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Andronicus's Memoirs

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Herein lie the memoirs of Andronicus . . .

Run 1

??DEC59 (?) -

Employer - Brokered by a Mr. Johnson named Tomas Ruano on behalf of the child's godfather, Michael O'Connell (Andros recognized him, others didn't and he did not say)
Runners worked with - Cassiopeia (Air Elemental Adept), Knight Train (Troll Sammie), Maverick (Australian PhysAd shooter), Bonesmasher (Teenage Rigger).
New acquaintance - Misha, bartender at the Kaleidoscope in Everett.  Works with a PhysAd Fixer, named Asian Dawn, that specializes in equipment.
New info - Koto, a loyal soldier of Doni Honda, Wakigashi of Shotozumi clan.  It appears Koto is operating outside of Yakuza traditions, possibly with rival Clan Nishidon.

Interim 1

Set up "Shadowpad" - Arranged for a room above an old warehouse in an

Concerned about his lack of physical prowess in his first run, Andros resumed some old hobbies, hunting, cross-country skiing, weightlifting, and running.  His stamina, muscle mass, athletic ability, and stealth begin to return to an acceptable level.

Run 2

Biotech prototype thing.  Observe deployment and use of device, and try to get a sample.

Interim 2

Work continued on setting up fake ID.

Began work on the Green Room, a bedroom of the Shadowpad dedicated to the Land.  The floor was covered with topsoil and sod, planting will continue as possible.

Run 3

Smuggling escort for Yazaq

Interim 3

?????60 (?) -

Purchased a respectable amount of lodge supplies for the Green Room of the Shadowpad.  With a few choice plants, this room will be a very reasonable lodge.

I have decided to bond the mysterious necklace my Uncle Clauss sent me [Andros spent 15 Karma bonding this!].  Its aura mingles well with mine.  I will have to correspond more regularly with Uncle Clauss.

I met with Simone and discussed how I might go about establishing a useful Magical network here in Seattle [e-mail exchange between Lars and myself]:

"A magical network. For information and general community spirit?" Simone asks rhetorically. She seem particularly unimpressed by the topic as her gaze wanders back to the dance floor. Tokugawa stands stoically a few feet away, leaning against an iron support.

"Community outreach generally isn't my business, Andros. My connections in the biz tend to be more results oriented. I have people who find things for me, people who answer questions, and people who do things for me. Anything you need to know or get, especially if it's magical, I'm
your woman," says Simone further discouraging Andros.

Andros decides to turn up the charm and try a different approach, "Perhaps if your work is already well established, you'd be able to point me towards awakened persons of a sympathetic attitude." Andros ends with a particulary disarming smile.

Simone looks back to Andros. He knows he's won her over as a small smile slips onto her face and then disappears. "Information is money, friend. I know many people in this 'plex and also know how to find people. What exactly are you looking for?"

Relaxing slightly now that he has her hooked for the moment, Andros flips his coat open and crosses his leg.  A natural enough action, but when he does it, it is seemingly done with calculated grace.

"Nothing odd, really.  I am trying to settle in, as it were.  You know, people to talk to about various and sundry things.  People that are Awakened.  Most importantly, people that complement my knowledge and skills.  Perhaps the Awakened equivalent of a sewing circle?"  He chuckles softly and briefly.

"I never claimed to be an academic, but that was not a problem back home.  I had a Mage acquaintance to pester.  Similarly, one of my usual social circles included an Adept athlete and an Adept martial artist.  Both were eager to discuss their philosophies and experiences.  There are many shamans of various ilks gallavanting about . . .  I know a few back home.  I want to try to get to know some here in Seattle."

Simone's business demeanor holds, but she looks somewhat contemplative as if judging whether or not she should be charging Andros for various and sundry future actions.

Andros leans in, keenly aware at what range his cologne has the best balance of noticeability and subtlety.  His face emanates warmth and his voice seems even more flowing and earthy than usual as he finishes poignantly with,  "Simone . . . I want to start building some roots here.
Make it my home."

He pauses for a second, then the emotion washes away, chased off by his standard "mover and shaker" demeanor.  He waves his hand in a small circle as if to swat or wipe away the sentimentality of the statement and falls back into his usual, controlled, measured voice, "You understand, I'm sure, my dear.  You know I don't just love you for your body, your keen wits are like a flame to this dashing young moth." He gestures to himself casually.

He smiles wryly, "Of course, without the wits, the body would certainly be more than enough to hook me."  He sits back, somewhat dismissive in his usual devil-may-care affect and aggressively slugs down his bourbon, awaiting Simone's response.

Simone gives Andros an understanding look, perhaps hinting at being interested in similar pursuits at an early part of her life. "I know of a few places where an awakened soul can talk about the world and the ways. Some people get too wrapped up into the elitism of magic, even when they themselves are street hermits.

"The first is a soycaf lounge in the Seattle district near UDub (Univ of Washington) called Prometheus Waking. It's the beatnik hang-out of this metroplex; the kind of place inquisitive young minds and people hungry for metaphilosophy go to converse.

"The second is less frequented, but the clientele will be more . . . reputable. It is an old-style book store that has a small den for clients to browse books. The place is Wistful Thinking in Bellevue, near the south Council Island access bridge. The den is not advertised, so you'll need to be your usual charming self. It is known to caring hard to find older texts and has good connections in the magical resource community.

"The third is a little unusual -- a matrix site. There's an open chatroom at Demonare's shadow site that is called The Awareness. You'll need some matrix access, but I remember you mentioning moving up to better living conditions. There's some weekly chat sessions and other
related stuff," finished Simone.

Andros leans back impressed with the fount of information. He smiles and moves to head out to a prior dance floor engagement.

"You should be able to get your . . . roots started there. A couple more things though. I'd rather if you didn't use my name to get any recognition at these places. I have certain personal reasons," she seems unusual set on that point.

"Also, information flows both ways, eh? I need to find a certain earth elemental adept by the name of Grollox. He's a troll who has been out of town for awhile, but is rumored to be around again. Just keep it quiet and tell me if you see or hear anything about him. Reasonable?" Simone

"Of course, my dear. My eyes and ears are at your disposal. Shall I keep this to myself?" says Andros as he gets up glancing over to the inviting young club goer.

"Please do."

Andros tips an imaginary hat and sashes over to the dance floor.

[Andros spent one Karma to get Magical Etiquette]

Run 4

Hired by Simone to investigate a run gone bad.  Grollux, a Troll Earth Elemental Adept was hired by Simone to bring some Giovanni-Spacex (sp?) crystals back from Salish territory.  He called as he was leaving the territory and reported that one of his four member team had been lost, but everything was on track.  He never showed up to the meet with Simone.

She received a call later . . .

We finally tracked him down at his place, after following him from a pickup at his Talismonger.  Bug cultists were waiting there.  KT and Bonesmasher took them out, along with Grollux.  The two cultists committed suicide before we could question them.  They recovered surprisingly fast from being knocked out.  I carefully scanned Grollux's Aura to catch a glimpse of a strange, vermicular entity wrapped about him.  Closer inspection revealed a an Astral tether of sorts leading from him.  Before I could suggest getting him into a ward, Three Beetle Spirits attacked us, one Force 6 and two Force 4 (?) came screaming down the tether at us.  KT tossed one out a window to buy us time.  I managed to wound and delay them adequately with my Mana Bolts and Spirits, while Cass finished them off with her Katana Power Focus.  KT held his ground, but was grieviously injured in the process.  I did what I could for him and we dropped him off at Doc Wagon.  Grollux was a complete loss.  One of the Spirits ripped the head off his sleeping form.

We cut our losses and talked with Simone.  She paid us without complaint.  I also convinced her to give us a good price for Grollux's newly acquired, but unbound, focus.

Interim 4

Rekindling relationship with brother Alex

Tracked down Simone and convinced her to provide a contact that has fought Bugs.  Continued trying to find info on Bugs and such.  Simone found me a treatise on Bugs, a detailed FBI report on Ares's strike on Chicago using the Beta Strain III.  Unfortunately, the report speaks of the Bugs as no longer a threat.  It oozes overconfidence in BSIII.

Draden - a Decker that has fought Bugs in Chicago.  Talked tactics.  He is willing to help if needed, probably would like to be paid to, but I might be able to convince him to do it pro bono.  He also has an uncomfortable confidence that the Bug problem is not.

Run 5

KT's reporter contact went missing while doing a report amidst squatters.  Turns out Bugs were abducting them for heinous purposes.  Worked in Crosstown neighborhood.  Dealt with some gangs - Blood Drinkers and Gabriel's Fire.  The former consists mostly of former Meta members of the latter.  Uneasy truce being enforced by their mutual employer, the Finnigan family of the Mafia, overseen by Soto Capo Stenowski.  Head of Gabriel's Fire is Gabriel, a Hispanic Human. His bodyguard, Mace, and a gangmember, Kaleb, a female human, were collaborating with Bug cultists.

KT and I managed to catch a live cultist and remove his suicide tooth.  KT and I managed to rescue Corny, with the help of Bonesmasher's drones, from a small nest of Cockroach Spirit followers and a trio of Spirits.  Found scores of squatters with the same strange vermicular Astral form wrapped about them.  They seemed to react like the "pod people" from that classic movie, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers".

Note: Had little complication going in.  Cass backed out because of the Bugs, claiming we were not being paid enough or something like that.

Interim 5