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Andronicus's List o' Names

All of the names are listed in the order they were encountered (left to right, top to bottom). . .

Table of Contents


Cassiopeia (1) Knight Train (1) Maverick (1) Bonesmasher (1)

Nikki Talon (0) Simone Gray (0) Maurice (0) Solomon MacGuinness (0)
"Uncle Vince" Vincent Carroni (0) Asian Dawn (1)

Tomas Ruano (1) Michael O'Connell (1)

Antagonists & Potential Antagonists (D = Dead)

Armageddon Cappy's Dante's Golden Horn
Nukit Berger Penumbra Seattle-Tacoma Airport Silverhat
Tir Tairngire      

An Alphabetical List of People and Places Encountered.

Armageddon - post-apocalyptic theme club.

Arthur Vogel - a Dwarf and Democratic "One World" Party candidate for President of UCAS.

Asian Dawn - Asian Dawn, a Japanese woman, turned out to be a Physical Adept and Fixer that works out of the Kaleidoscope in Everett.  She had a Troll Lion Shaman and a Human ex-Knight Errant security guard as bodyguards.  She deals mostly in equipment.  She seems pretty competent and useful.  The bartender, Misha, knows how to contact her if she is not around.

"Bug" or "Bugs" -  They are an alien totem and unlike other totems, they seem to work towards some common goal, apparently the destruction of humanity.  Some types are: Roach, Ant, Wasp, Fly, Mosquito, and Mantis.  Characteristics are usually similar to the bug in question.  Roaches are usually independent, Ants have a hive mentality, etc.  Each hive has its own personality. Ants example: drones and warriors; drones ignored attacks upon them, blindly fulfilling duties; attack in dozens.  Universal Brotherhood was a front for insect hives and turning homeless people. Two main types: Flesh-form - Spirits fused with people, guns work on them; Spirits - unusually tough for size.

Cappy's - a rather low-brow sports bar.  A favorite hangout of a Fixer I know, Maurice.

Cassiopeia - Cass is a very competent Air Elemental Adept.  She is a veritable font of information when she is on a roll, but her need for a small army of elementals to accomplish this is somewhat cumbersome, to say the least.

Dante's - a dance club.

Dunkelzahn - a Dragon and an Independent Party candidate for President of UCAS.  Assassinated (?)

(General) Franklin Yeats - ex-general and former Republican candidate for President of UCAS.  He was assassinated Tuesday, July 10th, 2057.  Probably a Bug.

Golden Horn - an upper class bar & club that caters to magical clientele.

Kenneth Brackhaven - Archconservative Party candidate for President of UCAS.

Knight Train / KT - a Troll sammy, formerly an Urban Brawl athlete.  Physically impressive, if a little dim and gullible.  Definitely not a coward.  He readily takes risks to get the job done and that's all you can ask of a sammie.

Maverick - an Australian Physical Adept.  He is a shooter and likes fast cars and faster women.  Very professional on a run, quite the party animal otherwise.

Maurice - a colorful, earthy Ork Fixer that is equally competent at getting info, people, and equipment.  He hangs out at Cappy's and has an unusual penchant for Urban Brawl.

Nikki Talon - a sexually adventurous young lady and an Armorer, among other things.  She focussess on firearms, especially security gear.  She also likes to make up gadgets much like those Q manufactures for James Bond.  Her similarity to Q ends there, though, as she is tougher, stronger, younger, and a lot better looking.  Ex-military, special forces, PhysAd weapons sergeant and demolitions expert.  A little hardcore, but good in bed.  Friend of Simone Gray.  Occasional sexual acquaintance, with and without Simone.

Nukit Berger - a commonplace fast-food chain.

ORC, Ork Rights Committee - a policlub that furthers the position of Orks as a race.

Penumbra - a club where a lot of Shadowrunners hang out.

Seattle-Tacoma Airport - the main airport in the Seattle-Tacoma area.  Has international service.

Silverhat - one of the nicer dance clubs that caters mostly to magical clientele.  Simone Gray conducts her business here.

Simone Gray - She focuses on getting Magical people and info, but knows who to talk to for magical goods.  Richard and Simone have sporadic, casual sexual relations at the moment.  A sexually adventurous lady.  She tends to conduct her business at the club Silverhat.  Friend of Nikki Talon.  Occasional sexual acquaintance, with and without Nikki.  Has PhysAd bodyguard named Tokugawa.

Solomon "Solly" MacGuinness - Solly and Richard had worked together numerous times in the military.  Solly was originally from Washington and returned home after his service ended.  Now he works freelance as a small businessman.  He works primarily as a consultant on security issues, contractor of bodyguards, and as a high-priced bodyguard, in that order of frequency.  He is trying to distance himself from getting shot at, having had his fill working at embassies.  Yet, he still loves playing the game.  As such, he is working towards building up his business enough so that he can work full time consulting and supervising small to medium sized security needs.  Solly had a good working relationship with Richard in the service, and they continue to be friendly towards one another.

Tir Tairngire - an Elven nation.

Tokugawa ("Tokie") - Japanese PhysAd that works as bodyguard for Simone Gray.

"Uncle Vince" Vincent Carroni - an uncle of sorts to Richard, Vince has had some nondescript shady dealings in his past and continues to have connections with the Mafia.  He is a legitimate, successful businessman in spite of this and very streetwise.  Richard is still uncertain of how much sway Vince holds.  Richard feels a strong sense of friendship towards Vince as he has been more supportive of Richard's choices in life than most.  Richard has known Vince since 2040, when Richard was a mere ten years old.  Vince was immediately familial to the wisecracking, arrogant child he met that day, and has continued to be a mentor to Richard.