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Assembly Notes: Genestealers

Use Pictures!

You should look up pictures of the model in the Tyranid Codex as well as keep the box the model came in close by. The picture on the cover of the box and the pictures in the Codex will help guide you as to the intended posture and appearance, which can be very helpful, even if you want to convert the model.

Basic Guidelines

  • Do not put the body into the slottabase until you are happy that the flash is trimmed adequately. The pose of the model will make it hard to trim the flash once it is in the base.
  • Do not accidentally mix up the bases and bodies! There are two types of bases, arms, and bodies. You can make arms work for the "wrong" bodies, but they do not fit as well and you might have to a tiny bit of putty work or something similar.
  • The bases are not all standard slottabases, some are shorter, be careful not to put a short model in a long slot.
  • I used polystyrene cement for all joining needs with this model.



  1. Make some of my Weeblanid bases for the Genestealers.
  2. Cut pieces from sprue.
  3. Clean most of the flash off bodies with knife (see Assembly Notes: Gaunts).
  4. Glue the body into the base (see Assembly Notes: Gaunts).
  5. Clean most of the flash off arms with knife.*
  6. Glue arms into the body. You should do all of the right arms in sequence and all of the left arms in sequence so that you can quickly refine your gluing technique for that given part as you go.
  7. Wait for at least 15-30 minutes for the glue to cure. The longer, the better.
  8. Use Tenax and a brush to clean up the remaining flash (there is a page on this technique).
  9. If this is the same night that you started, I would put the models away for the night and wait until the next day so that the glue can thoroughly cure and you can safely handle the models.
  10. Clean models with soap and water, dry them, and start painting!

* - focus on heavy flash and easily reached mold lines. Difficult areas and/or creases at joints will be handled later with Tenax.