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Run #11 - Dis Favor

Real world: This "run" occurred over Session #14, 16FEB2003. The runners for this session were Titus (Ryan), Fifi (Reema), and Arrow (Sarah). A new runner enters the drama, Taro (Tim).


Run: 5 karma, 4 if you have >50 earned karma
Bonus opportunities: +1 if war story.

Individual Warstories

Taro's Warstory

16 December 2062

I wish the boat would go faster. I do not think I like this "security work" so much. The three ork brothers seem to enjoy strong-arming the rest of the steerage, but I only do so because I must. Today, I had to help stop several fistfights. I think the other passengers are as weary of these dank holds as I am. Kyoto was no longer my home, but I have already begun to miss it. I would very much like to be in Seattle, where I can start over again.

17 December 2062

Today was quieter than yesterday, but Master Daizui always said the ocean grows calm before it rages. I wonder what the sea has in store for us. The food here is ample, but I have finally convinced the orks that they do not understand how to properly cook rice. They are also still trying to learn the use of chopsticks, but I worry that this skill may never be within their grasp. They are a gruff bunch, but the experience of working with them has taught me a great deal. I hope I am prepared for what the streets of Seattle have to offer.

18 December 2062

The ocean has revealed her secrets: our freighter was tossed by the waves of a strong storm throughout last night and today. Tensions grew stronger down in the holds, but people seemed too scared to even think of stirring up trouble. The ork brothers thought there was "something different in the air". The ship's crew let us know that the storm was worsened by the presence of magical creatures. Later, the navigator sent down word that several sea spirits and storm spirits had been fueling much of the storm, apparently to drive the ship away from "their land". I do not know what these strange beings must be thinking; I was just happy to discover that the resident mage was able to appease them. I did my part as well by entertaining many frightened children with yukar, the ancient Ainu hero stories. These old stories my people still keep proved very helpful in calming both the children and their distraught parents. I do not think story-telling will work so well in most tense situations, though.

19 December 2062

I awoke today with much excitement. Perhaps I am preparing myself for our arrival in Seattle in two days. Things have returned to normal on board, now that the storm has passed. According to the report the crew sent down, we have "clear sailing" until we reach port. I will soon be learning many more of these funny English expressions. When I get to Seattle, I think I will look up my friend Seiji first. He sent word almost a year ago that his electronics business was doing well and that he went by the name "Kitsune" when conducting his street business. I hope that I can find accommodations at his temple for at least one night. If I am fortunate, word of my deeds in Kyoto did not travel far, so his temple should accept me as they would any pilgrim. I still think of myself as a monk, but I do not think it wise to present myself as such to this new temple. My ideals are no longer in complete agreement with those of Zen, so I must not make my new home in another temple. My home will be much the same as most people's, and my temple will be the streets I choose to wander.

20 December 2062

This morning occur when the ship docked. I tried to answer the questions that people had, but the orks showed little interest in helping. When I realized how few of their questions I could properly answer, I was forced to abandon my efforts. I returned to my normal duties instead and spent much of the day reading some of my favorite haiku while I wandered the holds in search of trouble. As the night grew late, I retired to my makeshift palette behind some crates and composed this haiku:

Traveling eastward
Ocean once again serene
Oh! - the excitement

21 December 2002

Many passengers, including me, slept late today in preparation for our 3 AM arrival time. I am not exactly sure what to expect when I step off this ship, but I feel that I will find my way. My sandals have many miles left in them, and I have a new world to experience. I have eaten well today so that I will be able to go a little while longer before I must eat again. The many years I spent on begging routes as a young monk helps to keep my appetite small, but I may have to go without food for a couple of days. I would write more, but there is much more happening today that requires my attention.

22 December 2002

I have fallen in with a group of three people who were sent, apparently at Seiji's Kitsune's request, to retrieve me. I have tried to keep track of who they are here:

Fifi = Ork woman with a French accent. She appears to be a shark shaman. Cooks well.
Arrow = Elf woman. Very quick. I think she is a physical adept. Has a shotgun.
Titus = Human man with strange hair. Scrawny, but a capable mage. Too many cell phones.

I am now indebted to these people, due to the losses they incurred retrieving me. I intend to honor my obligations and repay this debt with my services. I am not sure that a simple street monk is suited to their line of work, but I think I will learn much by working off my debt to them. Since I owe much more than 10 k¥, I will probably spend a long time working with them.

From the disastrous events at the dock, I have already learned much. First of all, I do not like these LoneStar "police". They seem like nothing more than mercenaries, and they are deceitful: they are not from Texas. Croissants in the morning are good after one has received healing magic and recovered from many bad injuries suffered at the hands of LoneStar. I must remember to give back Titus's cell phone when I get one of my own.

Now, I have been deposited at the gates of Kitsune's local temple, but I have stopped to write in my journal and collect myself before entering. Once I decide to enter, I will have much upon which to meditate. Perhaps the monks can spare a small bowl's worth of rice.


08DEC2063 (Friday)

  • 2400 - King's Run aborted
  • 2430 - Fifi and Arrow head to Digital Ducats. They see a TV report about the "Sewer Stalker".
  • 0100 - Titus at safehouse
  • 0130 - Fifi & Arrow @ safehouse
  • 0150 - Titus gets new ID from Firugi, pays him a 2k bonus.
  • 0200 - Fifi and Arrow get new level 4 fake IDs
  • 0230 - Titus picks up 4 cellphones
  • 0300 Titus calls Jonas, Francis, and Steven Hanely - They talk very little and communicate covertly to Titus that they are compromised.
  • 0330 Titus feels that he is dropped from the Astral link for his group.

09DEC2062 (Saturday)

  • Titus gets his haird dyed and styled by Fifi - she goes for short avante garde orange hair.

11DEC2062 (Monday)

  • Arrow relocates her home.
  • Fifi attempts to setup a lodge in her home.

13DEC2062 (Wednesday)

  • Arrow in new apartment.

14DEC2062 (Thursday)

  • Arrow talks to Boomer

16DEC2062 (Saturday)

  • Titus keeps stewing

17DEC2062 (Sunday)

  • Titus gets cut - cosmetic surgery to alter his face and bone structure so that he cannot be recoginzed casually or by automatic drone scans

19DEC2062 (Tuesday)

  • Fifi finishes a Force 8 Lodge.

21DEC2062 (Thursday)

  • Silver asks Arrow to stop by the docks and pick up a Troll coming into the city illegally via cargo ship. His name is Taro and his head and face are clean shaven. He arrives at 0300 Friday.

22DEC2062 (Friday)

  • Arrow, Fifi, and Titus stop by the docks to pick up Taro.
  • A race riot breaks out nearby.
  • Lonestar arrives (two bikes, then a patrol car with a mage).
  • Big fight
    • Taro gets zapped, stun bolted, and run over. The team's van gets powerbolted into oblivion.
  • Fifi arranged for a local mafia guy to hide the van and have it fixed by 29DEC2062; he asks for 10k, she pays 12k in advance.
  • Taro is welcomed into the group to repay his debt.