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The Current Team


Arrow [Sarah Doss] - Female Elf, Adept Urban Hunter. An expert Tribal archer, skilled rifleman, tracker, and hunter.

Titus [Ryan McMullan] - Male Human, Street Mage. Former magical researcher at MITT that turned to the shadows after getting shafted badly by corporations, twice. Specializes in the scholarly aspects of magic, especially information gathering. If it's magical, he probably knows something about it.
Fifi [Reema] - Female Ork, Combat Mage. A child of the streets that honed her skills in the gangs of Paris and Seattle. Now she lives on the docks, walking the shadows with Shark for nuyen and the thrill of the kill.
Taro [Tim Gilheart] - Male Troll, Street Monk. A poet-warrior with martial arts skills honed to mystical levels in the temples of Kyoto. He has come to Seattle in search of purpose and enlightenment. His only obstacle is his own dark rage.

The Players

The suspense builds as we wait for a picture...