Significant People and Places in Setsuka's Life

Setsuka's Family

Kakita Togori

Father (alive; Kakita Bushi; Crane magistrate; Provincial Daimyo, Hyumisa Province; 19 years older than Setsuka, 38 at start of campaign). Kakita Togori has served the Emperor honorably throughout his life. He has led forces in battle, headed diplomatic missions to other clans, and served as an Emerald Magistrate. Currently, Togori is primarily occupied serving as Daimyo of a province and he is content with that station in life.

Togori is proud of all of his children and speaks highly of them. Kuruno will take over for him when he retires, and Setsuka will fulfill their ancestral legacy of producing the greatest swordsmen in the land. Oruni has helped maintain strong ties with the Phoenix clan, Uriki's marriage has fulfilled most of an obligation to the Scorpion clan for aid rendered to him in a time of need, and Shonu's marriage continues the legacy of unity between the Crane and the Emperor's line.

From the GM: Your father is going to be daimyo of the Hyumisa Province. The Province is home to Mura Sabishii Toshi (Lonely Shore City), a major Crane port. It is bordered on the north and south by Crane provinces and the Fox Clan on the west. I printed a map of the locale regions for your reference.

Was Crane Mag then

Respected by his peers

Previous lord was 2nd cousin to dad

Province is relatively quiet, peaceful, and propsperous. Rice, mining villages to the north, fertile lower basin. Bustling port city Mura Sabishii Toshi ("Lonely Shore City"). Took over as daimyo when Setsuka was finishing school, 3.5 years before game start. It was a surprisingly big jump, Glory 4 to 6. Everyone seems to be content with the decision after the fact. Good negotiator and diplomat. Handles the province well.

Daughter's marriages have strengthened his position. He has good relations with the clans of his sons-in-law and the Fox Clan.

Fox Clan is the fragment of the Unicorn that did not leave Rokugan to travel the outer lands, across the Burning Sands. Fox and Mantis both claim to be the oldest clan. Part of the Three Man Alliance, Sparrow, Fox and Wasp clans, formed for mutual defense.

Kakita (formerly Doji) Mishone

Mother (alive, Doji Courtier, 18 years older than Setsuka, 37 at start of campaign). As the wife of a Daimyo Mishone keeps busy running the affairs of their court. She is skilled in what she does and has grown to love her husband.

Mishone loves all of her children very much, but she is also a proud Doji Courtier. She takes her duties very seriously and prides herself on proving that the word is often stronger than any sword. When any child visits, she suspends some of her duties to spend time with them. When Setsuka visits, Mishone will watch silently as he meditates and practices his swordsmanship, and she always insists on joining Setsuka in tea ceremonies during his stay.

Kakita Kuruno

First child (son, 1 year older than Setsuka, 20 at start of campaign). Kuruno helps govern the lands of his father, preparing himself to take his father's place as the ruler of the Daimyo. Kuruno is a rank 2 student of the Kakita Academy, but his focus on courtly and governing skills have hindered his studies. His younger brother, Setsuka, is the better duelist. Something that has been proven repeatedly and relatively bloodlessly.

Kuruno loves and respects his brother, but he still thinks of him as his little brother and although he knows Setsuka can best him in a duel, he still feels an almost paternal sense of protectiveness towards all of his yonger siblings. A small part of him envies Setsuka his freedom as he sometimes feels trapped by his duties.

Kakita Setsuka (my PC)

Second child (son, 19 at start of campaign).

Isawa Oruni

Third child (daughter, 1 year younger than Setsuka, 18 at start of campaign). She is married to Isawa Bronoshu, a rank 3 Isawa Shugenja on the path of Fire.

Oruni was closest to Setsuka and would often spend many hours discussing philosophy, spirituality, and nature. These exchanges spoiled her and she found the typical samurai that came courting pale and uninteresting. It was little surprise that she ended up with a Shugenja as a husband. Bronoshu is very energetic fellow, and is a lot like an excitable Setsuka. They have a surprisingly happy marriage.

Bayushi Uriki

Fourth child (daughter, 2 years younger than Setsuka, 17 at start of campaign). She is married to Bayushi Shinkaze, a rank 3 Scorpion Shugenja that has quietly been accused of being honorable. She met him when he passed through Crane lands, returning home as part of a multi-clan group from vanquishing a mighty Oni.

Uriki was most fond of her father and eldest brother, Kuruno. She came to love and respect duty above all other things and gladly accepted the duty to marry into the Bayushi family to satisfy an obligation for her father. Her marriage is viewed as somewhat strange, but it did help fulfill an obligation to the Bayushi family for aid rendered to her father. She still loves Setsuka as a brother, but thinks he borders on selfishness in his pursuit of personal spirituality and honor.

Seppun Shonu

Fifth child (daughter, 3 years younger than Setsuka, 16 at start of campaign and a newlywed). She is married to Seppun Norome, a young Samurai of the Imperial families without gentry or land. He is a captain at Otosan Uchi and is a rank 1 student of the Kakita Academy.

Shonu gets along with everyone. She is a pleasant person to be around and can competently discuss almost any topic. She was sought after by Samurai and Shugenja of many clans, as she is also the most beautiful of daughters. Torugi gained a great deal of favor with the Seppun family when he decided to grant her hand to one of their Samurai.

Significant People in Setsuka's Life

Bayushi Gaitono (Childhood name Soto) - a brief childhood acquaintance of Setsuka when he was thirteen. Soto helped erase some of Jiro's prejudices about the Scorpion clan.

Bayushi Mototugi - Setsuka has been given the dubious honor of owing a small favor to Bayushi Mototugi for aiding his father. The aid was given when Setsuka was still a boy in school, but the obligation was still unfulfilled at Setsuka's gempukku and he was given the "honor" of assuming that obligation for his house as a sign of his adulthood.
Mirumoto Mannaka - An instructor at the Mirumoto Swordmaster school that hosted Setsuka (then Jiro) for his visit to the Mirumoto Swordmaster school.
Kakita Furuhito - Setsuka's mentor sensei at the Kakita Academy.

Significant Places in Setsuka's Life

Kakita Academy

Where Kakita received his primary training as a Kakita Iaijitsu duelist.

Mirumoto Swordmaster School

Setsuka visited here during his training