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Run #3 - Burning Bridges

Real world: This run started and ended in Session #5, April 15, 2001. The runners for this mission were Caliban (Mason), Kuma (Lars), and Piker (Reema). Ajax (Corey) and Hound (Angelo) were both dealing with family emergencies. Ajax was an NPC for a brief cameo appearance.

Mission: Torch the R&D area of small Build-to-Order computer business in greater Downtown Seattle.

  • 10k apiece, 5k advance (Hey, the Johnson's new at this), 5k on completion


  • 08FEB2058 Team hired by a fidgety, naive suit with a shiny new gun and a clumsy technique. Caliban is new to the team, brought in separately for his B&E skills. Val offers to loan him a bike (the bike of Wild Child, a deceased PC) if he can crack the security. Kuma bets him 100 nuyen he can't do it. Team drives by Orange Systems. Caliban corroborates some directory info and they figure out that Orange Systems is on the 17th floor. A suite of dental offices are on the 16th. A contractor and architect firm are on the 18th. Members of the anti-metahuman gang, the Trollkillers, protect the area; two groups of seven are spotted within one and two blocks of the building. Ajax Astrally scouts - one elemental circling the building, individual ones extra on some floors; he was not able to get through to the 17th floor without serious risk.
  • 09FEB2058 Caliban gets zapped trying to disarm the bike, twice. The wager is doubled twice to 400.
  • 10FEB2058 Caliban breaks into the bike security and wires it for himself and Val.
  • 11FEB2058 Kuma physically scouts the building lobby, food court, and environs. Ajax visits a dentist on the floor below Orange Systems; he scouts Astrally through the floor and sees one Air and one Earth Elemental patrolling. Caliban gets building plans and security specs for the external hallways and doors of Orange Systems.
  • 12FEB2058 Early AM (0230) Val and Ajax ambushed by Yakuza trio and beaten very badly. Ajax's pinkie is cut off. Both are hospitalized. Piker sneaks in (under pseudonym Jennifer Smith) and talks to Ajax (undr pseudonym Joe Steel). Caliban, Piker, and Kuma head to Kuma's safehouse talk and wait. Kuma obtains a replacement rigger, Frank, via his Fixer Elise. Team meets Frank at Nukit Burger. Tracker discovered on Caliban's bike. Team jumps into Frank's van and they decide to hire him (2k advance, 6k total, +2k if combat). Team hides out at safehouse until run.
  • 13FEB2058 0200 run executed without a hitch. 0300 team back at safehouse and ambushed by three Yakuza assassins, a combat Mage (Gunjo), an Adept, and a Street Samurai.


08MARFEB2058 2200 (F) - Kuma is cleaning his gun and trying to stay sharp in spite of the lack of action when the phone rings. It's Ajax. He has set up a meet with a Johnson at Moon's Shine at 2200. Finally, some cred and some action.

Piker grabs a synthbeer and drains it. She was so fraggin' close to finishing that damn meditation test, but she still failed. Ms. Kim told her to take some time off to clear her head and relax. Frag, what she needs to do is kick some righteous ass right now. The phone rings, Ajax has set up a meet with a Johnson at Moon's at 2200. Now that sounds like relaxation.

The Shadowland BBS has been full of contracts related to the mob war raging in the streets. Caliban is no cloistered Decker, but he also likes his meatbod the way it is and getting into the middle of a mob war with a group of strangers doesn't sound too wiz. Not to mention that the big players in the fight generally consider Orks expendable. He scrolls down and there it is, a job made for him. A B&E with some destruction of corporate property. Contract vandalism. Is this a beautiful world or what? Within minutes, he's replied and been directed to a meeting at 2200 at a place called Moon's Shine. A quick look shows that the place is a Puyallup District hangout for criminals. Sounds about right. Definitely packing the wares there.

13MAR2058 Val and Ajax Tell Their Story (not the actual warstory, that is next)

The food court of Seattle General is a strange mixture of people. Poor and wealthy alike sit at tables with pajama and robe clad family and friends. Piker, Kuma, and Caliban are sitting at a table near a wall with a good view of the doors and elevators. Val has plopped her white noise generator on the table. Ajax fumbles slightly with pulling his chair up, avoiding using his bandaged right hand.

Val's smile is still somewhat blemished by the fading scar where one of her nostrils had been slit open with a knife. Modern medical science will remove that within a few weeks, but it stands as a quiet reminder of the brutality that she and Ajax suffered late Monday night. Her smile fades as she speaks, "Yeah, it was pretty fraggin' bad. I wasn't sure that Ajax and me were gonna live through that. We had just walked out of the club and were feeling pretty good. Looking forward to what sounded like a cool run with a low body count. Just before we get to my car, Ajax gives a shout and I can see he's peeping Astral."

Ajax interjects, "Yeah, just for the heck of it, I glanced around before we got into the van and I saw three guys just standing there, like they were waiting for us, lit up with spells and foci. They were fraggin' glowing Astrally. So I start to say something to Val and we move to the car, but they flickered into sight and jumped us before we could I could finish my damn sentence!"

Val nods, saying, "You said it. I turned to Ajax when he started to say something, and I practically run into some buff little Asian guy who proceeds to kick my ass. I tried to get a spell off, but goon #3 must have been protecting them or something, because the fraggin' spell never even manifested. Of course, my guy didn't have a sword..."

Ajax picks up, "You can jack that again. Scan this, the fragger had a katana! I was busy trying to figure out if the drugs in the club were having some special after effects when he rams a meter of steel through my gut. My spell didn't work, but I didn't think much of it. My spells generally don't work when I have a sword in my body."

"Anyway, he twists it a little and smiles a bit. By now, Val is down and out and the bastard on her has stabbed her as well. Goon #3 calls them off and steps forward. The sword guy grabs me and traps me in a hold of some sort. My arms were going this way and that. Goon #3 babbled something like 'The company your team is investigating is a protected business, you will not be warned again.' I'm like 'hey, no problem, sorry to upset you', but apparently damn near killing us wasn't good enough for him, so sword guy cuts off my finger and that's when I passed out."

"Anyway, Val and I both have DocWagon rigged to our nomme de guerre, so we wake up in ICU here. Hospitals tend to overreact when the patient is Awakened, which suits me fine. If they hadn't pumped me so full of drugs, I might have been able to give you some more useful info. Sorry about that. Well, after the bills, we should still make a few thousand. I'm cool with you giving that Frank guy 3k outta my cut."

Val nods, "Yeah, me too, I suppose. I kinda think we would normally share things like hospital bills though, seeing as how I save you guys thousands in medical expenses every time we have a fight. I am just glad my car hasn't been shot up yet."

Ajax holds up his bandaged hand,"Yeah and the replacement pinkie is gonna cost a couple thousand too. It's being grown as we speak. In a few weeks I should be good as new. If just one of you guys had been there, we probably could have taken those bastards. I had a new spell I was all ready to try out too."

"Anyway, that's what we know off the top of our heads. We should be outta here in a few hours, once the slacker docs make their rounds. Anyway, it sounds like the guys that jumped us were the same guys that attacked you. I am glad to hear they are dead, but I wish I could have been there to help out."

Val strokes the faint pink scar on her nostril and her expression turns dark, "Yeah, I would have liked to repay their kindness, with interest."

The War Story

Primary: Kuma (Lars)
Contributing: Piker (Reema), Caliban (Mason), Valkyrie (GM)

It's another Friday at Moon's and the band on stage is pretty damn crappy. Hound has just returned from a prolonged absence from Seattle. Piker, Caliban, Kuma, and Val are sitting at a table with him. Everyone looks at each other and smirks at the music on stage. Val nods and flips on her white noise generator, significantly muting the offensive noise and giving the group some privacy.

Hound speaks up, "Well until they finish shoveling drek on stage, how about you guys tell me about that run where you downed a Yak hit team? Based on how the Yaks take it, this story may save my life in the future, so don't skip any details." He smirks as he pours another glass of synthbeer from a pitcher.

"I'll handle this one, chummers," says Kuma in a somber tone, "They were my people at one time. This drek shouldn't have happened this way, it's not how professionals work. Fraggin' mob war." Kuma sets his synthbeer on the table, still almost full after a half hour at the bar. At the end of run, the other runners had seen him burning with anger and betrayal, but now he seems reserved and perhaps a bit drained.

"The four of us," Kuma indicates the other runs than Hound with a nod of his head, "and Ajax were hired for a straight forward corporate sabotage job against a computer company out in Des Moines. The Johnson had hired Caliban through the net and Ajax called the rest of us in. Caliban had the B & E skills that the team was lacking. Chummer worked out all right," Kuma says almost cracking a half smile.

"Damned by faint praise," Caliban growls.

"We met the Johnson here on a Friday night. Definitely a better band than this although I hadn't heard that kind of oldies in awhile. The Johnson was a complete newbie, fresh over-the-top armored jack right out of the plastic wrap and everything. I'm think he was related to the CEO that gave a speech on the news for Orange Systems. Oh yeah, the company we hit was Orange Systems, some kind of retail computer company that had a little R&D on the side," adds Kuma realizing he hadn't mentioned the company's name. "The Johnson wanted us to totally destroy the R&D but not the damage anything else or kill any of the guards or employees. He was willing to pay solid money for what seemed like a basic job."

Piker smirks as she remembers meeting the Johnson, "I'd never seen a Johnson dat was so green. He wore a red flower on his jacket so we can pick 'im out, like it was gonna be hard to tell him apart from the people at Moon's" She laughs.

Kuma pauses a second as if temporarily lost in some private thought, and then continues, "After the punk left, we set out for some recon. I knew the area a little bit, and knew that the local gang was an anti-meta gang called the Troll Killers. Des Moines is more of a new business area fixed up from a ghetto, so if the Killers were around they probably were running protection rackets. I wanted to cruise on my own, so the others went in Val's van. I didn't get much from the area other than there were a noticeable Star presence and groups of Troll Killers every now and then. The main thing we learned was about the astral protection. It was different on each of the floors, right?" asks Kuma to the rest of the table.

Val pipes in, "Yeah, Ajax was sliding Astral and he saw an Elemental circling the building. He snuck past that one, but there was an elemental on two of the first two three floors. He figured he didn't need to push his luck too hard for an initial recon, so he hopped on back."

"Anyways, we ended up holding off on more recon until Monday when we could walk the area and building without being hassled. Even on a run, there's time to kill, eh Caliban," says Kuma with his first grin of the night. "The weekend's entertainment, aside from getting into bar fights, was Caliban and Val's bike. The bike had this wiz security alarm that shocks people, I got one just like it on my Spyder. It took Caliban three tries to crack that bike. Almost made 400 nuyen along the way. Don't leave your night job to be a car thief, omae."

Caliban juts out his jaw and makes a rude gesture.

Val chuckles. "I think that's a residual seizure problem. Ya know, maybe Captain Two Zaps would be a better street least you have some of Kuma's nuyen to soothe your wounds."

"Naw, we was double-or-nothin' by then. But you call me Two-Zaps, I'll start callin' you Nosy." Caliban leers at the rigger, sticks a pinky up his right nostril, and wiggles it around.

Piker looks at Kuma and says," It wadn't just a bar fight like people tink. You see, me an Kuma went to Gargoyle's Roost where dey had da stage set up for people to get up dere and fight. Kuma fought an Ork dat I beat on da night before. Ork got a lucky shot on Kuma, right omae," she nudges Kuma and continues," Den when I got up dere, a chromed troll got up dere too tinking he's hot drek. He got one lucky shot before I downed 'im, dat was fun."

"On Monday we set out to learn as much as possible about our target. Orange Systems occupied the 17th floor of this office building and there were other offices and businesses over the other floors. Parking was underground, and the floor ended up having two patrolling elementals. Overall, the place looked like light to moderate security, with reliance on key cameras. That's why we got the ork, eh," Kuma gives a grin towards Caliban, starting to lighten up a bit.

Val perks up, "Oh yeah, and don't forget, we learned the floor below was a Dental office, so Ajax got his pearlies cleaned while he slid Astral and peeked through the floor a little at Orange Systems. They had an Earth and an Air Elemental. Serious mojo, but we could deal with that and if kept the magic in check, probably not even a problem. It did keep Ajax's head down though. He wasn't able to pin down the R&D room from Astral since gear and nameplates are generally black boxes, but we had floor plans thanks to Caliban and the floor wasn't all that big."

Caliban shrugs. "Basic site intel. Knocked together a couple'a line-loopers for the cameras. No big deal."

Val adopts a pouty face, "Aw, Cali's bashful. Well I'm not entirely sure how he got the plans, but he did. Floor layouts and external security. Pretty wiz data. You didn't by any chance get that info from a Yak did you?" Val smirks, looking at Caliban with a comically suspicious visage. "With his intel everything looked like it was going to be smooth sailing, but then..."

"Then our world kicked us in the ass," says Kuma sobering up quickly as the story drags his thoughts back to the yakuza. "I get a call from Seattle General early Monday morning saying that Ajax is in the hospital and he's bad. I'm worried that a hit team is on its way to my place and so I call the others and we meet up in a neutral place. Val's no where to be found also. The three of us need to find out what's going on even though people may be watching the hospital. It's got to be done. Piker heads up to see Ajax while we wait in the garage. The hospital blocks out radio signals, so as soon as she steps into that elevator all I hear over the transceiver is static. That was some edgy minutes, let me tell you. Any minute, Caliban and I are expecting the elevator doors to open and Piker's broken body tossed out followed by fragging Satan or something. Turns out a trio of asians attacked Ajax and Val outside of Penumbra last night and warned them to back off from Orange Systems. After beating the drek out of them and damn near geeking them, the fraggers even cut off Ajax's pinkie. It was some serious drek. That smacked of yakuza to me and that only meant trouble."

Val's expression grows dark as Kuma talks. She interjects, "Trouble is fragging right. Those assjackers cut my fraggin nose open! I only regret not being around to return the favor with interest. Sounds like you fragged 'em up good enough, but nothing substitutes for twisting the knife yourself when it comes to payback."

Piker speaks up, " When I saw Ajax at da hospital, I almost didn't reco'nize 'im, he was so fragged up and wrapped up. I kept having to wake 'im up to tell me was went down wid 'im. I tried to call Kuma but da nurse told me not to use my phone or it kill some people in the room or someting. But I got enough from 'im before he passed out." Piker has a somber look on her face.

"Yakuza hit teams or not, we had gotten hired for a job and that's how it was going to run. No one intimidates and hurts our teammates and gets away with it," Kuma says with a chilling look in his eyes. "With Val and Ajax out, we needed a rigger. My ride would get noticed too quickly and a troll and ork riding through the Troll Killers on bikes just wasn't going to work. Luckily, my fixer got us in touch with an ork rigger with a van that goes by the name of Frank. He turned out to be a decent back-up to Val, a reliable pro all the way. While we were trying to get a hold of a driver, the three of us hid out at my safehouse. Humph, safehouse," mutters Kuma as he shakes his head.

Val smirks, and says in a mockery of disgust, "Hmmph, well sounds like Frank is special. I wonder how well he'll patch up your ungrateful asses."

Piker puts her arm around Val and says," Hey, Frank might drive and carry a nice ass, but he can't patch us up, and I didn't see 'im mowing down some baddies wid LMGs. So as far as I know, you da best and da udder riggers is a bunch of posers."

"We meet Frank Tuesday evening, ready to do the run that night. I thought the world was laughing at us when Frank drove up to that Nukit Burger. The chummer had ork power in big flashy letters on both sides of his van. Yeah, that's exactly what I need to sneak through Troll Killer land. He ended up having all the right gear though. A push of the button and the van changed colors to a simple black van. That's something I need to get for the Spyder. While we were talking, Caliban kicked his bike and out dropped a tracking device. We scanned around, but no one was there so we cruised fast. We should have thought about it a little more, bad planning. If the yakuza had been tracking us this whole time, they probably knew we were doing the run and definitely knew about my safehouse. That's one mistake that almost geeked us all."

"Knew we'd been made," Caliban chips in. "Was obvious after I found the tracker. 'S why we ditched the wheels and spent the rest of the day on the run. Goin' back after was stupid, yeah, but, well..." He shrugs, and cracks his knuckles.

"Anyways, Frank was in and so we set out to finish this run right. After grabbing some gear, we headed to Orange Systems. The actually run was slick. The three of us moved up to the office building on foot while Frank cruised the neighborhood. Caliban disabled the parking garage camera and we stealthed down inside. We got into the elevator shaft and James Bonded on up using climbing gear. We had to divert around the elevators that were locked on the third floor, but with some careful electronics work on Caliban's part and some damn quiet samurai we got all the way up to the 17th floor, no hitch. The guards there were a fly swat. A couple bursts from a silenced SMG with gel rounds and Piker smacking one guards head with a cross strike and we were chrome. I set some charges backed with gasoline on key components and we slid out. Back down the way we came, out and into Frank's van. The charges went off right as we were gliding down the street. I had thought we had pulled off the cleanest run yet, textbook cool. And then we got back to the safehouse."

"I think we'll all be paranoid about entering safehouses or apartments after a run for awhile. Three yakuza hitmen were waiting in ambush, using invisibility to conceal themselves. They were in the apartment, ready to end us. The head of the group was actually my old yakuza enforcement partner, a damn good yakuza mage named Gunjo. I can remember being on the other side of that ambush dozens of times -- waiting invisible for some double-crossing runner or mafia lieutenant knowing that his life was going to be erased at a pull of the trigger. It was different back then. Our targets were always in the game or had written their own deaths by betraying the clan. Shadowrunners were always off limits, it's just not how the shadows work," Kuma says this last mostly to himself as if convincing himself will change the past.

Caliban snarls. "Fraggin' gangland scare tactics. Dumb smoothies figured on dusting shadowrunners to send a message. 'Don't hack the yak,' or some such drek."

"The drek got tossed into the fan fast. They appear out of nowhere -- Gunjo, a physad with a katana, and a samurai packing an SMG. Bursts get pulled at Piker and I while the katana charges Caliban. Caliban, you got some quick shots off at the beginning, nailing Gunjo right from the start. I think we would have been dead if not for that, Gunjo can sling some serious mojo. I move behind the wet bar and start exchanging fire with everyone. The samurai goes down first, fragger forgot the first rule of a gunfight: get cover. Piker charges the mage and Caliban is trying to fend off Katana. This fight rages on for what seems like forever, I keep switching back and forth trying to nail the most important target. Caliban seems to be taking the hits strong and maneuvering for some shotgun blasts, while Piker is reeling from injuries, but managing to slowly handle Gunjo. Gunjo is throwing area stun spells, stunblast, I think it's called in the biz. It's a whirlwind of drek. We pulled it out though. Gunjo drops after the samurai and after I moved up to engage Katana, he was a goner. We left as quickly as we could. I planted the remaining two charges to null the evidence and put a burst into each of those poor fraggers faces," Kuma seems a little ashamed or perhaps regretful after saying that.

"The breeder with the knife was a slippery little boy," Caliban adds. "Never would'a thought a blade could match a shotgun, but I just couldn't manage to put the fragger down."

When dey got da drop on us I tried to get to da mage first, but before I got to 'im I had two SMG bursts to worry 'bout and a spell dat da mage sent off. By da time I got to da mage, I was hurting. Da mage was fast and he tried to drop us wid 'is spells. It was hard to hit 'im, but at least I got in 'is way so dat 'is spells didn't hurt Kuma and Caliban as much. Den I finally got a got shot at 'im and took 'im out."

Val nods, "Having your buddies screw you over always sucks. I dealt with a lot of that when I got fired from DocWagon. Your hoop is worth null when their hoop is on the line. Just a fraggin' hint of inconvenience and bam, Frag you, too bad, so sad. That's no way to treat your team mates."

"That's not how it should have been. The run was over, there was no reason for us to be targeted except to save face. It's my fault, but I'd rather he was dead than Ajax and Val; and that's how it would have been." Kuma looks up now at the rest of the team. He had been talking down at the table. "If Gunjo didn't know I was involved, they would have geeked you instead of warned you. Once they had done that, they needed to back their claim up or else every other slitch out there would shrug of the Yakuza's threats. It's over now. As long as they don't keep this fueled, I'm walking away and everyone else should too."

"This fragging sucks. I'm going home," says Kuma. He gets up from the table and heads out.

Val looks concerned, "Hey hardcore, take it easy. If you're pissed, sit down and drink some beer. Maybe we can go slap around the band on stage and show them what real music sounds like!"

Piker perks up, "Yeah, lets do it !"

Caliban chuckles. "Eh, why not. Need to find a new squat, but tomorrow's soon enough for that." He downs his soybeer and grins, baring his tusks. "Kin I borrow a synthaxe from somebody?"

Val smiles menacingly as she stands up and looks towards the stage, "Null sheen Cali, Moon's got a box of toys that he shares."

"I'll skip the jam session, chummers. I've had enough and need to get out of here. Scan ya later," says Kuma before leaving.