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The Supporting Cast, or Non-Player Characters (NPCs)

There have always been those willing to stand between the world of man and the world of the Unkown.  Today, there is but one such entity, The Society.  Their brave membership skulks about in society's shadows, trying to save it from its own ignorance of the Unknown. 

Many others acknowledge the Unknown and wish to help in the fight, but are not suited to be Agents.  Such people support The Society by providing resources. 

On the other hand, there are some figures among the Unknown that present a significant and/or recurring threat.

Table of contents

Not Bad Guys?

Names are sorted alphabetically by last name. If only a single name is known, the character is llisted accordingly.

  • Anderson, “Doctor” - Doctor that treated Bud’s injuries at McKinney ER during mission 1.
  • Barton, Luke - Equestrian, horse rancher, and magician.  He helped the team locate Joey Mathers with the aid of Joey’s teddy bear.
  • Bashir, Mourad - Laborer/guide friend of Agent Sarah Doherty.  He lives in Israel.
  • Bodanny, Randy - Society Supporter: Rastafarian mystic that is skilled in voudon magic and the Art.  Taught Bud and John the Spiritual Healing Discipline.
  • Boyles, Malcolm - Society safehouse staff
  • Brandt, Tom - Morgue attendant (later became a temporary player)
  • Coyote, White - Society Supporter: Wizened old Native American shaman that is especially skilled in the Incorporeal Arts.
  • Davies, Brian - Victim of Agent Simms.  He was killed on his boat.
  • Dunvall, “Agent” - CIA agent friend of Frank Masterson
  • Fish, Little - An exceptionally capable hacker that Agent Benedict “Bic” Raker has made contact with.  She provided information that led the team to the Wichita Falls cell of SAVE where Agent Simms was operating.
  • Foster, William - Neighbor of Frank Masterson.  A man with an unnatural thirst for power.  Daniel promised him the power he craved, but left out the details about making William a Lesser Zombie Master (LZM).
  • Foster, Marlene - Wife of William Foster.  William murdered with a chainsaw at the behest of Daniel.
  • Fulton, Chuck - Security guard at Frank’s Equipment; killed by Zombies 0125 10JUN2000 (F)
  • Ghost, The - Owner of The Naked Truth, a conspiracy web site that listed some information about Men In Black which related to some SAVE activities.
  • Higgins, Bill - Chief of McKinney Police
  • Landers, Seth - Man at Professor Mallin’s house when Agent John Brockway investigated it on Mission 4.
  • Langford, “Agent” - CIA agent friend of Frank Masterson
  • Longwalker, Andrew - Society agent: healer
  • Masterson, Frank - Owner of Frank’s Equipment; leader of a group of white magicians.
  • Mathers, Joey - A child turned into a Vampire.  The team neutralized him on Mission 2.  The cause of the child’s transformation is uncertain.  Current speculation is that a suspected Creature, known only as Mr. Pale, may have been the causative agent.  There have been comments that the Creature being referred to as Daniel Masterson may have been involved in some way.
  • Mathers, Joe - Father of Joey Mathers.
  • Maynard, Daryl - Friend of agent Jeremy “Bud” Johnson.  He lives in McKinney and works in construction.  He is an avid hunter and fisherman.
  • McCormick, Susan - Supervisor of ER.  Only Bud was told her name and it was during his memory lapse, so technically no one has this name anymore.
  • Morrison, Jim - Police Officer; servant of Daniel.  Works night shift.  Discovered Bic’s gun.  Resolved zombie attack on Frank’s Equipment.
  • Noble, Billy - ER attendant when Bud was treated after “attack.”
  • Pendergrass, Steven - Head of Society’s Plano Safehouse.
  • Peters, Hank - Police Officer; servant of Daniel.
  • Peters, “Nurse” - Male nurse on duty in McKinney ER when Bud was treated for injuries during Mission 1.  Bud’s memory lapse includes all of his interactions with this person, so technically he only exists as a faint memory that Sarah might have of some guy being in the ER when Bud was treated, since she was off snooping when Nurse Peters talked to Bud.
  • Septak, Jane - Victim of Agent Simms.  An assistant to Professor Mallin and an outdoors enthusiast, from Toronto, Canada.
    Septak, Nathan - "Dead" agent friend of John Brockway.
  • Simms, Ernie - Security guard at Frank’s Equipment; party helped him escape.
  • Simms, Agent - An agent of SAVE, a.k.a. the ice pick killer.  He was murdering scores of patients of a Lunacy study, believing they were all Werewolves.  Some of them were, but more importantly, so was he.  Reports show that his lycanthropy seemed related to the Unknown in some fashion.  His weapon of choice was an ice pick, which he generally thrust into the ear of the victim.  When he began his hunting of Werewolves, he simply silvered his ice pick and continued with his technique.
  • Sommers, Joe - Society safehouse staff
  • Still, Jimmy - Police Officer; servant of Daniel.  Works day shift.  Staged the “suicide cult” story.
  • Susan, Mallin - Professor at UNT that headed up Project Lycan.
  • Walters, John - Victim of Agent Simms.  A businessman and hunter whose death was the start of Mission 3.  He subcontracted some computer work for the Air Force base in Wichita Falls.
  • White, Lionel - Society agent sent to reinforce team in Mission 1.  He is a proficient medic, driver, and decent with a gun.  He is six feet tall, black, and has a short afro.  He has a hint of the seventies in his fashion choices, but usually dresses in a very subdued manner.
  • Wilson, “Nurse” - Female Nurse that treated Bud’s injuries in the McKinney ER during Mission 1. Bud does remember her.
  • Winston, Jeff - Society agent: bodyguard for Longwalker
  • Zalinsky, Wallace - Morgue attendant at McKinney ER; he was on duty when John and Sarah were first sneaking about in Mission 1.

Bad Guys?

  • Calif N'ar - believed to be older than The Society and possibly older than civilization, the Calif is an enigma.  His powers are poorly understood as are his motives.  At times he works directly to effect mankind, yet at other times he seems to be almost ignorant of mankind's presence.  He rarely presents a direct threat; rather, he seems to reflexively promote mayhem.  There is some concern that he is simply so powerful a Creature that his very presence promotes the manifestation of the Unknown.  It appears that when he does actively work among man, his purpose is to corrupt humans, helping them learn the powers of the Evil Way and putting them on the road to self-damnation.  He usually carefully selects powerful and intelligent figures, so these activities present a very real danger.
  • Daniel Masterson - the team is not certain of his real name, but this Creature masqueraded as Daniel Masterson on their first mission, so that's the name they are sticking with.