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Run #8 Hey Buddy, Wanna Buy a Mage?

Real world: This run started with Session #15, 09DEC2001, and ended Session #16, 16DEC2001. The runners for this mission were Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), and Ajax (Corey).

Mission: Extract magical researcher, Franklin Roosevelt, from Renraku facility.

Twist: Mission goes fine, featuring an extended solo performance by Ajax. Contractors appear to be cultists for The Horrors. Team takes them out and have to find a buyer. David Kane takes the Mage off their hands.

The War Stories


  • Session 1: Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Valkyrie (GM)
  • Session 2: Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Valkyrie (GM)

No War Stories were submitted.