be put to better use. I ain't gonna argue, it means he isn't giving my boys any grief.
- Paul Cabretti, caporegime, Bigio Family
He's ex-Yak from the friggin' Shotoscrewme clan, and you can pick that up pretty quick from his attitude. - various, Moon's Shine
A suit samurai is more like it. Sharp dressed bad ass and that drek. He's pretty damn cold, even for a sammy. I hear he's willing to do whatever the run requires, even if it means putting a bullet in a team mate. Although I can respect that and I'm sure the Johnsons love him, I'll wait for something else to come along, unless the pay's really good of course, heh. - various, Moon's Shine

(Lars) Sten (Male Human, Adept Gunslinger)
Competencies: Armory (Pistols), Unarmed Combat, Spanish
Expertise: Pistols, Bikes
Weapons of choice: Colt Manhunters
Specialty skills & equipment: Familiar with security procedures.
Oh yeah, the cowboy slot. He's not completely jacked in, if ya ask me. He's fast and he shoots better than a lot of slots, sometimes with two guns at a time, but scan this - he wears old-timey cowboy hip holsters. No drek! He's not half bad on a bike, though, for a wireless slot, that is. I hear he has some of that A-dept mojo going on. Whatever; give me wires anyday. - Pogo (Go-gang biker)
Seems like a reliable cuss, though he's sneakier than a cowboy has a right to be. He's mighty skilled with his guns and can stare down a drunken Troll. I heard a rumor he has magic holsters, but I hear it's more likely that he's one of those magical folks like them Jedi or what have you. About the only beef I would have with him is those new-fangled clip-fed pistols he uses. Pshaw! Revolvers are a cowboy's true friend. Well I'll be, my throat's dry already. - Cletus (Barfly)
(Lars) Tagger (Male Troll Ganger)
Competencies: Shotguns, Unarmed Combat, Demolitions, Driving (Car), Russian
Expertise: Clubs, Electronics
Weapons of choice: Franchi SPAS-22 Shotgun
Specialty skills & equipment: Member of the Diamond Dogs gang; graffiti artist.
Yup. He's real big right? One tusk, two horns? Black jacked with chains and lots of little painted thingies? Yeah, that's Tagger. What's to say? He's a big Troll ganger. He's tough, scary, and he can beat people up. That doesn't work, he's got some big-ass military shotgun monstrosity to help him out. I heard he tagged a few places with graffiti that I wouldn't thought he could get into. - Unknown patron at Jakey's.
Tagger, sure, I know him. He likes ta paint tings, even when he ain't invited, if ya know whud I mean. Yeah, he does the tings you might expect a big tough trog to do, but scan dis, he knows how ta blow shit up wid explosives, break inta security systems, and damn if he ain't one o' duh sneakiest damn trogs I ever seen! If you need ta get ahold o' him for some work, I can jack you in, omae. - T-man (Leader of the Dragos thrill gang, Auburn)