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Run #7 - Working for "the Man"

Real world: This run started and ended during Session #14, 28OCT2001. The runners for this mission were Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Kuma (Lars), and Ajax (Corey).

Mission: Lonestar is in a bind dealing with possible July 4th terrorism. Team is hired for anti-terrorism interdiction, ten sites, a few hours.

  • 5k to investigate possible terrorists and sites of terrorism
  • +5k per positive contact
  • +10k per combat


  • 1500 03JUL2058 (W): Brad Harris calls Hound about a need for a team. Lt. Zane, Anti-Terrorism unit, referred by Brad Harris. Will meet at 2100 at the Blue Collar.
    • 2100 Job accepted by Hound
  • The locations
    1. Puyallup - Warehouse, suspected demolitions source
    2. Puyallup - Forever Tacoma Gang, possible operative
    3. Puyallup - Loveland, Metahuman refugee shelter
    4. Tacoma - possible target site, Foreman Towers
    5. Tacoma - possible target site, Harmony Square, benefit concert (all day, already in progress)
    6. Redmond Barrens - Redmond Glens, #805, Apartment house, possible terrorist cell
    7. Redmond Barrens - Waterford Dale, Office Building, ORC headquarters.
    8. Snohomish - AgroAid.
    9. Redmond Barrens - SINless central, a quasi-legal administrative center.
    10. Snohomish - Life Systems, Chemical Plant
  • Actual work
    1. #1: Investigated - Old guy with gated warehouse. Decided to move on.
    2. #2: Piker talks to FTs, team decides no threat.
    3. #3: Found guys placing charges in basement, neutralized, called for pickup, found out about charges planted at #4, #7 is also a target of Alamos 20k.
    4. Called info on #4 in to Lt. Zane
    5. #10 spot and jump two Green War operatives. Arrange for dropoff of prisoners at substation.
    6. #6 not terrorists, just activists, possibly civil rights?
    7. #7 Team gets the drop on Alamos 20k demolitionist and manage to defuse the charges with the help of the building security.
  • 04JUL2058
    • 1300 Hound and Ajax meet with Zane and get paid another 50k. He reports nothing more happened.
    • 1400 Hound gives Brad 1k for the tip.
    • Blue Collar - A middle class pub near the central location of Lonestar's Downtown offices.