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Run #4 & Interim #4 - Cynical Innocence

Real world: This run started and ended in session #6, 29APR2001. The runners for this mission were Caliban (Mason), Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), and Piker (Reema). Ajax (Corey) was dealing with family emergencies. It picked back up in Session #7, 24JUN2001 [02APR2058 - 10APR2058] with the betrayal by Jakob. Ajax (Corey) in Session #8, 08JUL2001 [10APR2058]. The follow up with the Diviners occurred in Session #9, 22JUL2001.

Mission: Find and retrieve one Samantha Carter, the 16-year-old daughter of Don Carter, a legitimate businessman that is going illegitimate and entering the mafia world.

  • 50k total if completed, 25k if girl is dead or if information given that results in her retrieval.
  • 10k advance.


  • 31MAR2058 Team Hired
  • 01MAR2058 Hound head to Salish-Sidhe
  • 02APR2058 Hound returns. Snatch botched, but coordinated Williams' snatch (half pay). Run finished


31MARFEB2058 (U) - Hound meets one Jakob Williams, of Williams Investigations, at Hound's run down, shared office front on the edge of Redmond. He is a clean cut, very professional looking man. He has stylish small glasses and looks like he should be running a small company. He is very observant and has an unusual ease for such a filthy and violent neighborhood.

Mop Up

Caliban can be heard mumbling directions to Jakob as the black SUV tears through the slick city streets of the night. The rain is just steady enough to keep tight turns on the roads exciting and the cool wind finds every opening in Caliban's bike leathers and bites down hard. It keeps him alert.

The rigger is good, but not so good that Caliban can't keep up on his motorcycle. The chase doubles back on itself a couple of times, but finally Jakob's team intercepts the SUV and when they do it is quite a sight. Three armored vans converge on the SUV along with an attack helicopter. Commands screech out over a loudspeaker. Caliban hears, "We just want the girl."

There is a tense thirty seconds before the door to the SUV opens and the barely conscious form of Samantha Carter stumbles out and slumps to the cold wet concrete of the street. The SUV takes off like a bullet. The helicopter and vans open up with machineguns, but the SUV ducks into an underground parking garage and crashes out the other side. The vans converge on the girl and the helicopter takes off as if to give chase.

Caliban grunts, shrugs, and calls to the team for the all clear.

Before Hound can even begin to dial, Jakob calls him.

The well-trained coporate voice glides off the earpiece, "Excellent work Hound. We have the girl and she seems to be unharmed. I understand people in this line of work don't like waiting to get paid. Pick a location and I will go there immediately to give you your payment and we will go our separate ways."

Hound thinks to himself, "WallyMart in Auburn. The 24 hour one with the Stuffer Shack inside. We'll meet you inside there."

"Agreed, I am en route."

Hound relays the location and the team guns their engines and heads out.

"Uh, why WallyMart?" asks Piker.

Hound answers, "They're pretty good about scanning for guns and depriving the owners. I know they'll let me carry my piece with my license but I am pretty sure that the night crew won't be hooked into corporate politics enough to care who or what Jakob is. So we should at least strip them of their guns, which will give us an edge if they are anything like the usual rent-a-slots that work corp security."

Kuma interjects, "Sounds like you gotta plan, but let's make plans that include my guns next time, huh?"

Hound answers coldly, "I think you're gun has done enough damage for one night."

Caliban interjects, "Let's kill the chatter for now. I saw the way they hit that SUV and I sure wasn't expecting that much drek. Not to mention that they took some sucker shots at the SUV as it left. This Jakob guy may have some wiz gear and be willing to use it against us."

The team members speed to the WallyMart, alone in cold wet night with their thoughts of the run. Nothing about this run was straightforward except for getting hired and getting paid. The sooner this was over, the better.

The group meets up outside the WallyMart, form a rank, and stroll in, attitude in effect. A soft beep is heard and a light illuminates under Hound. He is already holding up his wallet, opened to a rather lackluster photo of him on what must be a PI license. The young clerk, taking a moment from wrestling with his hormones and boredom, squints at the wallet and then nods, grunting, "OK."

The team follows Hound's lead to a Stuffer Shack inside the store. The harsh fluorescent lighting is a stark change from the dark streets outside. Piker scans the menu, but stops when she catches a smirk from Hound.

Not three minutes behind them, Jakob arrives with a trio of what look to be paramilitary types. None of them seem remarkably big, cybered, or noteworthy, but they pay attention to their environment and they are just the slightest bit anxious. Most of their attention remains focused on Piker as Jakob sits down across from Hound.

Jakob smiles conservatively. He is still dressed in business casual, but now it is mostly black. "25k for aid in retrieval, minus the 10k advance, that makes 15k. If I recall correctly, you had four team members working on this, so I have provided the money in the form of four certified credsticks f 3.75k apiece."

The various members reach forward and grab a stick each. They press the button and confirm the amount. The readout flashes "3,750" in a warm cerulean glow. The credsticks are good quality and appear to be brand new. Corporate gigs have their perks, tiny as they may be.

Jakob stand up almost immediately, "Well I have provisions to make. Good work." Jakob and his retinue leave the store and the team follows at a safe distance. He steps into an armored SUV that pulls up. He steps in and lowers the tinted window, with a smile he yells, "No offense, but I hope we never see each other again. Good luck in the shadows." The window raises back up and the engine revs as the vehicle pulls away.

Kuma hears a muttered followup from Jakob, "You'll need it."

The automatic doors close and the rush of cold air stops dead, replaced by the warm and slightly stale air of the WallyMart.

The War Stories


  • Session 1 (#6, 29APR2001): Caliban (Mason), Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema)
    Session 2 (#7, 24JUN2001): Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema)
    Session 3 (#8, 08JUL2001): Ajax (Corey), Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Valkyrie (GM)
    Session 4 (#9, 22JUL2001): Ajax (Corey), Kuma (Lars), Hound (Angelo), Piker (Reema), Valkyrie (GM)

Kuma's War Story 4 (Session 1 through 3)

Jakob's faces turns towards Kuma. It is twisted and stretched, the muscles and tendons throughout the face are taut and strange shadows from the outsides lights fall in warped patterns. The man's eyes gleam with a strange mix of hatred, hope, and fanatical glee.

"You're next, John," he grins. Kuma tries to speak, but his throat is clenched and dry. He tries to raise his gun, but his arm is heavy and numb. Through a window of the control room, Kuma notices frantic activity accompanied by magical lights and the sounds of heavy machinery.

Jakob knows he is stunned and impotent. He has won. The man stands up straight and stretches his arms outward. He tilts his head back, closing his eyes and awaiting some dark miracle. Strange ripples are seen under the skin of his arms and face. Bulges race and skitter around with animal-like intelligence. Suddenly a convulsion rocks his body. Jakob tilts his face forward, his eyes open, and a large smile on his face.

The man's chest explodes outwards, tattered clothes bursting to land in bloody rags about the room. Jakob is still smiling as the alien beast climbs its way out of his own ribcage. It is black and purple, with blood gore sliding off its hard chitinous back like foul amniotic fluid. Jakob looks down at the creature like a father admiring his first-born child. It looks up to match his gaze. Something passes between them. The alien opens its large jaw revealing razor sharp yellow teeth. It then crushes Jakob's head, devouring it whole.

Kuma is gripped by pure fear. He cannot fight such a thing; he's a street samurai, not some trid super mage. The beast finishes his first meal and turns to look at Kuma.

It slows walks over to him in a hunched and off-kilter gait. It opens its mouth wide and licks its teeth with a big engorged purple tongue.

A hollow, guttural voice echoes in Kuma's head, "You're next, John."

Kuma snaps awake. The voice still clings to his conscious memory, repeating over and over again, slowly fading in presence. His body is covered in a cold sweat, a sweat that has soaked the large bandage wrapping his chest. He lets himself fall back into the familiar hospital bed. The electronic bedside monitor's reassuring beeping seems to sweep away any remains of the nightmare. Within a couple minutes Kuma can barely remember what it was about. A feeling of impending horror still seems to linger, but Kuma pushes it to the back of his mind and takes charge of his surroundings.

He was in back recovery room of his chummer's street clinic. Truman had been asked a lot of the last several weeks, but had still been there afterwards to pull out the bullets from Kuma's torn body and tell dirty jokes he had learned in the army. After all the drek Kuma had gone through, a standard hospital was completely out of the question. Legit doctors don't appreciate finding some undocumented Grade IV Fuchi Titanium Body Lacing while they are pulling out half a dozen slugs.

"Hey, there's the bad man," came a shout from the doorway. Kuma was starting to let the painkillers slip him into another nightmare, but is shaken awake.

Kuma was glad to see his two best friends walk into the clinic room. Manny led the way. The hyper-kinetic ork was wearing a loose black polo-style shirt and jeans and a black Eurocar baseball cap. His tall gangly frame was a sharp contrast to the shorter, stockier Irishman. Red had his constant synthleather jacket and a white Ares t-shirt underneath. Red's full fire red beard and bald head seemed even more vivid in the sterile white room.

Kuma sat up to greet them, wincing slightly. "Damn it's good to see you slots. Fragging white walls and Truman's slop is a hell of a way to spend a couple weeks." Red tosses a Styrofoam container. Kuma catches it reflexively. He already knows what's in it before it is even opened: Tojo's Chili Yakisoba.

Manny and Red pull up some chairs. "What the frag's going on these days, Yaj," asks Manny.

"Yeah, I finally got Truman and talked him into giving up the clinic. Man was a little paranoid and I'm guessing it was all you. Last we knew, you were hiding out from some hit teams or some drek. Fragging shadowrunning, chummer. You got to ditch that and learn that life is a good thing and stepping in front of bullets ain't smart," says Red.

"Yeah, what's the screamsheet, Yaj?" echoes Manny.

Kuma shakes his head as he devours the last of the soba. "Fragged up run. I think everything's blown over for now. Even if not, I need to tell you about the weird drek that came our way. I fragging hate magic these days." Kuma tosses the container at the trash can, ricocheting off the lid.

"Here's what went down. I'm giving you the condensed version because I'm not really in the mood and these pain killers aren't helping the, uh, whatchacallit, yeah the long term memory.

"The security chief of this company hired my team to rescue his boss's corporate daughter who had run away. She was rich, spoiled, and had fallin' into the wrong crowd. We know that type. Frag, those are usually the best lays around. Remember Lolita, eh Red?

"Anyways, the girl was still using her cred stick and could be tracked with that. We were supposed to recover her unharmed, and if not, then tell this Jakob guy exactly where she is. Sounded simple enough to me.

"We must have dragged ourselves all over the fragging metro. One minute she's hooked up with some fixer who is fronting a drug gang, next minute she's out in the NAN hiring eco-terrorists. It was fragging annoying and difficult tracking this bitch because there was no connection to anything. We were pretty fragging pissed off and ready to make something happen.

"Finally we track to a fancy hotel in downtown, forget the name. I get this decker I know to handle security and find out where she is and dammit it is her. I wanted to have some more time to do an extraction right, but the place was tight and we didn't know how long she was going to be there.

"In the end we followed her, this rogue fixer, and some bodyguards to the warehouse district. We come in like a hammer, kickin' doors in, blowing the bad guys away. First time I had a chance to use the Little Oni and it was fraggin' sweet. Heavy protection, and we had them on the ropes, but they managed to drag her into a rigged car and make a get away. We wanted out of this, so we contact Jakob and he rounds her up with gunships and swat teams. Heavy drek. Mission done. Time for a fragging soybeer and a joygirl, but no way chummer. Jakob had other plans.

"Turns out he was the bad guy. He had turned rogue and was kidnapping his boss's daughter. Now we are in a drek storm. To make matters worse, the man wasn't happy enough to follow the code. Instead he has hit teams after all of us. Tying up loose ends and such. That's not how you do business.

"We end up dodging hit teams and booby traps confused as to what the hell we did to piss this man off. Still don't really have a good answer beyond, we got hired for the job. Even after all the weird drek I've seen, he still could have just let us walk away.

"We were stuck between this rogue ex-special ops security guy and his goons and the boss he screwed over. Oh yeah, who is some kind of lower mafia boss. Then he fragging blew up my car. That's right, the tricked out sleak Ferrari. You don't frag with another man's car. That's just asking for trouble. So it was personal now.

"We turned to the mafia guy, Don Carter. Told him everything and said we wanted to set things straight. He didn't have much to tell us or give us, but at least the mob wasn't knocking on my door. I can see it now: Mob War II, everyone versus Kuma.

"I guess we wrapped things up by tracking some of Jakob's movements and eventually capturing his gunships in an abandoned factory in Puyallup. No Manny, I know what you are thinking, but we had to give them back to Carter.

"Anyways, I'm getting dizzy from these fraggin drugs so I'll skip to the end. We track Jakob to this old oil rig that Renraku gave up a long time ago. We're thinking he used it as some kind of base of operations. We got a rigger to get us out there and onto the rig. He had some thugs protecting things, but that's nothing compared to what starting materializing.

"There were some kind of alien spirits showing up. They looked like a fragging science fiction trid alien. Four arms, purple and black with big claws and vicious speed. Nastiest fragging thing I've ever seen and I hope I don't see it again. God damn fragged up magic. The only good mage is a dead mage. Well, maybe not all of them. A couple have saved my hoop before.

"We pushed our way through the rig up to the control tower. Every now and then one of these fraggers would show up and go after someone. I just made sure I knew where they were and pointed my SMG at something I knew I could take, like some dumb unlucky thug. We got into the control room and this Jakob guy is there, waiting for us, like he knew we were going to be there and that we were going to crash the party. Right there beside him is our target, the girl. She's tied up to some rack of some kind, like a ritual sacrifice. This big modified oil drill machine started up on the main platform and the girl smashes through the wall on the rack floating across the way towards it. More fragging magic. He's got this barrier up so we can't get through the main door, but that wasn't going to stop me for paying this slot back for my car and the last miserable weeks of my life.

"I climbed through a window onto the roof and swung into the main room. He just stood there, not fighting, not charging, not drawing a gun. It was kind of a let down. After all of this and he just let me take aim and put a big ripping burst through his chest. Then one of these creatures came out of him. It came out of his fragging chest, like it was living in his stomach or something. Frag that. I got the hell out of there, leaping down onto the main deck. A couple of my adept chummers are right there to face it down. I fragging hate anything that just shrugs off a solid strike to the throat. Just ain't right.

"We took it down and some of our mages saved the girl. Didn't really pay attention to that since I got these love marks from the beast. I blacked out and next thing I know our medic has me up and moving and all I am hearing are shouts to get to the sub. Everything's falling apart and exploding and basically going straight to hell. We jumped into the sub and got the frag out of that place.

"Here I am recovering in Truman's clinic. I haven't heard much from the others, but we got the girl back to her father and took down that fragger Jakob. Hopefully, all of the hit teams have been told that the game is off. I'm just waiting to get out onto the street and start doing some normal jobs. Something without any fragging magic."

Red and Manny just watch Kuma for a couple seconds, not sure what to say. Finally Manny speaks up, "Damn you need a drink." Everyone lets out a friendly chuckle. "Yeah chummer, that shadowrunning gig is sounding weirder every time you talk about it."

"Yeah, yeah. Well while you guys were learning real life skills, I was just making all the money causing trouble," responds Kuma.

The door to the room opens and Truman pokes his head in. "You two need to get out of here. I thought you were going to stay for a minute and keep him from getting worked up. Now I need to rebandage that side," Truman points the a slowly blossoming red stain spreading across Kuma bandage. "Play time's over, get out."

Piker's War Stories (Sessions 1 through 4)

A man with a pleasant smile but faded and worn eyes stands up and says, "Everyone, please welcome our newcomer, Piker" everyone looks at Piker with a supportive smile and simultaneously say, "hello Piker." The man looks at Piker and continues, "Piker, stand up and introduce yourself, then tell us why you love to drink," Piker chuckles and says, "I don't love to drink, wid my line of work, I NEED to drink," the man smiles, "alright then, could you stand up and tell us why you need to drink." Piker looks contemplative and responds, " do I have to stand up, it's sorta long story," the man smiles and nods, " do whatever is comfortable for you."

Piker begins, "Well, I have a very stressful job." the man nods his head in understanding and says, "Yes, yes, an unrealistically demanding boss, crushing deadlines, prejudice in the workplace, I unders..", Piker interrupts "No, I mean riding my bike naked after getting shot up from an ambush by a hit team, set up by a backstabing frag face, while taking a shower in de gym." Everyone's face grows pale, and the man tries his best not to show his shock, but fails. He hesitantly says, "Oh, I see, my bad. Uh Piker, may I speak to you alone," Piker nods and they both leave the dead silent room.

The man, who is obviously trying to choose his words carefully, nervously looks at Piker "Piker, we are a Support group, and uh, you need someone with more...skills and...expertise. I know someone that has dealt with your kind of...situation." He scribbles the name and phone number of Dr. Van Otterloo, gives it to Piker, pats her on the shoulder and wishes her luck. Piker has the urge to smack him, but realizes his position and decides to try out this Dr. Van Otterloo. Piker says to herself, "Is dat a weird name or what?"

[1st session war story]

The Doctor escorts Piker to his office, where she is surprised to see two couches, a small people couch, and a troll size couch. He gestures her to the couch, she reluctantly lays down. He sits next to her and begins," alright Piker, you've mentioned on the phone that you have a drinking problem. So tell me, why do you drink so much."

Piker sighs heavily "Stress."

He responds by asking "From what?"

"Mainly, my job."

"What do you do?" he asks.

"I am a shadowrunner," she answers.

He shows no change in disposition and continues, "Give me an example of your line of work, and we can go from there." He awaits a response.

Piker stares off in the distance for a moment, then starts. "I suppose I'll tell you 'bout my latest run, it was very stressful and weird." She pauses and contemplates where to begin.

"I'll start from the beginning. Me and my team were hired by a guy called Jakob. He said his boss' teenage daughter, let's call her Sara, ran away from home, and her fadder, let's call him Tony, wanted her back. All we had to do is find her and bring her back, or tell Jakob were she's at and he'll bring her back."

"So we ask around and found out she's hanging around this Amerindian fella, had a crush on him or something. So we follow the trail to a drug lab/house protected by some gang, but that got us nowhere, except for Caliban, that's a new guy on my team, who got the drek kicked out of him by the gang when he gave dem lip. I 've worked wid the mob enough to know dat you don't give no one any lip on their turf. Anyway, we looked some more and found out her fella is involved with some ecoterrorists, trying to set someting up or some drek like dat. So we tink dat dis girl fell in love wid dis guy whose taking advantage of her for her money, and maybe someting else. We tracked dem down to a snazzed-up hotel and waited till dey left. We didn't want to hit dem at de hotel and have security and Lone Star on our ass. When dey left, we followed."

"Dey stopped at a warehouse and dat's when we moved in. I didn't see much of de fight; my team downed a couple of their people, but dey still managed to get away wid de girl. So we called up Jakob and he brought some vans and gun 'coptas, some pretty heavy drek, to where the van wid de girl was. He asked for the girl, but when they let the girl out, Jakob's people started taking pot shots at de van. Dat wasn't right, I shoulda known someting was up. But dis mission was weird from the beginning, so I was just glad it was over." She pauses for a moment

"Anyway, everyting seemed null sheen, I went back to my life. Some street fighting, bodygaurding, and drek like dat. Den everything got fragged up. So, after working out one day in the gym, I headed to de showe…" the doctor interrupts," excuse me Piker, time is up" Piker looks surprised, "dat didn't seem dat long. Alright, I'll see you next time." On her way out, she looks back at the doctor and says, "you know doc, you remind me of someone, I just can't put my finger on it. Oh well, see you."

[2nd session war story]

"Alright Piker, last time you left off after completing your 'job', then you said 'everything got fragged up', what did you mean by that." Piker tries to recollect where she had left off, then starts speaking, "ok, right, I was talking about what happened after the job," she pauses and chuckles a bit, "right, the shower incident." Dr. Van Otterloo raises an eyebrow, turns the page on his pad, and awaits what will surely be an interesting story.

Piker begins, "Like I said, I didn't really like de last run we were on. It felt weird all trough it, especially how it ended, but I was done wid it and wanted to put it behind me. So I did some street fighting to relax and den went in de gym to take a shower. In de shower, I heard a "click", kinda like de one you hear from a gun before you get shot in de face. So after I heard dat, I sneaked around to where the sound came from. I turned a corner and saw a guy wid a SMG ready to pop me. But I got him first, POW!, in de face. Den he shot me, den I dropped him. When I was done wid him, his udder friend showed up and shot me, den I dropped him too. I heard some more of dere friends comin' down de stairs, so I grabbed de guys I dropped and went out de back, 'cuz dat's where my bike was. Did I mention dat I was all shot up and naked when I went out back? Well when I got dere, dere was anudder guy out back. I trew one of de guys I had wid me at him, den took care of him." Piker gets a big smile on her face and looked at the doctor, but he was not fazed, so she stopped smiling.

She continued," I got on my bike and put one of de knocked out guys in front of me. Guess who spotted me when I drove down de street? Lonestar! 'course I don blame dem for noticing a shot up naked troll riding on a bike wid a slumped body in front of her. So dey chased me down. I drove to Gargoyle's Roost, hopin' dat my dad would be dere. I got to de Roost, ran in, and screamed for my dad to hide me. So he pushed a button or someting and the wall behind de bar opened and he let me trough. Dere were stairs behind de wall, so I went down, and it look like I was in de sewer or someting. But I didn't look around, I was hurt pretty bad, and still naked. When tings cooled down wid de cops, dad came down and took care of me. He's a good dad." The doctor responds to her last statement, "So, you have a good relationship with your father?" Piker answers,"Yeah, I trust him wid my life." The doctor responds, "That's a lot of trust, especially with your profession." Piker answeres soberly, "He's always come through for me. He taught me how to take care of myself, helped me when I needed help, and hooked me up wid a terrific magic group. You know, he's de only one who'd ever tried to convince me to stop drinking," she gets slightly misty eyed, but immediately shakes it off.

"Anyway, back to de story. When I woke up I was all healed, and dressed, and my dad said dat de man I brought wid me got 'questioned'. So it turned out dat dey were a hit team hired by Jakob to kill me. Remember Jakob, de guy that hired us to get de girl. Anyway I met up wid Hound and Kuma, they're part of my team, to talk 'bout what happened. So Kuma tells me that he heard a noise in his apartment, but left like a scaredy cat. I mean he's dis big bad ass chromed sami, I mean I woulda atleast tried to find out what's going on before running to Hound. I got ambushed in the shower, dat's de worst place you can be to get jumped on by a professional team; I survived AND brought one of de attackers wid me to get questioned.

"Anyway, we figure out dat Jakob probably got hit teams after each one o' us. So we go to Kuma's place, he goes in and sets off a claymore in his closet. He expected it, so we setup ourselves in his apartment and waited till a hit team came from downstairs expecting Kuma to be all bown to pieces. Well , dey got a big surprise. Kuma blew dem away, so I guess he made up for running away from his place earlier. I mean, usually he's really good at what he does, but sometimes he acts kinda weird."

"Next, we go to my place, and figure out dat someone 's been asking about me, and were staying on the floor above my aprtment. To make de long story short, we ambush de team dat's supposed to ambush me. Dat was great! Anyway, I question dem and figure out dat like de other team, dey're suppose to kill me. So we tell dem to get out of town. Now we know dat we are being 'unted by Jakob, but we had no idea why, we did de job and den we went our separate ways."

"We ask around and find out from Val, she's part of de team but was not on our last run, dat she and some uder people, including de Amerindian fella, were hired by de girl's fadder to protect her. Jakob used to work for Don Carter, but left and decided to use us to help him kidnap Don's daughter. So Jakob lied to us and is now trying to kill us. Talk about stressfull."

"We got a break when Ajax, anudder guy on my team dat was'nt on dat last run, called us up. He said dat a Diviner he was doing told him dat Jakob was real superstitious and dat a Diviner once told him dat in de future, my team was gonna bring him down. So we figure dat's why he sent out de hit teams after us. But you know, we weren't gonna do anyting to him until he tried to get us whacked. Sorta ironic, huh."

The doctor interrupts, "All right Piker, I 've given you a lot of time today to finish your thoughts, but I have other patients waiting outside. So, I will see you next time," Piker nods and leaves his office.

[3rd session war story]

Piker walks into Dr. Otterloo's office, lays on the couch, and starts talking, "Last time we talked I told you dat Ajax told us dat Jakob used Diviners before doing anyting big. So we asked Ajax if he could help us some more; he agrees, which was pretty nice of him 'cuz he was putting him self in danger by associating wid us. We needed to learn more about Jakob, so we decided to contact Tony, de girl's fadder, and offer our help to get his daughter for some info on Jakob. We asked Ajax to come wid us to de meet, 'cuz he's a lot better at talking dan any of us."

Tthe doctor interrupts, "So what makes Ajax better at taking than any on your team mates?"

With a lower voice, Piker answers,"Well, he's really handsome, has a sweet tongue, pretty good smile…" she pauses.

The doctor asks, " I see, you like this Ajax."

She nonchalanty answers, "He's all right. Anyway, we met wid Tony, told him what happened, offered our help to get his daughter back, den asked him what he knew of Jakob. Tony didn't know much 'cuz Jakob was his security guy, and when he left, he took Tony's gun 'coptas and left him to dry. But at least Ton' offered his help ad hooked us up wid Val and the Amerindian guy, who were trying to find Sara."

"From talking to our contacts and a little bit of leg work, we traced a warehouse in Puyallup were Jakob's men were at. We ambushed his people and found the gun 'coptas. Tony's people picked up the 'coptas and took care of Jakob's men, who had no idea where Jakob was."

"At dis point the only link to Jakob was the Diviner. Ajax looked into dat some more and found out dat Jakob uses six Diviners. So we went to de Diviners, but dey couln't tell us what dey'd known about Jakob, but we hired dem to Divine where he is. De Diviner told us he's on water, but not in a boat, or something like dat. So we remembered dat the gun 'coptas had a location of an oil rig in der logs, so we figure dat's where Jakob is hiding. Oh, we also found out dat Sara is magical and dat Jakob was gonna use her for some ritual, so we had to get to her quick. But between you and me, Killing Jakob was first on de list, and saving Sara was second."

"Val hooked us up wid a rigga dat had a sub, dis way we have a chance of sneaking on de rig. Man, dat fraggin sub was so cramped, I was hunched over da whole time. We get to de rig and start climbing in, when Jakob's goones start shooting at us. I get into cover and start taking out my LMG when a freaky lookin' spirit, like de one dat attacked Ajax when he did his scouting, poped out in front of me. Before I could do anyting, one of our guys took it out wid a spell. So we move in, the goones shoot at us and we shoot back, and every once in a while one of dem spirits pops out and attacks. Dem spirits were nasty, dey had four arms with sharp claws, I know der sharp 'cuz dey cut through armor like butter, a mouth full of sharp teeth, and dey sucked the essence from people it got a hold of. Pretty nasty, I never seen anyting like dat before. But you know we used pretty good strategie against dem; Hound would distract de spirit wid his gun then I come in and tear dem to pieces wid my fist. Dat worked pretty well.

"While we're fighting, we notice the rig starting up, and Ajax tells us dere is a lot of magical energy around the drill. So we know somting is gonna happen soon. We rush up to the tower looking ting, we see de girl strapped to a big round door wid something dat we can't see, turned out to be magical handcuffs or something, and Jakob standing next to her smiling. We try to get to dem, but dere was a magical barrier. Den, de whole area where Jakob and de girl are starts ripping from de building and moves to de drill. All de mages go astral after de girl, me and Hound try to go through de barrier, and Kuma tries to find a way to go around de barrier. Me and Hound go downstairs, den Kuma jumps down to where we are, but one of dem spirits was after him. Kuma later tells us dat he shot Jakob and de spirit came out of him. So again, Hound distracts it and I smoke it. De mages free de girl and we all head out. As we try to leave, a bunch more spirits, dat look different from de ones we'd seen, start coming out of everywhere. We jump in de water and get into de sub. One of dem spirits comes after us, but dies when it hit de water, like it caused him pain or someting. We call up Carter's gun ship to blow the rig up, den we left in de sub." Piker looks at the clock and notices that her time was almost up, so she stood up and headed to the door.

Our heroes leap into the ocean to the rigged sub waiting below

The hordes swarm up from the pylons!

4th Session

In this session Dr. Otterloo begins, " In the last three sessions you have detailed a very intense chapter of your life. You're proffesion is highly stressful and incredibly deadly. I can see how you could have rationalized the excessive use of alcohol. So why have you suddenly decided to stop drinking? Please realize that I am not indorsing alcoholisn, I just want to understand the circumstances behind this major turning point of your life."

Piker sighs, " I have more responsibilities now," "what do you mean?" the doctor asks. Piker seems hesitant, but then speaks, " I suppose I can tell you; I already asked around about you, and people say dat you keep tings to yourself, no matte what. But I guess I don't need to give you all de details." She clearly seems to be weighing her options and comes to some conclusion, "alright, talking about my responsibilities."

"before de last run, and all de drek dat came wid it, I only had to take care of myself. But now, it's different." "What do you mean," Dr. O asks. Piker responds, "when we left de rig, we all knew dat it was swarming wid dese really bad ass spirits. Now dey couldn't go in de water, but if somehow dey got on land, dat would be really bad."

"Everyone in my team started asking around about dese spirits, but no one heard or seen anyting like dat. Den Ajax tells us dat a lady he never met before comes up to him and tells his what's going on. She says dat Sara's grandfadder helped Jakob kidnap Sara to use her to summon dese creatures. She also said dat she worked for people who's job is to get rid of magical baddies."

"Now I don't know why Ajax believed dis woman. But after he told us all dis, he noticed dat de woman was watchng us astrally. He starts talking to her and she tells him that we all need to meet her at Sara's Godfather's place, now. So we all feel really paranoid, 'cuz no one's been straight wid us for a long time. I actually start tinking dat we're done for, dat we're gonna get wacked by de Godfadder as soon as we get to his place."

"We get dere, and after a lot if talking we fing out dat de Godfadder id a good guy, dat he's de head of de organization dat wacks magical baddies, and dat he wants us to join. We all agree. Now, de forst ting wee neede to do was find de magical person dat dese nasty spirits had contact wid, 'cuz Jakob wadn't magical. So I figure dat it had to be one of de Diviners dat he saw, 'cuz dey're de only people he listened to. So Sara's Godfadder, let's call him Yuda, gave us some magic coins. If someone dat eas taken over by dese spiritstouch dese coins, it causes dem pain."

"So we went around to Jakob's Diviners and had dem 'devine' de coins, so dey would have to touch dem. Den, one of de Diviners started screaming after it touched a coin. I know I had to take her down. So I punched her as hard as I can, which is pretty hard, but it didn't phase her. Den she hit me back. She didn't hurt me, physically. But when her fist/claw touched me, it stole some of my magic. Not just any of my magic, but de only magic I had to hurt her. I felt like I was completely fragged. My magic made me what I am, and dat bitch spirit took part of it away." She pauses, and looks depressed and somewhat vulnerable, then regains her composure," so all I could tink off is to hold her still while Hound takes a swing at her. He kills her in one shot, but I don't get my magic back."

"It's been three days since I lost my magic, I don't know what I'm gonna do. Oh well, time's up, I gotta go, see you later." She gets up and leaves abruptly, Dr. O looks at the clock and notices that she still had 15 minutes.