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Interim 0

Immediate Team Knowledge

  • Ajax knows the following:
    • The SimSense was RealSense, the tech that gets you put into jail and which was supposedly
      taken off the market. NOTE: to really be consistent, the corporation from your background
      should be Global Technologies. They make the hardware, MegaMedia makes the software. Sort
      of the difference between Sony and Twentieth Century Fox, back before everyone pretty much
      owned everyone else in some way.
    • Everyone's Essence is temporarily down "a small amount" [mechanically, 10%-20%], but they
      should be good as new by the end of the day.
    • No one's aura appears to show infection.
    • Truck locations
      • B2 - Downtown: This is the address of a very chic ice cream and coffee shop that you
        occasionally go to. It is called Vive Serge!
        B3 - Bellevue: This address is the Gates Casino in Bellevue, a somewhat shady place, but only
        as shady as a nice neighborhood like Bellevue can handle. The more questionable activities
        are kept very quiet. There are rumors of some organized crime activity in the casino.
  • Hound knows
    • The SimSense experience was a little too real from his experiences.
    • Piker is a good person to be behind.
    • Truck locations:
      • A1 - Puyallup: A whorehouse in Loveland called Madame Lee's . . . something or other. You caught
        up to a bail jumper here once. The place provides girls of all races, but is known for
        having an unusually good selection of Ork and Troll practitioners.
      • B1 - Downtown: Target Securities. This agency trains bodyguards, provides bodyguards,
        creates "security solutions", and all manner of related things. They are a decent-sized
        corporation, but nothing to make the big boys take notice.
        B2 - Downtown: A trendy, chic little ice cream and coffee bar called Vive Serge! It is thick
        with attitude and snobbery. You also happen to know that while they are turning up their
        noses here, many of the perfect little suits are putting something up their nose. You
        actually nailed a white collar bounty there when he slipped back into his old habits to make
        some quick cash to get away with. The owner, Serge, is 100% snob and is prone to call
        Lonestar if someone's fashion is out of date.
  • Piker knows:
    • Moon is a bad ass and he's not too bad looking for a big cyborg.
    • Those vampires were unbelievably strong. You have never fought a human, chromed or not,
      that was that strong. Well, maybe your Dad, but he is a very rare exception to the rule.
    • Truck locations
      • A1 - Puyallup: This is the brothel in Loveland that Piker's reputed mother worked at when she
        conceived her.
      • A2 - Puyallup: This is a Mafia-controlled distribution point for stolen goods.
      • A3 - Tacoma: This is a location on the docks that is neither Mafia nor Yakuza controlled.
      • B3 - Bellevue: This address is Gates Casino, a Mafia-controlled place in the rich, white
        collar district of Bellevue. This is the place that all of the nice clean respectable
        businessmen come to get dirty and indulge themselves amongst a caring and discreet staff.
  • Wild Child knows:
    • The SimSense experience was far better than anything he has experienced.
    • The trucks and staff equipment and setup suggests the deliveries are made to safe or secure
    • Truck locations
      • A2 - Puyallup: This is a warehouse that the Mafia uses to distribute stolen goods. You think
        it is still in use, but you are not sure. Protection of the warehouse is probably provided
        by a gang. Wild Child thinks the name of the gang is Forever Tacoma, an Ork and Troll gang
        with red and orange colors, typically orange rain slickers over street armor. That's all he
        A3 - Tacoma: That sounds like a warehouse address on the Tacoma docks.