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Interim 11


Also see the Warstory 11 for this run, they cover some interim occurences.

23FEB2059 (Sunday)

Team hits the Nudle House at 0600. They finally rendezvous with their extraction vehicle by 0800 and make it back to Seattle at 1400. By then, the team is very happy to no longer smell Piker and she is very happy to finally be done hugging her knees, pressed up against cold steel for six hours.

The run has hit the news - News Story - "23FEB2059 ABS News - San Francisco, A City in Strife"

Kuma gets a message from Kim shortly after the news.

The message light glows a soft red on Kuma's phone. He switches his cyber radio to the proper frequency and activates the message replay.

"Hey omae, we need to talk. Turns out that place you asked me about was a ring. I'm not saying that I'm crying or nothing but some of our friends are curious so I need to know what went down. I haven't heard from my contact since you guys bugged out. I think someone cleaned a whole lotta house in one big swoop. Call me, you know the number."

24FEB2059 (Monday)

0900 Ajax and Monica see Thomas (see Warstory 11). Thomas gives his blessing to Ajax giving up his normal corporate work to go to work full time with Sixth World Investigations (the group's front), but also suggests that he might find a good cover job with the Kane Foundation.

25FEB2059 (Tuesday)

A Story From Angus - Piker's Birth

Continued from Warstory 11.

Piker looks up from her glass of scotch, with a slight expression of surprise.

"Yeah, thought that might get your attention lass." Angus smiles.

"In a nutshell, it's pretty much the same story, but the devil's in the details as he usually is." Angus leans back as the waiter brings salad. Angus takes a bite and begins his tale.

"Annette, your mother, was in fact a prostitute for Madame Li. However, the gentleman caller that eventually became your father was Frank, not me. He and I would visit Madame Li's as we found our work made it difficult to keep a relationship alive. I was partial to Silver."

Piker expresses recognition of the name.

"Oh no, not the same Silver that works there now. It's just a trade name. In a hundred years, there will be a nubile Elf named Silver working there and she won't be the same person either. For example, Annette was called Mocha, on account that she had light brown skin from her Hispanic heritage. You see, she was originally from Aztlan."

"Mocha came to Seattle to make it big and help get her family out of their back breaking, dust for dinner, poverty. A noble goal perhaps, but one that she was just shy of pulling off without some help. She wasn't some bright-eyed innocent young girl. I doubt such a thing can truly exist outside of a corporate campus nowadays. However, she was not as savvy about the shadows of Seattle as she needed to be. I don't really know the details, but inside of a year, she was working at Madame Li's and counting herself lucky for it."

"Madame Li has little trouble finding girls. Prostitution has damn near become a desirable occupation in a place were most folks can clear enough nuyen without doing something less palatable, risking their life, or worse."

"Anyway, Mocha revealed that her name was Annette and that she was sending some money home, but it was never enough to get the family out of their rut. Enter horny young Frank; young, dumb, and full of... Well you get the picture. Annette was a professional, so she didn't exactly spill the beans about her life to everyone, but you spend enough time in bed with someone and eventually words will slip."

"Anyway, next thing I know, it's a year later and Frank shows up at the Lodge with Annette in tow. We weren't very happy with that. It turns out she's Awakened and didn't realize it. Frank calls in all of his favors with the group and finally convinces us to give her a try."

"I'll have to say, she wasn't half bad. She was no star pupil, but she kept up with everyone. Ms. Kim never liked her, though, and that mostly had to do with a belief that she lacked Spirit in Ms. Kim's mind. Ms. Kim may have had an unusual way to describe that, but there was something wrong with Mocha. Too much rage. Her ki was unbalanced."

"She said it was her pregnancy. Oh yes, she started to blossom a few months after getting involved with us. I'll be blunt love, you deserve it. She probably would have aborted, but there was a question that it would mess up her magic. So she went on an Astral Quest with a little help and the universe played a little joke on her. Giving birth would be her next ordeal."

"After a year of training and doing her part, she and Frank revealed their intents. They were specifically training to infiltrate Aztlan and assassinate some corporate officers." Angus pauses to let the story sink in and takes a sip of scotch.

"We weren't saints. We had lots of blood on our hands, but we did not just kill people willy nilly and we generally did not do wet work anymore. We had enough of that when we were working for the government. There had to be just cause and lots of research. It's the only smart way to work anyway." Angus shrugs matter-of-factly.

"Well anyway, the long and short of it is that their targets were questionable. Annette's family had been killed in a military action in Aztlan and she wanted blood. Plain and simple. Frank and Annette had been training for this so long, they didn't want to hear anything to the contrary. In the end, we decided to try and back them up. Annette was still carrying you, but the window of opportunity was going to close. They had an inside contact and they needed to move right away."

"So off we went. Things went badly, to say the least. One of us didn't return and the mission was a failure. Turns out Frank's insider was a double agent. Frank was never a very good judge of character."

"Annette and Frank stopped at Madame Li's to buy some drugs to induce labor and with a bloody dazzling display of incompetence, she ended up having you right there beside a dumpster. Madame Li had called me when they showed up looking for drugs, so I showed up right about the time you started screaming bloody murder. I'd hate to think what she might have done if I hadn't shown up in that alley when I did, but I like to think Madame Li would have made sure nothing bad happened to you." Angus looks very grim, an expression Piker has only seen in passing during heavy drinking.

Angus snaps out of his haze and continues, "So Frank turns to me and asks me to take care of you. He had the look of a man that was going to his death. So I took you in."

"Actually, until you were out of diapers, Ms. Kim helped me out quite a bit. When you started to recognize and remember things, that's when I stopped taking you to the lodge. And the rest you know." Angus slugs back the rest of his drink and wolfs down the rest of his salad as he spies the waiter coming across the room with his steak.