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Game World Location: Based out of Dallas, TX.  Real Life Location: Rice University.  04JUN2000-???


The Milieu (Campaign #4)

Campaign Introduction

It's June, 2000.  The Iron wall is a thing of the past.  Wars and skirmishes occur beneath the notice of relatively happy western civilization.  Nuclear warheads continue to fall into the wrong hands.  Sony designs game systems that are regulated for export by the Japanese government for fear of their use in military applications.  People continue to trade their humanity for drugs, money, or the promise of either.  Hubbard's religious legacy churns on, selling enlightenment in tidy packages and making a tidy profit.  Surfing the web has become commonplace.  Carrying incredible computing power in your briefcase is mundane.  The average person strives to be a stock market tycoon.  Greed is no longer the rich man's hobby, everyone's acquiring a taste.

Knowledge flows like water.  It gushes through the golden pipes of computers and through the glassy spigots of television screens.  Tiny pearls of wisdom awash in a sea of propaganda, advertisement, and pretty pictures.  People's minds are going for a day at the beach and never returning.  Higher purpose has come to mean higher purchase and everybody wants some.  Altruism has become hip and fashionable, but the masses sadly know not why they do what they do; perhaps they will figure out why before some other fashion distracts them.  Recycling ebbs and flows; the Earth weeps as the plague of man does far too little to atone for his depredations of the planet.

Hunger lives, squalor thrives, and the abuse of man by his fellow man occurs all too often.  "Fifty cents a day" has done little to stop it.  And beyond all of this rages a quiet battle for the very humanity of man, the war with the forces of the Unknown.  Creatures of unspeakable power and incomprehensible evil stalk the world of man.  Just outside the familiar glare of the TV screen and the comforting glow of the computer monitor are things that most people would dismiss because they don't want to believe it.  Humanity thinks of their knowledge as the ultimate alarm system, but the creatures of the Unknown sold it to them and they have all the codes.  Even when the warning lights flash and their soul screams "intruder" they don't listen.

Fortunately, someone does, The Society.

The Society

(I didn't like S.A.V.E., the foundation in Chill, so I made up a similar foundation.) 

The Society has had many names throughout its history.  Most of its past is intentionally clouded and compartmentalized so that if Creatures manage to take or infiltrate a given base, the danger to other cells of The Society will be lessened.  In times past, their job was easier.  They could safely hunt down Creatures and their fellow man would endorse, praise, and fund them readily. 

In a nutshell, they almost put themselves out of business.  Their vigorous campaign against The Unknown was so successful that sightings of Creatures became extremely rare.  This persisted for over a century, during which gunpowder had come into widespread use.  The Society's ranks shrank tremendously, new candidates stopped seeking them out, and mankind began to convince itself that there was nothing to fear but fear itself.  Most of the funding agencies felt their investments more soundly placed in cannons and rifles, for surely such mighty capabilities would protect them from dangers known and Unknown. 

The Society was dealt a grievous blow when Torquemada, a Creature of The Unknown, infiltrated the ranks of humanity and started his gruesome inquisition.  Many of the greatest masters of the Art, the metaphysical/magical disciplines that the Society used to greatest effect in battling The Unknown, were burned as heretics and witches.  The Society was forced to go underground. 

Many members of The Society went to the New World.  Lacking the structure, discipline and security they once enjoyed, many of their members fell by the wayside, trying to use their powers for personal gain and to evil ends.  This prompted witch hunts in which good and evil, magical and non-magical, perished alike.  It was a dark and frightening time. 

There were two things that allowed humanity to make it through this time.  One, The Society had done their job very well centuries before.  Two, many Creatures of the Unknown were killed as lunatics and wild animals and/or died of starvation, unable to adapt to a rapidly evolving society that embraced technology. 

The Society pooled its resources and "went to ground" permanently.  No longer would they ride through town, swords held high, drinking in the admiration of townsfolk elated at the sight of the slain Creature on parade.  No, from now on, they would have to become covert agents, revealing only what is necessary to keep up the fight. 

They began to become dealers in information and, when something unusual popped up, they would investigate it.  When it was a Creature, they would work quickly and quietly to take it down.  Then they would bring in the charismatic, "Salespeople" to pick through the details and try to find new agents , supporters, and/or funding among those that had been victimized and were not willing to dismiss the horror of what they had seen. 

Ever so slowly, The Society regained its strength.  It was a bigger world than before, but now they had high caliber people, rapid transportation, and the gear to do more with less.  Unfortunately, there were still some powerful Creatures from centuries before that had lingered on.  Attacks on members and cells of The Society began anew.  The ranks of The Unknown had swollen once again and many of them were a lot more clever than there brethren from days of old. 

Once more, unto the breech . . .

The Physical Milieu

The team is based out of the United States, in the North Dallas area of Texas.  Their current base of operation is a Society safe house in Plano, a city immediately adjacent to and north of Dallas.  Most of the players live in or near North Dallas, either permanently or temporarily.  Their primary operational area will normally be The United States of America and Central America.  Because the team is composed of caucasians whose first language is English, they can also expect to be called upon for missions in Europe.  Realistically, the team may be sent anywhere for a number of reasons, such as: 

1) The local team has suffered a loss, significant losses, or been wiped out recently. 

2) The local team has just finished a mission (The Society tries not to task one team too often so as not to dramatically conflict with their "normal" lives). 

3) One of the team members has an exceptionally appropriate skill. 

However, operation within one thousand miles of Dallas is a reasonable expectation.