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Run #5 & Interim #5 - We Have a Dream?

Real world: This run started with Session #11, 19AUG2001 and ended Session #12, 30SEP2001. The runners for this mission were Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), and Piker (Reema). Ajax (Corey) was dealing with real life personal stuff.

Mission: Find and retrieve research team.


  • Session 1
    • 02JUN2058 - Team Hired
    • 03JUN2058 - Team travels. Team sleeps in the snow, keeps watches, gets very little sleep. Team dreams...
    • 04JUN2058 - Team finds old site. Investigate, track.
    • 05JUN2058 - First location
  • Session 2
    • 06JUN2058 - second location, find half of Sivaram
    • 07JUN2058 - third location, <poof>
    • 11JUN2058 - wake up in lodge, go back to Seattle (VTOL)
    • 12JUN2058 - bad dream last night. Special plans - Kuma and Hound drop Ajax name to contacts, and Hound frequents his haunts.
    • 18JUN2058 (Tue) - Kuma wakes up with funky gun in bed with him. Kuma calls the team. Hound arranges to visit Grandpa.


The War Stories


  • Session 1: Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Valkyrie (GM)
  • Session 2: Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Valkyrie (GM)

No War Stories were submitted.