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Run #10 - Blood and Spirit

Real world: This run started and ended during Session #18, 20JAN2002. The runners for this mission were Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Kuma (Lars), and Ajax (Corey).

Prelude: The party tangles with a strange and powerful blood spirit that was feeding off the prisoners from the secret Aztlan prison from the last mission.

Mission: Kuma wakes up to find himself broke, broken, and on the to the smoldering wreckage of his sportscar. He recruits the team to help him find out what happened and exact vengeance. They soon figure out that a heavily cybered Drug Dealer known as "The Snake" apparently is to blame.

The Twists: Although decked out with Delta Grade Cyberware and possessing absurd speed, he was not that much more skillful than a thug. The team was able to secure the account codes for about 6 million nuyen worth of medical equipment (up to Delta Grade) and services.

The War Stories

Hound's Warstory

I’ll continue this journal for at least a little while. Given the things that are happening, I may have to start writing with pen and paper soon. But more on that later.

To begin with, the prisoners from that border town weren’t quite as home free as we thought they were. After we contacted Angus, he arranged for us to bring them all to a safehouse. It was only then that we thought to check them magically. I really need to learn how to do that, but there’s so many other things to spend my time on. Anyway, Ajax scanned them astrally, and they all had these astral lines leading out of them, and we think they went straight back to the compound, although there’s no way we can know that for sure. They went right through a badass barrier, so although we asked around, we couldn’t come up with any better way to block the trace, and whatever had a link to them was going to be able to follow it no matter what. We even had Piker try to break the link physically, and she was rewarded with a link of her own for her efforts.

We were damn near ready to give up on them, and then somebody pointed out that the blood magic they were involved with might be similar to the drek that went down with our vampire acquaintances. So I dropped them a line and explained the deal, and they said that a very nasty blood spirit would be showing up any time now, and that we should gather everyone who could help and meet them with the prisoners. After that it went pretty smoothly. They made some kind of circle and put a vamp on every line. Then I’m not sure what they did, but the big blood spirit showed up and we kicked its hoop. Mostly Piker, but I helped some. We thanked the vamps and went on our way, although I suspect that they’ll be coming to us for help sometime when they need it, and anything they need help with is going to be bad…

Anyway, the really important events happened soon after. I had been thinking more and more about that pistol that Kuma had been given by Caine. I mean, it was a gift, and a unique one at that, and Kuma just looked down his nose at it. He almost seemed to resent it. Finally, he had Caine and his friends unbond it from him, and I was around for that. It disappeared when they unbonded it, but I kept thinking about it. If we’re going to continue to face down spirits, especially the horrors, a weapon like that could really be useful. And if we ever return to that “other place”, or other time, or whatever it is, I wanted something better than a chunk of metal on a stick in my hand. So I approached Caine and asked if they were able to bring the gun back, and if so if I could wield it.

He seemed surprised that I was as committed to the project as I am. I guess that hanging around with the team has made me more mercenary than I used to be. But I explained my reasons, and told him I was committed to defeat the threat of the horrors, and he seemed to take me at my word. He arranged for me to spend some time in the guest house (just me, not my free-loading teammates) with some mages and they went to work. I’ve gotta say, the ordeal was tiring, but not as bad as it could have been, and when it was over the gun had returned. That’s when the really amazing stuff happened.

The gun is alive. OK, maybe not like I am, but it’s aware, and it has a personality, and apparently it can move itself from place to place, so what else is necessary to be alive? It spoke to me. I think it felt betrayed by Kuma, and it wanted to be sure that I wasn’t going to do the same. I can honestly say that there’s no way I’m going to desert this pistol. At first, I was thinking that it would just be a useful tool against the horrors, but after spending just the small amount of time with it that I did, I can see that it’s much more than just a magic gun. I think that in the days to come, when the horrors must be faced and the fight taken to the other place, this gun and I will become partners, and together we will succeed where neither of us could alone. It has accepted me, and for that I am grateful.

After that, we went on some revenge run for Kuma. I guess somebody was seriously fragging with his life, but we looked into it and now the guy’s dead. He was pretty rich, though, and seriously ‘wared. Kuma “inherited” a medical bank account that should allow him to rip out every last vestige of humanity left in him and replace it with cold hard steel. But in the end, when the horrors come and we’re the only things standing between them and the rest of humanity, none of that will help him, and he’ll have turned his back on the one thing that would.


  • Hound +4 karma + 2 for war story [19/69]
  • Ajax +4 karma [15/55]
  • Kuma +4 karma [12.5/53]
  • Piker +4 karma [10/74.5]