Follow the links in the header for specific terrain making projects.More to come, but here are some links for now:

Terrain Making Sites

  • TerraGenesis - "The web site devoted to the production of terrain for table-top wargames. Our aim is to show you all you need to know to make great looking, cheap terrain." Need I say more? They have lots of cool stuff, but one page you might overlook is their Bits & Pieces page, which is quite cool. If only I had read this site earlier! They have just about every cool thing I have found. I was so excited at having discovered ceramic tile spacers, but it's old news to them.
  • Gaming Scenery Page - A site for a colonial war gaming fan, but it has some nice, well communicated and generally useful tips as well.
  • Lloydian Modelling Tips - Neat site, especially his Scenery page.
  • WorldMakers  Helpful instructions and illustrations.
  • Starship gaming terrain - this fellow made a very inexpensive board and scratch built miniatures.
  • Necromundicon (Sean Patten's Site) - I ahve only just heard about this, but it looks good.
  • Net Terrain - lots of guides on building various terrain pieces.

Foam Cutter Vendors

Terrain Mould Vendors (use the mold to make bricks, timber, etc., then assemble them)

Terrain Kit Vendors

Professional Terrain Makers


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