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Run #9 - Sins For The Father

Real world: This run started and ended during Session #17, 06JAN2002. The runners for this mission were Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Kuma (Lars), and Ajax (Corey).

Mission: Piker recruits team to rescue her biological father from an illegal secret Aztechnology prison housed in a dirty little hole of a town called Del Fuego.

The War Stories


  • Session 1: Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Ajax (Corey), and Valkyrie (GM)

Hound's Warstory

From the Journal of Daniel Whitefeather

Grandfather suggested I start keeping this journal a long time ago, when I was first trying to find my way. Well, I can't claim that I've found my way yet, but at least I'm on more of a path than I used to be. So in the spirit of the new year, I resolve to keep this journal as a record of my thoughts and deeds, at least until I get tired of writing and start to procrastinate again.

2059 began on an unusual note. A couple of days after Christmas, Piker called the usual team members together for a run, but it was no ordinary run. For one thing, she was paying for it out of her own pocket. But when we found out what the run was, that made more sense. Seems that Angus, the guy Piker thought was her father, was actually just raising Piker while her real father was rotting in an Azzie secret prison under this piece of drek border town called del Fuego. Piker found out about him and immediately decided to go rescue him. She offered to pay us, but we all went for free. In fact, Kuma was the first one to turn the payment down. That surprised me, but pleased me too. There may be some hope yet for that cold mercenary heart. We also called in Jack for decker duty, and he got paid, which is only right. He's not been along on most of our runs, so although he and I are close, he doesn't owe any loyalties to anyone else on the team.

Anyway, we all pack up and Val gets us on a sub heading down the coast. We make port in Party Town, but we only stay there long enough to buy a cheap van, and then we're on our way to del Fuego. This place sucks. The locals are just trying to survive, and the non-locals all look like predators. We get some rooms in a hotel, and almost immediately Kuma finds some bugs. So right off the bat we know that this whole town pretty much lives and dies by Azzie rule. Oh, and to make matters worse, the place is crawling with Dune Stalkers, so Ajax's options are fairly limited. We split up and try to get the lay of the place, some of us in different ways than others. I swear, Ajax will stick it in anything that doesn't try to get away, and then he'll claim it's for the good of the team. And I've constantly got to keep an eye on Piker. Sometimes I feel like she's just in this for fun, and doesn't realize how serious things are. As cold as Kuma is, at least he knows his job and gets it done.

So just by looking around the place we figure out a few things. First off, the prison must be hidden under the City Hall, but we notice that there's a separate jail. After observing it for a day or so we notice that some folks go in, but don't come out, and other folks who come out never seemed to go in, so we figure that there's a tunnel or something under the building. We also spot 4 guards up on various rooftops, but in the end we never had to deal with them.

We made a plan to go in to the jail on New Year's Even, when there might be some extra noise from the locals. Jack used a wiz decker device that let him tap into a line outside the jail, and so he determined that there were only two guards immediately inside the door. He was also able to figure out that the whole second floor was communication gear, but he could block any message, so Kuma and I just rolled in and cleaned house. I felt a little bad that I had to kill one of the prisoners in the cell, but when dealing with the Azzies, the fewer loose ends the better.

So Jack comes in and sets up shop in the commo room, and from there he leads us right to Piker's father. There's some guards between us and him, but most of then never even got off a shot. I guess Piker took a bullet or two, but she hardly even feels that anymore. So once the guards are no longer a problem, Jack pops open the right cell and we go in for Piker's father. He's propped up against the wall in restraints, but he's also almost in a coma. We managed to bring him around a little, but about the only thing he said was to Piker, asking her to free another of the prisoners, a troll woman who I figured was his wife. We ended up just getting all of them out of there, figuring that if the Azzies wanted them here, then freeing them could only be a good thing. Plus, they were all magically active, and I couldn't help but think about the way we all met. I didn't like the idea of these people being used for anything like what we were being used for, so I was happy we could set them free.

From there we headed out to a conveniently located Azzie VTOL they were kind enough to leave guarded by only a couple of punks, and from there we headed back to Seattle. So now I'm sitting here wondering what I've gotten myself involved in now. But a part of me doesn't care about what happens. We did something good this time, I can feel it. And for now, that's enough.



  • Hound + 4 karma +1 warstory [13/63]
  • Ajax +4 karma [11/51]
  • Kuma +4 karma [8.5/49]
  • Piker +4 karma [18/70.5], bought Distance Strike (the second point of two) for 12 karma [6/70.5]